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  1. Skill gains havent changed since they where created sure the notion of game mechanic changes happens but core game features like that generally do not change that often if at all There was a post made at one point about how crazy complex skill calculation is and looking at the wu code in particular its a complex beast As for affinities yes they roll on every skill check but there are some requirements before they happen and level does lead to a steady action speed(4 seconds every action vs random actions) i got mine from leveling too where as my alt got his 2 from digging clay for days on end but again affinities are a silly system in the way of how you obtain them anyway
  2. Skill tick is done when ever a item is produced(aka action finished) in the case of level this is every 4 seconds when you start off in the case of digging is well when your action is done Tick sizes are different due to different time spend and or actions done vs action time spend End of the day both will overall give the same skill with the 3 factors that make it be different being time spend and slope and quantity of actions(how much dirt) but per dirt both give the same with the change in skill gain only changing due to slope height or tile type this is what i was trying to show before So to answer your question directly level is neither better nor worse per action done it comes down to convenience and if you want to spend the extra time it takes to level(early on level is better as its faster but later on it swaps around in time spend) and want a lazy move dirt once every x amount of seconds based on your max weight minus gear divided by 20 equals total dirt times 4 or do you want a "move dirt from inventory/pile into container every action queue that is done" kinda style So end result depending on how you want to play a more active or more relaxed style of play would be better neither of the 2 give an innate more skill then the other from the get go In the past there have been documents that have been released that show tables and calculators out there that can simulate your skill gain insanely accurately up to a range of actions needed to reach a certain skill level based on all the factors you would have like skill level in parent and sub skill(digging and shovel) ql of tool tile type sb meditation path affinity meal and so on some might still be on the forums here in older topics some have been deleted over the years because "they take the mystery of wurm away" or lead to skill gain overhauls on certain skills but if you want im sure it can be found still somewhere around here on the forums a link to a fun clue hunt with the end result to a zip file(dont worry it doesnt contain a virus or else it would have been deleted of the forums long ago) that has all the data in it for you to figure out how wurm calculates its skill gain for any skill if you invest some time into reading into it and trying it out
  3. It would just be a pvp server with 2 zones 1 that allows pvp 1 that disallows pvp it can and has been done in wu servers many times before where there are either save zones around starting towns or specific islands that are neutral grounds for events on pvp servers and the likes in the end the permission system works fine with a mixed environment like that its more over that pmk's can wreck havoc to it so you would have to resort to either handing out independence documents yourself as a gm or disallow pmks and have the 3 kingdoms next to freedom with a neutral area where players can switch But such a server would be interesting to have so long as the no pvp zone is restricted to freedom kingdom only and other kingdoms can still pvp in it that way they cant just run into the no pvp zone while they are being chased by enemies and the likes so it might require some feature tweaking but not too much
  4. I am sure some off us here will give him two if not three forehead kisses with some maybe even giving him a sneaky kiss elsewhere
  5. Today the rift beast called over its manager as i think it got pissed that it was stuck ontop of my guard house for so long(all doors are locked) introducing the troll that walked through 2 locked doors
  6. @Samoolsomething i wanted to share with you and others Over the last few days its been a hell of a lot easier doing what i normally do in wurm thanks to the 2 new keybinds while playing on my phone Now you might go what wurm on phone? and yes via steam link after adding wurm launcher to steam library and setting up a the proper keybinds to proper buttons Before if i wanted to do certain actions i had to load specific keybind text files due to limited button space on either my phone's screen or my controllerwhich also meant i either brought my keyboard and mouse to the living room to play on the tv vs controller) where as now all i need to do is double tap the screen(when using phone) for right click menu do the action ones and then press the button that is bound for repeat making doing the same task so much easier and makes being able to game on the go a lot easier to or while at a place where i got fast wifi but no access to my pc Sure there are some downsides especially if you are gaming away from the same network/not using 5g/wifi signal sucks in general in your home then the game can be choppy and experience stutters so unless you can run a stable connection i do not advice to go out hunting or pvp but for doing