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  1. Tyger Bay/Tyger Bay Hills is recruiting

    Bump! Still recruiting !
  2. same problem hear also all was good now this ?????????????????????
  3. Close thread

  4. Close thread

    Tyger Bay is recruiting if your still looking to join a village check us out here
  5. Headhunter's Fluorescent Anti-Depressant Store

    Can I get a teal lantern COD to Icenrns :
  6. Headhunter's Fluorescent Anti-Depressant Store

    Let me know when you get some and have a pic up
  7. Headhunter's Fluorescent Anti-Depressant Store

    Got any purple lanterns yet?
  8. Hey How's it goin'?? You guys lookin' for a fun active place to build on skills??? -Yes??? Well come and look at Tyger Bay/Tyger Bay Hills/ and Cliffs of Tyger Bay!!! Tyger Bay and Tyger Bay Hills are both 51x51 deeds; and Cliffs of Tyger Bay is on a mountain and is a 15x15 deed so far! We have places that you can dig, build, cook, farm, and whatever else you would like! Oh, but don't have any tools? Well we can also supply you with some tools for getting started, you also get a bed in our barracks ( but if you are active and stay a couple days you will get your own 3x2 house and yard)!! We also have a pretty big dock and many boats. There is also many places to get your material, there are animals all around and tar, clay, sand, and peat pits around our village. You can also check out ---- for pictures and more information! Hope we or I here from you soon!!!! PM me here or try and catch Icenrns, or Melnrns in-game! :