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  1. Seriously one of the all-time best WU servers I have played on (and I have played on a lot of them...)
  2. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Hmmm ... fountain pans ...
  3. Sklotopolis - PVE

    This is great news. I have spent several years now playing on Sklotopolis and have never gotten less than FIRST CLASS service from the staff and admins, and far less bugs and downtime than in WO.
  4. Sklotopolis - PVE

  5. WSA: Wurm Online Launcher changes

    What Could Go Wrong?
  6. Speed Penalty does not apply to Mounts with Bardings on Carts

    So I guess that answers my question here from a few days ago ""Will Strong Body / Carry More help reduce the normal speed penalty of horses wearing barding while pulling a wagon? "" No, because there is no normal speed penalty of horses wearing barding while pulling a wagon (and even if there was, Ostentatio says 'probably no' because any slowdown is due to the barding's inherent penalty and not the barding's actual weight. But he suggests it may need to be tested)
  7. Make animals feel more "alive"

  8. Fix the AH code already!

    I was thinking that Retro said devs were looking at being able to use genesis to remove unwanted neutral traits (Keen Fierce Tough Healthy) which might help, people with 8 trait horses could opt to remove non speed traits making it less likely a foal will overwrite a speed trait with a random trait (more slots reopened) But as some people might actually want these (for some sort of Battle Mount) they would probably need to figure a way to actually SELECT which traits genesis removes
  9. Does "Carry more than average" do anything on Bisons?

    Bump for a new related question: Will Strong Body / Carry More help reduce the normal speed penalty of horses wearing barding while pulling a wagon? Is barding considered part of "carry capacity" ? Since some like to dress up their ponies even if impractical on pve servers ...
  10. map refresh

  11. Let herbivores eat fruit/berries/nuts!

    Apples and carrots also should give a very minor boost to animal taming chances and/or loyalty (especially for horses and unicorns) Want to keep your tamed unicorn loyal? Always keep an apple or carrot in your pocket to feed as a treat.
  12. Bone Altar Location

    Yay! I love happy endings
  13. [Resolved] Entire game looks pixelated/low-res

    I don't have any advice but apparently other macbook owners with retina displays are running it ok, so I don't think it is just a matter of the retina display. Other than that, I don;tknow much about macbooks.
  14. Bone Altar Location

    Unless a GM has handplaced the altars, usually the white light altar is on the north coast and the blacklight altar is on the southern coast. There should be white and black beams in the sky to guide you to their location but sometimes you need to set VBO to "extension" see the beams. Devs say this is getting fixed but will be sometime I would think till WU gets another update. check towards the end of the post.
  15. GLSL Compatibility issue

    Doesn't matter if it is an AMD PC. There are sometimes space issues with very thin microtowers but you said the other one fit ok, and this is a pretty small card. In some cases, you will need to do a BIOS UPGRADE (its a free software download) if an older bios does not recognize the card, and that is likely what happened on your previous try as I had to do a bios upgrade getting an older Vostros to use this same card, mine also would not work at first but worked great once I updated the bios Or, it's also possible the earlier card required a beefier power supply and additional power plugins. If you happen to know the computer make and model, i can help look it up. PM me and we can check first just to confirm a bios upgrade will solve the issue.
  16. GLSL Compatibility issue

    Be wary of friends urging you to spend more on a better card as they usually also require a better power supply, and soon you've spent more than the computer is worth. The GT730 will be a decent upgrade over the onboard and will run everything you play now, but better and faster.
  17. GLSL Compatibility issue

    Do you have a desktop or a laptop? If it's a desktop with a PCI-E slot, you can get an inexpensive secondhand GT 730 for about $30. These are extremely low powered so they work great in HP and other chain brand systems that have very weak 250W power supplies. They are super easy to install with just a phillips as you don't need any special power cables, just plug it into the PCI-E slot and switch the monitor to the dedicated card. Sometimes you need to tell in BIOS (Setup) to use dedicated not onboard, but often it figures that out on its own. There are videos that will walk you through it, or you can often find a neighbior or relative willing to pop it in for you. If it is a laptop, there are fewer options so wait and see whether Samool has any other advice I guess...
  18. [Forums] Can't edit my forum post