stuff around your deed like farming tending animals smithing and so on it has become a hell of a lot easier to do that with a controller Now i get this will never be properly supported but with wurm coming to steam i will be releasing my controller config and a simple guide for people to set their wurm up for controllers and mobile phones Here is a sneak of my phone setup which is just a simple wasd and the 2 new keybinds and take and drop which is all that is really needed and all that can be really done on a phone anyway without leading to "multiple actions at set layers" macro style that goes into the grey area of is it allowed or not and thus i will not even go into(action layers are able to do some really complex key combinations for example) For settings And how it looks ingame in a mine for example Now it is surprisingly easy to move around with a touch screen in wurm and even the old ui worked decently well with a phone or controller but that new addition just makes it so much easier to use no need for really using the keyboard at all unless typing to people or typing in numbers to drag around no fancy steam related keybinds or anything like that just wasd and rftg and most of the game can be done I for one am looking forward now even more to the steam client release as then i can just lay back use my steam controller(or xbox or ps4) with a proper made config that can have multiple layers of keybinds to switch between depending on the task i do(and ingame keybind switch as well) that is saved to steam cloud and can be shared with others vs saved to my controller only So in the end wurm on a controller/mobile? it works good rate it a 9/10
  7. Tile types have different difficulties with dirt being 0 tar being 35(and steppe at 40) and so on Slope makes a difference in skill gain while digging there is a calculation for it(i cant remember it right of the top of my head il see if i can find it again later) that would give you the optimal digging skill gain based on the tile+slope you are using certain skills benefit from time spend on action vs actions per minute but digging isnt one of those the difference between a ql 90 supreme shovel at full stamina vs low stamina actually is big enough where going to no stam results in less skill gain then queueing up max actions and then resetting for stam(if you compare set amount of actions in 8 hour span for both) the reason for this comes down to more actions done favoring a higher average skill income then less actions done if you want to grind digging in anyway make a spike of dirt up to a few dirt above your optimal and turn 4 tiles on the spike into tar(or clay) stand in the center where you can stand without climb on have a bsb nearby with a barrel of water and food and have the proper ql shovel with as high coc as you can get your hands onto(QL=(difficulty+20)*2-skill) turn on sleep bonus grab affinity meal and spend an afternoon digging(or till you run out of sb) you can get to 99 in a few afternoons of doing that which you just can not do with level what so ever Now if someone would be so nice as to post up that slope calculator again(i cant seem to find it in my logs anywhere )
  8. Oh oh any chance on search in inventories other then your inventory because that would make it so much more useful then only your own inventory things like storage containers lmcs bsbs and such would benefit from it
  9. Can the ui please not show the repeat keybind on every object you hover over and only do on same type if possible please? i know its not a big issue but its a nice little polish that would be a nice to have Also can we have the default action be able to deal with stacks of items? eg it shows repair on a stack of damaged hammers but if the top hammer isnt damaged it wont do the actions requiring me to open up the stack to hover over the individual items to repair or still use repair keybind
  10. https://wiki.winehq.org/Download can always try that and see if it will run with wine
  11. Oh you wanna see the inside of it? sure thing here you go now note that front door(and inside one) has been rebuild because a drake decided to hide in that house before Did you know that drake's do not travel up floors when chasing people but trolls do? but drakes will bash the walls under the tile your standing on if your on a 2nd or higher floor in an "attempt" to get to you Anyway can i please still keep the doggo as the kitty needs a friend mind you im using that place as my kitty pen he eats all the spider corpses and such that get stuck in my house and die soon after and i think his friend the hell horse eats them too although i havent seen that happen just yet
  12. 400 and such isnt possible anymore due to laziness to make a single byte a float value or a 4 or 2 byte value unless you use the drop shaft method which granted the usual way of connecting 2 vastly different shafts has been put a stop to but there are a few other ways to still make that happen but the "normal way" now is to make a mine higher up as big as you want to then mine down the floor to the lowest point and then level every other tile from there I still hope we can get bigger mines again some day
  13. First thing i see after a few days of being offline is a random doggo on my guard house now i am used to seeing animals inside(due to bridge) but the top floor? thats a new one also this is a lone doggo nothing else around that it would have come from Can i keep him pretty please?

