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  1. LATER EDIT: Signups moved to this thread. Hello folks, I'm Arya of the House Stark and I bring both some good and some bad news. And if you allow me, I will start with the bad ones... WINTER IS COMING upon our WURM world and signs sent to us by the old Gods say that it will be a long and harsh one... venturing behind our deed walls would be more and more dangerous and we'll found ourselves more and more often gathered around fire camps, saying stories and playing various games to pass the time and clear our mind of all the horrors that are roaming north of the wall . And related with such a game is the good news I'm also bringing - Lord Quiglen, Winterfell's Exodus' Head of Ceremonies is organizing a Secret Santa Event as a celebration of the Christmas. WTF is a Secret Santa Event? You all know that there is the tradition to give gifts on the Christmas day; and if you ask me I really think is a great tradition. Now the problem is that this works nice in family or in a small group of friends, but in a large community it can easily become difficult to buy / make gifts for dunno... 50 or 100 people. And so Secret Santa Events were created to overcome this difficulty. Ever person is randomly selected to give gifts to only three or five other people (which means that they would also receive gifts from three or five other random people). All presents are put behind the Christmas tree and the hunt for everyone to find their five presents starts. And trust me, done that before both IRL and in-games, but the excitement is even bigger this way - you are not only curious to find what you got, but also to find whom you got it from. How to participate Just reply to this post or send a forum PM to Quiglen and once all signups are completed he will send you a private message with whom you are about to gift. Send your PM by Dec. 15th so everyone has time to make a gift. Everyone that signs up will receive a gift from Quiglen whether or not they make gifts for anyone else. Don't be shy, sign up! There will be a Christmas tree at New Esert City which is about 50 tiles east of the Esert token. Prepare your gifts, wrap them nicely with a wood scrap, place them under the Christmas tree by Dec. 23rd. Then, we will gather on the 24th and 25th to receive our gifts from under the tree. Yeah, Winter Is Coming , but this year is not a reason to be scared, but just to party with your fellow folks. Exodus style!
  2. Pristine seems to still be down; 5 people appears to be on, but I can't log in...
  3. Pristine Down?

    This is known and taking care of:
  4. Although I hate this happened, I have to appreciate the fact that you reacted really fast this time and at least you announced us that the problem is known and it is taking care of. Well done!
  5. Just a few comments: - compass is definitely not the only way to determine direction; all setlment tokens have a compass on top of them, fires smoke direction combined with /weather shows direction, sun position compared with /time show position, etc; just determine the direction once and take a planet as your "witness" - yes they do move, but rather slow, so you should be safe, or even better the highest peak in the ares - I travelled across the whole map without a compass - world maps are decently acurate, you just need to have a general idea where you are the identify an element on map - you can slways ask for directions in local - as a newbie you can avoid death simply by travelling light - carry only what you really neef, rest often, have thirst bar full and you can outrun any creature (at least on road) - take advantage of water (only crocodiles, bears and anacondas can swim), tower guards (have to /say help in local), templars and fence gates; in like two months of WURM I'm yet to die Welcome to WURM and don't despair - it will get easier and nicer as you get used.
  6. Characters (and deed) changed hands. Thank you for business, grats for winning and best of luck. This can be closed.
  7. Buyout was offered by DruidNature, so normal bidding is stopped. Feel free to make buyout offer, but only as backup offers just in case (s)he won't finalize the payment. Please do not try making a higher offer (already got one in private); a buyout is a buyout and ut was already bid by DruidNature.
  8. Please post only if making a bid; any message not representing a bid will be reported for offtopic. Thank you! Hello friends, I just got the news that I managed to get a new job, which is great news for me, but it means that I will no longer have time for WURM (since most of my played time was during work time, which is no longer possible at the new job). That's why I'm selling all my game assets. I'm totally decided to sell, so there is absolutely no reserve - the best price simply gets it all. Let's start with the characters: AryaStark has seven months or premium time remaining and decent starting skills; she is also level 5 on Path of Knowledge - skill dump in the spoiler section. Alignment: 36.090042 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Paving: 19.324574 Prospecting: 20.40498 Axes: 12.638256 Hatchet: 14.666775 Swords: 17.125877 Two handed sword: 19.027386 Longsword: 20.00692 Knives: 12.539704 Carving knife: 17.65141 Woodcutting: 24.19218 Carpentry: 48.256992 Fine carpentry: 22.036823 Ship building: 10.960413 Nature: 22.703527 Gardening: 13.909175 Animal husbandry: 11.586028 Meditating: 26.184057 Farming: 30.498346 Botanizing: 20.198265 Foraging: 18.086332 Hot food cooking: 20.908733 Fighting: 12.262275 Natural substances: 10.45072 Miscellaneous items: 30.52606 Stone chisel: 11.54284 Hammer: 20.262209 Repairing: 24.494259 Saw: 12.232093 Pickaxe: 26.452335 Rake: 20.47675 Shovel: 23.57203 Pottery: 20.093954 Digging: 36.506657 Mining: 25.00441 Smithing: 11.6963625 Jewelry smithing: 14.294168 Blacksmithing: 19.388294 Masonry: 23.452793 Stone cutting: 19.951885 Soul: 14.874902 Soul strength: 20.67691 Soul depth: 21.35169 Mind: 20.311476 Mind speed: 20.246908 Mind logic: 