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  1. How much do you want for this?
  2. see it this way actuarius get your friends to join now they have about a bit more then half a year to get the hang of the game make the mistakes learn wurm the slow way and if they are still around in half a year and enjoy the game a lot and want to "do things the right way" there is the steam wo release with a possibility of a bigger userbase(doubt it will be that much though) and then they can pick either stay where they started or go to steam or do both(like im gonna do)
  3. See those empty spots in the forest? ya those arent deeds those are previous rift spawning locations I managed to push them out of the forest where i go to get my logs but seriously that pocket of land(from the left there into the right where there are some trees) is nothing but rifts almost every single dam time So i got a question besides new houses and new deeds(old houses and deeds dont seem to count towards where a rift can spawn as i have seen a rift spawn 5 tiles outside of a deed(the edge of the rift that is)) and ample land what other requirements are there for a rift to spawn? does flatish land matter as it seems like it does what about water does that play in affect at all? Can a list be made/put up of requirements of whats needed for a rift to spawn so that we can have a full complete list of requirements? Mainly asking as i wanna push these dam forest destroyers further away from my plantations and it be nice for all of us to know the full list without what ifs and maybes List so far 1. Old houses and deeds dont move rifts 2. New houses and deeds push rifts 3. Rifts seem to need a certain amount of semi flat terrain to spawn 4. Rifts hate water and mountains or any terrain that is in general rather steep 5. ?? (Please post if you know more requirements/ways that rifts spawn/manipulate where they spawn)
  4. ohhh im looking forward to that then big time thank you
  5. possible future feature Material counter to figure out how much your plan is gonna take?
  6. But here is my question wouldnt it be better to have steam marketplace integration ready for launchday and start of with only silver being traded on it with future content maybe added later on? vs 6-1 year down the track when most players would have left? Going of current history the wurm dev team isnt really business focused on "hey we should grow the player base and introduce ideas that will make us money without pissing off the playerbase" they rather withhold things like the golden mirror for a "future" shop and other items like that instead of letting players buy them sooner There was talks for a long time about a new shop where we could buy certain cosmetic items(like the golden mirror) and this was talked about time and time again and then because steam news came out this lost all traction and no one is asking about it but to me its like this is the perfect chance to release these items and release them onto steam first as some incentive to go there next to the alure of a fresh start and steam and its store page and marketplace are the ideal locations to setup these new items and get the funds together to make that long promised store for normal wurm Which is why i hope that they will change their stance from "its currently not something we are thinking of" to "we really should think about this as the possible extra income we can create during our launch window will be a nice boost to revenue" and best of all it wont impact any player in a negative way edit: i had to add this Now imagine you got your marketplace setup and the art team makes a bunch of new jackal skins that you can buy with your jackal points but oh look you can now also put them on the marketplace and sell them for a few cents to a few dollars for the popular ones and all the sudden more incentive to go play jackal for the player which in turn means better player numbers and more people engaged with new content which will look good on the dev's side of "is this project a success or not" You throw the players a bone with stuff like that and they are more willing to engage with trade and content for rewards like that Sure the current player base most of them are not part of that group who play games in that manner where they engage with such a market but a majority of steam players do seem to interact with the steam marketplace sooner then later and with a huge number actually actively engaging with it even for shitty games which is still a boost to population numbers and a boost to the economy of wurm as a whole and a boost to revenue income for wurm so how can this not be a good thing for a business?
  7. I feel so attacked right now by this post Stop sharing my plans with others on what i wanna do Earlier on page 23 or 22 i read a post from someone who said how you cant grind body stats so get rid of body stats affecting combat id say i beg to differ last 7 days i gained 0.97 body stamina and 0.98 body strength and all that i am doing is i mined out 2 veins of silver 1 vein of gold dug about 45 crates of dirt chipped around 2 bcu's full of bricks made around 500 ribbons this kinda activity is really easy to do spread out throughout the week at a few hours a day My characteristics are in the 60's now are still rising slowly but steadily it really isnt hard The following are 2 seperate things that i wanted to talk about as well all in 1 go post 2 put into 1 A few pages earlier someone was talking about a shop selling all kinds of mtx although that would be an interesting idea i dont think wurm is ready for that especially with the fact that current jackal store stuff is bland vs exiting and who would want to see a "hey buy this huge axe skin for 350 points(3.50 dollars)" and the skin is your run of the mill huge axe with a blue tint on the metal a cosmetic store will only work if you got a big art team working on purely mtx to sell and not content for the game Next to that yes selling sleep powder would be interesting but too many people will claim pay to win(they already do) but honestly there are so many ways to grind skills and in the end unless you pvp does it really matter if bob next door buys 50 sleep powder a month for his weekend binge of grinding vs you never doing that? if anything bob might shoot you some fruits of his labors sooner then later if you are on good terms with him so support it post 3 put into 1 @Retrograde and co this is just my opinion but as stated below i think not using the market place is a mistake for silver purchase and selling(player driven) As for selling silver on steam's marketplace its such a wasted opportunity to not think of doing that as you the devs would knock out a big issue we currently have and that is potential scamming off people(happens from time to time) next to that people having to be online to trade And you might say oh but i only get steam wallet money for it i dont wanna play other games so its useless and to that i say this is where you are wrong for a person like me i buy the mtx in path of exile i have spend over 900 bucks on that game over its lifespan i buy a lot of games on steam (https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561197995755986/?cc=nz) i have spend over 9000 usd on steam not counting the 1300 in ingame purchases and the 859 in gift purchases If i could make silver in wo steam and sell it on the market place for steam wallet money id do it as for 1 it would lesson my wallets cries and 2 the money i make wont sit idle in my bank and disappear into upkeep it would be pumped around in the economy it would move around people would buy and sell it newbies who have steam wallet money gifted to them from friends or bought a steam card can buy silver from the marketplace or directly from the steam store page People would interact with the economy more and it would also draw a certain crowd of players over who would actually benefit the game(those who are trying to make money from wurm) sure that crowd is hated sure you rather not see them but these guys would sit there and mass make bulk items they would grind their toons up to make those items you dont want to make just to get that silver to sell it on the marketplace and buy games or csgo skins to gamble away but in the end of the day wurm is left with 1 a new sub 2 more economy 3 higher player count
  8. next step a army of accounts logs into wurm and never logs out(unless server restart) and start terraforming xanalag 1 map grid at a time into a flat server
  9. The last one might explain it then why some where missing then for me anyway
  10. a lot of skills did infact not transfer still only a handful thankfully the ones i cared about did but still sad to see(1 of my alts did get everything) oh well
  11. For me it was a lot of fun in the first few months but what killed it is it going from 50 to under 10 people due to skill transfer rate sucking
  12. Thank you for not giving in and making it something insanely hard and difficult
  13. What did you write? i cant read it