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  1. Well dont wait too long having an inconsistent schedule for round based content will make people not bother with it at all
  2. You know i really want to be happy about the loyalty system having the golden mirror and all that but i really cant that post just screams "here is all this fluff to cover up the fact that we are removing something that a lot of people love from the game because a tiny small group of people lost their kingdom on the pvp server due to not being able to understand 2+2=4" With that mentally of "its to difficult to balance it lets just cut it" i just have 1 question whats next in the next 2 months what else will be cut? also jackal any progress for j2 yet anything in the works? or is it dead in the water and going to be forgotten and scrapped now that the cash grab is over?
  3. Bethesda called they want their think tank back you guys are stealing their bad idea's You keep saying you want to make wurm better but every month or 2nd month you do something so utterly stupid to bleed more players away and you keep it up Just stop with this nonsense already before you are left with a handful of players and you have to close servers due to costs being to high just stop ruining the game we love
  4. i just start up factorio or path of exile and play them until i feel like doing stuff in wurm again and then i play both wurm and 1 of those 2 games at once
  5. the near daily wipes because major change after major change >.> early alpha/beta map days(game is still beta no matter what anyone says) where fun "hey guys we made something look its a house" log in next day "hey guys we are back on an empty map again
  6. Regional spawning mechanics that is something i miss For those who might wonder(I am sure some will) On the original jkh map we had trolls and goblins spawn mostly in 1 of 2 area's goblins on the east island(within it a goblin leader) and a valley where trolls spawned in mass with a troll king in it next to that the south west mountains had the odd troll spawn but anywhere else on the map? nope no goblins no trolls Another thing i miss(not really a feature that got taken out but due to how forests grow they are gone) is grasslands big giant area's of grassland surrounded by forest and mountains on all sides sadly enough we only ever see these on new maps and are often overrun as we dont have a grassland biome/area modifier(deter tree growing in said biome) as it where and chopping down trees every single day to try and keep up with 1 is a pain and yes i know sanding a 8 tile wide area to prevent trees from flinging their saplings around does help too but it looks ugly Oh oh almost forgot mine fishing and the old fishing before i reported the bug that allowed us to catch 600-900kg big carp(back on jkh), Incase you dont know it was as followed 1. Make a mine near water and have water on the tiles from that mine 2. Make a mine as high up as you can go and connect it(make a drop shaft down) to the lower mine 3. Enter the bottom mine then leave walk up to the top mine and enter there walk to the tile that drops down into water and fish The code was basically that the higher you are the bigger the fish would be so at 600-900 high(if not higher) you would get insanely big fish so the "fix" to this bug wasnt to cap the height no it was to introduce a 3x3 area that it takes your average off and uses that but this was able to be worked around by lowering down all but the nw corner of a tile on all tiles in the 3x3(except the road tile you had in you left 2 of the corners so that you could climb over to the edge) and thus when the code checked your height vs average height it would give you around 500-800 high(you miss out due to the 2 flat corners) and thus still gave giant fish but this was way more work so no one really did it And this kept working for a very long time until 1 day it just stopped working out of the blue after a maintenance update but i do miss the giant fish the biggest battlepants ever caught i think was 1320kg and he decided to filet that thing and you can imagine what that did to your hfc way back
  7. Animals tend to float up floors when they are attacking someone or have someone targeted who is climbing down/up a ladder below is a video of a troll who was constantly trying to attack me while i was on the 3rd floor but couldn't So my suggestion is make animals not have the ability to float up floors and not target things on other floors and make them recognize floors are a thing Next to this also please disallow embarking while on a different floor from when the wagon/cart is on(doing so makes the object warp up to the new floor)
  8. that poor horse i do love the idea of making it slightly saver to walk past hh's that we keep
