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  1. Well as clearly i dont understand it please enlighten me how i am macroing then when the definition of a macro as stated in the rules is "Definition: A macro is any software/hardware that automates the sending of actions to the game server without user interaction and is not permitted." and i am in no way automating any of it i am simply asking if my playstyle that relies on remapping my keyboard keys to other buttons on other devices to allow for gameplay away from my chair while still being in reasonable distance of my pc is fine as i was starting to see things about how we had to sit at our desks to engage with the game which i find bs especially with vr coming up the whole "sitting at ones desk or else you cant play wurm" notion is silly How can you check anyway if i am at my desk or in the room next to were my pc is or in my kitchen or if i am paying attention to incoming pms when i can turn pm sound off and hide the chat and watch a movie hence my questions about if those playstyles are still fine as if they aren't the rules should reflect that better then "Make sure to attend your game session when performing actions. If you use keybinds and send actions that finish often, make sure that your actions have desired effect before starting a new queue in case you watch TV or do something similar that steals your attention. " as in my eyes me pressing buttons on my controller in response to wurm assistant sound effects that are setup to listen to "wall breaks" or action queue being done is me attending to my game session and no where in the established rules does it say the following "Not being at the desk, with the computer is not attending." this is not defined and thus the definition can be seen as using any kind of input device to relay a command done by the user to the client short of it being a single keystroke to send multiple commands on a repetitive pattern(which is not something i do i do remapping for ease of use) But this attitude is exactly why i ask those questions why i post those scenario's because the rules on macroing are designed to combat automation of tasks be it repeating or sending the same command to multiple clients at once or in order and not mobile playstyles(different controller schemes) you saying how using a different controller scheme is a violation of the rules presents the problem that i am trying to point out I can use steam link to use my steam controller on any monitor/tv to control my pc with a keyboard/mouse attached to the steam link or use the controller and i can remote control my pc that i play wurm on i can do this from my phone to and i have presented a simple setup on how to do this before and shared more detailed ones in the past and there are quite a few who would log in via steam link on their phones to do basic tasks while at work/on public transport(eg farming praying cooking taking care of animals) By what you say and what nicrolis is hinting at all these playstyles that people have come up with are breaking the rules because they all are done without sitting in ones chair at the desk where one's pc is at and yet that is not what the rules state the rules on macroing are going after "automation bad you are not allowed to use any kind of macro that uses repeats or delays or more actions then your mind logic allows nor be allowed to press 1 key to send a command to multiple clients at once" yet my scenario's and topics i suggest in response to worrying posts are not automation of tasks they do not involve repeats or delays or anything of that sort they are 1 press of a button= 1 action done ingame they allow for a more free flowing style of sitting or places to be or play from then otherwise would be done by the majority So posts like this Imply that the following are bad Remote control of the host machine to play wurm from a different location is not allowed Any controller scheme other then mouse and keyboard is not allowed That idea goes in against what wurm is working towards which is vr it goes in against playing wurm with a steam link(hello steam link profiles on steam for wurm are a thing) it limits how you play wurm for no real good reason If i am in the kitchen grabbing a drink or making a sandwich and i press a physical button on my controller that is bound to key u and it does the same as the key u does on my keyboard then there should be no issue what so ever yet people want to make it an issue when as stated here "In case we notice that you are not attending the game and express prolonged robotic behavior where your actions have no effect you risk being banned for automated play. " note the prolonged robotic behavior part If i am in my kitchen and i hear the pm sound from receiving a pm i come over to look if i am on my couch watching wurm from my tv with a movie next to it and i hear a sound like a pm or other wa sound besides the few im listening to i walk over to check it out all these fall under that last part Yet people here want to claim that it is rule breaking either to troll or to try and twist the ruling into their own version that goes outside of what the ruling is made for so i try to bring light to that but hey see it how you will but for me? i am all for letting people use their own controllers to play wurm(imagine