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  1. Again there are more out there said in discord and on livestreams with vods long gone but made in between these 2 quotes and also after that showed that there is a chance of jackal and clearly there was and still is demand for it and even if 2 years ago the opinion was that the time is not right to bring it back there and then it was said that its not a no never coming back then combined with earlier instances id dam well say that jackal 2 was promised But hey I am mostly interested in a "oh ya we still want to bring this back in maybe 3-5 years time" or anything like that as the idea of jackal is great yes its a lot of work but jackal doesnt require new content every time it just needs a solid basis with the quirks ironed out and proper ending content and then honestly its as good as it would be for j2 and 3 even so thats a year of it running add in a few months of down time in between the 2 and thats a year and a half easy of j2 and j3 being a thing before new content might be wanted. Thats the beauty of jackal and something that developers who made events become a more common thing people will genuinely enjoy it and play that more Riot stated with league of legends urf mode that urf was killing the playerbase for 2-3 weeks after the event was over and saw massive drops resulting in them being skeptical to bring it back but they brought it back and made it be around for longer and then added it to a reoccurring game mode and suddenly the issues of the first urf's player retention was solved as people didnt feel like they would miss out on something unique but instead started to see it as a great way to pass the time in between ranked games. Path of exile build their entire money making model around seasonal content and their popularity lives and dies with how great of an expansion they make. Diablo 3 sees a rise in players when a new season adds new content yet the seasons that dont add too much content still see stable players showing that you do not need massive amounts of work and new content every time to keep players playing your game. No mans sky has a similar setup with d3 where players play specific content for way longer then other pieces even if that content doesnt get new stuff to enjoy(They talked about this in one of their dev blogs that it surprised them to see a big portion of the online players partaking in a particular activity they had not given much love to in multiple big content patches) Players just want a fun engaging game mode it doesn't need to be new with massive amounts of addons every time it just needs to be refreshing and different enough from the base game to be worth their time and investment, AND Jackal if the end game is changed into something more with some minor bug fixes here and there would be perfect for atleast 2-3 years of it existing so 3-4 runs total before players would genuinely want something more next to a new map or a bigger map. Anyways Jackal when?
  2. By looking at the last 3 pages and seeing people's suggestions on how it could be implemented we have seen a few different ways but people seem to gravitate towards a right click on name or hover over name to see previous name and with that i assume a window elsewhere that shows the last few renames I just miss the long long names from cardboardboxprocessor and the likes they were fun to see sad we cant have those anymore
  3. Hover your mouse in the lower right corner of the arrow and you can see the number just fine. But yes i do use the arrows often if im to lazy to right click and go through the menu to go to the different toolbelts that i have setup but i never really had the issue of not knowing what belt config i was on really
  4. Seeing as that we have a coin purse can we also get a similar item that we can find from treasure maps that would hold maps like a book of some sorts that can hold up to 100 maps while also allowing some kind of simple sorting for example allow groups or some kind of a chapter thing with the individual maps being pages in them. Simple quick suggestion but please do help expand on this idea if anyone comes up with a better way to write it out and expand on it
  5. Weird hill to die on but okay? +1 i want to be able to blanket out everyone's chat with a giant image of a sausage by bugging out chat to include a bit of code that forces the client to draw a webpage that displays the sausage image at 5000x5000
  6. It is simple the SAME way it is done now when a gm forces you to rename yourself by typing in the new name into the login field check my previous posts for more details on these things as to why and how but really our username could have been our emails but we can change our emails already with an ingame command so that wouldnt have made sense as a login identifier.
