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  1. So let me get this straight we have to be in the area of influence to get these bonuses but we can not terraform in the area thus digging and mining are out of the question(and potentially woodcutting) as gains from vyn passive skill gain a bit sad on this So based on this the Akashic mirror if it rolls the randomly chosen skill onto mining then your screwed until the next pulse(or digging or woodcutting)? For the wellspring of knowledge better affinity gain would be nice on previously mentioned skills as well but how long will this buff last for? Overall i like the idea but knowing how quirky wurm is and knowing we cant terraform around them to me personally being a vyn(vyn forever) follower I will wait till the patch notes and hopefully a better explanation on how it all works as with how it stands currently i will not leave my cave for this mining project is worth more then a detour with wasting time standing around getting stuff for useless skills with 141 skills and 6 of those being unusable(digging mining woodcutting shovel pickaxe hatchet) there is roughly a 8.46% chance the vyn ones will be useless for me. Also if these buffs are only in the area they are in and we are not allowed to build in there how the hell are you expecting us to improve metal items? honestly the only worth while one to try and roll for rarity guess we gonna have to make campfires if possible or run in carrying glowing hot items in our hands to be in buff area on pulse. So hopefully i am wrong on all these points but otherwise nice gimmick 10/10 will die out after a month or 2-3 of use and people realizing how 1 broken it was in day 1 and week 1 before things get nerfed to no end and then how much of a waste of time it becomes after month 1(look at rifts) either way i want to be proven wrong so hopefully by release there will be 1. A great explanation on how they work 2. they do not have some kind of weird restriction like mentioned above and 3. the buffs granted will last a while after leaving the area and arent tied to the area directly(i wouldnt mind making a mine nearby to mine for example sandstone is plentiful)
  2. Code wise i assume its just using the general item creator code like any other item is used for my guess its something to do with the imbue and not the skill or chisel or rock shard
  3. Team has been handed evidence time and time again over the years by multiple groups of people about the state of local maps/map dumping tools that reveal an entire servers data and so on nothing really comes from it that really prevents these things from working and with places like fiverr being a thing creating a simple program that does exactly that if you know where to look for would cost you 80-300 bucks and as it stands short of you being an idiot and b lining towards any unique you find there is no real way to detect if someone is using this software short of their friends reporting that person(which come on most wont do that sadly enough) Do people get banned for it? Yes, does that stop others from doing teh same thing? No On chaos there were kingdoms that lived and died by their map hacks and their other programs and exploits if you find a big enough group of players in wurm chances are someone is using a simple bot or a mapping tool or a complex bot ya we report them when we catch them but it is far to easy to create such a thing in this day and age(hence my issue against trying to make mechanics "anti bot" like as it makes it easier for bots and harder for humans) As for your last point evidence has been handed in multiple times and developers of said tools are still playing today their accounts are still around why? Because they don't use the tools they make they are smart about it and wurm staff cant really ban you for you making a tool that you never use yourself according to current rules(not like they could enforce it as i could just claim that @Pandylynn made a live map and throw the gm team a doctored message with a download link to a once publicly available version with some changes to it and then what) Point is botting and mapping tools are a thing in wurm they have been there since the start of the game and have almost always been 1 step ahead of any kind of rule or system or anything the devs have come up with and will remain so(just check osrs and rs3 their million dollar battle) its better that a game's mechanics are enjoyable and fun for a player so that there is not such a big need to have such tools around then to have them. And with that mindset it is better to have unique's for now be visible when they spawn by event message and twitter post until the time comes where their spawning mechanics are redesigned to be more fair towards players(if that is something the devs want to take on) The main reason is as it stands someone with a live map or knowledge on spawning mechanics is at an advantage over anyone else a unfair advantage because player 1 using external tools player 2 playing fair Yes showing the message wont make them not use it but it does mean that we now know when they spawn and thus we can actively go out to hunt and for those local on their server they often have a few min head start vs those of other servers so the chance for public is potentially higher
