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  1. Sweet Unless you've got a relatively upscale Intel graphics chipset like the Iris Pro Graphics 6200 or the HD530 -- and often even then -- you are almost always better off using even an entry level geforce card like the 630M. I think the HD4000 only catches up to really old NVidia cards like the 7300GT which is from 2005 or so. However some games that are optimized to run on low spec laptops, such as Sims4, might do just fine using the HD4000 instead of the nvidia. With OpenGL games it can especially be a problem if you are using very old drivers or ones designed by microsoft. Intel is pretty good at updating openGL features on their newest drivers.
  2. One difference here is that if a single player adds a mod to their game, they are voluntarily taking the responsibility for anything that happens to their private game. In addition, they (usually) can undo the change on their own without it affecting anyone else. Some mods actually do create havoc, most people wait till someone else has tried it first but even then you can end up with unexpected results long after the mod is added. An example might be the "horse token" mod that was causing pregnant mares to miscarry while converted to token (since they were 'offdeed'), few people caught that right away and by the time it was caught, the mod author was no longer updating the mod. Luckily, server admins using the mod had the ability to troubleshoot and rewrite the mod on their own, or to disable it until someone somewhere found a fix, but it does not happen overnight. A steamwide patch is much different, it affects everyone and they have zero choice in the matter. If it affects them extremely negatively, and things like this happen often and without warning, it will cause players to lose trust in the game. Especially if a patch introduces some new game breaking issue and all the devs have decided to trot off on a months long holiday and can't quickly fix things back. I prefer one major update that we all see coming in advance, that everyone is figuratively holding their breath over, that individual server admins can choose to opt out of if they think it will break their gameplay, that is "scheduled" clearly enough that devs are likely watching closely for the first few hours afterwards that everything went as planned. The only time I would like to see an unscheduled hotfix, is if it is super minor to fix, and solves game breaking changes that can be reverted or rolledback on an hour or so notice. Yes, it's a pain in the arse if we have to wait a few months for more than 50 sandstone etc, but it is a worse pain in the arse if we are constantly surprised by having our games wrecked beyond redemption, especially if these are changes urged by a small handful of players over a non game breaking issue and the result is a catastrophe for the rest of the playerbase. . I vote in favor of monthly-or-so large updates that are very carefully researched and monitored first. Even WO changes are rarely ever released "as they are coded". Usually they say it's fixed (in the internal version) and will go live on the next update.
  3. The newer DXDIAG report is showing the same 2013 driver you had before (Driver Build 10.18.0010.3345). It's possible that the Intel automated driver update is set to not automatically update toshiba laptops, as some laptop makers can opt out of letting their customers update that way. I checked the Toshiba website, but the intel driver they have there is actually older. HOWEVER, i noticed on the TOSHIBA website that most versions of the SATELLITE P850 come with 'swtichable graphics' both an intel integrated chip for saving battery power, as well as a dedicated NVidia Geforce GT630M or 640M for gaming. However some people who had non-Toshiba drivers overwritten by Windows Update, say that their dedicated NVidia card "disappeared" once they put in the Windows Update Microsoft driver which does not recognize the NVidia card. Your directX report mentions "Hybrid Graphics GPU" which usually means it has both intel+dedicated, but does not show any nvidia, possibly due to drivers. Or possibly due to hybrid graphics being an option that your laptop was built to use, but you purchsed one without the more expensive upgrade. When I googled for the Toshiba Satellite P850, every version I saw reviewed was with both intel + NVidia graphics, I could not find a version with ONLY Intel. most were like this: Do you recall whether there was ever any mention in the past of this specific laptop having an Nvidia Geforce gaming card? It is possible that the NVidia card was merely an option, and that your laptop never had it. But I would like to make SURE, since some Toshiba P850 owners complained about "losing" their NVidia gaming card once a different driver was installed. If you think you might have one of these "missing" Nvidia setups, there are two things you might try 1) This person with a Toshiba Satellite P850 managed to get the NVidia card recognized by manually installing the ndivia drivers. That's a little complicated, but IF we confirm you DO have an NIVid acrad, it might be worth walking through that. 2) The second way and maybe safer way is by going back to the original Toshiba drivers, and seeing whether those will install: (Hit the checkbox for DRIVERS: GRAPHICS to narrow down to only the graphic drivers.) Installing the original toshiba drivers might make the graphcis card appear again. It is a good idea to do as you did and make a RESTORE POINT first. If you are pretty sure you have always had ONLY intel graphics, it is still possible to manually install a newer driver, though its also possible that the 2013 driver w3as never the real issue. I also noticed you have GLSL and other options enabled, you might try in Wurm Launcher settings / Compatibility disabling the GLSL features which for some people gives better play, but for others causes anoying ground texture issues. I used to have an image showing "most stable settings for INTEL users" but I lost access to that image when i upgraded my own computer. I will hunt around to see whether a copy is still here on the forums someplace.
