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  1. You are expecting too much from them just do what i do take a break enjoy life avoid forums avoid global chat turn it all off and just play and every time the devs once again ruin your plans add another strike once at 5 strikes of things you dont like just go on a hiatus it works well That aside i come back to see yet another nerf in a long line of unneeded nerfs brought to you by a team who honestly at this point in my eyes does not know what they want or are doing to the game and are to greedy in their desire to keep new players around that they will destroy the game to please them Just revert the imbue changes and while your at it get rid of the priest crap and so many other things that keep being added in for the sake of nerfing or "oh a staff member has this idea lets do this" when such idea's when a player has them fall on deaf ears I am watching the game i grew up with from my teenage years into adult years and i can say for sure the last few years have been by far the worst overall sure some good things but the amount of bad that keeps coming out just overshadows it A marketing push was said to happen "soon" after steam release to keep momentum up and going well we are waiting Steam is bleeding people left and right and stand alone client is doing just as bad numbers where really high then the fall came as expected but it never stopped it never evened out and why? promised things where not delivered work isnt put in things are left to just dry up and frankly its sad to see from a game i spend more time on then some of 2nd generation members have been alive for And that is the saddest part there are legit couples who met in wurm's early days got together and their kids started playing wurm or had babies before and got into wurm and their kids are playing there areny many but there are its such a great game yet it is just being dragged over a gravel road with no help to stay upright Just wait the "big" q4 update will come some time "later" and it will be a let down like other things are and the same people who love the game to bits will complain again and it will again fall on deaf ears as we all know it doesnt matter what we say and that is 1 of the reasons i went quiet myself Wurm staff are like that ex that keeps trying to stay in your life and you know you click with but cant be in a relationship with so you shuffle around on the edge you do stuff with them now and then then back off then get closer but every time you get closer you get hurt time and time again but you keep going back as you just love that person too much(not speaking of experience here just experience of others) The game is great would be a lot greater if some of the shenans and "nerfs for the sake of nerfs" are taken care of and things are actually improved again but alas
  2. Too those in favor of getting people to try it let me ask you a question How many mortgages did you take out on your house in order to pay for your own virtual space ship that you cant even use yet? I myself am waiting for the 2590 release of sc 1.0 or the 2780 release of all content for free with mtx Jokes aside i am happy i avoided sc when it first popped up still glad im not going to pay for it I want to be able to pay for a product and get what i pay for if its an early access game that im interested in atleast have the game there or partly there instead of nothing for ages and even now days no thanks one ea's been through enough of them to not bother with them anymore i rather wait til 1.0 releases and go in with fun and joy then being bored of it
  3. The existing tutorial series cover most of the stuff mentioned here already if you want to reinvent the wheel do it by combining topics Take a video on terraforming as a whole explain it from digging to flatten to level to surface mining to the "a shovel just wont do" messages because of tile interactions based on which corner is diggable and which one isnt do a deep dive into terraforming as a whole not just the basics Add ontop timestamps in the video and in the description and segment it into chapters of basic and advanced and label them as such Another topic would be how to survive your first few days and get food and protect yourself and dive into avoiding mobs and how water blocks them and how towers work and what animals to avoid early on and such Explaining the client how to properly activate and use tools how to interact with the world and such is also a good one "Getting the most out of your first week in wurm and the hurdles and traps of starting out" is another one you can do A lot of the existing tutorials out there do a good job at it its just that they are either old or not tagged properly so yt wont display them early on and a lot of them do their video's randomly without order if you really want to make a good tutorial series plan your video's ahead of time create a proper flow from basics to more advanced and upload them as such too One great way to do it would be a quick simple heavily cut and edited tutorial series that is straight to the point in explaining things without long dragged on sentences keep things short and compact dont add too many things into 1 video unless the topic needs it What i notice is a lot of lets play yt's doing drawn out tutorials for games and they do a few and quit as they dont get the views as well their video's feel drawn out and too much info into them too quickly(poe's streamer zizaram has this with his poe university video's) the topics are not clear there is no clear flow from point a to b it kinda just goes all over the place turning a 20 min video into 1-2 hours and a lot of lets players do this too So something you can do is have quick short video's that explain the topic in enough detail and then a "deep dive" video released along it that is longer that goes into the topic a lot more so that people can quickly go "im stuck on terraforming lets go to yt" and they get there and they go "wurm online terraforming tutorial" and they see a quick 12 min video of how to explain terraforming from basic digging to leveling complex things in an easy quick format with a longer video next to it and most will go for the quick one as they want to jump back into the game again