  4. Actually yes yes it does give a good idea it shows the total amount of uniques slain vs group size based on the the cut of points i put in. Following the logic that 13 people takes 1+ hour unless everyone is really strong most groups would aim for 15-20 for private so assuming sometimes that might be a bit more we can say "okay so cut of for private vs public is 40" in this case so of the 203 uniques only 44 were considered public. That is what numbers can show you and show how few public slayings really happen and why? because as it stands right now the hunting groups know the spawning mechanics well enough that they can go to a server at the required day and roam around and often find it before others do and then show up with their 20 odd man private group to kill it with none the wiser no deed no nothing which in turn gates unique's behind "are you part of group x? if not good luck" and hunting groups are the main reason unique drama is even a thing that and a certain someone who just had to troll a specific alliance. End of the day having unique's spawn with no indication in the current system just results in unique hunting groups having the upper hand, what fallen and i are aiming for is to close this gap to a point where everyone has the knowledge and thus the chance to go out there and look for them, what others are proposing is a new system with a lot of dev time to attempt to solve the drama that comes from unique's to begin with. What is better? the current system where only a handful of elite groups or cheaters know when unique's spawn or the old one(with the rules in place) where everyone could know when they spawn Yes there are a few people who are being stupid and using 10+ alts but that isnt the norm and throwing that many meatbags at a unique just to kill it with a few people is silly and isnt what private slayings are typically about really. A short history lesson Unique hunting groups became a thing when unique's became a respawnable thing to kill From here hide and scale and potions were given a monetary value Then the distribution of rewards was changed to cap how much you could get from a unique The third point caused there to be groups or individual players to start trying to steal unique's or be in local of it when it gets killed as to steal away the hide/scale This leads to drama time and time again but was mostly ignored by gms and devs for a long time Fast forward a few years and countless posts and unique snipes the spell summon soul was added A few weeks later someone had the bright idea to go to a certain server right after the message about a unique spawning and track down those who lived on that server who were hunting for it(this is all fine and well) Then that person decided upon finding the unique to try and kite it into a mine he had made in an attempt to steal it from them, this failed and unique was killed without the person around New unique spawned and this time that group had enough players to kill it on the spot but that other person showed up and this time they started to summon people over 1 became 2 2 became 4 on it went to a point where if they had killed that unique there and then he would have walked away with most of the loot This lead to him being told not do that anymore(after the 2nd time) Another unique and now he came over again but this time started to heal the unique by casting spells on it Gm got called he got told off(again nothing but a "dont do it again) A few uniques go by that group finds another one and on the day of slaying they find their unique gone as that other person had made a deed nearby and had used alts to use the unique's tunneling feature to lure it more then a local away underground via a tunnel the unique made and then slaughtered it A few more uniques a few more issues between that group and him and then he started to move on to other groups as well This is basically when the gms decided they had enough and started to do the knee jerk reaction of "fine lets make it so that the message is gone" Fast forward a bit more drama because someone went afk in local of a hunting group after the rule was made to leave the local if they ask you to and the person got in trouble even though he didnt know because the hunting group was being stubborn and stupid about it Anyway this is but 1 such chain of events of the many many drama events related to uniques that have happened over the years but it was 1 that lead to the deletion of a mechanic and making it easier for hunting groups to profit
  5. Based on the last 110 slayings 95 of them had more then 10 people 61 of them had more then 15 35 had more then 20 24 had more then 40 13 had more then 80 So what do we define as "public" in this case The average group of high skilled players vs unique is around 7-15(15 takes a long time unless really great gear and what have you) from what i have seen and been part of as part of private slayings biggest "private" slaying was 24 people not counting alts but most of the time we are 13-15 not counting alts Edit Since start of this year 203 uniques have been slain of those 170 had more then 10 114 had more then 15 74 had more then 20 44 had more then 40 26 had more then 80
  6. But they do though that's the sad part before everyone knew but now its those who spend their time digging through WU code or are running external tools be it map dumps or excel sheets based on historical data to figure out spawn rate(Yes there is one floating around in the wild and its a glorious little spreadsheet) Buit right now they are farmed by 5-10 people in 1-3 groups because no one else knows when they pop up and sure we got a few who make them public but i bet quite a few go under the radar and are kept to their own little groups with none the wiser. What they should have done is properly punished those who repeatedly caused issues(healing unique's/summoning in countless alts to steal hide weight without fighting the dam thing just to name 2 examples) but instead they weren't punished so people kept exploiting it You want it to be fair then let all of us know when they spawn that way everyone has a fair chance to try and find it(short of the cheaters)