  4. the 2013 intel driver you are using is quite old. It seems that windows update is occasionally 'updating" people to older generic driver versions written by Microsoft. I am not sure that a toshiba laptop will allow you to instal drivers direct from intel, but I would try seeing whether you can install this much newer 2017 driver for the HD4000 Win 8.1 instead: Some laptop makers do not allow you to download through Intel, but if you can, their drivers are almost always better for penGL gaming than the outdated drivers on the laptop website or the generic DirectX-centric drivers that Windows Update tends to overwrite with.
  5. It's definitely crashing on the intel driver. some things I would try: 1) Try launching with launcher settings/options set to windows resizeable 800x600, and only after loading expand the window to full screen. Windows resizeable seems to work better with intel than full screen or normal windowed. 2) Check with the Intel Driver site for better intel drivers, NOT the microsoft windows update: These work better with OpenGL games such as Wurm 3) See also whether there is an additional logfile called console.charactername as this sometimes gives additional information on the graphics settings and driver etc. 4) If it still crashes on login with 'windows resizeab;e", try also the following settings (I am not sure whether the newer unstable client versions use this settings format): 5) I believe some people with intel chipsets reported better results with the newer UNSTABLE client, so try that version of the Wurm client too
  6. It seems to be using 64-bit java. It might be something to do with java garbage collection or something I am not sure, since there are a ton of references to GC, but the one thing that jumps out at me is that you are using intel integrated graphics with a 2012 dated driver. Possibly there is no other driver option for this chipset. 1) Which version of windows are you using, is this a laptop and if so which exact make and model number, and was it later upgraded to Win10 (meaning the laptop maker might not support win10 drivers) 2) If it is a desktop computer, see if Intel will give you better drivers by going to - see note below about Legacy Drivers, this appears to be an unsupported chipset for Win8/10. Since you have been a Wurm user for at least 1.5 years, the 2012 intel graphics driver must have worked ok in the past and you are probably used to adjusting the settings for it (though it looks like you may have been playing the steam version of WU in the past, and recently switched to WO). Did you recently change or reinstall the operating system? Switch from stable to unstable? (I think unstable might be better for intel but not sure) More information could help us see if there is a better driver than the 2012 driver, and at least eliminate that as the cause. Try also launching with resolution set initially to windows resizeable 800x600 and only after it loads without crashing, then maximize to fill the screen, as that sometimes seems to help with intel graphics. It sounds like a Arrandale/Clarkdale intel chipset and the intel driver page has an odd note about :"Legacy" Win8 drivers for this chipset no longer being available on intel download site, so it might be tricky (but possible) to find this legacy driver that they no longer carry, though again if you have always used this same computer with this same driver the past two years, it in unclear why it suddenly stopped working now. See also whether this might apply to your situation: Hopefully a dev will spot something in the garbage collection log notes that points out an easier solution, and that it is unrelated to the intel 2012 driver. . If this just started, also try rebooting the computer as this solves odd things when nothing else does. Always the first thing to try. Running client version 3.99.52 I have not kept up to date on WO client versions. If you have been using the stable client, try the unstable client instead
  7. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space In additon to console.log, can you see whether there is a file named hs_err_pid# (number at the end, if there are several of this file pick the one with the most recent date). This gives us some information on your windows version, java version etc that might be helpful here. it's possible you might have a 64-bit operating system running 32-bit java, which always causes issues. If you have both 64 and 32 bit java installed, I usually suggest uninstalling the 32-bit version, even when using 32-bit browser, unless you have a particular program that really really insists on 32-bit java.
