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  1. At first, they will be separate and you cannot move back and forth. Later, it is possible you might be able to sail back and forth. But unknown at this time when they will open the way. They will decide that later.
  2. [00:03:52] <Xrumx> i have rare coins
  3. Because even after almost 5 years, WU on Steam has no mac support. Just Windows Linux & SteamOS.
  4. I think it may depend on how close to a season's "cutoff". It is certainly not unusual for half the server to see snow and the other half to see spring grass, depending on when they logged in. They have to switch the textures at some point and not while people are "looking" at them, so logging in usually checks for whether it is time for a seasonal texture update. You can get the same effect going Spring > Summer > Fall however it is not quite as jarring a chnage as snow > spring grass.
  5. well we are already giving different names (OGWO vs StWO), so just a matter of words-words-words. WurmClassic and WurmSteam are pretty much the same just different launchers+servers or something. I think Rolf suggested there might be minor QoL differences?
  6. WurmClassic WurmSteam WurmUnlimited Classic is always the best choice: ClassicCoke, ClassicWOW, Classic-al-Muzak (or so we will say ... words are wind )
  7. Asheron's Call is a perfect example of what is likely to happen. It's the ONLY mmo that came close to actually releasing a dying game back to its own community. Developers who loved the game and loved the community tried their very best to make it possible for players to run officially approved private servers of the game as it neared the end of its lifecycle. They even went to far as to "promise" the community that it was in the works. But alas, that is not how things work in " the real business world": WB goes back on promise about Asheron's Call - shuts down PhatAC emulation project Companies that own gaming IPs have not and will not ever give that code back to the players. They won't even "sell" the game back to the community for it to bring back without corporate help. No matter how much Rolf wants to see Wurm live on forever, he gave up the right to have ANY final say in that, when he sold the majority shares for Wurm to a profit-centered mobile game company. It seems logicial if a company can no longer make money off a game, they might at least sell the game back to the community for it to revive however they can, but in -every- case where this was tried, company lawyers refused to allow it and refused any offers by the community to crowdfund a fan-financed release. Now, the only "good" news for these games is that there are some illegally run private servers for various former MMOs that are running emulated versions of their games anyway. helped perhaps by "leaks" from sympathetic former developers. But, Asheron's Call was the closest any MMO community has ever gotten to having a once popular MMO released back to its fanbase after some company decided it no longer wanted to run even barebones maintenance-mode servers. And of course, even once the private server emulators popped up later, thanks to leaked code, all of the actual player data on their characters was lost forever. Wurm stands alone in the case of developers who were able to give players some form of permanency, in the form of sanctioned player-run servers that could continue on long after some business manager flicked the switch off on the official servers. But even in that case, it went back on promises, and often released buggy patches that crippled some of the gameplay. Still, one day -- hopefully still years down the road -- Wurm will continue on solely because of the work the WU modding community have done to keep the dream alive. Eckin I understand how painful this could be, and that that pain is what is triggering your unwarranted and unseemly hostile outburst and "attacking the messenger". I will simply say, BDew has done a HELL of a lot more for the Wurm community-at-large, than you ever have and ever will. And one day you will realize that, even if fear and pain are making you act like an absolute a-wipe today.
  8. I found this thread, seems relevant: From Bdew's response: In general, from my experience: Forget about 8k or 16k maps if you want a lag free game. Even CC can't manage that (see: Xanadu). In general you are better off running multiple smaller maps as a cluster than one huge map. RAM - You need less than 1 GB for a 1024 map, ~2GB for a 2048 map, ~5GB for a 4096. That's only for the server process, not including the OS and other stuff. CPU - Get the best single core performance you can, server is mostly single threaded SSD - Must have for a 4096 map with reasonable creature counts. Nice to have for 2048 maps. read/write throughput mostly does nothing, latency is the main problem (so you are better off with a cheapo SSD than a very expensive "enterprise" magnetic drive).
