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  1. For those of us seeking a more natural design. The wood plank "curbing" could be used to design lovely public parks, trails, outdoor gardening and farming beds (1x1, 2x8, etc) set off by the woodchip or log crosssection "paving" Will look lovely once we get those handhewn log housing options, which I am sure will be out sometime after the LEATHER & FUR Wurm Spring Fashion Show 2018
  2. FPS issues

    FPS is going to go down if you are looking at people torches animals water lights forests villages FPS is going to go up if you are looking at ground or sky or menus. Worst case scenario is a waterfront trading center town with lots of hell-horses around, or a dragon fight. If you really want it to stay semi stable, cap the framerate at 30 or 60 fps which will keep it from bouncing all over (it will still occasionally go down, but not as erratically.) An even better solution is to simply take it off of your display so it doesn't aggravate you. Then turn it back on only while you are tweaking or testing settings. Most people outside of a few with highly sensitive eyes, won't notice much once they get a bit more focused on the gameplay. It's possible that Java games (Minecraft, Wurm, others) are more susceptible to FPS fluctuation, I dunno. I know Wurm requires a far amount of CPU due to the massive complexity of math calculations which can make it more framerate sensitive than fps shooter type games. Games with Wurm-style terrraforming tend to suffer from this more than games with "static" landscape. FPS fluctuations can also appear if your CPU is heating up (many cpus are designed to throttle down if their heat gets too high). This is a likely suspect if your room has become hotter due to weather, or you have a lot of dust buildup in the case. It's possible also you can make some tweaks that will tradeoff aesthetics for performance, but that might not make you any happier if you are a videogame graphics connoisseur in search of perfection. Some people have reported more stuttering etc since some of the recent graphics engine upgrades. You could try switching between modern & legacy renderer -- (O)ptions>Graphics>Renderer -- to see if that makes any difference for you. Some people find different graphic driver versions help also, although you might have to make tradeoffs with performance in other games. NVidia sometimes seems to have fewer issues than AMD/ATI. Check also some tips in this thread:
  3. Paintable floors, roofs, and bridges

    Most of the dyes currently give a very "naturalistic", desaturated color, so I don't see making floors walls & bridges that bad, it's more of a color accent than a huge splash of neon color. My understanding is, we could not really do this in the past because the graphics engine would have a conniption fit, but now with the use of "shaders" it is supposed to be much less of a difficulty?
  4. did u no

    It's sometimes referred to as "the Turkish Game of Thrones": Ok, well, by this guy it is. There were 110 episodes when this was made.
  5. Sphax PureBDcraft (Minecraft Texture Pack) - But for Wurm

    Wurm is never going to compete with true "realistic" graphics -- I think this looks charming and not at all "cartoony". More like a really well done illustration than a 'cartoon'. We are after all discussing a game that has trolls and dragons. It looks ... itself, somehow. Like someone originally designed the game to be just-like-this. Frankly I think if WO could do this, but let people choose via settings toggle whether they want "realism" or "medieval fairytale" style graphics (to prevent riots in the cornfields as it would be controversial) then Sklo is correct and it could indeed be a game changer for Wurm in general. There is just something so very sweet, charming and pleasant about that particular color palette and style. The problem there though is someone else ( Sphax) owns this particular graphic style, and WO might or might not be able to succeed at something unique but equally charming.. at least WU could give it a test run and give WO something to think about.
  6. Sphax PureBDcraft (Minecraft Texture Pack) - But for Wurm

  7. Ogygia (Vanilla PvE 4096)

    They are up and running the new 1.9 update, with miles and miles of wild and mostly untouched wilderness for those who want a "new server start" with an established server administration. Beware -- it's original "old school" vanilla classic wurm, as close to official WO servers as WU can get.... a nice challenge and change of pace for those getting bored too fast on easier servers.
  8. I hear better dig had a required update *** Is this on a public server run by someone else, or on your own private server?
  9. Do you like the new fishing system?

    Agreed, fishing is really not a great skill for newbies and priests any more. More like an elite sportsmen hobby -- skilled players need the food far less than the newbies, but perhaps have more bored free time on their hands. Otherwise I am not really sure what the point of fishing is now, if not an advanced trophy sport. Still, with better start gear, a better tutorial, and other helpful changes, new players are overall better off. They are not locked out of fishing -- it's just there are a lot better ways to use their time and fill their bellies.
  10. Do you like the new fishing system?