  4. The only issue with that is that it starts to move towards theme park and away from sandbox the "end of personal goals" was a great example of the type of wurmian who plays the moment this was announced so many players went nuts over it and rushed to be part of it and quite a few burned out and some never came back The same happened during the 30% time people felt pressured to do wurm as much as possible and if it had gone on for long it would have lead to burn out of the game as well for that Wurmians love wurm for the openness the lack of pressure beyond what they themselves make(unless pvp) adding in events will drive people to focus on only doing those things at the start and will loose track of other things that make them enjoy it Sure there are plenty of people who it wont matter too but also plenty who do No wurm is a sandbox what makes wurm work when life is feudal failed was the lack of artificial caps on gear and skills like lif added(and 99% of all servers ran without caps because it is hated) Increasing damage because your skill is low is also silly imagine a ql 31 grinding pickaxe on a 99 miner taking nearly no damage anymore at all or a ql 10 for that matter after all (10-99)*0.2 (0.2 is the damage done to a ql 1 tool for example per action start) would lead to -17.8 either you would have to disable it if skill is higher then item ql or it just starts doing wonky stuff And even besides that wurm does not need this it does not need caps it is a sandbox game it needs freedom to build and design and create what the game provides without artificial caps to "guide" a player around if you want that life is feudal is right up your alley for that
  5. See the only real issue with having skill decay in a game like wurm is that no matter its implementation it will punish a person for playing the game by the nature of what wurm is (a game without item level restrictions and such) you get rewarded for playing more so to punish the player for doing that breaks their entertainment and they will look elsewhere The thing you seem to be caught up on is "wurm's market is ruined because people with more time get higher skill and it makes anyone else's effort invalid" which although true isnt what wurm is about wurm's economy is broken and will remain broken until cluster wide markets become a thing and the playerbase grows to a point where the dozens who can no life grind to 90 in a month without enchants can not keep up with demand for high quality but even then there are no item restrictions so people will always go for highest first unless you want to do things on your own/in your small group There are only a few ways to really "fix" the game in order to make a thriving market but all evolve in destroying what wurm is about and that is a sandbox world where you the player get to carve out your own little slice of home it isnt a economy game it isnt a typical mmo about grinding levels accumulating more silver and getting 5% stat increase items every 5 levels of a skill it is about building your own place or working as a village and progressing and that is something i see a lot of people failing to grasp they believe that reaching 100 in a skill is wurms main goal but it was never intended for that to be the case If you go back far enough like i mentioned before skill gain was slow and i really mean slow it would take people a few years to get to 90 even with efficient grinding as 1 sleep bonus wasnt given out so often we didnt have mass storage and skill gain rate was just slower but this lead to new players feeling like they had to spend 2-3 years before they could make 5s of a smithing skill as again soo many players believe they have to play the market they have to carve out their little corner and monopolize it and failing to grasp what wurm is about Take me for example i have been playing since beta days and it wasnt until they disallowed account sharing that i decided to grind my blacksmithing up from 55 to 90 quickly and it nearly burned me out but i have digging and mining in the 99's closing in on 100 and i can do those for days on end most of the silver i make disappears in upkeep and i dont even make that much anymore as 99% of my time is spend building a giant project But anyway the main reason a lot of people get annoyed that they cant sell anything is because they have the mindset of other mmo's the idea that there are countless of thousands of people all playing with item level restricted items which in wurm isnt a thing on either of those and there in lies the issue most players their minds are used to games with item level caps As for wu its kinda an interesting reason why 1 is partly because of a cash grap but the main reason is there where 2 projects of wurm emulation going on the first one was done as a students exam in which he had 2 months the time to create something and he decided to recreate wurm from the ground up and the result was at the time a wurm online feature rich with less bugs in both the server and client that ran faster and by the end of month 2 had more features(this legit scared rolf based on the replies and angry emails that he