23.752205 Body: 21.875261 Body stamina: 21.256815 Body strength: 22.817926 Body control: 22.271568 ArryStark has one month or premium time remaining and she is a Magranon priest (the only relevant skill is 42 faith); she is also on Path of Love. Now the deed: The deed (Winterfell) is located on Celebration server, on coordinates (X20, Y5) on this map (the rectangle marks the aproximative margins) in a very good position, really close of the border to Exodus. The real size is 101x81 (50x40 in deed settings), a perimeter of seven tiles and it has two guards. The deed has a bit more than 63 silvers in maintenance. The deed has a trader and there is place for at least another one (I can show you where). As you can see by yourself the deed has a very large coastal area, its own private mountain (great place for a castle on top of it), and a lot of resources: - iron (4+ veins) - copper (3+ veins) - lead (4+ veins) - zinc (3+ veins) - silver (2+ veins) - clay on deed - tar on deed Hundreds of trees (including lots of oaks), quite a lot of animals, a few full BSBs and carts and two full sets of tools are just details I don't even consider worth mentioning. A print screen (not very recent) from top of the mountain can be seen here (all you see in print screen, close or far, is on deed and there is more!). Now about the price. 1. According to this tool placing such a deed would cost 1 gold 72 silver. 2. The deed has in coffers 63 silvers. 3. A trader contract costs 50 silvers. So the total cost for placing such a deed would be 2 gold 85 silver (hard verifiable facts, no need to trust my word on this). At the shop price of 160 euros / 1 gold, that means 456 euros. For the characters, not counting a single cent for the work done on them, only the price for the remaining premium time would be (7 months + 1 month) * 8 euros = 64 euros. So the total value of the account (not counting any work / stats / items / etc), just the hard verifiable values would be 520 euros. But I don't want 520 euros. I don't even want 420 euros, or 320 euros or 220 euros. I just want 120 euros (yes, that's the buyout price for the whole package!) Starting bid: 1 euro Increment: 1 euro Reserve: none (so if there is only one bid of one euro, that bid gets everything) Buyout: 120 euro Duration: 24 hours Private bids NOT ACCEPTED, send PM only if you're willing to pay the buyout price. I'm quitting the game so not accept silver payments, exchange or anything else. Just hard cash send via PayPal. Cheers, Alexandra
  9. Just wanted to point that you can actually change look wuth current game mechanics- just create alt, put miror in satchel, trade satchel. About sex change idea +1 although I would never use it.
  10. Hordern, First of all thank you for your explanations. Now please let me see if I get them right. So... 1. Pretty much, the mentioned rule set are still in place and are representing the most recent version of them. 2. However, they are not enforced ad litteram, but they are subject of personal interpretation of GMs / CMs, who may choose to bypass some (minor) breakings of the rules as they are listed. 3. Generally, the use of bad / strong language is allowed, as long as it is not directed to a specific player. So something like "F**k! I died." is not a banable offense, and by reporting it I only waste my and GMs time. 4. The only cases when a report is needed is when that language is directed toward a certain player like "F**k you, John! You're a f**king ret**d!". 5. The only way for me to avoid seeing this kind of bad language is to just ignore all persons using it (probably 1/4 of the server) or shut down completely the public chats. Correct or not? Once again thank you a lot for taking your time to answer my question. Cheers, Alex
  11. Hello friends, I hate people using bad languages, and one of the main reasons for choosing WURM as the game to play was the fact that it seemed to have both an offensive language filter and some strict rules about chat moderation as defined here. The problem is that I see a lot of things on the freedom chat which I think are breaking the rules. And the worst thing is that sometimes they (intentionally) bypass the automated filter. I always made reports when I saw someone using what I considered to be bad language, but recently a friend (who also happens to be a chat moderator) told me that some things are actually allowed (tolerated). Specifically he was saying that the "f word" is allowed, while to me it seems an infraction to article three from rules, since it is both sexually explicit and obscene. Other things I saw were racially or ethnically offensive remarks against certain nations - like China or some poor countries (including my country) - like saying to someone who plays without guild "you are like a Chinese who makes counterfeit goods on a ship on the international waters". That's why I would like to get some clarifications - are those rules still true and applicable; does it makes sense to report any rules breaking I notice? Or they are there just mentioned, but not really enforced? Thank you in advance. Cheers, Alexandra Later edit: And yes, I know that there is the ignore option, but before start using it left and right (and I would probably have to use it on a quarter of the server - lol ), I would just like to know if this is allowed or not, so I can decide what to do further. I mean if I'm said it is allowed, then I will just ignore and move on; on the other hand if I'm said it is not allowed and rules are still on, I will keep reporting and just hope people can be bringed back on the right way.
  12. Aurorane, No, he doesn't die in the books that were already written, so you may put your worries away for now. However it is supposed to die in the last book, at the battle on King's Landing when Jon gets to pick Bran (source: author published letters) Neah, just kidding, he's not dying. Cheers, Alexandra
  13. King Joffrey Queen Cersei Ser Amory Ser Gregor The Tickler Chiswyck Dunsen Ilyn Meryn Polliver Weese Raff the Sweetling Valar Morghulis