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  1. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    Only if they look like this: from DND playbook, I guess DIRE SHEEP are a thing ...
  2. Cooking quality issue after 1.9 (caped at Q20)

    My thanks to you, as I had a chance to sample some of those delish cottage pies I think back when I spent some time on Mystic Highlands and you lived just up the road a little ways ....
  3. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    Not likely but I wish (I understand most of this is not possible its just some wishful thinking) that FRONTIER had: No deeds or tower guards. Offdeed homesteads that are subject to fast decay are allowed. Decayed homestead = plentiful looting for survival supplies once the walls decay ... COLD WEATHER & FUR CLOTHING (during blizzards, need to be indoors or dressed in furs to prevent frostbite) Frostwolves, Frostbears, Frostlions, Frostrats. 100% hostile mobs. Maybe a way to use some fancypants shaders on current beasties to make new subtypes? Wicked Storms that cause ALL incoming ships except rowboats to WRECK off the shoreline (prevent people from hauling in tons of stuff). Player gets washed up on shore with inventory items only... perhaps foolhardy people who took 'good' ships will have contents wash up on shoreline but far away, lootable by anyone. Smart people take a rowboat which is the only boat that can navigate through the treacherously jagged rock shoreline. (or, just make it a portal, shrug. Maybe you start with only CRUDE TOOLS) NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW PLAYERS.... dog sleds make the fastest time whenever there is snow on the ground Frost bears make mighty good frontier mounts. Maybe Frost wolves too. Too cold for horses when it is winter (much of the year) ... Well ... whatever FRONTIER has, it does sound exciting!!
  4. beeswaxed floors

    someone take away my coffee ... I am doing it again
  5. beeswaxed floors

    Hmmm ... Maybe be able to beeswax all fine carpentry furniture items. .. If you want to make it a "special perk" type thing, it's a recipe Fine carpentry picks up at level 70, called FRENCH POLISH. Uses the new graphics engine shaders to add both a slight darkness plus a shine, to make it stand out a bit from normal furniture. Requires some help from a decently skilled Alchemist, who makes the actual polish for the Fine Carenter to use (cross skill) materials used: Beewax - from bees, duh! Wire brush or some sort of rubbing tool, maybe a pelt is fine. Turpentine - a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin from live trees, mainly pines. Uses the alcohol Beverage skill maybe, or just Cooking. Linseed oil usually requires FLAX, which actually would be a lovely new farm crop with many many other potenial future uses (Linen cloth, linseed oil for paints-not-dyes, goldleaf gilding, many food and medicine uses.) However for the short term, perhaps cottenseed oil will work as well. . FLAX -- how has Wurm survived without it for so long? Good for Cooking, Alchemy, Fine Carpentry, Tailoring, more. it is SOOO PRETTYY !!! Used in the future at some unknown time, for LINEN CLOTH (you know, when we do the 2027 Textiles Overhaul with Fur Clothing etc etc ...) Part of a HIGH LEVEL TAILORING OVERHAUL Linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very strong, absorbent and dries faster than cotton. Garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather. Linen rope also has many useful uses! SEE:   WEAVING TOUR WAY TO SUCCESS
  6. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    Super exciting days ahead \o/ Thank you very much for reopening better communications with the playerbase, and not leaving us to stew in the dark.
  7. Cooking quality issue after 1.9 (caped at Q20)

    I hope someone who knows more can assist. All I can add is that every time I get 20.00 quality food, there is no skill increase associated with it, and it seems to occur when the chef goes offline for some part of the process and "orphans" the ingredients so that they are no longer viewed by the game as the "owner" of the process. 20.00 food is food cooked by game mechanics (it was combined, it was heated, it turned into some recipe) but not by a particular player, because of some sort of interruption that breaks the link between the food and the chef..
  8. beeswaxed floors

    Just for Nomadikhan, sneaks in a couple rounds of round rugs, as no one can deny that type looks especially yummy on beeswaxed wood floors: (imagine the various dimensions as small, medium, large ...)
  9. beeswaxed floors

    Shiny! Fancy! I would love a second option for the current wood floors (much like brick vs round brick wall/floors options) Would really show off some of the Fine Carpentry furnishings we have gotten over the last few years. It's not like people are going to be immediately clamoring for new, beautiful rugs to go on them or anything ...
  10. Crash/Error - <Duplicate authentication>

    I think most everyone here gets the "duplicate authentication" at times. It doesn't mean anyone else has been trying to log in with the same account. Just seems to mean the server connection system is flaky sometimes. Most of the time, you won't need to close Steam -- that's really only needed if nothing else works. Usually just trying again (sometimes a time or two) is all that is needed. It's kind of an ongoing nuisance/annoyance but I am not aware of any way to make it stop happening. It seems to come and go in spurts, sometimes affecting one person almost every login attempt, other times affecting many people on the server. Then it might not happen again for weeks or months. You can see how common the issue is by the fact that "Wurm Unlimited duplicate authentication" pulls up over 7,000 results on Google.
  11. just a warning to travelers, there is a venerable blue dragon at this location, he has a HUGE aggro range, and he likes to eat people:
  12. Sklotopolis - New Pristine Server - Fresh Start

    NICE (some of those 'Active accounts including alts last 30 days' were me!)
  13. Wurmaholics Anonymous

    Sleep ..??!! What a wuss!
  14. Containers won't fill with water

    If you get the message "The pendulum now swings frantically! There is something here! " then you have the correct tile. It's kind of a game of warmer-warmer-colder-HOT! The actual meaning of each phrase is listed here. If you have the wrong spot, you can push it to the right spot. I think it normally takes 10-30 minutes to fill. You need a Fountain or an Ornate Fountain. There is a third fountain, "Decorative Fountain", that does not fill with water it just acts like a fancy water-spewing sculpture.
  15. Containers won't fill with water

    Try dragging the water from a fountain or well into a container. It should be working using "FILL" from a large water body but sometimes transferring water from one container (well/fountain) to another is touchy. Usually the container must be empty. You cannot use "fill" on container with other items in it already, or mix fresh and salty water. Don't 'add' water to ash to make lye, instead fill the container with water first, then activate the ash and right click the water (not the container but the water inside). I do this with jars then dump all of the lye into a larger container after. Mixing up large portions sometimes has issues, and generally it will use up ALL the water even if you only need SOME of it. Also you get much more skill making up many small batches, and almost no skill from one large batch. The only items you can usually 'add' to a container with water are food type items. If you try to add other items, you get the message that "it would be destroyed" (nothing would really be destroyed, that's just the game's way of saying You Can't Do That.) It seems very complicated at first but with just a bit of time, you can do all of this without thinking. They are a little long winded at times (I think that is part of their charm), but gamester4life's 235 videos on Wurm will show step by step how to do everything, just a mater of finding the right video ... For instance, if you are trying to make lye for making hides into leather, see this one. It's a rather old list but I have a lot of other youtube tutorials listed here: Sometimes one person's explanation is more helpful than anothers so find one that seems most useful for you...