started to send out to this student) the 2nd project was build on the idea of the first taking a lot of inspirations from it and help and got to the point where wurm was at as well except it ran way way more smooth on xanadu sized maps without lag even when simulating thousands of items That project was mainly a "hey lets emulate wurm as we dont wanna pay for it" kinda thing of a bunch of players some which got declined to work with rolf and others who where just tired of rolf's behavior at the time all banding together to work on that project When that 2nd project grew big suddenly wu became a thing and subsequently the 2nd project died out within a month of wu's release Now those 2 projects never really where talked about much you had to know the people who worked on them or where part of a group where they played in as 1 they where also the people who provided live maps and the likes for years to pvp kingdoms and other shenanigans like model size changes color overlays and so on and that is also 1 of the reasons the 2nd one started because a bunch of them did get banned for it Anyway back to the topic of how to address players having too high of a level making low players useless in the market, the main thing to realize is that the old players will always grind a character to high on a new server to cash in on those few dozen gold they can get and then go back to casual play or even quit but it is the new players who will live on mostly and in the end the market although tempting should not be the focus for any player nor be the reason for major game changes that make the overall gameplay loop worse I get it is annoying when a no life person can get to 90 skill in a month or 2 and then dominate the market trust me we did this for blacksmithing in the first while on melody our merchant and spam in trade was ql 50 when others where at 30-40 at the same prices as those selling 30's and we only half tried doing it but in the end those people will burn out they wont be happy they joined with 1 goal and 1 goal only accumulate silver no matter the damage done and then transfer that silver to the cluster they care about for more upkeep which well we did that was our goal make a bunch bring it over and enjoy it But long term the players who dont have much time will catch up and surpass those people and will achieve their goals and slowly will fill the market But again basing things off the market and making changes to that wont do the game good as the game was never designed around a "global market" style of play it was designed around small community or kingdom vs kingdom play where trade happened in those clusters and in a cluster of 100 people having 2-3 people being a blacksmith isnt a bad thing especially in pvp where everyone has a few main skills to focus on getting up and grinding And that is the thing wurm was originally meant to be a full pvp game with pve only becoming a think because of continuous camping of spawn town and "convert or die" tactics that involved murdering the templars at spawn and walling in spawn and all kinds of other shenanigans and even after all that was long gone and done with it was still a pvp centric game it wasnt until way later when pvp died out because of the pvp crowd getting upset with gm interference and hacks and the likes that it became a more pve focused game but at its core the game really is focused on community play vs global play with a global market and thus if you really want fairness for all regardless of skill level it will require some major game changes
  6. I wish it came around more it has such potential but alas i hope some day we will still get a j2 but just like with challenge i doubt it
  7. Summary without fluff for word count to make it 1 confusing and 2 long(yes thats me saying that ) 1. more tutorial polishing and ingame tips and tools to help new players 2. future ui improvements 3. finishing up combat overhaul 4."major content updates" to be talked more about with more "large" marketing 5. wilderness overhaul to make it more interesting to explore with possible unique creature rework and skill changes 6. more construction options for decorative items and a new feature docks(building on water) and more animal keeping related things 7. more visual improvements eg character models 8. more game client optimizations 9. sound effect expansion 10. pvp changes 11. jackal has been canceled rip jackal 12. complete account system(at long last thank god) I still wish you guys would just take 6 months to a year to work on fixes and optimizations and then release a proper tested content update that included a lot of things in 1 go but thats just me
  8. We had skill decay for years and people who got to high skill begged none stop for it to be changed as it lead to such a point where people had to grind hours a day to keep 3-4 skills at the same level let alone progress then skill decay was set to 90 then 70 and then it was decided to just take it away as it didnt add to the game it only meant people had to play more or get punished for not being able to play Same goes with item decay the game is all about long term playing not 1-2 months or a year max skill gains now days are so much faster then what they used to be because people bitched that it was to hard to catch up to those who had spend years already playing Imagine the year is 2005 and the highest skill is some guy who lives with tich who has 55 blacksmithing and is charging 5s for ql 50 blacksmithing tools with no enchants and 30-40 enchants would cost 2s a piece extra there is no mass storage no wagons no horses no boats and only 2 servers the cost of a guard tower is 15s a tower and no one is crazy enough to mass make them Back then going away for 2 weeks meant if you had 50 skill you could come back to 49.20 or less even it was horrible and people who got to 90 where basically forced to spend all day doing that single task or risk loosing their 90's easy You do not want skill decay as it adds a chore to the game that is not a fun gameplay loop you want the game to be more enjoyable and last longer find proper fun gameplay loops to add to the game not reintroduce mechanics that where taken out because they where hated by everyone