  8. Been following for some time now, it's good to see a 1x 1x Role Play server doing so well, usually at the top of the rankings!
  9. I just had this same thing happen to me, a few days ago. It's have been slowly building up and getting worse for about a week. I was having the client hang like crazy when changing characters. Finally started happening any time i launched the launcher. I finally realized i had a 10MB client log, and after investigating more, narrowed it down to keybindings.txt having certain lines repeat themselves hundreds of times. Renaming keybindings.txt to BROKE_keybindings.txt and replacing it with a vanilla default (it might generate one automatically, but I had one handy) immediately solved the issue. The big difference is -- I play on WU. So whatever the issue is, it affects the steam WU client as well as WO unstable, and it is somehow related to keybindings.txt I guess hope Saroman's message means it gets fixed in the next WU client update....??? Except I guess we have to wait longer.
  10. launch issues

    I looked at your past posting history and, although you have not played Wurm for long, it has run for you in the past (slower than you like but running well enough to play at 30FPS unless in a congested area). Let me know if I should rephrase anything, and I will do the same, to be sure we both understand each other. When you say Wurm "deletes itself" do you mean that when you try to log in, the program suddenly closes with no explanation? It disappears from the desktop but the files are still on your hard drive so you can try again -- but it always closes right after you push PLAY? (This is what we usually call, "Crash to Desktop"). Can you look in your Wurm folders for two files and post the contents here, one is called "hs_err_pid#" (then some numbers) and one is called something like console.ardone (or whatever your charactername ingame). Let me know if you get stuck either finding the files, or figuring how to post the contents here. I think we can fix this problem but we will need to see both of those files. The fact that it ran ok before, probably means there is a setting it does not get along well. From your past postings, I am guessing that you have 32-bit windows and maybe also an intel chipset, so it could also mean that microsoft Windows updated the graphics driver with a version that does not get along well with OpenGL game. That sounds confusing but after you post the two files I mentioned, i think we can fix it.
  11. My first week in Wurm, I went on a Grand Adventure up in a remote winding mountain road with twisty turns marked by stone demon statues. Then out of the blue, I got a text message in my Event window: A Young Fat Cliffchaser grazes. I turned around and ran without stopping until I got back to the bottom of that mountain. I had NO idea what a 'cliffchaser' was, and I really did not care to learn. I was pretty sure it sounded like something that would eat me. It took me several weeks before I realized it was ... a baby horse. Another time, I was pushing my way through an Olive grove, when my mouse highlighted an object somewhere in front of me but behind the trees: "Jackal." I thought for sure there was a jackal just ahead of me, and again turned and ran. I ran a LOT, those first days.
  12. I am not sure if it might point to a clue, but if you tame an animal you can command it to "Go Here", and maybe something in that code snippet can be recycled into a scripted command? >Pets can be told to walk to a tile within range of your mouse. Right-click the tile and select Pet > Go here. The pet will then walk to that spot (or not).
  14. Is it possible to find out whether the deed animal ratio is a "binary" on-off-at-15 -- ie, diseases and miscarriages increase if the number drops even one below below 15 and it does not matter whether you are one over the limit or 100 over the limit? Or is the effect more likely and pronounced the farther you go from 15, and a higher number than 15 may even reduce normal diseases further?
