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  1. A New Elevation

    +1 A lot of people wanted a COMPLETE reset, skills and all. Since we cannot get that, we can at least get as close as possible. Faith and meditation SHOULD reset with the crossing through the portal. Having no faith to start out will MAKE people explore/learn the map and find the Black Light Altar to priest up, all sides will be doing this so some early game pvp will happen, those who are geared will succeed in the battle for priesthood
  2. WTS Misc rare and unique items

    All white Dragon blood CoD to Jakeii please.
  3. Fort Huntsman is located at G12 Release Contact In-Game: Jakeii / Trentasaurus / Wulfgar / Casimiro Contact On Forum: Jakeii Spirit Castle: [05:55:48] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [99] Fast 3 Minute Mail-Time! [1c Postage fee for All Mailed items] Sleep Powders accepted as payment at a value of 1s. Referrals accepted as payment at a value of 6s. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Pottery Supplies Bulk Goods: Black-Smithing: Armour Smithing: Carpentry: Cloth Tailoring: Ship Building: Mining: Woodcutting: Masonry: Misc Items: Shield Smithing:
  4. Two of the major kingdoms you have been in (MR and WU) have ALWAYS loved alts, you don't know any different so I don't expect you to understand how toxic the issue of alts really is.
  5. W.S.A. Crusader kingdom graphics

    Especially since it's clearly just to metagame to damage the enemy kingdom, Otherwise why wait 3 years to claim it as your own?
  6. W.S.A. Crusader kingdom graphics

    The Images were bought by us but Cyberhusky/Anyone arranged the design and now 3 years later claims copyright.
  7. [Close] WTA Rare unfinished fish keep net

    CoD to Jakeii pls
  8. [SOLD] - WTS - Green Scale Set!

    Bump! Lowered Price to 1.8g!!
  9. Looking to sell this Green Scale Set: 1g 80s obo Set is Dyed Black [13:37:28] A heavy jacket made from dragon scales. Colors: R=3, G=3, B=3. The green dragon scale jacket has some excess leather that needs to be cut away with a leather knife. -Thanks in Advance!- -=Jakeii=-
  10. [SOLD] - WTS - Green Scale Set!

    Bump! Taking Offers!
  11. Looking to purchase a Paaweelr Priest with 75+ Channeling! - PM me What you have for sale! -Thanks in Advance- -=Jakeii=-
  12. Looking to buy a high end crafter account. PM me what you have for sale -Cheers -=Jakeii=-