people who have RSI and cant click as often with 1 hand yet their other hand is fine they would prob use a controller with their most often used keybinds bound to it to make playing easier) Just to note i am completely against any kind of automation or multiboxing that is not what this is this is related to remapping keys on controllers to be able to play wurm in different ways where the user still fully plays wurm regardless of where they might be at in the house at that time But i have said enough tried to explain it enough if using a controller to play wurm from a few feet/meters away is not allowed please update the rules to reflect that/ if using remote control software to control the host machine that wurm runs on to play wurm from elsewhere is not allowed please update the rules to reflect that/ if remapping of keys to controllers is not allowed please update the rules to reflect that/if using wurm assistant with sounds to make it easier to know when to press a physical button is not allowed please once again update the rules to reflect that If not then any scenario i presented here today of habits of how people play this game beyond sitting in a chair at their desk staring mindlessly at a small monitor for hours in a dark cave to make a tunnel should be considered as allowed and valid and if not please do state what rule where is being broken in what way specifically so that those players can get a informed idea that their playstyle is invalid and not allowed according to existing/updated rules Thank you
  2. I guess we better all open up and make a giant gallows post about banning 60+ people for it then you know I still dont see how me manually pressing a button and it doing it means its a macro hence why i ask as i physically press a single button to do a single action its just that the controller that is used is not a keyboard or a mouse but instead a fully programmable controller and the location is not my chair at my desk but my couch 5 meters away. This is also why i ask because ya your post can be seen as sarcastic or can be seen as a legit call for it as is the beauty of text without expressions or emotes so i rather ask so that it can be in writing if its okay to sit 5 meters away from my desk playing wurm on my tv with a controller or if that is not okay because "Not being at the desk" is being used.
  3. So that means no couch potato controller style either then? its nice after a pizza to just lay down on the couch grab my steam controller and press left trigger and left bumper to do the same thing while wurm and stuff is on my tv(yes my pc is in my living room incase that matters) Guess i better invest in a laptop harness then after all if the computer has to come with me where ever i go right? These might seem like weird things to mention but given how wurms banning history is like i rather ask too many questions then find myself on a ban for not responding fast enough to a gm ticket because i gotta walk 40 steps back to the nearest keyboard
  4. But its just key remapping no actual macro's involved so although i might not be sitting at my pc at my desk my characters interactions are caused by me physically pressing and holding down mouse 4 to queue up multiple actions and mouse 5 to walk forward so sure its unattended but not automated and no repeat macro's or anything of that sort so in that sense that should be okay id say given how if i do hear a pm ding id walk back or a different kind of notification from wa(ore mined and such)
  5. Well yaaa mouse 5=w mouse 4= u and just carry the mouse with me while headset on to listen to music so that i dont disturb others while doing chores Wurm addiction
  6. There actually is atleast 1 people that i know off that play primarily with voice command issued commands due to disabilities and in the past we had 2 more(they have quit) who did make voice lines to individual keypresses while using a custom designed controller to move their mouse and wasd keys but all other interactions like typing in chat or specific key presses were all issued by voice commands this scenario was brought up before in the past(pre this forum) and rolf ruled that if a disability on the hands warrants the usage of such a program that it would be allowed(missing hand malformed hands that kinda stuff) but only for those people not for those who can still use their hands properly not for the sake of botting or automation but for the sake of disabilities yes Also on the whole "you need to be attending this with more attention then just watching tv in the past multiple times its been asked if having wurm assistant action queue sound(and later on pm notification sound) was enough to afk mine with a keybind and that was fine case being hold finger on mouse 4/5 which are bound to your u(u is mine for me) key and upon hearing the ding form wa i hold down my mouse button for a split second upon wall breaking hear other ding press other mouse button to move forward and press and hold key again to repeat mine I have gotten into the flow of being able to do this while playing games like league or watching tv shows or playing other games heck even cleaning(wireless mouse+wireless headset) i will go ages without staring at my screen yet there is no actual macro keys involved just remapped keys so here is my question is that