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  1. CLOSE!

    Best meals ever process was easy and super quick. Thank you!!
  2. Black Dragon Hatchling Slaying- PUBLIC

    Add me to list pls
  3. A few changes to a highway around G10

    Knowing you it probably looks better than before. A ban would be silly.
  4. I have read the OP, and not the responses. But from what I have observed is that these threads can be constructive, but a troll tends to go on a rant about something in the left field that is 99% negative in nature. Now I am not sure if these trolls are doing this intentionally to troll-lock(new term eh), but I see Pandalet locking these threads as soon as this occurs. Maybe instead of locking an entire thread, remove the useless and negative posts with a brief summery of what was said and let the discussion continue. Thanks.
  5. Vets? I don't see any Vets
  6. Close pls.

    Finally somebody did my custom puppets! Tyvm
  7. Mailable Sleep Powder

    Yes please +1
  8. To Xallo/Alyeska and the Dragon hunting Posse

    I have nothing to apologize, I believe many would have done the same thing if presented with the same problem. You spend 5 hours looking for something, somebody else utilizes your tool to find it, does not include you or your village. My actions were based off of that slimy choice to leave us out. Nothing that came after. I'm not going to kiss ass for some hunting group. I'll tell you how it is.
  9. To Xallo/Alyeska and the Dragon hunting Posse

    Lets not derail please. In regards to creating drama, everyone is welcome to search all of my posts and see that is not the case. I PM'ed you Aly because you were not letting my village join the fight when we did a ton of work. That was the problem. In regards to the misunderstanding... I have had many friends explain the situation to you, and yet you harbor a dislike for me for sticking up for my friends. Regardless, what you did was indecent and wrong.
  10. To Xallo/Alyeska and the Dragon hunting Posse

    The situation was explained to you Aly, and yet nothing was done on your end as your feelings were hurt from my being honest. You unsuccessfully attempted the slaying without me, the primary contributor of the map.
  11. To Xallo/Alyeska and the Dragon hunting Posse

    Thank you Slickshot, I am doing my best to keep everything mature.