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  1. I highly doubt "console release". Mobile / browser / facebook-style versions of Wurm are more likely what they meant, as those are the types of games they currently work in and have actual past experience (and quick profits) with. Heavy monetization of the game is the new modern face of gaming companies like this.
  2. Always great seeing new maps from you!!
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Ah sorry, see I am only familiar with WU (which actually has it own java anyway) and have not been following how the new executable client works (which is why this is better in WO tech section, not WU section ... All of the WU links I posted were for people trying to override the default JAVA home path and getting the error, "Cannot determine a valid Java Home")
  5. I don't think he understands what a BAT file is, even with the clue of "notepad": I don't think he needs to do that though, especially if the JNLP is only going to be there for a limited time. He sounds beyond the stage of "testing for FUN"
  6. The reason she brought it up is because this is tech section for Wurm UNLIMITED, and you might get better dev response if it is under the appropriate Wurm ONLINE tech section here: I will see if a moderator can move this to correct subforum. IGNORE THE FOLLOWING< SEE SAMOOL'S POST BELOW. FOR NOW: You don't want to use 32 bit Java for wurm, ever. It is probably trying to use the 32 bit path even though you later installed 64 bit also. Uninstall all JAVA versions (32 plus 64) then install ONLY this *offline* version of 64 bit java: Under "which should I choose" you want the third option, 64 bit and OFFLINE (because if you are running a 32 bit browser and try to install the 64 bit java online, it can cause issues and may be the problem here) Close the browser (which is what they mean by 'offline') then install from the folder where you saved it. Restart computer again before trying to launch wurm -- if you have a crash it may not save the new settings correctly.
  7. See whether these threads are the same issue:
  8. What operating system do you have, bobb? Since you have been playing Wurm since 2013, obviously it has worked before? And you are right Batta, it may be a WO issue as they say "since the update" and WU has not had any updates recently ...
  9. Did you at any time alter ANY wurm config files to point at a specific Java path, which has now changed since you updated the java version? For instance, see this thread: You need to set OverrideJavaRegEntry to true and JavaPath to where you have Java installed and where the jvm.dll is located.For example: [Runtime] OverrideJavaRegEntry=true JavaPath=C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_51\bin\server Another example:
  10. I fully encourage and am cool with players planting groves of their favorite trees where they think they should go. The world belongs to them, and they can do what they want with it. I can't think of any WU server where this would NOT be true -- it would certainly be a major red flag if any server said anything else. The problem however is that players cannot simply create groves of their favorite trees out of thin air. They would need to to have access to LARGE amounts of sprouts of Oak, Willow, Cedar, Maple, Walnut, Cherry Apple Lemon, Olive etc. A surprising number of people actually make an effort to have all of their furnishings made from Apple or Cherry or some other "pretty" woods. Shipbuilders are especially interested in different wood types. If those forests are already rare, then it will be nearly impossible for a player to create their own little groves simply because you gave them permission to do so. I still haven't had time to pop in for a look (which is the only way to really tell -- from the MAP it looks like a very very nice world!!), but your reassurances actually did not reassure me all that much. Birch and Pine are actually two of my favorite trees as they allow much more LIGHT into areas and make travel much easier, but many players like me are devoted to almost all of the trees of Wurm and it would be sad to live in a world that did not celebrate Wurm's diversity in trees. Just like you don't care for Firs (I am quite sad if they are non existent), I am incredibly un-fond of THORN trees, so it would probably be a selling point for me if you said not one single thorn tree existed on the planet. However that might make some others sad. I think it also hurts the "exploration" allure of a world if most of the forests all lok the same. I love travelling through areas that are Oak, and others that are Maple, especially as the seasons change. Even some of the ones "ugly" in winter are nice as a contrast when they all bloom come spring. No spring cherry blossoms, or fall maple red-orange leaf contrast, diminishes a world in my mind. Not to mention winemakers need maples to make maple syrup for their wine. If Birch & Pine make up the majority of trees with only token smatterings of the others, two four things I might suggest to give players the freedom to "rearrange their world": There is some mod (I am not sure the name) that allows players to harvest 5 sprouts instead of 1 from each tree. Under the circumstances that might be a very welcome mod on this server. Consider a bulk storage bin near the spawn area with 500 of each tree type, so that players could grab 20-40 sprouts of their favorite type before venturing out. Or even a Sprout Merchant that sells sprouts for 1c or 10c each so that players can have an opportunity to add their own diversity. Don't underestimate BUSHES. Some players dedicate a lot of time to grape vineyards. I myself am quite fond of little groves of Lavender. Oleanders and Roses are especially used by people who like hedges. I wouldn't worry about Blueberry, Hazelnut, Orange, Raspberry as those sprouts can be foraged and nurtured by those that like them. ____________________ PS: Congrats on what sounds like an excellent start to a wonderful new Wurm community!!
  11. Looking just at the map, Clay looks like a pretty normal distribution, neither especially common nor especially uncommon ... I have not logged in for a look yet. I don't know about the trees. I don't care for mixed forests myself but hopefully it is not all birch. Example, I could not get the entire map to fit into my snipper tool, at least not wihile still seeing clay, but here is a quadrant of the Northwest section (red circles are clay): I think it looks like a fine map overall. Without logging in and running around, I can't tell how the tree distribution works out ... there are enough trees, I like having areas with huge meadows and other areas forested. I hope they are neither all "mixed" (no real sense of different regions) or all the same (birch near the starter area is fine as long as everywhere is not birch ...) Northwest corner is flattish but other areas are nice and hilly, and I love mountains with snow. I might try to log in and grab some example screenshots later when i have spare time ...
  12. Sometimes there are issues with FULLSCREEN Try instead using Windows Resizeable in options then maximize to fill the screen
  13. Be aware there have been MAJOR CHANGES to the fishing system and it is nothing like it probably was when you last played (more complicated, no AFK fishing, less rewarding for lower level players, more of a challenge for high level players)
  14. That client mod is BDew's TimeLock Dunno if there is a way to rewrite it as a server mod or not.
  15. Usually it is only "dropped" dirt that flows down, and usually if the slope is greater than 40. However you can dig into the dirt at an even steeper level without the dirt flowing down. So noramlyl, you would not need to remove dirt from above. You may need to have a higher digging skill however to clear dirt in a steep area. However, you usually cannot get a "perfect square" shape for the door of the mine unless you clear off the earth from a much larger area then mine down the rockface. Most Wurm players are OCD enough to do this but it's not required, you can have an oddly slanting entranceway if that doesn;t really bother you. However#2, the fact you are hitting water so close to where you are trying to make the entrance, suggests once you open the mine it also will be under water, as the water table level stays consistent whether you are digging thru rock or dirt, and a mine entrance will normally slope downward once it opens. So even though you found iron in the area, you might need to find a better spot to open a mine. This sometimes just takes a lot of practice over time. People who have been playing Wurm for years tend to recognize a good spot without too much thought. I tend to ignore prospecting myself and check the slope of the land and pick an area where the land slopes gradually up, and somewhat even to the right and left, and where mine entrance will be at least 40-60 slope above the water, which sometimes requires you to be inland a ways from the water. In other words, I select for a good place to make an opening rather than a good spot for iron. At worst it usually means I will have to dig my mine a lot further in before I find iron, but the alernative is often having to start and then abandon several spots that "prospected" good but have a terrain unsuitable for a good mine (ie, you immediately hit water, or have unworkable slopes, etc) I went looking for some youtube videos that might explain better, and found these -- I find that sometimes if one video is hard to understand, another one will explain in an easier way: