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  1. bdew's my favorite wurm guru
  2. This seems to suggest the docks are as you found, simply not meant for gaming, they said you still need to plug the gaming monitor direct into the laptop : They said: if you mean a dock with displaylink they are only really meant for desktop use, it would be perfectly fine to plug your ancillary monitor into (one for itunes etc) but you will still need to plug your gaming monitor into the laptop to make use of its graphics card, would be best by hdmi. Has anyone actually tried playing a demanding game through a DisplayLink dock?you just cant do it, the displaylink chip has no 3d acceleration capability beyond basic desktop elements.displaylink was made purely as a way of adding extra monitors without use of an expensive graphics card for more desktop space etc.
  3. It's clearly Cat-Dog Armistice Day
  4. You can do it branded only. I have never tamed any of my horses, but I often brand them if I want to equip gear. However, it's possible that only the mayor or the specific person who branded the horse has permissions to change equipment. I know my alts with full alliance permissions, cannot change equipment. Also, i am pretty sure you cannot equip gear if they are hitched to a cart.
  5. I seem to recall a suggestion to change the number of dynamic lights, see this thread but it is counter-intuitive because you want to RAISE the number of dynamic lights to improve performance and reduce lag ... don't look at me, that's what it says If you have LOWERED YOUR SETTINGS under Advanced Graphics by lowering the number of dynamic lights, you may have unintentionally made the lag worse ..? And the lower yuou make it, the worse it gets. This would explained why supposedly lowered settings at nighttime seems to have the worst results. See below:
  6. Since I can't read code, I am mildly curious what the special factors are (but don't waste your time digging through snarled spaghetti code because most likely, I will be mildly curious in something else by then, I have a devastatingly short attention span ...) In fact, I meant to refer the OP to this thread, "WU DataMining, where people who are mildly curious can hook up with smarter mildly curious people who enjoy looking up esoteric facts in WU code. Post a question there, and eventually someone may (or may not) get curious and go look it up. if you are not yet familiar with how Wurm works, nothing is ever simple.
  7. I think he is talking about, what makes the difference between an OCEAN fish and a SHORE fish, in the wiki, and whether players can artifically create the right environment for an OCEAN fish See the wiki here: "Some shore fish can also be caught out in ocean waters, usually at a higher quality than they would be found closer to shore" It then lists which fish are classified as shore or ocean, but it never defines the terms shore or ocean. is it depth or is it distance from land? Can players artificially make a tile go from one to the other by terraforming, like they can in creating islands?
  8. Ok, so I have decided you don't have a flock school muster herd of adorable giant foals, I think you have an adorable mini dwarf ebony foal that likes to stand next to them (jk) My guess is that they go to normal size when they transition from foal to adult, but I am excited to be possibly proved wrong!!!
  9. I never knew, till now, how very much I wanted a giant adorable chicken.
  10. Too bad you missed the $1 sale at Humble bundle last month It was almost like getting it for free. Maybe someone you know will have an extra key.
  11. Memory: 4k page, physical 3136632k(593660k free), swap 6271548k(2355400k free) This is a very low amount of memory/free memory and the new client seems to be using more memory for some people. Wurm tends to crash a lot on 32-bit java (which is your only option with the 32-bit Win7 shown here) and since the new client seems to use more memory, I would not be surprised to see it crashing even more now since the patch, especially on a computer with only 3 gigs of ram. It probably means even less free memory free on the 64-bit windows, so unfortunately that may not be much better. It sounds like a pretty decent computer other than not really having enough ram for gaming. That is something that is probably worse with the new client. I would probably try turning all settings down as much as possible, including things like: antialiasing reflections particles renderdistance. Put all of those off or at the lowest setting you can. Right now you have a few of those turned up (shadows are off which helps some). Try turning off also GLSL, I seemed to use less memory with this off. Even though you look to have a decent CPU/GPU, there is just too little memory on this computer for running at higher settings. Make sure also to run using a CLEAN BOOT (clean startup) and with no background programs running, including no programs like browsers and chat. Perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program Also when you update graphics drivers, be sure to use the ones from ATI/AMD here: try to have it run driver only and not any of the extra software they are installing these days. Don;t use Windows to update the graphics drivers as they only use the microsoft version of the driver. This may not affect anything though as it looks more to be crashing from low memory.