  9. Yes, I remember a more specific number of 320,000 sometime after the first couple months, now it is very general range instead, but even if it was still at 320,000 (it must be higher now), that DID help the entire Wurm community to get millions for development of the game for both WO & WU. So it is not like WU was a terrible business decision by Rolf -- it allowed the game to get through another 5 years even with falling subscribers (and they were falling well before WU was ever announced)
  10. Sklotopolis, Mythmoor, Otherlands, and also Mystic Highlands. and also KangaWU (Budda's public server) which opened right at WU release
  11. That is false. New players add excitement to a game just by being there, a sense of the game world being alive and dynamic, the worldscape changing every day, and they encourage yet more players to join into the game. They give veteran players a feeling of purpose -- someone to teach the ropes, lend a hand, explain a game mechanic. Someone even to laugh at, with the same goodwill that you might laugh at a puppy tripping over its own ears. They are in a sense, NEW CONTENT for old players. They are new friends and new villagers and sometimes new customers. Not all players have much extra spendable money, but the ones who DO have money are more likely to spend money -- and to spend larger amounts of money -- on a game that feels alive and vibrant, where they have other people to chat with, new people to meet, new situations happening every day. New players do not cost the game money. The servers were designed to easily run with 10x the current population, adding another 500-900 new players does not add much to the overhead of that. Empty towns, decaying deeds, vanishing friends list ALL COST THE GAME MONEY. No one wants to spend money on a game that feels like it might fold before year's end. Bustling towns, new kids bouncing off the walls, exploring, asking questions, give the game a sense of a FUTURE. People who can invest more into the game, are much more likely to do so if the game doesn't feel dead. Guess what -- Wurm feels dead. New blood and new faces are what is going to change that. New players are not freeloaders -- even the ones who never spend a dime on the game. If a thousand new people joined the game, and half of them NEVER spend a cent, the game is still a hundred times better off than it was before. People who discover a new game, are also more likely to discuss it with excitement and passion to family and to friends and people who they know enjoy gaming. They act as free advertising. They cost nothing. but they add a lot of value.
  12. I get that, I actually do get that. My problem is less with "things have changed" -- there simply are not enough resource to cover every inch of Wurm, and the only chance for "new" money (which helps everyone) is the new Steam direction. I actually get that and I agree with that. It's more the games people play, pretending "we never meant that, we never said that." I still remember being lied to (yes, by you) about the cooking update, when devs were going to strip all the cooking recipes out of the WU version in an effort to appease WO players, and you said that was how it was planned a year in advance of the update. Ever since the first dev started putting a cooking update together, a year prior, the plan was never to gve WU the recipebooks. Then when the backlash got too fierce, and all the recipes got put back in, you said "Oh we were always going to give them to you, we always planned to." It just makes people trust Code Club less. Surely you can see that. Your job is to Code Club and not to the players, and I understand that. If Code Club does not stay healthy, we all go down. Code Club's overall health HAS to come first. I am pretty resigned to WU having to stand on its own in the future, but any tools you can give the modding community might make the breakup a lot less acrimonious, and more positive-focused. WU is finally back up to getting solid good reviews again: Overall Reviews: Mostly Positive (1,370 reviews) Things do CHANGE. This isn't 2015 anymore. Hopefully though they can always go in a generally POSITIVE direction, even if there are bumps along the road.
  13. I hope you can at least include the assets (scriptings, meshes. textures etc), so that modders can someday try to help Rolf keep his promises. Might take us years but at least some hope is there. Maybe make WU a little more "modder friendly" before kicking us out into the cold. I don't know what all they would need -- BDew & Sklo & Sindusk & Coldie and others could speak to that better. Even with the Humble Bundle keys dispersing into the wild to be resold cheap, I'd bet with 300,000-500,000 "owners" that WU has at least added a couple million dollars to Code Club, and help fund development and keep WO running the past 5 years for =all= of the players playing Wurm regardless of which "branch".