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  1. Bugged mission on celebration

    as per a mission that was missed by the update it seems Name: Everyone: Tears to help Magranon Creator: System Started: 7/17/18 1:51 PM Progress: 1.0% Expires: 7/24/18 1:51 PM Difficulty: 7 / 7 Description: Magranon commands you to create 8 mine doors. Rewards: 20m sleep bonus for each participant upon completion of this mission as well as 437 karma per item with 210m extra sleep bonus split between participants upon completion (30m max each)
  2. its not about making it easier its about being able to prevent it you go back a while and we could not mine out of mines onto the surface again then it was "fixed" as it was claimed to be a bug but in return no message was added that would tell us if we where about to mine out onto the surface thus now it means if you live ontop of a mountain or are mining near rock it sucks mining out of a mine without any warning at all that you will create an entrance im not asking for a "mine this tile once and it tells you if you will mine out" but at the same time of the "this wall will break soon" message warn us if its going to create a mine entrance if we keep mining that way you can avoid making unwanted openings on the side of a mountain or elsewhere
  3. Halloween idea alien seals

    jake just has a obsession with tentacles i think
  4. bumperino because this got buried quickly
  5. Lower table decay for food items

    if we could put stuff on a plate and make that show up above it then you could make it so that the plate remembers the last recipe that was on it and just displays that visually even once the item is gone add that next to longer lasting food and imagine the possibilities of bakeries
  6. Protect the blessed lamps!

    just make it so that if a lamp is blessed and its on a tile outside of a deed that bless after a while fades away and when that happens make the lamp decay like normal that way you just bless the lamps once a year or so and if that is to much work then tough luck but making bless on lamps outside of highways last for a year and prevent decay that way should be a okay solution i think to solving the thing most people seem to be having an issue with
  7. +1 wurmians needs to learn how to set the table properly
  8. i was surprised when i first read that they would not stay cared for or branded now branded i could understand different server but still an animal tag that transfers that data over and says like the op posted "on this server" would be great just let us also keep them cared for if we have free slots please while your at it +1
  9. someone so is going to rename a pickaxe to fishaxe im sure of it so +1 also i call dibs on fishaxe
  10. Valrei Bounty System

    if you find wurm boring without quests then clearly the game isnt for you for a long time and many topics people have tried to add in new mobs new mechanics around existing ones and the list goes on and it just wont happen especially not generic kill quests if troll and goblin villages gets declined 18 times over in years(they band together and form a small village surrounded by palisades and has a goblin leader or troll king inside) or server wide events(more complex then missions) dont make it why should a generic kill quest be added? especially if the kill quests give rewards a -1 from me for this although i am all for more content to make the world more interesting
  11. The red cherry

    having a massive karma cost on disabling a tome's entirety could be useful(like insanely high) add in a month cooldown before being able to activate it again would get my +1 changing the tome itself a -1
  12. The letter K

    +1 and +as many times as i had to help people figure out it was a k and not an h
  13. take your seal and add something fun ontop of it like they already got their big eyes and are great so whats 1 step further to reach alien seals
  14. You cant bash cages if there is something inside of it sadly enough atleast not on freedom anyway