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  1. It tells you that if you dont move you will get logged out already
  2. Some confusion to clear up for you as well technically speaking there is no "steam-wo" its just normal wurm released on steam and a new cluster released to celebrate the launch and to throw all the new people onto there because of the influx of players both steam and standalone can play on both clusters and are for better or worse the same game same login server too(hence why you cant use the same name) and you can also pm people from the other cluster just not mail stuff to each other or sail across
  3. Well here is the avatar of fo And for comparison here are vyn and mag Straight from the wiki Just be happy they dont look like this anymore or this when dead The statuette's to me have always been the wurmian depiction of the gods where as the avatars and colossus's are the embodiment of the gods their power with the gods themselves having no real form Now saved lib for last as she looks the best but also shows she is a different type of god To me the 3 white lights gods have always come across as a union of forces of nature and lib as death and decay and thus was formless until wurmians started to worship her and she got a form But that also plays in with the others as well still especially with mag and fo where fo is this mossy creature that could just lay down in the forest and become part with it and mag's avatar being an oversized minotaur fits with the theme of him and his spells So fo might not "look up to par" with the other colosses but in terms of theme and what in my opinion anyway he is based around he fits in perfectly like they dont have to be human looking like vyn and lib after all gods in rl regardless of religion are all kinds of different things even though the majority are human or human like there are plenty of animal related gods or object related gods so why is fo such a bad thing when he looks like a swamp/mossy creature that rose up out of the forest ground(fo's domain)
  4. Never Night

    Oh i know i dont want to go back to the days of "hey its kinda dark" "what you mean its kinda dark its pitch black" "not for me" convo's either but yes wurm used to be really dark for most people and that wasnt that great what they have now needs to be tweaked more for sure but its getting there slowly but still fog needs to come back first i miss fog and the other thing they need to bring back is the lower half of trees on the lowest of settings >.> can kinda see through trees when trees are nothing but *'s for model shape on modern renderer
  5. There have been so many times over the years where that mechanic has saved me A great way this saves people is say for example their internet cuts out and is being flakey they try to log back into wurm and see nothing but water(world not loading in) now their character is there they can do stuff they just cant see the world and because they cant see the world the game doesnt let them move anywhere and thus you dont randomly die from a random mob sitting next to you that could potentially start beating you leading to a 5 min logout timer(i hate this timer on pve) which could lead to you trying to log in to a red tunnel because something you can not take on walked over after you where just fighting something you can take on easy All it takes is a single w press to knock you out of it or an examine on the ground and heck off deed it tells you you arent invulnerable anyway and does not log you out anyway now days
  6. Hah so make a company give up on a big part of their income and chain people to the game or risk loosing what they worked on? ya that was tried before in now defunked games where everyone left after a while because maintenance required slaving away doing menial tasks instead of enjoying the game You need a fun gameplay loop to keep people interested and mechanics that expand on it and keep it engaging and well wurm already struggles with that for the average player who plays games now a lot so why introduce something exactly opposite of that in the first place?
  7. Never Night

    Well ya because the issue at hand is a wurm issue but caused by monitors being different and interpreting what is "dark" and what is "pure black" differently but in the end still a wurm thing
  8. Never Night

    I suggest you read who posted what and find out that i was just adding information to his post to show that even though platyna's machine is a laptop it was a 3700 dollar workhorse of a laptop that was designed as a workstation on wheels with what at the time was a near top of the line quadro card designed specifically for video and photo editing and not so much for gaming but that is besides the point here the card in that laptop is more then enough to still run wurm perfectly fine sure its not on par with a same year release standalone card in terms of raw performance(because of throttling under benchmarks) but that card was at its time a solid laptop card So what i am saying isnt anything like "in the past we had better gear so nights where dark" thats just stupidity and i feel sorry you try to start such a train of thinking here reserve that for facebook or imgur's comment sections on political/vaccine/religion posts here that just isnt needing The reason why and this might be a bit hard to understand for you but there has been a major lighting overhaul done to wurm online a update that did not make it to wu and in this update the way that lights(and also shadows and darkness) is rendered has been changed to a more modern way of rendering one that allows for the god awful god rays but also for way better shadows and overall better lighting that can make older textures look better But as part of this update the way nights are rendered has been changed too and the change to this process affects monitors differently because of a few key points the biggest two though being the difference in color range and max brightness and what this leads to is that what might look "good" on 1 type of monitor might look way to bright or way to dark on another monitor(hence why there is a market for 97%+ color accurate and adobe rgb color accurate monitors) or the colors might be off where 1 dark blue might actually not be as dark on a different panel A great little chart to show you the difference is this one here shows the color difference of the different panels and their "brightness" as captured by tools that are used to calibrate monitors(something else you could do is use a color calibration tool to try and get the most out of your monitor but buying that can cost a few bucks but if you are like me its a worthy investment to have if you do any work that requires color accuracy) So again before you try to poke fun and run off on this wild idea of "oh he doesnt know what he is talking about lets go make fun of him" read the topic realize who is replying to who and go have a read up on the changes past wu that happened to wo that could actually affect the game on a per monitor basis and lead to the difference between some people having darker nights then others So part of the problem is what panel you have and how it is driven on the hardware side of your panel(how it handles blacks for example is a big thing that some monitor manufacturers struggle with) and also how your monitor is calibrated or lack there off to be as color accurate as possible and yes this can be fixed by a dev on their end yes it will be a bit of work and testing but they can fix it so that everyone can have proper dark nights that arent pitch black where nothing can be seen but still dark enough where a lantern is required
  9. Never Night

