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  1. Valrei International. 084

    Aye some of these and some more out there ones where his hair was all over the place to the point that you wonder "has he had any sleep in a week or 2?" they where nice to watch
  2. @Niki i guess you are up first aaaand not even 5 minutes later she got sold
  3. Valrei International. 084

    Yes @Retrogradeplease see if you can make this happen please
  4. Valrei International. 084

    Woot dev streams are coming back thank god last one we had was around xanadu days with a crazy looking rolf oh i miss those streams they where fun (channel codeclub on twitch)
  5. Close

    Want a good poll done? get the devs to run one ingame on epic where alts dont count(1 vote per ip if ip matches that of a previous login only(to prevent vpns)) and then email everyone who plays on epic about it and dont allow new accounts to vote and so on make a good system to vote and run the vote and see what people who are still around/willing to log into epic to give their say have to say about it
  6. Why was PvP abandoned?

    just to put this here people are going out in leather even and a certain someone keeps going out in cloth >.> it keeps changing too much now its no longer "oh you have to wear scale or drake to run around solo" its more over "if they find you they wait for buddies to come out to slaughter you instead of have a fun 1vs1" that makes roaming around no fun on chaos anyway
  7. I've been waiting for years for...

    free flowing water that is what i want why did rolf have to go and butt heads with the dev that was working on that why D': i want to flood my deed mate's their lowered houses so badly
  8. Crash log: https://pastebin.com/vuDjR3q3 config settings: https://pastebin.com/B7MWFzVL Windows 10 nvidia graphics card how to reproduce it Click main menu click valrei map click fights right click any of the fights opens the window and then it crashes
  9. Why was PvP abandoned?

    If you where the ceo of a company and you kept getting complaints from your clients that your company was providing a horrible service to them you would investigate it and if it turned out that your current staff is overworked and cant keep up with expected production targets thus leading to angry customers your first task would be to get more staff to sort this issue out yes wurm dev team is mostly volunteers but even to those a set min amount of hours per week can be expected a standard can be set and if even after everyone is assigned projects to many things pile up then it really would be a good thing to get more help from elsewhere and not "oh i made minecraft mods i know java" kinda devs either not self taught beginner kind but proper ones which even if they work part time could help this game out big time even if they work on a contractor basis of project to project things would get done a lot better and faster and the wurm dev team could have something to show for it and no "training" a proper dev isnt really a thing as they are expected to be familiar with a position they are hired for within 2 weeks and after 30 days provide meaningful addition to the rest of the team(hence why the "what can you bring us and when" question during interviews) it really just takes a bit of effort from the current staff team to get things sorted out(like they are slowly (hopefully?) starting to do it seems and hopefully they will learn that leaving people in the dark will lead to angry voices from those who care a lot so yes we all realize how "hard" they work we know that all to well when a project that for all intents and purposes should not take more then 6 months takes 4 years to do that its all the "hard" work of a too small team that made it take that long they can not pull the excuse of "we are to small things take time" really as they have devs(proper ones) apply from time to time and almost always get turned down except for the odd case here and there the web shop from what i gather from all the times it was mentioned is basically a cash grab "cosmetics only" web store(the likes you see in minecraft servers and other games private servers and now days "triple a" games) where people can buy things with rl money and it would be items most likely unobtainable ingame otherwise
  10. So i came across this a while back and watched it and was like hmm interesting but never finished watching it, Fast forward to today was closing tabs and saw this was still open decided to watch it in its entirety and was like he has got some amazing points that can help anyone out from work to school to life itself and thus i want to recommend you sit down when you got an hour time and watch it. And if you feel like it wanna talk about his points? Maybe you got a counter point or want to expand on something he said with your own thoughts.
  11. Stealing (permissions issue)

    2 things that can be done as well 1 walk away from the object or 2 have the alt on the friends list But ya the mechanic is nice to stop people from "stealing" things people drop near them but it should not overwrite house permissions or wagon/cart/boat permissions like it currently does
  12. Devlog thread closed?

    No never for reporting problems only for being on the test server day after day during major changes and getting banned for being to active on it, my ban was not a recent one so im not saying the current staff actively do this but to say "we never" is wrong rolf himself used to be the one handing out bans and telling people off if they spend too much time on the test server with his reason "the test server is for testing not for playing" when all we did was try out new features and to create the tools to do it ourselves as back then we where told no by gms that we would not get help Several years later after all bans where undone as test was wiped clean and we tried to test upcoming changes that had been added once again we where given the same warning hence why those who are interested in testing and are long long time players do not bother really anymore until we have a proper testing environment that doesnt require us to spend ages to get stuff setup so that we can test things and does not require us to contact a staff member and wait possibly hours to get sorted out Sure maybe if i was to start now i wont be told that after spending a long time testing things who knows but i doubt the group i used to test with would want to put in more time again only to be told off once again(we never minded the wipes) but hey if you can say that we will not be punished at all for spending a lot of time on test server and will be told when new things are added for testing(a simple "hey guys new things have been added for testing here is a short list without much detail enjoy") then sure thing il gladly go test things again
  13. Devlog thread closed?

    I was gonna put text here but i think a comic sums it up better
  14. Devlog thread closed?

    This this right here Clearly capes are close enough to release now to show it off on the wurm teams favorite wurm stream yet not close enough to "speak peak" post a few teaser pictures up to please the curious people about whats going on behind the scenes