  7. So far as i know they were taken away because "oh no 1 group is complaining that group 2 is getting all the uniques on every server oh you know what lets disable this message" few days later "well that didn't work, okay lets add a rule where if you show up in local of a unique slaying and you are asked to leave and you dont its an offense that would stop them right? right?" "wait it still didn't well lets go make it so that they cant be found that will fix it right? no one uses map hacks in our game right?" little did they know none of those things helped at all The message was nice because it meant a break from doing whatever we are doing to get on our horse and roam around and explore to try and find it and then deed it it was fun to do now its more over "oh death tabs popped oh random newbie died to a dragon and he doesnt know where he died oh well" or "hey guys i found a dragon its at x" or "we know when unique's spawn on what server because we mapped out so many unique spawn windows that we roughly know when so lets go there and roam around" or "so you know that map hack that we have ya lets go check x server" I am all for a public message when they show up as it made a lot of people want to go out and try to find it it was fun to do i miss it and hunting for the sake of hunting is boring honestly you run to a animal you tab to yt hear death sound move on to next mob and aimlessly running around is nice if you are on a server you havent been on but on a server you know in and out its no fun So +100 from me it was a stupid knee jerk decision to get rid of it anyway
  8. Especially since the fact I still cant seem to download my skill info and a lot of the stuff on there I have since lost(older dumps are still nice to look at)
  9. TLDR: Price fluctuations have increased due to bidding practices changing over the last 2 years resulting in higher prices across the board and inability to price check anything by using auction data because it has become to inconsistent. I guess i need to give more specific examples An auction where 2-3 people bid and then falls silent shows 1 thing the price has gone past the point where others feel worthwhile to bid on said item if it is a niche item its understandable not many would want it but something like a strange bone or a drake set they are wanted by many but the end result is that auction shows nothing other then the last bit was to high no one else wanted to bid for it thus the price must be lower but by how much we wont know just looking at auctions like that because the price jumps are to big. The other thing that this does is it scares most people into not bidding as why try to do so when someone will almost instantly outbid with a giant price hike just to get that item. An auction where there are dozens of bids being placed(even if its between 2 people) and its price steadily increases before it dies out shows either of 2 things 1. the other person bidding has run out of funds to give or 2 the items worth if reached and the other person isn't willing to bid more then the last bid posted In example one no matter how many times this happens finding the true value is going to be hard if this is all you have to go by because the price will be inconsistent and bidding volume is low so no real useful anything can be gained from it when it comes to using those topics as past reference points for price checks or other things. In example 2 you get a lot of bidders making small increases and with enough topics like this finding the right price for an item is easier for everyone as we have a reference to past topics that we can look at and find a decently accurate price, say there are 10 bones sold over 7 months and their price range falls within 20 silver of each other with lowest being 57s and highest being 77s with the average of 70 you know that you could sell the bone for 70 in a wts or lower if you want it gone quick ir auction starting 60 if you want to try for it to go higher and you got time. The difference between few bids across many auctions with giant price jumps vs many bids across many auctions with smaller bids is the confidence that the 2nd one creates in finding an accurate value of an item resulting in a more friendly market where someone cant just scam someone out of a bone by using specific topics were it didn't sell well and call the 2 topics that had few posts as outliers and just friends trading with friends to increase the price. What it comes down to in the end is that in my opinion watching the auctions over the last 2 years a lot more of them have started to have really big price fluctuations on items because the quantity of bidders has gone down due to a small group of people doing crazy price hikes on items they are bidding on. Where as over the time prior to that auctions often had lots of bidders as people bid smaller number increases as they typically wanted to save as much money as they could so do min increases and bid often in hopes your pocket is bigger then the other person's pocket, that shift away from lots of bids to a few big bids has meant that prices have gone up overall across the board even on useless items in hopes that people are crazy enough to buy them. In the end the result of this is that prices are going up for items specifically rarity related ones while the amount of bidders is going down leading to a somewhat barrier of entry where items that were once between 5-25s are now starting at 25s and going up to 40-60 yet sometimes going up to 1.5g at random for no real reason other then friends posting on it or someone really wanting it. Anyway before i go in circles We are seeing more of example 1 with big bidding increases(sometimes 50+s in 1 bid although rarely) then we do of example 2 yet example 2 is what creates more confidence in prices over time. The other thing that also is happening that i havent touched on in this reply but just had to mention it again is first bid doing double asking price or more tactic it doesn't make sense beyond trying to prevent people from bidding on something you want. But hey that's just what i observe by watching the auctions over years now that the last 2 years wurm's auctions have gone crazy with practices that are not healthy leading to price increases across the board to create a barrier of entry so big that most people wont be able to ever partake into it leading to less bidders leading to less price info on items thus lower confidence in it and creating a wilder priced market where 1 day a supreme forge can go for 1.51g and the other day for 45s(no it doesn't matter that one is regular stone the other is slate their function is the same and both can be created just as easily) to name a more recent example of this.
