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  1. Or just make it that animals can not pack tiles on starter deeds
  2. Wurm is about making your own end game content though it always has been Wurm does not need tiered quests treasure maps should work similar to how they work in wu except with more balanced and useful loot vs risk as current wu mod is just sillyness on what mobs spawn and such Honestly i just hope that players from all skill levels can tackle them sure i dont mean low level should be able to do high level stuff but more like a level 70fs toon should be able to solo a treasure map gating it behind coop just makes it be a useless thing and wont encourage the guy/girl who is generally on deed/local area to really venture out if the mechanic designed to encourage exploration leads to "oh i gotta wait for bob to come on so that we can tag team this buffed up troll and sit on a red circle of dead screen afterwards while i bandage" the fights should be risky for the reward yes but still fun as the idea is to explore not to fight for the reward atleast its how i envision the treasure map design honestly
  3. Who was it that ended up with the chipped mug? That is the real question here
  4. Wurm has always had more issues on amd based drivers so no real surprise on ao not working there. As for the settings window what i have noticed is that wurm's way of window creation seems weird i have had this happen with streaming software and running standalone wurm via steamlink were it grabs the resolution as 1px as that window is that size before being set to its usual size(This causes issues too on other capture software and overlays) it does this for the launcher too and the updater for the launcher. It is kinda sad to see those issues though but im still going to try when i can
  5. 1. Wall off my mountain with a 6 wide canal+highway setup 2. Terraform the mountain and make it look like a chocolate cake 3. Hollow out the inside and raise the ceiling to max height 4. Grind all resource making and processing skills to 95 5. Grind all item creation skills to 90 6. Grind all other skills to 70 7. Create a set of every type of armor 8. Create 2 sets of fantastic gear 1 for grinding skills and 1 for every day use 9. Make enough money to be able to make my 3 deeds have 50 years of upkeep each 10. Reach 100 in every characteristic 11. Have a breeding pair of every breedable animal and a good stock of them too(This includes hostile mobs) They are some of my "end game" goals that i have planned for the next few years i swap between working on each of them every few weeks before i burn out on wurm
  6. Given that the steamdeck has a more expanded controller scheme then the steam controller and I have made a steam controller profile for wurm in the past that let me play wurm properly and do everything ingame that i wanted to do while still feeling reasonable I highly doubt it will be a big issue given we got way more buttons to map and multiple types of inputs that can act as a mouse or wasd or arrow keys. As for the second part wurm runs fine on linux steam os is a linux disto with proton and ui optimizations for a controller scheme but that is pretty much it, steam os can run on a normal device and wurm runs fine on steam os on pc/vm so im sure it will run fine on there too. If steamdeck can play doom at high frame rate and new racing games at proper frame rates at high settings it can run wurm fine. I want to get my hands on a steamdeck but living in nz makes it hard but when I do i will be sure to test wurm out on it properly and update my controller profile for the steamdeck button setup and share it too.
  7. No not really you choose to make your wurm experience that costly on a otherwise safe server. You know that the money that is made from selling pmk gear goes towards kingdom projects right? Things like buying up 200-300k dirt or 80k steel or logs or dozens of horses or multiple armor sets and so on. Just recently kj decided to expand their outer wall and ended up buying up well over 500k of dirt from various places(I should know i provided 2 knarr's full myself and that didnt make a dent) and a lot of it was brought from players and before you say "oh this happens rarely" no not really a lot of the bulk orders tend to be coming from chaos be it bulk items or multiple sets of gear and that money? quite a bit of it comes from pmk gear or out of pocket from players who chip in deed upkeep is on purpose kept at 2 months or less incase of a drain or even less then a month if its a outpost deed and mayors/kings do not sit around on multiple gold coins. What money is made is often spend within days again meanwhile i know of plenty of people on freedom with multi year upkeep's and 10g+ in their bank yet they yell the loudest about unfair market prices and so forth these were also the people who exploited traders and any newb of money that they can make. Kingdoms cycle more money on average then most players do in their life times in just a month or 2-3 and generally speaking do not sit on a lot of money in the bank.