still fine given by essence 1 keypress= 1 action? Asking because this is how many of us do things like mining grinds or digging a bsb full of clay in a day we will sit there wurm on its smallest lowest settings camera pointed at what we want(clay tile walls whatever) keybinds setup and just spend hours doing this while playing other games(note no external software being used in this example just remapping of keys) As if the above scenario isn't allowed then i am at a loss how we all got away with that for years on end be it macro to use 5-7 actions or individual keypresses while we watch a fun movie or do other things Heck to add we can sit there and craft and imp while playing active games purely because alt tab and windowed mode are a thing(wurm in the center if your playing a fps and when you alt tab mouse is center of the screen if the fps is the type to lock the mouse to the center)
  7. Jackal that is all No seriously what everyone is going on about of "oh maybe we should" is what jackal was meant to be it wasnt meant to be a 1 off half assed attempt full off issues it was talked about as if it was going to be a reoccurring thing with more content every time and slight changes to the theme with it being active for 3-6 months then not then again allowing them to have a themed temporary server where players work together and skill gets transferred back and rewards are given That original idea would solve this entire topic in 1 go so bring back jackal
  8. My deed is made out of sadstone and i feel quite sad when i am at it so can confirm sadstone has an aura of sadness
  9. Oh i know that angle all to well but you gotta give them some credit they arent going to sit there and go "okay lets take the player account and link everything to that persons email address and any past email addresses and payment email addresses and who ever owns that one now owns all forum accounts and other accounts on it" like ya there is a lot that is left to be desired a lot that can be said but would result in this post being deleted about how they function but they have slowly but surely been doing better here and there there is a long way to go for sure but thats why such a system if done right could be their start in doing things right and properly and no more weird "insert specific cases that will result in deletion of said post here" events that have brought us the wurm we have today but instead create things that will lead to a better wurm overall one more up to the times with how it handles what is currently a really shitty security system for accounts( "insert rant about how easy it is to get people's passwords") and integrates other mechanics into it to show that wurm is on the right track on sticking around As much crap as i have seen over the years with ninja drunken friday afternoon patches and mechanics that just dont make sense or rulings that leave my head scratching i still hold out some hope for the devs i still hope they will learn and be better and grow to make wurm be better then what it is today as much as i sit there and bash at the way they handle stuff as often as i do i still hope
  10. "Hey i have sold my account and now i fear they will steal my forum account as well as i dont stop to think how such systems are generally implemented so lets be against this" That argument is given every dam time anyone mentions any kind of master account/unified account or any kind of system like that without realizing that when such a system is implemented it would be tied to the email address being used to populate the accounts originally and then the users can add in more For example Bob has 3 email addresses as 15 toons and a forum account on a different email address and this system comes in now bob signs up with the forum account into this new system and he notices his entire account is empty so he starts to link his toons to his new master account and for every toon linked a verification code is send to the email linked to that toon in order to verify they own that account That is typically how a account transfer from standalone to managed is done if it involves multiple emails or different websites that are being linked up(ever linked steam or google or fb to a different website?) Now the whole "i wanna have separate passwords for each still" that kinda defeats the purpose of such things the whole point is to have all characters under 1 account that you use to log into the forums or the game and then select your character from there(steam does this in a roundabout way already to a degree) and then from there you could share a toon with other people but then the devs can actually enforce their limit of people using a account properly via a mechanic in the game itself "We get punished with only 5 toons per mail" next time you wanna make a toon if you are with a big provider gmail/hotmail and such take your email address and add .1 or .potato or whatever you wanna use to the first part of your email and it will be treated as an alias allowing you to use the same email address on your end for more then 5 accounts in wurm(this works with almost anything online) email aliases are a common thing to use for people who want 1 central email for say a company like bob.accounting@gmail.com or bob.social@gmail.com and then have their bob@gmail.com emails being routed