  15. 30 is just a huge safety cushion for me. Partly because i am easily distracted and might suddently add 10 chickens forgetting how close I am to a tipping point, but mostly as a cushion against unexpected things -- a pair of wagons passing through each pulled by a team of four can throw off your ratio, though on a private family server that's not an issue. Once on another deed I was close to 15 but had a LOT of pregnant mares, the server added a new mod to reduce pregnancy timers and =BLAMO= most of the mares suddenly gave birth the next day, the sudden population spike killed all remaining mares who were still preggers. That's one reason i went for "30" -- as an additional cushion for "new arrivals" pending... We would need one of the WU dataminers to confirm whether 15 is a binary breaking point. I believe off deed is technically rated at 10, but its true that it might only read those as "15" and "not-15" -- still i would have expected it to set offdeed to something more like "0" if it was an on-off thing. And I seem to recall the settlement message suggesting much higher numbers were better. edit: I posted in WU Datatmining thread so we will see what they find:
  16. Animals that are not on a deed, or on a deed with too many animals for the size, will suffer a very large MISCARRIAGE penalty. Make sure the deed animal ratio is higher than 15. I would aim for keeping it at double that number, like 30 or more. You can check the number at your settlement token, I think under SETTLEMENT INFO. A higher number is better especially if you might have wild animals wandering on and off the deed and changing the counts. I am a horsebreeder with about 200 horses and a supersized deed on a public WU server, the only pregnant mares I ever lose are venerable mares who die of old age. A small deed is probably the issue. Sometimes things are ok, sometime the mare dies, sometimes she just loses the foal. I tend to lose roughly quarter to a third of my preg animals if I am not on a large deed. Of course if some mares/foals that, that might lower the count too. Don't use pregnant animals on carts that will go off deed, because they could have a miscarriage even if they have many days left in the pregnancy. You might lose the foal and never realize it. Put the males to work instead. Since it is your private server, you can disable deeding costs and upkeep to make sure you can make a very large deeded area. Or simply move all the non pregnant animals to off deed pens. You can even make an off deed barn with pens and grass indoors (use a leggat tool on combined mixed grass cuttings and plant the thatch indoors on soil). However you will need to REPAIR any off deed buildings, especially if they are not high quality.
  17. Windows 10 (arch: x86, version: 10.0) I am pretty sure that he has 32-bit windows. in addition he is using INTEL graphics (INTEL HD630). Intel graphics + 32-bit java is pretty much a guarantee of crashing unless you carefully manage your settings. If you have a LAPTOP with SWITCHABLE GRAPHICS (intel for power saving and nvidia or radeon for gaming), then rejoice because there is an easy solution to make it use your gaming card and not the intel, just let me know which geforce/radon you have. Or just tell me the exact computer model, it might be something like HP Pavilion 15 Sleekbook, or Dell XPS 15 L502X, or Lenovo Ideapad 320-14ISK/15ISK or something like that. basically you need to go to your graphics control panel, manage 3D settings, GLOBAL settings, and tell it to ALWAYS USE THE HIGH PERFORMANCE CARD, but the exact steps might bdepend on your laptop model. However this will also make the laptop run through battery power faster, not an issue if you usually play with a wall adapter. There is also a way to make it do this ONLY in java, though its a little more complicated and is different for WO and WU. ________________ If you have only intel graphics, IT WILL RUN ok but you need to baby the settings and keep them very low: 1) Start with wurm launcher set to open in resolution mode windows resizeable 600x800. Yes that is too small to play the game, but once the game fully loads you can use the 'maximize window" icon in upper right to pull it full screen. This seems to solve a lot of initial intel crashing issues. 2) Turn off ALL reflections, shadows, bloom, particle effects OFF. You can leave most textures at MEDIUM but everything else should be quite low, even if you have an otherwise beefy computer. 3) You might need to try some of the settings on the COMPATABILITY tab, such as GLSL shaders, but I have not looked at it in some time and I am completely unfamiliar with the newer clients. 4) INTEL also has a newer driver for the HD630, but it might only work with 64-bit windows, I am not sure. You REALLY want to avoid using any Microsoft Windows Update drivers as those play terrible with OpenGL games, you are better off going to Intel's AUTOMATIC DRIVER UTILITY: Then tell Windows to NOT update your drivers for you as it will just replace good drivers with bad drivers. ________________ << OOPS YOU POSTED IN UNLIMITED, IGNORE THE BITS HERE ABOUT UNSTABLE UNLESS YOU ARE PLAYING THE NON-STEAM VERSION if you have not tried the new UNSTABLE CLIENT yet, please try it as it may have some compatability solutions for INTEL. UNSTABLE is likely to either make things much better .,. or much worse. Worth the try. The client can be downloaded here: (I think it supports 32 bit windows ...? It is certainly possible to get the game to run, so don't give up, it just takes a little tweaking and we can help walk you through it till it's resolved. let us know what parts you get stuck on, and what you need to have better explained. Don't be shy to ask us to explain stuff a few times. 32-bit windows + intel graphics makes it trickier but not impossible. If you are using the Steam version, DON'T mess around with JAVA PATHS etc as the steam version uses its own version of java and best not to try "tweaking" any java path settings. If you don't know what that means, it just means "beware of friendly advice from random people on the internet." especially if it is really complicated as it will probably make things worse. .