    You can only fish with a net in shallow water, not off a steep bank. Look for a spot that "maybe" might be ok for planting rice or wading, and try the net there. Some coastlines won't be suitable because they are steep and not semi-flat shallow water. If you can park a cog there or would need to swim not stand on that tile , it is probably not a great spot for net fishing. If you have not caught anything on the second cast, it is probably a poor spot; you normally will catch 1-3 small fish on every cast. They are much much smaller fish now than you used to get, so it will take more time fishing than before but can be done. Bad picture (was at night then brightened sorry) but maybe this explains: Overall, it is slightly harder for a new person to feed themselves off fishing then before, including needing cotton and wemp and ropemaking and iron+anvil for the nails for the ropetool to make the net (before, a carving knife and one cotton could get you started quickly; now unless you are a decent ropemaker from the start, you are going to blow your early wemp foragings and iron for the ropes, and it will mean you cannot plant for farming those seeds so puts you behind in other ways). But overall it is not too terrible once you figure it out. I really enjoyed fishing for food on my new characters on the old system, it was a relaxing way to take a timeout for a frazzled newbie, and not very relaxing or enjoyable under the new system, but ... it is what it is. I would give it a C+ as "acceptable". Fishing used to be an excellent way for a newbie to stay fed; now it is "okay". If I come out of a patch thinking "It could be worse!" I consider it a win. Anytime they overhaul something like farming, cooking, fishing, it is usually to make it more complicated and less rewarding at the low end of skill levels, in order to make it more challenging for experienced players. Maybe the game genuinely needs that, so I won't argue. There are enough other positive additions to new player experience to balance it out overall. Certainly easier to start the game today then five or ten years ago. The game overall gets better every year. I probably won't be fishing much anymore myself, though. It is more "sport fishing" now for high skilled players who want to invest much time into lures and floats and competing, and not a time for relaxation and daydreaming. But you won't starve as long as you can find several pieces of wemp and cotton and iron right at the start.
  11. Patch Notes

  12. An unfinished barrel will still show "wood log" in that same column. So will an unfinished wagon wheel, etc. I think it just indicates for unfinished, what 'class' of material or skill it is: stone/masonry, wood/carpentry, etc. It does this even if the remaining items needed are not that material, such as a nail or iron ribbon etc. Helps you know what items might accidentally be burnable in a forge for instance. No unfinished items can be "improved" -- so not really a "bug" just a .. misinterpretation of the column, "i" might simply mean icon and not "improve with..."
  13. Can't take large sign

    Does logging off for /lotimer make any difference?
  14. Can't take large sign

    Do you have anything set in "Compatability Mode"? Will resetting back to pure Default Settings make any change (at least long enough to confirm it is NOT something like that)
  15. Ogygia (Vanilla PvE 4096)

    Very nice 1x vanilla server run by longtime WO veterans, so not going away anytime soon. Quiet, no frills, just the original Wurm Experience (TM) ! Plus the map is still wide-open and wild!
  16. Wurm April Fools 2019

    We already had them on Deliverance & other Freedom servers in early 2012
  17. Client bug with java error

    My install preferences is D:\games\wurm as I think User files may have similar "system folder protection" issues as Program Files folders ...?
  18. Client bug with java error

    very true Drive C Free Space: 18.9 GB Drive D Free Space: 1754.1 GB I would probably also try a reinstall of both Java and Wurm to D drive (D:\games\wurm or similar) Yes you lose the benefit of the SSD drive but I think that would be better than crashing.
  19. Client bug with java error

    Can't help with the rest, but I am told crashing on taking a screenshot can happen when you have a LOT of screenshots in the folder. An easy workaround is to make a subfolder "OldStuff" or "pre2019" or somesuch, and move all the current screenshots there, leaving the rest of the folder for newer screenshots. At that point new screenshots can be saved again without crashing the client. ___________________________________________________________________ Re: female toons, looks like you are still waiting to see if any dev can comment on these threads (July2018 & Oct2017)
  20. Issues with AMD/ATI cards?