  10. Too add to this Xanadu is 8192x8192 tiles big A tile is 4 meters by 4 meters what you see from the spyglass is from your point of reference not the actual tile size or tile distance this is also why years ago we had the discussion going on that wurmians are actually 3 meter tall giants which would explain their ability to carry that much -------------------------------------- To add for the OP's question rolf the maker comes from a country that uses km's and it was an easier system to use and display for him and notch when they first started to work on it and it gave some relevance to time spend on travel(in short they liked it more then displaying tile speed) and km/h is used in quite a few things ingame that you might not realize from spyglasses to map size to distance counter(press f4 unless its rebound by default now to something else but look for client statistics) to event messages and so on. Wurm has a mix of map tiles for missions to individual tiles for highways to speed being calculated in km/h and distance done in meters and km, I myself would prefer if more things used km then tiles as that would make more sense to use a proper measuring system then switch to just "t/h" as you get some crazy numbers then for example a horse going 32km/h would make the tile counter go like 8192 t/h the numbers become so big that you would have to make those numbers smaller again and your back to the same issue as right now. Max speed ingame is like 58 something km/h or around 14500 tiles(bit more then that) imagine seeing that as your speed counter "oh ya im going 14500 tiles/h il be there soon" instead going with a km/h and knowing that 1km/4= roughly 250 tiles you can accurately say "oh i will be there in 4 minutes" for example And i know technically speaking xanadu is 32768 meters x 32768 meters by the example of 4 meters per tile not 32 but its a lot nicer looking on the map where as if a tile was 3 meters xanadu would only be 24576 meters in either direction So in short wurmians are 3 meters tall tiles are 4 meters by 4 meters speed is measured in km/h because rl reasons and makes more sense then displaying crazy big speeds as you need a /h or /s ----------------- Here is my question to you what would you rather see in a game? t/s m/s And no I will not entertain the imperial system as the USA Liberia and Myanmar need to move on with the times and come out of the dark ages away from their weird barleycorn(1/3th of an inch or 1/36th of a feet) and furlong(660 feet, 220 yard) and join us in the system of thousands where 1000 meters is a kilometer because kilo=1000 when it comes to measurements. But ya what would you rather see then? ------------------------------------------
  11. Steam's setup of one instance per steam account comes into play(not a wurm thing) 2 things you can do 1. launch the dedicated server directly from its folder(read below for more info if need be) 2. use steamcmd with the id of 402370 for more info on that see https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_administration_(Wurm_Unlimited) and https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD For step 1 you create a text file called steam_appid.txt add the above number into it and save it and then launch the server from there(this works for the client to except client id is 366220) this lets you run multiple instances of the same program and could potentially help but steamcmd route is better although more complicated, this is also how your rental service would have done it
  12. If i see a rare item's price go for silly crazy numbers because the starting bid was 20s and the first person to reply bids 40(instead of 20) and the 2nd bids 70 and this goes across multiple auctions resulting in the prices of these items being seen as being way higher then they were a while ago sometimes upwards of 10x more purely because people have gotten into a weird bidding habit Then ya i will post something up about it and voice my opinion on how silly it has become over the last few years, before that sillyness that we have now started a lot of the items i have seen used to go for maybe 30 if even 40 are now going for 80+ yet the quantity of these items has gone up(given the rate of where these posts are being posted up) and the only reason i can see as to why the price of a lot of these items has gone up so much more then they should have is people's crazy habit of placing giant bid increases sometimes even double the current price or throwing an instant double the asking price bid at the start. So yes really people do seem to be behaving where they post crazy prices and others follow suit leading to prices that are way higher then they are worth. Now i myself being someone who really only sells would stand to benefit from this right? As i can use those auction prices as "proof" that the items i sell to others are worth that but no i dig past that crazy habit and show auctions that show a way more reasonable price for items. Now bones have always been a bit funny but the last auction for a bone on sfi i saw reasonable price increases of 1s at a time vs the chaotic jumps but plenty of other items just have insane price jumps and to me that idea of going "hey starting bid is 20s lets bed 40s" and someone else goes "hey lets bed 70s" instead of 41 or 45 or whatever and then no one else bothers to bid and then a few days later it closes with only 2 bidders ever yet a similar item a few weeks earlier saw a buzzling auction going on with lots of people bidding with small increases and a end price that was higher(as were the other ones before) those high jumps does scare people away unless an item is actually put up way underpriced But yes i do believe that having a more active auction with lots of people bidding at min price increase vs 2-3 posting giant bids is better because the first one is more useful for price checks and also more of a stable price to be reached then the other one which gives no real clear value other then "this one person bids 70" when generally others only pay say 40, it just doesn't help in finding the real value of an item on the grand scale of more then 20+ sales and the likes when all that data is just dirty because people are ruining bidding. Knowing what an item is actually worth and being able to see that form a history of proper auctions helps people in setting a base line on "should i auction this or sell it directly" it helps people also in seeing "how much should i lower it by if i want to sell it quickly" or to prevent people from going "pc strange bone" someone going 5s and then when asked why 5s they go "those auctions are just friends buying each others stuff the real price is way lower" like i see happen quite often where people try to lowball items because they themselves want them. It might seem silly to people but having bidding where most people stick to min price increases is way more helpful for a lot of reasons after all i cant try to lowball someone out of a rare bone if the auction forum is full of posts with lots of people bidding and go "oh ya they are just trying to do price spikes to get lots of money" But hey that's just what i think about it from a data standpoint and trust standpoint having lots of bids vs few big ones is better
  13. As i get it based on todays testing On non pvp servers Siege weaponry only work if builder or on a deed you are part of otherwise you can not hit them with siege weapons be it off deed or on deed. Bashing a bridge does 0.5 damage per action to a ql 54 bridge regardless of body strength(have yet to test with a lead maul but i doubt a lot of difference) Builder does upwards of 20+ damage per hit at 80kg shards. It takes around 100 minutes per bridge tile to bash with a large maul. Anyone else want to add anything?
  14. Okay so typically speaking your router's web page is at if your pc's ip address starts with 192.168.1 As for login details they should either be on the router itself or be left as default(they often are) of admin admin or something of that kind or if you can figure out the brand and type of router from the sticker on your router you should be able to find a manual for that easily online(hopefully)
  15. There are a few steps to take as what you want to have happen is your ports being open to the outside world(port forwarding) 1. Find the make of your router 2. Find the manual and figure out how to port forward 3. Setup these ports as following port 8766 TCP/UDP, 27016-27030 UDP, 3724 TCP and point them at the local ip of your pc(typically your 192.168 ip address) 4. Restart your wu server if running 5. It should be visible at this point if not there are 2 things that could be stopping it 5.1 You have a firewall active on the machine that your server is running on that is blocking those ports locally 5.2 you are behind a "fake nat" basically your isp does not have enough ip addresses vs customers and thus you have a shared public facing ip address and all your data is routed on their end through a specific port(contact your isp if you believe this is the case and see if you can get a public facing ip, this will most likely cost you a few bucks to quite a bit more depending on the setup) or failing that if your router allows it get a good vpn that allows your router to connect and get a static ip from their end A tip if you do set your wu server to public like that make sure that EVERY device has a proper firewall setup and none of them have open ports that anyone can access from your network in the off chance that the machine hosting your wu server gets attacked, another one is do not store anything valuable on that machine just incase