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  1. Sklotopolis - New Pristine Server - Fresh Start

    NICE (some of those 'Active accounts including alts last 30 days' were me!)
  2. Wurmaholics Anonymous

    Sleep ..??!! What a wuss!
  3. Containers won't fill with water

    If you get the message "The pendulum now swings frantically! There is something here! " then you have the correct tile. It's kind of a game of warmer-warmer-colder-HOT! The actual meaning of each phrase is listed here. If you have the wrong spot, you can push it to the right spot. I think it normally takes 10-30 minutes to fill. You need a Fountain or an Ornate Fountain. There is a third fountain, "Decorative Fountain", that does not fill with water it just acts like a fancy water-spewing sculpture.
  4. Containers won't fill with water

    Try dragging the water from a fountain or well into a container. It should be working using "FILL" from a large water body but sometimes transferring water from one container (well/fountain) to another is touchy. Usually the container must be empty. You cannot use "fill" on container with other items in it already, or mix fresh and salty water. Don't 'add' water to ash to make lye, instead fill the container with water first, then activate the ash and right click the water (not the container but the water inside). I do this with jars then dump all of the lye into a larger container after. Mixing up large portions sometimes has issues, and generally it will use up ALL the water even if you only need SOME of it. Also you get much more skill making up many small batches, and almost no skill from one large batch. The only items you can usually 'add' to a container with water are food type items. If you try to add other items, you get the message that "it would be destroyed" (nothing would really be destroyed, that's just the game's way of saying You Can't Do That.) It seems very complicated at first but with just a bit of time, you can do all of this without thinking. They are a little long winded at times (I think that is part of their charm), but gamester4life's 235 videos on Wurm will show step by step how to do everything, just a mater of finding the right video ... For instance, if you are trying to make lye for making hides into leather, see this one. It's a rather old list but I have a lot of other youtube tutorials listed here: Sometimes one person's explanation is more helpful than anothers so find one that seems most useful for you...
  5. 3x server - Homeage to Wurm Unlimited

    I would agree that "a new server" is the greatest magnet for people, even more so than skill gain speeds or loyalty gifts or bridges or sheep or any other factors. People LOVE a new server that is still mostly wilderness. Brand new players especially love a chance to not be so far behind everyone else. Not sure what you could do about it in Wurm as everyone hates the mere suggestion of allowing the playerbase to thin out more, but really, it is the one sure way to get new and returning players. That's undoubtedly why Rolf kept releasing new servers -- everytime he did, total population and revenues would jump up. But I guess you can't do it forever. Maybe? Back when there was only ONE PVE server, Independence, population was actually much lower than it is now. More on that one server for a much denser population (so hard to find decent deedable areas back then!), but also less overall playing Wurm back then.
  6. Animals trampling fresh fields

    I also exclusively use farm tiles for my animals. Because freshly sown crops are so vulnerable, I often will physically move animals to another pen or area or if that is not possible, at least check on that area frequently in case I need to replant. In some cases i will hand feed the animal in hopes they won;t try to graze newly sown areas. So, I would support something that made animals not 'sense' freshly sown crops as even being an eatable source (if nothing else it won't hurt them to go just one day hungry) So I guess that means +1 from me, though I am not very hopeful they will do this. It's not really a gamebreaker, just a mild annoyance. But really, who needs things to be annoying?
  7. [WU] Datamining

    This could be one of those "superstitions" or observational errors, but these are two things I have convinced myself of over the years and I would really like to know whether the code supports either of these beliefs: In general, mobs will very slowly tend to drift northwards on a server, so that northern areas and shorelines tend to be more crowded/dangerous compared to southern facing shorelines. Mobs are able to sense certain 'heavy' activities such as mining, digging, treecutting, and will gradually drift towards you if you are doing these activities until they finally are in normal aggro range (ie, these activities actually 'extend' your normal aggro range ... somehow ...)
  8. Errant wording in settlement upkeep description?

    It gets even more complicated, I think the 5% decay is only on the storage bin contents and is calculated monthly, while the structure decay is entirely different, is a random amount , influenced by quality+materials, and is calculated daily. The decay types/speed/% are completely unrelated for the storage contents and the structures. So you need to keep structures & storage contents in separate sentences, they each have their own separate rules. (I might be wrong; I often am)
  9. Tow rope for ship builders

    Hmm no luck finding one. How about an orca towing a sailboat. (WARNING: GRAPHIC BOAT THEFT) * note, I did find a sailing catamaran towing a sailboat, Does that Count?
  10. Errant wording in settlement upkeep description?