    There was some setting on Chrome causing an issue a few years back, let me try to remember how to resolve it .. it had to do with what editor is used for editing a forum post I think. edit: sorry this was copy pasting in Chrome to forum posts that was causing the issue, not general editing. Also, it may have been a couple "forum update versions" ago as I don't see the "edit toggle" mentionned in the thread now: It rather sounds like some sort of formatting is not getting closed properly, especially if it occurs in "spoilers within spoilers". If it just started only in the past few weeks, it may be a browser extension or a windows update that started the issue. I personally haven't experienced any issues of this type, and I tend to edit my posts a LOT. On the other hand, I don;t use "spoilers within spoilers" which sounds like one of the main issues.
  19. GLSL Compatibility issue

    OpenGL Shaders for many player added colorings require GLSL, which is "OpenGL Shader Language." DirectX games probably don't have an issue as they work differently and don;t use GLSL at all. One of the reasons Wurm has been switching to using shaders more under the new rendering client, as opposed to using separate textures for everything, is because it is so much faster. Technically, the Steam Wurm requirements list as minimum: MINIMUM: OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Processor: 2.6 GHZ Intel Core 2 DUO or equivalent AMD CPU Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 4xx , Radeon HD 5xxx Storage: 3000 MB available space Additional Notes: Java Version 8 (It can actually run on lesser hardware but it may have issues such as the ones you ran into.) It's also possible Samool (dev doing the client uprades) can offer some suggestions to help. Very often, using the newest drivers possible can help a lot with older integrated graphics. On my daughter's desktop with intel graphics, updating her driver from a 9 year old driver to one from 2018 made an enormous difference in framerates. Use Device Manager to check and see what the current driver date is -- if it is over 3 years old, the older driver is likely holding you back. Don't use Windows Update for this however, as they just give you Microsoft drivers that are geared more for DirectX, and are less competent at openGL processing. Your laptop maker is also unlikely to have newer drivers. Go direct to Intel for the drivers (if you have intel ingrated) as they have the best drivers for gaming on intel. Usually the newer Windows 7 drivers seem to have resolved this GLSL issue better than the Win10 drivers, so check the driver dates you have now. INTEL GRAPHIC DRIVERS:
  20. Bump for a good server with a good map, good admin and a good community! I have been here about six weeks now and am really enjoying myself.
  21. Either as a new item or as a renamed/recolored merchant stall if ALL conditions are met: Requires: Merchant HQ Stall HQ Larder HQ Snowballs HQ Salt (1 unit per food item) (it can work with lower quality it's just that the effect will be greatly reduced) Slow decay only affects food items that fit into the larder Merchant uses the larder as inventory, larder is locked to everyone but the owner for restocking. (items look like they are in merchant's inventory, but merchant is actually using the larder as inventory) A mesh of a larder appears inside the mesh of the merchant stall. Kinda merged squished together meshes thing. Maybne add little baskets of food produce here and there.
  22. Laptop Screen Goes Black

    It could be a power issue of some type. Or a driver issue. Or a hardware issue. Try not running anything else on the laptop while playing wurm. Try using a wall adapter and not battery power. Try turning down the graphical settings so there is less demand on the system. It also might be a driver issue, especially if your driver is more than 3 years old. Often laptop makers never update the drivers for their products and you are trapped with drivers that can sometimes be 10 years old or something. Because Wurm is now using newer features of OpenGL, it often does not work as well on anything using older Microsoft made drivers that cater only to DirectX games (which also explains why you might run DirectX games fine just not OpenGL games, even if the DirectX games seem more graphically demanding). Sometimes it can also suggest an impending hardware failure, especially if it progressively starts getting worse and worse. See this page of a bit more on that. Or it could just be struggling with summer heat issues especially if the weather is now much warmer wherever you live. See here. Sometimes a $30 laptop cooler can help with that, or just keeping the laptop on a hard surface in a cool room. best not to throw away too much money on gadgets though. What is the Operating system (example, Win10,) specific laptop model (example: Dell Inspiron 1525), the gpu (example, Intel GMA X3100 or AMD Radeon R7 Graphics ), and the date of the current driver? If you are not sure how to find out any of this informatin let me know.
  23. maps

    You can also use custom maps that modders have created: One of my favorites: (click map for the thread) This lovely video helps you understand how to install one of these custom maps:
  24. Configuring server

    maybe also check these:
  25. Help me for SpellCraft and SpellMod

    Then do as Ayluin says and post the "server.log" file so people can see what the errors are. If you are not sure where to find it, how to post it, or anything just try to explain carefully where you are getting stuck so someone can walk you through it. If anyone here speaks Portuguese and thinks they might be able to walk him through the steps in his native language, please PM him and offer your help