  8. I have to add to this here the area that i circled around is pretty much offlimits for such a kind of mining for 1 the area north of it has its rock layer underwater for starters and 2 i am in the process of hollowing out this mountain and digging a canal around it The entire forest of m13 to m17's rock layer is either 2-7 above water or underwater and similarly to a lot of the steppe as well as nice of an idea this might seem it isn't viable due to low rock to water levels in many of the area's you planned out for let alone the countless deeds you are going to hit. I have spend a lot of time prospecting and making mine entrances before collapsing them around the sw and west mountains in my hunt for gold and let me tell you there are so many spots where you hit water before you hit a ridable rock tile once mined out. On deli the underground highway system works because of its high rock layer but cele is just too low on too many places, yes we can do small stretches for sure but just looking at the map dump and comparing it to your roughly drawn lines it is not going to work in the way you are hoping for it sorry to say. Edit: If you really want to make a underground highway system go fix deli's or go make one on xanadu but please dont try it on cele I have planned for one before and it does not work
  9. Get more mind logic and the argument for a bigger action queue disappears honestly even with 2.4 second actions having 8+ makes the game be playable with 3 accounts at once we really don't need to queue up more then 10 max(let alone the rebalance of stamina loss that is needed) As for dumbing the game down that will just destroy the game's identity that is like taking minecraft and adding in hunger and food and a skilling system like wurm(that is as slow as wurm) yes there are mods that on their own do that or work together but their popularity is slim, there was this mod that remade mc in its entirety to make it way more complex(gotta find flint shards and sticks from bushes as you cant break any blocks and cooking was different and so on) and sure it had its niche of players but it never became as popular as say an automation mod or magic mod. Hard and complex survival mechanics are not everyone's cup of tea but there are plenty of people who do enjoy it so making the game easier wont help you get more players they will still just play mc what wurm needs is a online presence as it doesn't have one it needs a friendly welcoming view where the devs work together with the community not against the community where both sides work together to make wurm as great as it can be with the identity it has while making it look better and easier to interact with not by taking what it is and stripping away the "hard" parts. A proper easy to follow written and visual and interactive guide system that allows for 3 different ways of learning about mechanics in a guided process more advanced then the current weird tutorial(or any of the past) would make it a lot easier already for players who start out. The assumption a lot of players have in this day and age of instant gratification is that games have to be quick it should take a few months max to max something out and then move on to the next game or mod it to get new experiences but because wurm is a multi year thing people underestimate it and feel frustrated things like this need to be made clear but no where is that shown that wurm is a game you can play for years and still not finish anything off not because skills are that slow(they really arent) but because there is so much to do.
  10. Besides knowing that you spend more then 8 years in a row playing wurm? Nothing else
  11. No and no the last time wurm had closed down servers where people played on we dropped down with 60-70% if not more then that and struggled for years to come back my friends list still has many people who never came back from that time on it. Making the world smaller will not help with numbers it will only drive people to say "oh the server that i was playing on is gone now i guess i will just uninstall all my work is gone" you want new players and denser population? Make the game's early game easier to understand make the game have a friendlier control scheme, the graphics are outdated sure but what holds wurm back is how the players interact with the game itself. We were promised a ui overhaul and we got a reskin, we were promised a lot of "grand" things only to be let down time and time again, when steam release hit we were told "we will start advertising soon within a month or two after release" never happened. You want this game to grow? Get dev's who have 1 the time and 2 know how to properly code and are held up to a schedule and quality, no more empty promises no more half assed buggy released updates that require fixes for months on end. The issue isn't wurm's world(servers and landmasses on them) its the management that has let the game run stale and the control scheme and ui that drive away people, had they upon steam release kept up a schedule of "Here is the road map of planned projects" and gone "in q1 of 2020 we try to aim for these projects" and so on and on and delivered on that then a lot more people will come back to play if they saw that wurm received updates that pop up on steam's update feed. Wurm has no presence on twitch nor on youtube the odd streamer here and there doesn't count and i do not mean "we should get big time streamers to try it out" as that just leads to trouble, no there needs to be an official yt channel where patch notes are talked about where upcoming events are spoken of were there is a running series of exploring wurm's vast and vibrant history from the good and the bad make it a vibrant community place where at the end of the video's questions from the community are answered were simple events are hosted via yt livestreams with item of your choice as a reward or something simple like that. We were told "we are working together with x to create events" and we got 1 event that was a rehash of something the community has done in the past with 250 dollars worth of prem time(something wurm staff could have done without the help of a sponsor honestly) we were told so many things over the years and they always fell short of them. The reason you dont see thousands anymore isn't because wurm's servers are to plentiful and empty its because the staff that have been running it for a long time since rolf lost interest(lets face it he did) and development slowed down to a crawl and things were constantly backpaddled and devs were taken on to work on things they wanted to work on and they wanted to change even if it wasn't really for the best of the game. You want a vibrant community? Get staff that