    I think they mean <1 month, as far as I know there is accelerated decay in the final 30 days and ... I think it might be more than 5%? * ah, it is 5% decay on storage bin contents (FSB/BSB), and "very fast" decay on structures etc. I presume "very fast" is much more than 5%... but depends a lot on type (wood vs stone) and quality. But still, a valid question, why is it listed as either >1 month or <1 week ...? Maybe the FSB/BSB decay only kicks in at final week, but sturucture decay kicks in at under 1, but they thougt things were too complicated to fit onto a tiny notice box?
  11. 3x server - Homeage to Wurm Unlimited

    Actually I am not sure that is true. Many 1x servers. Many 10x servers. Even some 250x-1000x servers. Biggest servers are: 5x (Sklo) , Mythmoor (7.5x) but Mystic Highlands (1x) has had a decent stable population for years now. Probably 3x is very common but I am pretty certain "almost all" of the playerbase is NOT on 3x servers. it might actually be a minority of the player base. Also, a lot of 3x servers seem to disappear and reappear with very frequent intervals, at least many of the ones I have tried out. (Trying to recall offhand one that has been around for several years ... EDIT: KANGAWU & REVENANT how could I forget those...). Mods also play a role in what server people select. Some want none.. Some want lots. Some want only a few. WU is the "31 Flavors" of the wurm world, there is no such thing as "this is what everyone wants." __________________ ** edit: I screened wurm launcher to show only servers with "3x" in their name/description. Nine servers showed up, for a grand total of 13 players. Four servers had 0 players, the busiest (Water World) had 6 but is also still very 'untested' at only a few days old. (**Actually Water World is not even a "true" 3x/3x server, it is 2X skill 3x action, so ignore 6 of those 13 total players ....) Actually, the most "popular" server in having both number of servers + total number of players, seemed to be .... 1x servers! The same as WO! Sixteen servers with 39 players, far more common and popular than 3x. Though I imagine the majority of players actually are on 5x and higher, just from Sklo + Mythmoor populations alone. Both have been flourishing for many years now and run by excellent teams (However, I think a fair number of people get restless and go server-hopping more frequently with the faster servers, but that may actually just be my own bias/observational error. We tend to always think most other people will behave like ourselves, eh?) Some don't list any action/skill rating in their launcher description and you have to go track down the info -- however that is true of very fast servers, very slow servers, and anything in between. At the top, there is truly a jumble of fast-slow-medium. But if you sort by pure population as the criteria, it becomes very quickly clear that "almost every server" is absolutely NOT 3x/3x. Final Rating:
  12. 3x server - Homeage to Wurm Unlimited

    They used to have this I believe. Well, not the 3X part but seriously I think that is the most unlikely part of the suggestion. But, a free server that was separate from the paid servers. I believe (not 100% sure) that this was true of Golden Valley, not sure if an earlier server did this too, capped at 20 skills, 20Q items, but you had the option at anytime of turning "premium", jumping thru a portal with all your skills and items and moving to the "uncapped" subscription servers? Freedom Isles used to be, paying customers ONLY. Then one year -- 2010? -- rolf decided to allow F2P players onto the Freedom Servers. Huge outcry at first, but turned out there was a HUGE HUGE influx of new players. Turned out the servers ran better when free server and paid server populations were able to intermingle at will. The veteran players would take the poor little confused newbs under their wings and teach them everything they needed to know about Wurm. If it was simply a 3X free, limited time server, I think this would be mostly filled with people's alts skilling up cheap & easy as high as they could go in 200 hours before going live. Part of the initial draw of Epic servers was faster initial skilling up for newer players due to a unique skill curve system, though that was a pvp scenario.
  13. Treasure Chests

    Bump as I am still finding ones on WU epic servers that are unlocked but cannot be opened: A chest inscribed with various runes. Only the gods would know why it appeared here. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It has a lock of fantastic quality, which is unlocked. It is made from birchwood. It can not be improved. Ql: 72.0, Dam: 0.0. also: A chest inscribed with various runes. Only the gods would know why it appeared here. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It has a lock of exceptional quality, which is unlocked. It is made from birchwood. It can not be improved. Ql: 65.0, Dam: 0.0. Not sure whether the key on default Heavenord map is "findable", this is on a custom WU map that apparently uses epic/Adventure database...
  14. Been roaming about exploring for a couple hours now, seems like a very nice quiet lowkey server -- which are my favorite type
  15. Project Gorgon

    We are allowed to discuss other games in wood scraps. Was a thread a few years back here on project gorgon. Steam reviews are very positive. It's ... I would say quirky is the best description! There is not really another game you can compare it to There is a download on Steam for a free demo. I do not know if this is like a "limited free trial" where you can spend a day with Lord Louis and his group to get a feel for the game before committing further, or if you are allowed to mix with and try out content with the general layer base. There is no monthly subscription fee, it is one of the "Buy Once, Play Free Forever" types.