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  1. This is actually concerning. If the team says "it's working as intended," as they actually have been told, then the GMs have no idea what "randomness" means. No, we're not crying about getting hit by a meteor and having the deed turn into nothing. We're complaining about a feature (a shitty one, at best), not working properly. There's nothing "random" about this. It almost appears intentional. The deed affected wasn't mine, but good friends of ours might now quit Wurm because of this, and I said I'd speak my peace in their behalf. Please, get this looked into. It is NOT working as intended.
  2. Without fail. It's quite commical. Just posting here in case any GM wants to take a look at it.
  3. Me with my pup who is now in doggy heaven chasing squirrels and .
  4. Imagine This...

    Rosedragon ... thing is you dont even have to be an epic player! If organized well enough, we could easily arrange transport for freedom players that decide to hop over for the prescheduled event!
  5. Imagine This...

    Great ideas and definitely excellent callouts. I have a few ideas on how to keep it as safe as possible, but hey, this is why it's epic. Anything could happen! Agree on having to build I in Ele due to CR nerf. I believe with the proper leadership from all sides, this could happen. What I'd like to see is more participation on the poll, so if you've replied and haven't voted, please do so. This will never be even considered if it doesn't have the right numbers supporting it. Link this post in your chats and get others to reply and vote. Thank you all and keep it coming!
  6. I second this. I noticed some are faster as well.
  7. Imagine This...

    Shadow, who says a Dragon couldn't be part of this?
  8. Imagine a place called The Epic Colosseum. This place would hold events, maybe once a month or so, and all players from all epic islands would be able to come. The events would be fights between different kingdoms, same kingdoms, most popular people you'd love to see go at it, 1v1s, 2v2s, 1v1s + pets, pets only... etc. No fighting in Colosseum grounds would be enforced (not sure how), but anything could happen. There could be a market area, a pub, or even a brothel! Would you be willing to attend? This could be something that could get us all playing together, and allow the communities to grow. This might even need special support from the developers to make the events successful, or maybe not. At this point everything is very very vague. I'm just trying to see if there would be an interest from the community. Please answer the poll and leave any comments you'd like. Thanks! J
  9. Server Down?

    cant seem to connect...
  10. Erik, I'm pretty sure that chest hasn't received any damage either. How often should I check it for damage?
  11. So I'm creating this because a GM asked me to, looking hopefully for other players with the same issue as well. I have off-deed items, outside of houses, that are not getting decayed. I'll be tracking their progress here, as I was asked to do. Please post your items so we can get this fixed. 9/8 [19:58:57] A crude coffin made from stone with a heavy lid. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 18.15132, Dam: 11.339697. [19:59:09] A crude coffin made from stone with a heavy lid. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 18.647596, Dam: 0.53113455. [19:59:28] A large chest made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 16.367678, Dam: 0.0.
  12. am I the only one who uses unequip for this purpose?
  13. And this is confirmed for Epic as well?
  14. 1. Does the decay rate on buildings on a perimeter increase? Let's say you want to drop a deed in a place where there are abandoned buildings.. does dropping the deed, then expanding the perimeter to encompass the buildings increase their decay rate? Reason I'm asking is because now that we can no longer bash buildings, same-kingdom, and catapults mechanics are kinda buggy... it's extremely hard to clear out a section of land you want to build on. A follow-up post requesting some kind of "change" will come if the answer to the question above is no.
  15. Yes, looking for IN-GAME services that you would pay for in silver lol. Good responses. Please keep them coming! Looking for specifics!