  18. A game's engine determines it's personality. If you rebuild the game in another engine, it simply ends up being a different game. For an action oriented game with lots of jumping and physics etc, you generally have to reduce the complexity of terraforming, construction and crafting.
  19. Some past discussions on the topic (the topic comes up now and then): You'd be better off simply creating a new game that includes the Wurm-like elements you like. I am not even sure UE4 is capable of handling 1000-2500 people online at a time? Which Wurm has done at times. Especially the way Wurm players love to hoard objects, each item of which has very complex and unique diffences in quality, materials etc. Most games simply find that complexity impossible to handle. You make a hammer in most games, and it is the exact same hammer that everyone else has. If you announced they might have to reduce their hoarding and simplify the complexity to allow people to JUMP and stuff, a large number would simply leave.
  20. There are more complex online games that have risen and fallen, and many that have shuttered for good, while Wurm manages to somehow stagger on, and actually become a better game with each passing year. it's actually a far better game than it was five or ten years ago. I started in 2011, and I am still a noob compared to some of the regulars here. Few online games are capable of lasting 10 years, I am sure many of us can list very popular games we played 10 years ago that no longer exist today. That fact that Wurm survived where many others failed, is actually a sign it's doing something right.
  21. The game would have to start over from scratch, a complete wipe of deeds and maps (you might be able to port over "character skills" since those are pretty much just numbers, but probably not terrain, buildings etc). This would probably cause you to lose a lot of remaining oldtime players who have invested many years and hundreds/thousands of dollars into their deeds and characters, getting everything just the way they wanted it. You'd pretty much be simply creating an entirely new game, and it would be much better to approach it that way. Call it "Wurm 2.0" if you like, as that's been discussed often over the years. So the question becomes, "Should Wurm 2.0 use some other engine than java." Be aware all of your current developers are trained/skilled in the engine the original game uses, so you would have at least an enormous initial drop in productivity. Since it would now be an entirely different game, it's likely that different choices would be made in things like, how terraforming works, or construction. Some people would like this new game more, and some would like it less.
  22. So, Rhea gave me an idea. She mentioned in the Tapestry Competition thread how frustrating it was to limit the contest to ONE ENTRY per person, when the very nature of the contest got us all juiced up with crazy ideas. So ... consider this an OVERFLOW thread, of all the things we WANTED TO ENTER BUT COULDN'T, because of the rules limitations. "Mystic Unicorn," inspired by a WU project: This a variation of a 2014 post I made about Deity themed tapestries, which Evening's incredible tapestry reminded me to work on again, it is a collection called "Four Deities", which is based of digitally altered screenshots other players have taken over the years of the God Avatars in the game. "Birch Trees On Red Tundra" IF YOU HAD EXCESS IDEAS THAT YOU WERE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER DUE TO CONTEST RULES -- POST EM HERE!!!
  23. I don't suppose this Dell FirePro M7740 driver (Version 8.702, A01 released 2010 but 'updated 2014') is any different? 'Updated' probably just means a re-release of the exact same 2010 driver ...
  24. I know and I do not expect any rule changes. I just wanted some place we could show off "alternates if we could have alternates" More as a release valve for restrained creative urges. One reason I chose this Artisan's subforum is, this is the most appropriate place to do something like this.