  7. That post did not have any cat reacts to it so maybe go check now as i added one for you As for the ability to make the emote hover over the heart and wait till the widget pops up for it It could be that you have a plugin that is breaking the react code from working but if so you would see more issues then just that not working right
  8. So we are to assume that the higher ql the map is the more drunk the map maker was? Given how blurry and hard they can be to figure out? If so i can understand why they write reminders to buy olives at the market and then loose their map and their treasure alongside it. But still this really should not be a thing as high quality maps can already take hours to solve only to be told "HAH sucks to be you the x is not the spot and its somewhere within these 50 tiles around it have fun checking the 2500 tiles total around it for the next step/treasure"
  9. I 100% agree the x mark should not be in the wrong spot and that part should be changed imagine going to a newbie area(cele tapdance for example) and being told "oh ya its over here next to this smudge of a road but you have to be within 2 tiles of it" only to spend almost 2 hours roaming around the exact x spot and giving up and only to find it accidently after miss clicking while nearby I was seriously pissed off on it as this is not a good difficulty curve its already hard enough that a ql 96 map is within 2-3 tiles of the x marker while the whole map is vague as hell and almost impossible to decipher in an area like tap dance let alone the x not even being on the right spot either. Please just change this so that the x will always mark the spot or by adding the feature of "if digging nearby the x but to far away to get the next clue/treasure tell the player if they are close to it" and make that feature work only on maps like that and only give a general direction of where to go. As like the example in the op shows that map would be impossible to solve unless we actually know that the x is a rough estimation of the location and not the exact spot like it is on EVERY OTHER map >.>
  10. Based on the topo map and classic map there is a road that takes you quite close to that area yes there is still some climbing involved but it isnt as impossible as it might seem but it is still a shitty location yes for sure
  11. I played rs at the time they added that feature and honestly it really isn't that confusing, yes maybe if you come back years later and people changed their names you go "wait what" but a simple mouse over can see the last name used and we aren't asking for being able to change the name on the fly every few weeks or anything like that. Any and all name changes should be kept track of either when examining the person or on hovering over their name. And yes lets just throw away a decade+ of activity on an account to go use a new name on a new account and loose everything we worked for that's a great way for players to be dealt with. Also this "I suggest Wurm formalize some code that solidifies all names, and completely makes it fundamentally impossible for anyone ever in the future to start up any rename character feature." is such a bad idea wurm needs a rename feature even if its just for the gms due to bad names and or names that are on accounts that go unnoticed for years before being asked to change, next to that tying down a name to make it impossible to change data wise would be a horrible way to go around as well. Either way a rename feature exists already and we just hope that it can be expanded on to become a feature we the players can use while it also logs all name changes applied and that really isn't a bad thing
  12. The following is pulled from wu but i highly doubt that at this point in time there is a major difference between the way wu and wo store their player data As you can tell every player has a "WURMID" this is the same as the "PLAYERID" referenced in other tables, changing this would cause issues yes and require massive updates across every item and house and entity owned by said player BUT changing the "NAME" field does not require this it never has never will if this was the case then players being forced to change names due to offensive names would not have been a thing and Rolf&co would have decided that an offensive name would result in perma ban of the toon instead if it really was that much work. So no no increased code complexity or server load. Wurm can do what runescape has and show previous known names on examine of a player or on name hover over in any chat and problem solved, the only reason this is not a thing is because in the past Rolf had stated that he had planned to make name change a paid for feature but never got around to doing it and then forgot about doing and then didn't feel like putting in the effort to make it be a thing. Making a database edit of a single field really is not that hard given that every bit of code that calls for player name uses "OWNERID"(Same as PLAYERID and WURMID) for lookup while requesting the "NAME" field as reply and thus none of the tools or anything like that would even be impacted any more so then they already are when you examine something, in this sense wurm is really efficient on how it handles data, say what you will about how quirky the game is and how wogic is strong but when it comes to the basics of the code behind it the game is better designed at its core then most games are from small or big teams old or new games alike. Wurm really is not that complex and a name change really is not that hard like i can keep throwing screenshots of code into here to try and show more of it but most wont have a clue what its about so i will just leave you with one more screenshot showing why I am all for having the way to purchase(in some way or another) a name change while it logs old name would not be a complex thing. Below is a