  9. The 2nd post was what i have stated before in the past here on the forums ingame and in pms with people and on various discords heck even on twitch streams originally i just did not feel like writing it all out again but considering you want to be so negative and nitpick at it i figured fine il write up more about it as clearly you want to take it as "look at this poorly thought out idea that cant work wurm should not change its fine as it is" so i wrote more of it out my first ever time writing up about that idea was a long wall of text that no one bothered to read because it had too much info in it with too many cases of what if alt abuse what if this what if that just like you are doing now i addressed a lot of those points before and because of it that post gets largely ignored No matter how you make it alts will always be a thing you could tie it to 1 free silver towards upkeep per email and they will just make more emails and yes yes i do mean not giving it to the 2s first time prem people it should be part of supporting the game by store bought premium time not ingame recycling of silver its about getting a reward in return for supporting the game something more then just the 1 sleep powder per month(which is where my idea was originally posted for as a "hey this could be a nice addon for the steam wurm release as part of prem to make it more inciting to get people to go prem") Right now you have multiple deeds so you being so caught up with "oh they will just have free deeds i wanna cry" approach is just stupid it by no means makes it totally free to have deeds but what it does is that if you buy premium from the store(or in the original idea's case from steam) you should be given a 1s addon to your deed to cover the first silver cost of your deed for every month you are premium that this is such a hard idea to accept as decent or good is surprising but i guess you just want good things to stay from wurm unless you are 1 of those vultures who does exactly what prompted me to post this idea here and you dont want your free loot to stop being a thing The point here is i had personally heard of 5 of these stories from those people this year turns out i now know of 7 after talking to a few more people this is a issue for a game with a dying playerbase where attempt after attempt to revive it is either met with dev resistance to change or half assed attempts(jackal) that are rushed before completion we have a problem here in wurm where a small group of idiots want to pray on every possible deed out there and steal everything that isnt tied down upon deed drop be it due to weirdness or forgetfulness or otherwise other causes I myself last year had my deli deed drop earlier then expected(it was a 1s deed last time i had gone to deli with what i thought was 4 months of upkeep left) and the moment it dropped i was pmed and by the time i got over there someone had already broken in with a battering ram and was in the process of trying to load everything that wasnt in my house and had already slaughtered and butchered my few animals i kept there that they could reach My solution? contacted a gm to figure out why my deed dropped and turns out something weird and fishy went on and i was given the copper that should have been in upkeep but wasnt due to what ever caused that weirdness Was it the best outcome? no but i didnt care much about that deed and most valuable things where gone already But imagine this you are 100% sure your deed has 6 months of upkeep left and you believe that the mailing system will warn you if your deed does drop down to low upkeep and suddenly you are told a month later that your deed disbanded and upon arrival me and a group of 5-10 others cleaned up everything and left dozens of shacks in place preventing you from redeeding over it and we made sure to imp the walls to high ql just to spite you(not that we would tell you that) Oh and its better to have a deed shrink to default size or 1s a month size once your upkeep runs out but you are prem then loosing the deed completely if this system was in place and it was made known to everyone then people would probably design their deeds to have a central storage location that is within that 1s radius but thats just me You would be pissed off and this is exactly the story i keep hearing and asidecay's case is the reason we got the emails but that somehow broke and in that time it was broken it happened again and a vulture came around and stole all the stuff of the person who lost their deed So is it really such a bad thing to have a 1s added to upkeep each month of store brought premium? and it wont alienate those who use the 2s to get prem first month things as any new player coming into a game would understand that there such a difference between ingame bought and store bought would be a thing and its normal if you really think about it in a game design way if you offer both services to make 1 of those 2(the one that nets you profit) more enticing then the other by giving the one that makes you money some extra no cost bonuses That was my original idea when i first mentioned this when you talked and asked about ways to make steam prem more enticing
  10. I think you are missing part of what was said let me put it differently Account being premium grants the bonus of having a set amount of money being added to upkeep per month for the sake of this explanation lets do the 1s thing a month so while zethreal is premium he does not pay for 1s of his total upkeep per month and if his deed costs 1s a month it is free Now the moment his accounts prem runs out he has to pay full upkeep cost like it does right now No other changes would be made This means the following Deed founding cost and deed tile purchase cost remain the same You still pay for upkeep over 1s What i mentioned does by no means make it free to make or keep deeds that are giant so what alt abuse? the fact that you have to prem up an account for 2 months and pay 16 euro for a 2 month free deed? It would be cheaper to pay the upkeep cost then to keep an alt premium to pay for it As for the owning