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  1. I'll second that thanks to everyone that made this happen! Impressive little space put together quickly for the event, and lots of people volunteering help at the event. May you find many more!
  2. I messaged in Trade chat that I was looking for improvement on a meditation rug, and Kain PM'd back quickly. The prices were fair, and I ended up having a couple knives improved while I was at it (Darn WS instead of BS for those!). Very friendly and quick service, I'll likely use them again!
  3. Just as a follow up, I was able to resolve this by disabling GLSL support. My donkeys look crazy hitched to my cart now, but it does run. Thanks for the ideas of things to try!
  4. Wurm is crashing shortly after I login on my laptop. It's a 2017 MacBook Pro, with 8GB memory, and Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640. I'm not sure if I've used Wurm on this laptop since I upgraded to macOS Monterey. System Console Log: Wurm Console Log: I did just check, and my M1 Mac mini with Monterey does run Wurm. Any suggestions on what might fix this?
  5. Deed: Grindheim Woods, https://pristine.yaga.host/#1100,830
  6. I'm interested in joining Wurm Academy, and have had a lot of help from village members. I haven't had any luck in getting someone on to invite me though. Any idea when someone might be on that could help me with that? Thanks, Flarnus
  7. Just as a follow up, I was able to make a sauce pan, and have had some success in cooking stews and gulashes. The time waiting for food to heat ended up being a good opportunity to make some nails too. Thanks for the advice!
  8. Just before logging off last night, I got jumped by a hellhound, which killed me. That'll teach me to try to walk a long way in the dark without time to recover I guess. The trouble is that when I went back this morning, it was still around. There don't seem to be feeds nearby, so I don't know how successful I'll be at drawing it off for the spirit templars to deal with. Any advice on how best to go about recovering my gear? It wasn't that impressive, but it was MINE. And it'd be a pain to go through the work to get it back. Thanks for the help! Flarnus
  9. I was afraid that'd be the answer. Looks like I'll be searching for clay again. Thanks for the quick reply!
  10. Hello, I just started playing last week, and got some time to play a little longer this weekend. Thanks to the wiki and some helpful players, I was able to get a pretty good start. The area that I'm struggling in is cooking. I made some pottery jars, put food in them (1 strawberry/lingonberry, 1 filet of brown bear/onion, 1 filet/garlic), then put the jars in a fire. I kept it going for about 15 minutes after the food was glowing hot, but never got any food out of it. Am I on the right track here? Do I need to be using bowls instead of jars? And do I need to do something more simple to start? I'm on Pristine, and have been hanging out near Wurm Academy. The people I've met from there have been very helpful, but haven't been able to invite me to join. Thanks in advance for the help! Flarnus