will work on trying to make it vibrant wurm will grow if 1 it has a web presence of a nice place to be(not the current and past "oh there are a lot of upset players at the devs" look) and 2 has a record of active proper development. Indie games live and die by how their staff treat their games you can have the most ingenious new way to play a game but if you miss manage it everyone will leave, a great example is a lot of the factorio knockoffs. Factory sims are a big genre(look at factorio and satisfactory) with tens of thousands playing it but there is 1 difference between those 2 and other factory sims and there is a reason why factorio wins steam awards every year because of it. Its community and the developers who are part of it, jace and snutt for satisfactory created a series of video's that were both cringy yet fun to watch did live streams to show community content if there was no dev content made silly fun stuff to engage with the community and those who like the social part joined in. Factorio's devs decided to go down the route of being technical as they have a lot more tech savy people playing it and it worked the friday facts were a big hit in engagement, they fixed bugs quickly sometimes even within hours When factorio's 0.17 hit they had 22 updates in rapid succession with over 1000 bugs fixed in a short span of time they checked their forums and fixed everything they could we broke it they fixed it, we talked about something confusing they engaged not as someone above you but as a fellow factorio player. What wurm needs is proper engagement and sticking to goals those two points will grow wurm slowly over time and bring back people who stopped playing it as something else came out. We don't need front page of steam, we need positive reviews on steam(The amount of reviews talking about controls and the ui is way to high) We don't need fancy features, we need bug fixes for existing systems(Do please do a proper ui overhaul though bring it up to modern times) We don't need less servers, we need community engagement from the devs We don't need ad campaigns with twitch streamers, we need a proper presence on yt in the form of a community channel that shows its alive and well maintained and well kept up The game itself needs to be easier to control but the content itself is fine its the box that wurm is kept in that looks run down and is falling apart that needs fixing with the contents just needing some rearranging and dusting.
  12. Goodbye You have been premium consecutively for 98 months since Dec 2013. And hello [13:27:15] You have been premium consecutively for 0 months since Dec 2013. Would have been at 99 months now if not for that few day lapse and month switch around :') [13:24:10] You have been premium a total of 98 months since Dec 2013. Guess its time for another 100 months to try and catch back up again I had 78 months of prem before december 2013 as well without a break :') SO DAM CLOSE
  13. Hasn't that always been the reason why 99% of these posts are made? We ask for their clarification on what they work on and they go "We will not share anything unless it is really close to release" thus not giving enough time for player feedback to really affect how the system will work and in the end it leads to nothing more then people complaining about it. I really do believe that part of the reason this is done is in hopes that in time we will stop complaining about obviously bad changes being brought into the game and this is something that a lot of game companies do be it while knowing they do it or not but actually properly engaging with the community and listening to them(like has been asked) vs going "hey so this is what we are going to change we want to tell you and ask for your opinion BUT we will ignore it" is what tends to be done not only here but on a lot of games and all these games tend to not grow beyond what they are at or dwindle into nothingness. Wurm has had its moments where the devs listened and the features that came out from those moments were mostly loved and then there are plenty of times where features were forced onto us or the community was just outright ignored when it was an obvious bad feature or had a bad element to it that they knew would cause a clash but they still wanted to have it in there. In the end all we can ask for is for their attempts to listen and take our feedback into consideration and go back to the drawing board instead of pushing onwards headstrong refusing to listen to anything just to get their way, wurm is full of moments where bad features made player numbers dwindle either significantly or temporarily or increase the slow decline faster. Events such as jackal that could have been great that should have been pushed back to make sure it was in a more finished state are a prime example of this, if a feature big or small feels unfinished or the posted up information causes backlash with most people going "now i wont use it at all as it is not worth it" then the right thing to say is "okay we are pushing feature x back with x weeks because it is not ready/x part has received major backlash and we want to make sure to please the community" The amount of devs who do this is small but those who do their communities are happy communities the people enjoy their games and enjoy the interactions they have with the dev teams as they feel like if a feature actually negatively impacts the enjoyment of any part of it if they speak up they can get it changed and make the game they play more enjoyable. But i have spoken in way more depth about this in the past and so far no matter how many likes and how many quotes those posts get and no matter how many others talk about it the posts get ignored by those who could learn from it because 1 it leads to more work and 2 its a step away from the closed boys club of elites that the devs are seen as right now and honestly i wish there was someone dedicated to releasing patch notes who's sole job it was to ask all the devs on their work status to check the internal roadmaps and check up on devs to see how features are coming along, to talk with the community about how x idea might fit in if the devs arent sure, to be the proper face of future updates and take in feedback and compile it and show that x idea or part of idea might or might not be as welcomed and liked, then adding in ingame tracking of feature usage said person can over time create a better vision of what players like about the game and what they like about the features and gauge player feedback on the forums/discord/twitter and so forth combined with those numbers to visually show how well or bad things are. Having such a person would do wonders for the team i think but here i go dreaming again.