screenshot of the item table of the default wu adventure map and shows that the name is nothing more then a field that is only referenced for us the player and not for tracking purposes(Thank god to that) of who owns what or anything like that Edit: Okay for good measure I will just add this to it This is found in the WebInterfaceImpl file, this here already shows how easy it really is for a name change to happen given wurm already has this functionality build in and all that would need to be done for this new process is to call for this code and done rename of a player will be done. @Override public String rename(final String intraServerPassword, final String oldName, String newName, final String newPass, final int power) throws RemoteException { this.validateIntraServerPassword(intraServerPassword); if (WebInterfaceImpl.logger.isLoggable(Level.FINER)) { WebInterfaceImpl.logger.finer(this.getRemoteClientDetails() + " rename oldName: " + oldName + ", newName: " + newName + ", power: " + power); } String toReturn = ""; newName = LoginHandler.raiseFirstLetter(newName); if (Servers.localServer.LOGINSERVER && Players.getInstance().doesPlayerNameExist(newName)) { return "The name " + newName + " already exists. This is an Error."; } if (Servers.localServer.LOGINSERVER) { toReturn += Servers.rename(oldName, newName, newPass, power); } if (!toReturn.contains("Error.")) { try { toReturn = PlayerInfoFactory.rename(oldName, newName, newPass, power); } catch (final IOException iox) { toReturn = toReturn + Servers.localServer.name + " " + iox.getMessage() + ". This is an Error.\n"; WebInterfaceImpl.logger.log(Level.WARNING, iox.getMessage(), iox); } } return toReturn;
  13. Change war bonus so that it goes up by doing combat activities eg attacking/killing things using war machines and the likes Or Just get rid of it either or but I rather it be changed away from having to sacrifice specific items to doing specific activities as that way pve and pvp people can enjoy a added bonus to damage if they do a lot of combat related things
  14. "It has a max quality of 99." Mining 99.996185 Max ql after 1000 actions 99.58 Pickaxe used ql 95 [23:07:58] A tool for mining. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The pickaxe has some dents that must be flattened by a hammer. It has the adorned pickaxe skin applied to it. [23:07:58] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Thijs'. [23:07:58] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [95] [23:07:58] A glimmersteel rune of Libila has been attached, so it will increase usage speed (10%) [23:07:58] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [96] [23:07:58] It has been smeared with a potion of mining, so it improves Mining max QL [99] Like i don't mind switching out if so but it used to be we could get 100ql then it was changed so that we couldn't and now it is standing as "Change: Ore ql is no longer capped at 99.9999 and can now be mined at 100 with rare+ or imbued tools if you have 100 skill." So i would assume my max right this second should be 99.99 with the above pickaxe and the changes on the wiki and that 1000 actions should be enough to be able to get such a ore but it seems not I guess i better grind to true 100 before trying to empty out my ql 99 iron veins
  15. Something to point out that people who have never tried pvp have to realize Wurm pvp is group vs group you are not just going to make a rowboat and sail over and try it out you go onto the forums read 1 of the recruitment topics and try to join those groups and if successful play with them and go out with them and get gear replaced as part of you dying in battle in group based combat or later on if you roam around be prepared to have spare gear sets. The only point I would agree with is an affinity change so that they are not transferred on death but no skill loss or no gear loss is just a big no there has to be a punishment for it. Fight skill really does not take you months to get that 0.25 back even at 90+ The game currently already has a meditation path that prevents everything but fight skill loss so if you really want to try out pvp and not loose skills go path of knowledge, if you want to be tankier and most likely survive if lucky then go path of insanity. There has to be a risk as if there is no risk of loss(besides easy to replace gear) then people just wont care as much about dying and that already is an issue as it is now at times. So 1. Gear is not an issue in the larger groups that kingdoms are made up out of 2. The few skill losses you get on death are really not that big of an issue 3. Full loot is what makes it more fun as if your enemy is confident they will run around with drake and supreme items on them as they havent died in a while and suddenly rip 4. Affinity transfer should be disabled and should have years ago as there have been way to many ways to abuse it to stack affinities over the years and even now still as well but even outside of the abuse its reward isnt that much to be honest. 5. A temp buff just means "Ima set on deed/freedom until its gone" mentality will be a thing.
  16. I posted those links before as a reminder that they exist and are still a thing but any and all references towards that store seem to have been deleted from here but if you really want to you can easily find it just by searching for the game and the word thong in google search
  17. Ima just bump this instead of making a new topic about it again but Jackal 2 when? It was promised
  18. java forums when the java forums had a game section where game devs could post up questions about issues they had or post the projects they were working on and a most from rolf(or notch 1 of the 2) left me curious what they were working on so did some digging and found the game and never left
  19. Hello...?

    I wanna click 1 2 and 4 what does that make me according to your theory?