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  1. This bug sucks. Just lost two more horses. Yes I should have been aware since this happened last time I subbed but maybe subconsciously my brain refused to believe it still hasn't been fixed.
  2. Too much for Wurm. You can't have a floor overhanging ground that isn't part of the house layout and a house layout needs all of its outside walls in place on the ground floor. Arches can be used for outside walls but that doesn't really accomplish what you've designed here.
  3. How hard would it be to add a count-based condition to a trigger? So for example I could make one that tells me when I've dug enough dirt to fill a wagon. I'm sure there are other ways it could be used too.
  4. Holy crop. I just lost three 5-speed bison to this bug. I was reinforcing my mine and couldn't figure out why my wagon was suddenly moving so slow. Soon discovered they died on the lava tiles on the surface. This has been a bug for a hell of a long time now. Has anyone even looked at it?
  5. The game you're looking for is Life Is Feudal. It's very Wurm-like and not only do they allow macroing and scripting, it is pretty much an essential part of the game. If you're not automating your gameplay in LiF you will fall behind those that do. Sure, you wind up with an entire village populated with AFK players gathering grass and mushrooms or slinging rocks at targets day in and day out but hey, at least it's automated.
  6. There is no "build limit" that I'm aware of unless it's been added in the last year (which I would have a hard time believing). You can build right on the highest terrain height on the server. Edit: But as a mountain-top dweller myself I have no problem with your suggestion. Especially if there was a way to make s little coin selling snowballs to the lowlands. Also, having a way to keep the deed clear of snow textures might be nice. At least on pavement. Also make movement across snow tiles slower, make them harder to climb (maybe with a chance of sliding downhill a bit), but make highways always clear of snow.
  7. He's trying to understand the reason why someone would remove a mine support without also mining the tile the support was reinforcing. He speculated that perhaps the reason was because someone wanted to encourage natural mine collapses in an area where the supports are preventing them (mine reinforcements have EVERYTHING to do with natural collapses since they are designed to prevent them). Are you saying you can't surface mine on a tile that has been reinforced? I've never tried so I have no idea. If people really do want to remove supports without mining the tile then I agree a single action with a crowbar is reasonable.
  8. Good point. 50 swings of a pick vs 50 swings of a pick + 1 more action with a crowbar.
  9. Tile borders in mines make me happy. I just may get sucked back in sooner than planned.
  10. I'm using the measuring cup to take portions of the old liquid. Those portions will not combine with new milk. The do recombine back with what was left of the original liquid which seems to support that whatever hidden aspect of these liquids is preventing combining them remains even after portioning it. It's not a lot of liquid so I'm not worried about it. Just figured I'd mention it in case it keeps happening.
  11. You may have closed those other bug report prematurely. I tried the suggested workaround for combing "old" liquids with new but it doesn't help. Can't mix the different batches in any container. In wine barrels you get the "that would destroy the liquid" message while in pots and other containers it shows up as two separate items.
  12. How does staggered ripening provide extra skill? You still get the same number of farming actions.
  13. Consider making the horses explode violently when they unhitch. That would add some spice to the game.
  14. I can't believe i missed out on the age of hellcarts. I only got to ride in one once and it was thrilling (I know, right? Who knew that adjective could be used with wurm. [Actually jumping off mountains without taking fall damaged used to be kind of thrilling too])
  15. Yeah sure it would be nice to be able to have lakes and ponds but think about how complicated that would be to implement. You would probably have to gut so much code.