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  1. +1 to adding a button to the Quickbar. Calling for guards to help is one thing all new players have to do. While I have it bound to Ctrl+z and would like that option to remain, I agree with OP that forcing a brand new player to open up Console gives the game an unfinished feeling. +1 I'd like to be able to toggle the items in the Quickbar. A couple I don't use at all (Looking at you Lawful button).
  2. I also wished it was in WO. There would finally be an actual reason for me to make a table. Bdew, you churn out so many great mods. How come Code Club hasn't hired you already?
  3. Tested it, replied the result to you in pm. Thanks!
  4. Yes, you only need to know 1 test meal and what affinity it would give your specific toon and you can use it every time to fill in the Setup Box. Then proceed to the fun Meal Maker part! I usually do a couple of affinities in a row in the Meal Box and type the recipes in Notepad. Btw: be careful, just because Meal Maker will let you choose combos like minced Rosemary, doesn't mean you can make them in game! In your example I would change the Rosemary to chopped and either change the Cabbage to chopped or the Nutmeg to ground.
  5. Maiya, did you fill in the same in the Setup Box area? Kazthegreat: Great tool! I've been using it a lot in the last two weeks (yes I'm late to the party of Full house pizza affinity foods). Could you please add: Haggis Fries Pesto Gravy Thanks!
  6. Imping cloth tailoring, leatherworking, pottery. Some fun pictures taken at the Shrimpalong (thanks GMs!). Is it a tiny bunny? Or a huge bunny? And what is it plotting?
  7. I've parked 2 ships in your docks: "Apple Pie" and "Freedom". I hope you have time to give them some loving imping . Thank you for this generous service.
  8. is that a 2nd life account image? :P

  9. Yorkshire pudding recipe: typo: "...often servered with..." should be "...often served with..." sandwich recipe: mentions "cooked egg", but doesn't indicate it's another recipe you still need to discover (text is not in red, like the other non-discovered recipes). if you cook an egg the item you get is named "boiled egg" and not "cooked egg". I know boiled egg is the common term, but it could be confusing for non native English speakers to use two terms for the same item. Question: is the nutritional value set on each recipe? Or does your toons cooking/hot cooking skill also determine the nutritional value? The reason I ask: I've seen high ql dishes in the larder that, when examined, give the text "This has a high nutrition value." But when I make them with the test toon (very low cooking skill), the same dish gives the examine text "This has a medium nutrition value."
  10. Thank you for the fixes. I see now that Stew (meat) can't be made in a frying pan, cause meat+veg in frying pan makes a Meal (meat). Can you look into the water ratio of the Veg casserole recipe? 300% seems a bit on the low side. I tried that and got this text: "Not enough water, looks like it should use between 1920 and 2880 grams". Fresh milled flour is 0.30kg
  11. Finally made some time to go on the test server. Amount of recipes is mind boggling, thank you Tich and others for putting all this work and time into it. Here are some things I found: Missing a word here (probably "use"): "Target actions (e.g. ones you one item on another)" in CookBook menu. Recipes made in frying pan: stew (meat) isn't listed. If you try to sort recipe names in any of the "List of recipes that use <ingredient>" screens, the cookbook closes. Please show recipe names in ascending order by default in all the screens.
  12. I have Activate keybound and it used to work on the toolbelt, but not anymore. Could this please be fixed?