from gmail to their mail server before being split up to correct departments. You want more creativity in your emails for that? use a + instead of a . a great bit of info related to that is this page here https://www.popsci.com/set-up-email-alias/ Anyway back on topic imagine a master account that has 2fa enabled with google authenticate and backup email verification incase of phone loss with a actual proper launcher that isnt just a updater that phrases through commands to the client it launches but offers things like access to the forums from within or the ability to reset passwords or manage billing for all linked accounts being able to link paypal to said account to handle automatic payments of premium monthly based on the accounts you tick or untick allowing for easy control over multiple accounts their premium or topping up silver(sure every transaction would require 2fa confirmation for security reasons) Point is a properly setup master account that offers more functionality beyond a simple combine and character select but becomes wurm's first look for new players and the place where people can engage(forums(auto logged in) and link to discord and yt and twitch and twitter and fb and so on and see live streams and what not if wanted in a tab inside of it) and handle their credentials and payments and log into their characters and quickly read up on warnings of upkeep or premium time running out/payments coming up. Such a system yes i would link my fb and yt and twitter too heck id even link imgur to it for auto upload of screenshots to imgur links to share with people ingame or elsewhere Again just to share this as some people want to nitpick at such systems just because it exists does not mean you NEED to link those accounts up having the functionality there for streamers or big name wurmians would be good for any number of reasons from status settings(similar to our afk messages) to hiding pms from popping up or names to be shown if people opt out of it to all kinds of functionality like ingame events run by wurm official twitch for prices The beauty of it being linked would offer a huge range of new idea's they can implement that would help bring wurm a bit more into the modern age by 1 providing better security for accounts(currently its 1 /changeemail away from loosing a account(old pvp kingdom accounts get a lot of drama over this)) from theft or password changes and then forgetting them(got a friend who lost access to a old account because he changed the password and had a typo in it and doesnt remember the email he used on it and gms refuse to help him anymore with it) to things like more social features more engagement with other platforms to ease of access I for one just cant understand why this hasn't been the BIG thing to focus on before steam's release or even way before that having a single place where to manage your characters from would make things like moderation for cm's easier would make it easier for people to do payments or password changes it just makes sense for it to be a thing which is kinda why a lot of games out there that let you play on more then 1 character typically have a character select and either allow or disallow for multiple characters at once to be online from 1 account or they still stick to the clunky old 1 character per email because they dont want alts Look at blizzard for example with their battle.net launcher or other companies with similar ones such a similar thing is what im talking about here except more tailored towards wurm and its 1 game you know sooner or later gcg will push for this especially if they get it into their minds to make a launcher to throw all their products into 1 place for people to access in hopes of promoting every service they have so why not start now with wurm where it would make sense to have this.
  11. I rather get unified account management and character sharing first If we had our main account and our forum + characters are linked to that and then ontop of that could link things like twitch or steam or a 2fa service or login via google and the likes then sure i wouldnt mind having my google and twitter account linked if it meant that i could use twitter integration to make it pm me deed upkeep warnings or village being attacked warnings and such Add in yt integration for recording of rifts/other things at the push of a button before a simple editor then upload to yt would make me say sure to yt linking There have to be proper reasons that make sense for it status updates and gains and such no one will really do you might see them in farmville and such games but wurm's population isnt like that most of the time
  12. Well the idea behind it was mostly for a wu mod attempt to try and see if wurm could support the transfer of data from 1 object to another in huge quantities(liquids gasses energy values) and then make a fun gameplay mechanic around it that would make sense as to how people would progress into it plus who doesnt want to see a giant cave filled with pipes and the sweet hot red glow of liquid metal lighting up the otherwise dark chasm while hearing high pressure gasses escape here and there and the sound of metal hitting metal echoing throughout it. Does it fit wurm? no but it would still be a amazing thing to see.
  13. merge sfi into chaos and xanadu?