  12. I have had that pop up before, if i am just obsessively stubborn and keep trying to get at the border from different angles, I always can eventually get i, but I don;t know whether there is an easier trick than sheer obstinacy....
  13. is this for Wurm Online or Wurm Unlimited?
  14. I am not very good with Linux issues, however the line about the pixel shader almost always means a driver issue, and the driver section of the report looks very odd: === OpenGL information ===LWJGL version: 2.9.1Adapter info: null (null)OpenGL vendor: Intel Open Source Technology CenterOpenGL renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Haswell DesktopOpenGL version: 3.0 Mesa 17.0.7OpenGL extensions: Can you try reinstalling the intel graphics driver as I am 99% sure that is the issue. If that does not help, try moving the GLSL and FBO settings from Core to Disabled.
  15. Little old lady. ... ( direct from /r/dadjokes )
  16. see whether the solution here, works for you:
  17. Another thing to check -- some firewall programs and some antivirus programs can be extremely protective about regulating ingoing/outgoing data It might also be packet loss. I seem to recall an issue I had a few years back with something similar, which turned out to be due to a faulty cable, when i swapped in a new cable everything was fine again I am not very good on networking issues but someone else here might be able to interpret a traceroute
  18. Ok I will poke around and see if I can find anyone else with the constant refresh issue that may have found a solution I will list any threads that seem relevant here. unfortunately most of the threads I found are very old and not the same client we use today (one suggestion was to restart your router in case it is having an issue with dropping packets) However all of them describe the same issue you list -- a constant refresh that starts only when they right click on an item ... is this on Wifi or on a wired connection?
  19. Am crossing my fingers the long silence means that maybe you discovered a server with no lag issues for you, and that it was only a specific server that was the issue...
  20. This has been an excellent year for Wurm, thanks entirely to the dev team
  21. When right clicking an object, the menu pops up but no options like "use" come up. Instead, it has a bar at the bottom that says "refreshing", but it never loads. Also there is a possibility the server you are trying, is suffering from severe LAG issues, can you test 2-3 different servers and see whether the same thing happens on all of them? Look for a server with low PING Maybe test on the server Otherlands as that is a server with extremely competent administrator and highend hardware but not as heavily overcrowded as some others. It is only meant as a TEST but that is one server where i found personally the least amount of lag. test first by maybe right clicking a grass tile and see whether FORAGE / BOTANIZE both work. For things like chopping trees, you'll need to activate the axe (doubleclick) so that its text is green before you can sut a tree. However since you are perfectly describing the refresh lag issue, I suspect the servers you are trying are having severe issues with populations -- recently the game was on a major Humble Bundle and a lot of servers as a result got more population than they could easily handle, and weekends are often the busiest.
  22. Just copy paste the text into your reply here, it's ok that it is long This is a desktop and not a laptop, correct? Some laptops with "switchable graphics" (intel+nvidia) get stuck on the "intel" if they think it is a Java app.
  23. Can you first read through this thread and see if anything here solves it: If not, can I get a copy of the console.charactername.log from inside the folder :\steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles Also can you tell me the specs of your computer: CPU GPU RAM OS
  24. Probably not the issue, but i noticed this in the update notes: This update marks a major client change, which unfortunately means the legacy client will no longer connect. Do you know for sure that your PC that will not connect, is using the newest client and not the discontinued legacy client?
  25. Be aware that a public server open to anyone, can demand a much beefier computer, for that reason many of the more popular WU public servers go through a professional server HOST You might want to read through some of the posts here, be aware of those hosts who have provided a less-than-happy experience for users. It's a different matter if you simply want a small server restricted to yourself and friends, see whether these links help: which also links to Keenan's Guide Here For questions on how to be a GM on your server, see these links: \