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  1. rat

    weeks ago before any of this even started he told me he got himself "muted" from being able to post on the forums(same time that he got banned from wurm discord) either that or he just doesnt have anything to say but that again can only be confirmed by someone with forum admin access i guess
  2. see i had a 102 coc pick laying around but i lost it i gotta get myself one again
  3. Started out with a ql 38 pickaxe mining a ql 40 sandstone vein till that broke then moved on to a ql 78.14 sandstone vein once the first one was gone What did i learn from this? well lineage 2 revolution for mobile is a fun game to play while mining but god dam those packs are expensive Anyway i figured id share this with the rest of wurmians out there who like seeing pretty graphs
  4. bump
  5. sure can do
  6. bump cuzz 1000 sold
  7. 1600 left 100/1s under 300 10c delivery cost no chaos 300 min for free delivery coastal on any server but chaos please have a bsb ready for me to drop it off into no inland xanadu unless you feel like paying 10s extra and buy it all in 1 go small amounts can be mailed if you wish to pay the cod cost post/inbox me here or thijs/binky/sugarfoxx ingame
  8. history lesson time once upon a time there was a guy who was really smart, that guy got permission to work on free flowing water(rivers lakes that kinda thing) and he got it close to working but the only reason we do not have it today is because he and rolf started to have an argument because of some silly stuff and rolf's refusal to back down so the guy took his code and quit the game and the community we where || that close to having it years ago so if someone can get a hold of that guy and hope to god he still has it it can save months of work
  9. you want a newbie friendly game? ask for them to make anything aggressive passive then a newbie can and will die to wolfs brown bears rats mountain lions wild cats and so on every simple tiny mob they can and will die to until they get the hang of it im all for more mobs make them slower less agro range make them stand out region lock them do something that makes them different from others that shows to anyone "oh i should avoid this big giant slow moving blue troll that everyone warned me about even though i can take on a single troll now" or day 1 newbie out hunting for a pelt "oh look a white wolf i better stay clear of that as i know of black bears and brown bears and i bet white wolfs are more powerful" add in more mobs make them stand out and newbies will enjoy hunting more and everyone will it takes a newbie maybe 2-3 hours to get a silver which can net him a ql 70 long sword and shield easy and some cheap ql 50 chain give him a week and he will have good gear and good tools and prem time and he can take on trolls easy adding in more mobs only makes hunting more fun and last longer especially if certain mobs ignore you unless attacked or your above a certain fs like blue trolls could look down on you and think of you less then a rat(or goblin?) and completely ignore you unless you try to poke it with your newbie stick there are so many ways where it will remain newbie friendly yet give a more enjoyable experience for others that its silly not to think about them and some of these ways could be really creative this also leads to some of my older topics i made in the past but troll villages and goblin outposts basically area's where trolls and goblins wander to and create decorative huts(pre defined setups trees cut down stuff like that) and they either have a unique in them or a chieftain or leader depending on the size and age of the camp there are so so many ways that you can go with this be it completely new monsters or new behavior or anything but in the end of the day 99 out of 100 idea's will be newbie friendly anyway
  10. i wonder why people are against a cosmetic thing that was brought about by a bug i wouldnt mind having this around as an actual feature so long as they dont state the name unless examined
  11. So i recently went back to grinding my hfc and noticed that certain baking stones for hours on end become 0.1 second or instant finish product makers(regardless of what im throwing into them) or pottery bowls or frying pans or anything else yet others will sit there for 15-20 minutes before they are done i get that the change was done because of "lag" due to people firing up 20 ovens full of frying pans and causing lag spikes but we dont need 0.1 second cook times or 20 minute make them similar to the old time but with a window of a few seconds around that time not the huge window it is right now
  12. this just looks pretty for some reason if just it was a tiny bit darker it be perfect
  13. rolf where art thou?
  14. idea

    bare min no loads of info just username password+optional email and optional ingame name would also work well i think so long as the ones doing the shipping do require some more info to be put in
  15. idea

    pretty much yes as showing how active and how well they do is a great indicator on if to use their service or not also on the topic of logins why not make it so that every session has a unique url that can be shared with 2 codes created next to the job being posted up on the site 1 for the buyer 1 for the seller that way you as the seller give out the link and code to the buyer and both of you can use the code to log in and check up on it without requiring an account(if the person doesnt want to create an account) that way "guests" can still use your platform next to people who do want to register