    The quadro m1000m has 4gb of gddr5 but its more then enough still for wurm
  10. Never Night

    tn panels can be "brand new 4k" and have ###### color contrast there are plenty of them out there that drive for high refresh rate and big resolution yet their color accuracy sucks and have a lot of screen blur and are overall okay for general use but beyond that are ###### so please do provide some more info related to what monitor you do have before saying "its void" purely because of a single instance of a single monitor I can look at 4 monitors and 1 tv that are in my house that are brand new(2019 models for a lot of high end stuff) and all of them display dark nights all tested from the same machine heck even our ancient tv that sits in the living room has bright nights and at the time that tv was expensive an old by now sony bravia tv which where known for being darker early on due to how the panel was driven but it wasnt that good at being color accurate and it shows the same brightness effect in wurm and other games as my viewsonics do So please do provide some more info as to what monitor it is Also "i have a sample size of one that confirms your theory is invalid" is not the correct way to go around debunking idea's
  11. Never Night

    The me from 4 years ago would like to come and steal that please park that outside your house and tell me thank you very much (your laptop blows my everyday machine out of the water that i have in my living room and i consider that machine too expensive for its own good) Jokes aside my explanation was really also to add to why people experience such different experiences as a whole in the first place for others more so really considering a lot of people dont know why their screens are so dark/bright in games and such Clearly wurm should just be capped at 15 fps so that those running brand new can experience how it is for people with old pcs also from my personal experience most wurmians run nearly decade old machines or 5+ year old laptops anyway with the pcs having 1-2 upgrades here and there Votip's pc being a prime example of what most would still be running today and another one is my old laptop that i used to play on until it just couldnt anymore i miss the old days where wurm ran at 999 fps on max settings on a 8800gt with a single core cpu and 2gb of ram being a luxury Anyway back on topic please fix fog first before we get darker nights again(not that it will affect me as wurm has never been dark on my trusty old viewsonics neither outside nor in caves)
  12. Silver Trading

    @Retrogradecan we get some clarification on it as it seems some take your post in different ways(me included) compared to others and zera really really wants an answer from you that is clear and precise on the matter so pretty please? we will even give you a cherry for your troubles
  13. Never Night

    Potato quality camera incoming but anyway What you are having issues with and most of those who have proper dark nights vs those who dont isnt a driver issue its not a graphics card issue its a monitor panel issue like i hinted at before older panels(early flat screens) generally arent as good at showing dark spots as newer panels and they where designed to just show "good quality and thats it" pixels which leads to the blacks in wurm and a few other games not really being "dark" as that info is lost Now when i throw wurm on my benq sw2700pt (https://www.benq.com/en-us/monitor/photographer/sw2700pt.html) monitor on the same system(just drag wurm from my old viewsonic monitors to there) the nights are properly dark and you can barely see anything(same on my laptop) because well dark colors are properly shown on that monitor So this really comes down to how wurm and a few other games render their "darkness" that makes the monitors act up against it is not so much a wurm issue as it is a "hey wurm is using what the rest of the industry uses as mindset for making nights dark" thing or along those lines and its our monitors that are just shitty at showing blacks Basically any new monitor that is a model from the last 3-4 years will render wurm in proper blacks(unless cheap as hell monitor) So in short contrast ratio is garbage on monitors from the past and certain cheap ones today leading wurm and other games to look like its day time with a "darkness filter on textures and sun is gone" applied when its night time where as other models And you basically have a monitor that can display blacks properly vs us having monitors that can not or could maybe given enough tweaking of settings and color accuracy tools are used to tweak its range but again a lot of hassle Or in simple terms tn vs va vs ips/pls/ahva panel differences with va panels having better colors then tn at a higher contrast and range of colors they can display(and wurm dark nights vs wurm late afternoon) Now incase anyone is curious gaming on my sw2700pt compared to my ancient ViewSonic's VX2453mh is such a weird thing you go from what you might be used to of years of gaming to "hey i didnt know this game actually looked this amazing" I got 2 of the vx2453's 1 is a first gen the other is a 3rd gen and even between the 2 the 3rd gen was always a bit more crisp but going from that to the my new benq its like good god i was blind before and now i can see anyway playing wurm on it doesnt do it justice as the game just doesnt have it in it to look amazing but even then it looks a lot better then before So tldr its your monitor that makes wurm nights either pitch black or like a grey afternoon but its wurm's changes over the years to how it renders night time that cause this to be a thing Now what they should focus on is fog as i miss my fog
  14. Never Night

    When you do that can you also please fix the 7pm night time and 2:40am daytime on cele shenans? Also i really do believe wurm nights stopped being a thing a long time ago i still see nights on my laptop(bad dark to light ratio panel) and on my color accurate monitor but on my 2 gaming monitors its never dark dark just as if your in the shade
  15. 100% agree with you there with that same logic lmc's as well they should sure decay if left out in the wild for long but transferring between 2 deeds within a 5 hour span of it being off deed should not lead to 16+ damage(got 1 that did that that was brand new too)