  14. This is not something you want to say as a developer Your target audience is the player base that's it don't publicly try to divide casuals vs hardcore players look at the history of changes made in favor of pvp players or pve players it just causes uproar and more issues and pressure to the point where everything goes to ######. My opinion after reading the 4 pages here still shows that this will not help casuals as most casuals will not be investing in coffee as they don't want to spend most of their time grinding a number in their limited amount of playtime so creating mechanics to "help" them grind easier is 1 a waste of time 2 really not needed mechanics like this should be a nice bonus to have and the timer really should tick down regardless of being online or not and why? Because any mechanic that encourages not playing will just enforce the idea of "they dont want us to play their game" this has been shown in other games in the past that had similar features, you want mechanics that keep people coming back for more not for less this is something that a lot of us have pointed out in the past before wurm staff really need to start to focus on player retention with non game ruining mechanics that are enticing to keep players around beyond those who get hooked on the grind. If the timer took 5 days of time to go away and sleeping in a bed takes away 2 seconds for every second spend in a bed after an hour i think most people would not have an issue with it anymore at all but being told "oh ya 5 days worth of offline time before you can use this feature again" will leave the feature ignored like rifts are now or epic. All that this update will do with restlessness is make it be a feature that will be mostly ignored by 99% of the players except that 1% that want to minmax their grinding time and grinding gains as most casuals really do not want to spend their limited time stuck grinding in the most efficient manner they just are not focused in trying to play catchup with the grindy people none of them are so why target this feature so much around them? Plus even the casuals who play 1-2 days of the week spend those 1-2 days working on their deed or resource gathering/refining and just sometimes they might spend some time making items for a bit but most of the time they just deal with the fact their skills arent that high. There really does seem to be a big disconnect between the devs and the playerbase still and features/updates like this just show that that is the case. The intention is great but there is no problem here the "casuals need a way to catch up to grindy people" is the wrong line of thinking you want "how can we make casuals spend more time playing our game then others" I get that you want to create a feature to help casuals vs active players but you should make features that try to turn those casuals into regulars not try to make features that are meant to benefit them but wont, This is the same issue with creating pve mechanics that harm pvp or vise versa that has happened in the past plenty of times. Anyway all that aside please try to make mechanics that work for most of the playerbase vs a small fraction vs something like this in its current form. And as usual someone pointed out poe's patch notes before i got around to doing it for once but their way of handling bugs of releasing patch notes of engaging with the community is what every developer should strive for as a standard of releasing content and fixing bugs as poe's way of handling on those points is honestly the best i have seen from any company and it is not hard to do it just takes time and having a small dedicated group or a person who's sole focus is to be that engagement point, the "oh wurm is a small team" can't be used anymore and it never could yet it was still used for it but i can tell that patch notes and notes about new features/mechanics are starting to get better but as evidence of this topic "oh i left that out of my notes" and such comments there is still a long way to go so please do keep trying to become better at sharing all info and communicating between each other to make sure that all info is shared about changes/new features and preferably take the stance that poe has taken with their recent patch notes of going "here is the problem, and here is the solution to it, and here is the exact number changes" approach of patch notes i know it is more work but it is worth it in terms of clarity.