    So it has both integrated (built into CPU) and descrete, both by AMD, but it sounds like it is not switching over to the R7 M265. Usually (on windows based computers) this is resolved through Catalyst Control Center but I frankly don't know whether Debian (or any Linux) even use a control panel type setup for graphics, or if it is all command-line type stuff. The other 3D games (older) you play are probably DirectX based games and usually the graphics drivers are good at switching those over to dedicated graphics. But Java tends to give issues as it is not recognized as being a game or needing dedicated graphics. There are probably also some Wurm settings you can also reduce to help, but first goal is to force it to use the R7 M265, which is sounds like it is not doing. On some laptops, there is a BIOS setting you can toggle to force it to use only the dedicated card and never the integrated graphics. This however would reduce battery time significantly. I am still googling whether Inspiron 5545 even has this bios toggle. Something like this. You might need to check whether a newer BIOS could help if that would help you. Not useful though if you NEED good battery useage at other times.. These other articles might be relevant (or maybe not, this is over my head somewhat) :
  21. Issues with AMD/ATI cards?

    There are a couple reasons why the laptop may run other games just fine, but have issues with Wurm. Most of these problems are fixable. 1) A very common cause is with people who have laptops with "switchable graphics" -- the computer uses intel for generic home/office apps to save battery power, and switches to the dedicated gaming card only when running games. The problem is, some of the drivers won't recognize Wurm as a "game', it thinks it is a normal Java "home/office" app and so switches to low powered intel graphics. 2) Another issue is usually with windows laptops and I am not sure this would cause an issue with Debian OS. In this case the users have told Windows to automatcally install the drivers, and windows used Microsoft made drivers that support DirectX but poorly support OpenGL. This would be why such a laptop might run DirectX games just fine, but turn around and struggle with openGL games such as Wurm. If you have switchable graphics, see whether you can right-click the Wurm shortcut and tell it to "Run with the AMD gaming card". If there is no such option, you may need to open the AMD graphics control panel and look under 3D settings for a way to toggle to the AMD card anytime you launch javaws.exe (path file is under the Java install path) because otherwise it won't recognize Wurm as a "game". Or, you can set the AMD control panel to "Always use the dedicated card," which will use up battery power much faster but also will prevent it from "powering down" to the intel card anytime you want to run Wurm. I do believe GForce cards run Wurm a little better, partly because I think NVidia dedicates more attention to driver performance even if the hardware is identical to an AMD version. However, usually it is not quite as bad as dropping to 4 FPS. Can you tell us the model of the laptop and which specific AMD card it has, maybe also the driver dates (older drivers are going to struggle more especially if this is an AMD graphics integrated into the cpu) -- it might be I can look up other solutions to running Java/OpenGL games with that hrgraphics adapter. Also you might need to adjust some of the settings in the game for AMD especially if older. I am not the best person to ask on that, maybe Samool will spot this post as he is the dev in charge of clients and knows much more about that issue. I am not sure why the original poster had an issue with AMD's HD7770 and HD 6770 as those are older but still quite powerful cards, however less likely I think to be found in a laptop so your issue may be different.
  22. [Resolved] Running Wurm on windows 10

    see also whether this helps: right-click on the saved .jnlp file and choose Open With Make sure there is a check-mark in the box that says Always use this app to open .jnlp files, then click More apps Scroll down to the bottom and select Look for another app on this PC Select the Java folder, (If you do not see Java, go back up one level to the c:/ drive and select Program Files then select the Java folder. If you do not have a Java folder here, you will want to go to and download the latest version before continuing with these steps.) Double click the latest jre folder (example: jre7, jre1.8_191, etc) Double click the bin folder Double click the javaws application Click the Close button JNLP files will now open, by default, with Java Web Start
  23. Alchemical crafting window

  24. I have seen a new F8 Call guards!

    I Am No Man! (channels her inner Éowyn)
  25. I have seen a new F8 Call guards!

    I hate all CTL+Key combos (also shift/alt combos) as I always forget which combo, plus can't find the right keys in the dark, plus I am always in a slight panic anyways when I am trying to hollar for guards. Hitting ONE correct key while flustered is hard enough; successfully hitting two different keys in the dark (while also running) is tempting fate. It's a little adorable anyway to see visitors phreak out when they think I am calling the settlement guards on them in the middle of a little chat. Ha Ha Ha! GUARDS! Especially when I do it two or three times in a single conversation.