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  1. I have to look it up and I think at one point they might have tried to edit it, but we have posted achived screenshots before, I just need to dig around a bit. I went back and checked, multiple times, to be sure I was remembering correctly. Was it a good idea to make a promise like that? Maybe not. It may not have been practical/viable for years down the road, but Rolf gets very ... enthused ... when he is selling a new idea. he believed at the time it was possible/viable/practical to do.
  2. I think WU players would sullenly accept Code Club not updating more than once a year (still gives WO players first crack at everything!) better than they would accept "we are going to charge you for something we PROMISED would be free" -- that is actually asking for a class action lawsuit, as well as destroying any trust in your good name as a developer. Why would we believe anything Rolf said, ever again? WU was literally sold as having all the content updates of WO, which there has been some wiggleroom in for a few things like anticheat, rifts (that one is iffy but they did give the models) and maybe the Frontier stuff, but won't work as well if you start applying it to literally EVERYTHING. But that doesn't mean there are not ways to achieve a similar result. While Rolf promised WU would get the content of WO, he never promised it would get the content of the new WO-Steam, which will likely have a slightly different name. Update the steam version as the new modern version, then give WO players an option to transfer their characters there plus maybe "buyout" their investments on the old servers (there must be a way to place a value on buildings craft stations etc then give it all a generous BUMP) for a very generous amount of official coin on the new servers. Or they can stay on the old servers, that's fine. Now you can keep the new modern game "unique" from the WU version without any legal issues. Ark online did something possibly similar, when they had a payment tier for "DLC for life" and later changed their mind, and released a DLC (Atlas) as a free standing game solely in order to not give it free to all the people who bought the season passes thing because they were promised they would get it for free. You are still going to get criticized but at least you get the money.
  3. Because this one is going to get updated, forever! (Yes yes, just as they once promised WU was, but this time they mean it!)
  4. That means it's just a "demo" or "trial". No one wants to pick up a "demo" that they have to sink hundreds of hours into just to get shuffled over to "the real game". Not very exciting and few people will respond. They already had scores of chances at a "demo" version of wurm. Plus, we are right back to the issue of -- new players will NEVER EVER EVER catch up to veteran players. If you turn this into, "ok your "free trial" is over so now come "compete" against veterans playing for a decade who will kick your butt, ha", well you have just killed any point to a Steam version. We already did all that 10 years ago and nothing exists to stop them from just coming to Wurm now, so why sign up for a "steamlite" version that they will almost immediately outgrow?
  5. I think Retro usually said before any new "relaunch" or new advertising, would be coming a new tutorial, a new renderer, AND a new UI. We have had two of the three. No idea whether this "new UI" is any good, but I think it is partially done. Back in 2017 or so when I suggested to a youtuber "it won't be out THIS year, of course" Retro thought I was being pessimistic. Clearly i wasn't but clearly Retro also thought there really was a decent chance it was "almost done". I am thinking they DO have some real progress, now, on the new UI, and maybe it even excited staff enough to think "Yes, this could be that extra POLISH we always needed..." Or, maybe i wish it were so
  6. I read it as OLD GUARD WURM ONLINE See also:
  7. I think that is the first time Rolf has ever "liked" a post of mine Well, you would if it meant they could continue paying for staff to increase content. That might be more ... uncertain .. without some new cash flow of some sort.
  8. I think if it goes well, Epic moves over. If it does NOT go well, everyone shrugs and kinda pretends WO-Steam was never that big a deal anyway.
  9. There is really no way to get any additional monetization out of WU players once they are in. Most of the profits/benefits from WU came from the first 300,000 or so sales, and there probably won't be many new sales. A WO-Steam would make it possible to play on OFFICIAL SERVERS for free but it would preferable to have an Elite Monthly Pass thingybobber. You'd probably have access to special titles and perks if you were "in the club", things like a regular subscriber pack of sleep powders, free barbershop visits/silver mirror usage, and maybe a monthly "gift" of some sort, something collectible but not powerful, like some of the christmas presents - yule goats and gnomes, that players can trade and sell.
  10. Thanks, I was probably confusing it with another game.
  11. Elder Scrolls Online is on steam, you pay for box AND a subscription. Final Fantasy 11 is now on steam, also requires a subscription. I think there are a lot more. This page seems to suggest they planned this a few years back. I would rather see NO level 20 cap or "required" subscription, and instead have many "preferred member subscriber" perks and XP boosters to people on a "gold subscription" type plan, such as 5 sleep powders per week (well worth the subscription cost to the ambitious) In other words you could play F2P the whole way through, and still own a deed but on a fresh start server this is hard to buy & maintain without purchasing shop silver even with a subscription. Since Wurm is already a grind, most people who are ABLE to afford a subscription, would want a subscription ... and shop silver too! But the non subscribers could eventually get to all the same content if they were brutally stubborn and had unlimited time to play ... Also some Steam players might wonder why they had to pay a subscription while WU players (also on steam) didn't. The way to do this, is paint WO-Steam as a better, modern experience over the 'old school' WU experience, which I expect Code Club to underline by gradually choking off future content updates to WU. I mean, we all know they've been planning to do that anyway. WU players can complain they were deceived but they are still going to do it. I think Code Club meant it at the time they promised it, but it is too tempting now to pretend "we never meant that, exactly." WU is helped out somewhat by modders who can try to fix and update where they can. Doesn;t make it right but I would not have been shocked 6 months ago if you told me the WU updates were going to trickle to a stop by the end of the year. I mean, they already have pretty much. WO-Steam might cause some WU-Steam players to migrate back to the MMO. WU is nice but there are usually only 3-15 people on a server, especially since anyone can start a fresh server whenever they want, so population is spread much thinner than in WO. A lot of people want the "community" of a large official server.
  12. I highly doubt "console release". Mobile / browser / facebook-style versions of Wurm are more likely what they meant, as those are the types of games they currently work in and have actual past experience (and quick profits) with. Heavy monetization of the game is the new modern face of gaming companies like this.
  13. Always great seeing new maps from you!!
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Ah sorry, see I am only familiar with WU (which actually has it own java anyway) and have not been following how the new executable client works (which is why this is better in WO tech section, not WU section ... All of the WU links I posted were for people trying to override the default JAVA home path and getting the error, "Cannot determine a valid Java Home")