multiple deeds being an issue? is it an issue now? no so why would it be an issue if we all get to have a single deed where 1s a month is added to upkeep This idea i have posted up before a few times and was pushing for this to be part of steam's release to entice people to purchase premium but considering that the issue of this topic has shown up multiple times this year this idea would actually do wonders for people in this situation So i do not see how this is a flawed idea that would help prevent things like this as 1 it does not promote alt spam for free deeds to clog up servers as deed founding cost and upkeep past 1s are still there and 2 it requires an account to be prem to gain the benefit of 1s a month added to upkeep but hey if you are someone crazy enough to pay for 20 alts then by all means have your 20 "Free" deeds even though they are costing you way more every 2 months then spending 40s every 2 months on all those deeds but you do you at that point
  11. So my new guard house building has a 3 wide bridge infront of a portcullis and almost every single day i kept finding an animal inside of it(champ spider bear hell hound so on) today an alt was being chased by a hell scorp and i ran into the guard house to catch some stamina thinking he is save and the dam thing just slides on in(mind you this thing was under the bridge ran onto the bridge at the bottom tile of the bridge and then chased the alt around) and the alt had to run out the other side of the house to be safe from the scorp So story aside the bug seems to be all animals can walk through a portcullis(maybe other doors too) if there is a bridge infront of it
  12. Its simple the idea i proposed before deeds are free up to a certain size while mayor is prem above that size upkeep is required once upkeep runs out deed shrinks down to max free size deed it can be at and disbands in a week upon prem loss Cost of making a deed and increasing size still remains Now you fixed all your issues right there
  13. So i wanted to bring to light something related to this topic actually So patch notes showed "Bugfix: Fixed an issue with deed disbanding email not being sent." that is nice What isnt nice is that a alliance member lost her indy deed(which she was sure of had more then enough upkeep still) in this time period and who ever dam vulture prayed on her deed broke in the moment it dropped placed and left shacks and stole pretty much all that was seen as "useful" This now makes that story count to 5 this year alone from what i have heard myself with the one above being just this recently and who ever these loot vultures are even leaving their carts and stuff behind(i guess hoping for houses to drop or whatever) anyway i have to ask the wurm community this In a game that is bleeding players left and right do you guys really want to act like such bad vultures where you drive away the few remaining active players? especially around times like this? but just in general do we want word to get out along the same time of where we are trying to grow that the word of mouth is "hey you have to deed everything you own no matter how small and always make sure you got months of upkeep and set calendar reminders to add more money into the game or a player will loot everything the first hour your deed drops" or "hey newbies be prepared for a veteran player to just drive by and load that unsecured fsb you made with all your goods in it and he will receive no punishment for it" Do you want your image to become "wurm online a game where you HAVE to pay for a deed to secure your items or else you will 100% loose them" and thus scare of people who want to try the game but dont instantly want to pay? Preying on deeds has been a thing for a long time but we all overlooked it as most of the time its on deeds where the actual person quit the game but recently especially this year more and more times deeds are destroyed items looted from active players who maybe forgot to pay upkeep or real life showed up causing them to not be able to afford it or in the case of the story above they started to rely on the emails and where convinced they had money and not seeing any email come in where sure it was fine still but still lost their deed So really what does the wurm community want to be seen as as a toxic backstabbing community where that random stranger who helped you out as a newbie now knows where you live and you wake up tomorrow with everything but your locked cart gone and you rage quit or a caring small community that punishes the bad apples publicly by being allowed and able and supported for outing those who decide to pray on crap like this Is it just me who when he finds a pile of items which shows decayed corpse that i grab everything and try to contact the owners(if signatures are found or renamed tools) or help pay for resettlement cost if someone deeds in an area im working on or ride halfway across the server to help a newbie who keeps dying trying to get their corpse back or are there more people who actually give a dam about how we come across to new players and old alike?
  14. you guys did it a great patch notes log on a feature without the usual "lets leave it up to people to guess what does what" thank you
  15. Wasnt that but on my quest to try and find it i came across ashen empires again in my logs and now i wanna play that again maybe my account still exists for that game ashen also has some nice player housing btw