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  1. PC Priest

    113 views and nobody can ballpark a price???
  2. Always had trouble pasting into wurm forums, no time to fix now. Path of Power level 7 Currently lib Religion 42 Prayer 50 Channeling 59 Preaching 11 Faith 89.2 alignment -100 Mind 19 Mind logic 22 Mind speed 20 Soul 24.6 soul depth 25.9 mind speed 20.6 body 20.3 body strength 22 body stamina 20.9 body control 21.4 Digging 37 Woodcuttin 29 Carpentry 29 Ropemaking 23 Cloth Tailoring 15 HFC 25 Nature 28 Fishing 22 Gardening 29 Forestry 23 Farming 45 Meditating 34 Fighting 39 Normal fightint 35 Shields 10 Medium metal 17 Axes 17 Hatchet 24 Swords 18 Longsword 40
  3. Name QL DMG Weight I We can resize the windows and sort by category. Why not let us change the order of the categories too? Seems like a little thing but it could be useful, a little thing that always bugged me. =)
  4. Nein. Put it on the /convert list. I had a priest who had a free convert from years ago and it was nerfed down to only allow her to convert to lib. Any priest can convert to libila now, what is the bonus there? Give all priests a free convert to ANY diety. Don't nerf it after 1, 2, 6, 24, 99 months.
  5. Do what you say you will do. If you are going to reset epic, do it. If you want Exodus to be a hunting server, do not allow houses, fences, paving, etc. People are going to complain no matter what you do. But more will respect you for following through with what you said was the original plan for a server.
  6. Food. Add more high end types, maybe even some with buffs. There were some great alchemy systems suggested. Make thrown weapons useful perhaps. Add more actions for the skills that only are used for one thing. Example - with 50 firemaking skill you have an option to set a tree on fire and leave a pile of ash. Give it a long timer to light it, a long burn timer, and can't be done in enemy influence maybe. Take off the chaos restriction on surface mining max slope being 1x your mining skill. Add plantable mushrooms. Make the trellis system functional for grapes. Add a new boat class perhaps, between sailboat and knar. Something that can carry 3 crates, basically a workhorse version of a sailboat.
  7. 2 characters instantly killed when entering a house, they were riding as passengers and on the house writ. Another character given a 96ql severe wound, died the next tic.
  8. Source crystal by weight. Yellow pots. Sleep powder. Thank you
  9. Closed

  10. Was just trying to get more freedomers onto chaos to try it out. =)
  11. Can we plant marble planters on the ground? And if so which version of planted would it be? On chaos you can not steal planted lamps or turrets. You can steal planted flags, banners, bsb, fsb.
  12. This has probably been brought up before. Seems like freedom having a king and offices would help them unite, give them something more than just The Landing to hide at. And that would help get more freedomers to come to chaos and more fighting. Just be sure to turn the Lady of the Lake back on.
  13. HotA statues

    Thanks, but i'll pass on dragons and lady of the lake. Looking for some a mite bit cheaper. =)