  14. Both can be achieved through redoing your idea time and time again a skill with a lot of depth doesnt have to be complicated like your example of archaeology skills which are easy to get into but then take you on a multitude of paths to achieve a similar goal are fun and thats what you want to achieve fun is the player going to enjoy doing the skill or is it going to drive them nuts due to it previously being easy or due to it being a outlier in its field. Lets take the imaginary skill of automation. ------------------------ On the surface its a simple skill there are 50+ items but the machines are easy to assemble for the player(not skill requirement or item quantity but they just make sense) The skill requires both carpentry and blacksmithing items The "power" source for the machines comes from 3 things 1. Hand powered cranks where the player right clicks the machine and a action starts giving body strength and body stamina and automation as a reward throughout its action but this can only be done once every 5 minutes and it has 2 min action timer(Great for starting the skill but not viable for alt abuse) 2. Water and wind based or animal based, where either you have a big body of water(50+ tiles) and you place the waterwheel 3 tiles of the nearest above water tile or make a expensive windmill and rely on the wind(same mechanic as boats) to provide power or you strap 4 horses/cows/bison/donkeys to a animal specific shaft. 3. fueled boilers for steam engines for sustained longer term use. In this case 1. would be for small early on things(imagine a crank powered grinder for flour or a cutter to cut hot lumps into sheets) it would be the entry to the rest but it isnt viable yet easy to understand as the machine can be crafted with a few separate components, 10 planks 2 shafts 2 gears 1 hand crank 1 grindstone/cutting blade 4 large nails To use the machine you gotta place it on the ground before opening it to load it with the desired items 2. would be a multi tile building 4x4 requiring 400 stone bricks and mortar 160 thatch 5 large gears 3 gear shafts 20 wooden beams 300 planks and the working machine of your choice (sawmill grinder cutter and so on) 3. similar in size to 2 but would require new blacksmithing items and individual pipes and boilers and so on but also 400 bricks and 160 thatch for boiler hut 1. takes damage over time and requires repairing of the tool you slot in and repairing of the box too which is done simply by using the correct item to repair it/heating up if its metal pieces before hitting repair action 2 and 3 require multiple part swaps from the tool being used to the gears and so on but a examine of the building will tell you what needs fixing and when ------------------------ In the above example 1 is a manual device and 2 being a local power source or next to the object kinda thing with no way of routing power elsewhere beyond its direct border(think horse mill next to a sawmill with a gear shaft connecting the two) where as 3 can push its steam power to a different machine located elsewhere so long as the pipes can reach but distance lowers pressure thus lowering speed unless supported with more boilers ------------------------ The items such as gears are either made of a single log or multi stage items requiring parts of gears that are fitted together with cogs and similar setup for the boilers and pipes Skill is gained during creation of these items and the attaching and operating of such items with operation but creation will give minimal automation skill and more skill to the related skill(carp blacksmithing) to prevent item spam to grind the skill ------------------------ Now why this is here is because such a skill has 3 distinct stages from 1 easy to get into with a "hey we added this go check the search in your crafting window for how to make it" to 3 "This is a complex system consisting of multiple machines to perform a task" it creates a scenario where it is easy to get into yet provides a lot of depth even just in its power creation and basic handling of automation machines now the above example is just power gen and 1-2 basic examples of what could be done(the idea i have floating around consists of steamers to cook food, gas powered forges, transporting liquid metals from storage containers were its being kept in liquid form before being deposited in a connected forge and so on) ------------------------ But the point is such a skill provides a lot of depth to the game allowing for a vastly different playstyle that fits a village or a dedicated person more so then a individual yet is easy to understand as logically it makes sense And that is the key part to look for "Does the skill make sense in progression and usage or is getting into it to difficult and shrouded in weird logic" and it often hard to balance between new content and it getting to complex But in my opinion i want depth so long as it logically makes sense and isnt just repeating the same mechanic in 5 different flavors(looking at you fishing)