    That actually comes down to youtube's compression for sharpening and such things yt doesnt do well with complex lighting be it dark or bright it gets screwed up Also i posted about this before when the vid first came out but i just love the new stuff they are adding for 5 Spec wise that was rendered on a machine similar in performance(supposedly) to the ps5 As for terraforming or changing the world why would they showcase that in a major update that is focused on brand new ai and rendering? ue has had the ability for any number of different types of shaping terrain capability with ease there are dozens of prebuild voxel terrain or block terrain or pseudo 3d(like wurm) terrain scripts out there for the world generator that accompany either semi static prefabs with creator designed prerequisites(games like diablo 3 and poe's tile sets) to full blown procedural generation to static worlds designed by hand that can be shaped in anyway Those capabilities have been part of the engine for a long time so why would they need to tease them? On that note making a clone of wurm that functions similar enough logic wise to wurm does currently with its feature set of terraforming and skilling isnt a monumental task either the world gen is easy(a tile system isnt that hard) the building and crafting isnt that hard either neither is skills and their gains its just the quirks that wurm has that we all know and love that would be hard but all in all it would just be a time investment to make something like wurm in ue nothing that would require ground breaking tech like that demo showed just your run of the mill stuff There are 8 bundles you can buy in the ue shop that would give you 70-80% of the core logic of what wurm has with you needing to only go in and change value's to adjust the gains and speed of progression and adjust the tile system a bit and you can have your wurm as of a few years ago now granted making it a game worth playing will require months of extra work but getting a wurm like game into a early dev stage of feature rich but still loads of work left pre alpha stage isnt to hard if you got the money to buy those bundles so that you dont have to start from scratch
  15. Let me ask you this Do you want high performance and graphics or do you want it for cheap? Running wurm at max/high without turning your laptop into a XF-84H while running wurm will require a bit more then 500 usd quite a bit more reason is simple wurm isnt that graphically intense like other games but because of its age and what has been done with it over the years it doesnt really run efficient either with its resources on some graphics cards the game will never go past 30-35% gpu load while struggling to achieve 60 fps on max yet others it will get to 100% blast the fans and sit on med settings at 25-30 fps and yet others have no issue at max settings and sit at what ever cap they put it at while the gpu never goes past 80 My hp omen x(used to have a older version but thanks to a work deal i was able to upgrade my personal omen to a omen x with a 2080 at nearly no cost) and my older omen both sound like jet engines when wurm runs anymore then 15 fps at max settings or 30 with max and some features turned down(shadows are a big impact in this game) now they dont do this when at home on their cooling pad but you know im guessing you want portability Now if you can find it on sale/2nd hand a asus tuf a15 would be a good pick but again thats at the double the price of what you listed Closest i can find to your price of 500 that is kinda worth it would be a msi gf series gf63 https://www.newegg.com/black-msi-gf-series-gf63-thin-9scx-005-gaming-entertainment/p/N82E16834155354 The only issue is its a 1650 which to be honest is ###### when compared to laptops that are 200-400 bucks more I would honestly say save up more money if possible save up to around 700-800 as price to performance becomes leagues better at 500 you just are not going to find any laptop that can run almost any game like wurm or other more modern games at high while providing good performance while looking great Now the main thing is that the big brands love putting underpowered parts into over priced hunks of plastic so you go to the cheap low end of throwaway sluggish devices then you kinda skip this trench into the land of decent laptops with a price of 2-3 times higher but they cant game at all and then the next big leap is into the land of the 1k and higher up to 2-3k laptops that can game really well Wurms biggest issue for any pc isnt really the graphics card itself(yes its important but anything resembling a 970 ti can run wurm at max at 40-50 fps) but the cpu's single core performance which often in laptops isnt that great because a sustained high load on a single core means loads of heat so wurm gets silly annoying frame stutters that come from the cpu struggling because of heating Anyway the 700 mark is where laptops start to become worthwhile the 1200 is when they are good value for money the 2k+ if you got nothing better to buy with your money and you want a lap warmer that doesnt sound like a jet engine when you start up wurm