  9. Ideally id want it to be a "park wagon with crates on tile get off and level and it puts/takes dirt out of crates" kinda thing but the few attempts that have been had in wu to get that to be a thing lead to a multitude of issues where as embarked dig to/level and such where added quite quickly and flawlessly when the topics came up at the start of wu I just hope that there is enough interest for such a thing in the first place im not even worried about if the devs do it as we all know how they work by now i just want to figure out what the wurm population thinks of such an idea Also as stated before you need a longer shovel
  10. Except that small carts are 40 dirt max vs ground 100-109(depending where you stand and how much you are willing to cheese it you can technically go higher) so not many would really use that The idea behind it can be explained as the following You dig the ground fill your shovel up and throw it into an open crate that sits in your cart/wagon and do this until the crate is full then fill the next one That interaction that game play wise would be "sit in a cart/wagon and dig/level" is pretty much the same as shoving 20kg's at a time into your pants its pockets It is more silly to imagine you having 300kg of dirt in your pockets then just digging to or from a wagon honestly
  11. Why? the cost to run the servers is still paid for big time by the amount of players playing and the "core" staff group's operational cost isnt that high anyway and if it comes down to it im sure they can just stop reimbursing @Retrogradehis energy drinks on late nights or early mornings and it should be fine
  12. Don't see it really as wasted if it gets even a few people to go read his dev post and see the lessons he learned from it and maybe learn something then it did its job
  13. So there is this game called atomic society when it first started popping up i was excited but i knew id probably have to wait a long long time before before it would be worth buying, Well some steam shenanigans and sales later i bought the game figured id give it a try as i figured "hey its been a while right it should be fine right". Well ya kinda? So the core is the same as 99% of other games out there its a city builder with limited features geared around a certain topic with no real uniqueness to it(outside of its weird ui) but it was a fun afternoon kinda game to play once or twice then shelf for a year and try again. So fast forward to today im cleaning up my installed games list and checking each game for any updates before installing them(if there where content updates id give those games a try again) and i see a dev blog and a update since i played so lets go read them in order of them coming out. So dev blog first here is the link for if you want to read it https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/514500/view/2735324887767900335 and boy was it worth a read turns out its a tiny tiny tiny team(smaller then wurm) with like 1 part time paid dev who had been stuck on a project for 6 months trying to get it to work(not due to lack of experience but due to what the feature was and their engine), Anyway reading on i read about how the guy in charge talks about how everything he and his dev have done was mostly guess work and always alone no outside help and so on until 1 day where a dev from a growing indy game contacted them and helped them out. And the things he wrote the lessons he learned they are inspiring i will post a snippet of it below but i encourage you to read it all. And so much more is stated in it and i cant help but think this sounds familiar a lot of the issues that this dev has faced up until that point really came from living in a closed shell system where it was him vs the world and it reminded me of wurm's development over all the years from the time of rolf and notch too just rolf too rolf and 1-2 devs too now and what i see with this guy is that after talking with this other guy about what worked and what didnt work that he went from "im making my game my way screw everyone else we will bash our heads against the wall and implement things and work on things that we want regardless of what others want" in his case a road system that just wasnt working the way they wanted it to and it changed into "lets look at the issues that plague our game and focus on fixing them fix our game first to make it more appealing to players and then add more" And frankly that is something i have been yelling at wurm staff and other game's their staff and business people for years with varying degrees of succes, When it comes to the companies i worked with and the products they wanted to expand onto they listened they sucked up their pride put expansion idea's on halt and started looking at what their clients where saying and started to fix those issues resulting in better reviews and more favorable posts being made and an increase in revenue and clients. When it came to some of the games i mentioned it to in long properly written out emails to who ever i could reach as highest person it often helped 1 person ended up saying how most of them got so caught up with wanting to implement their ideas and the new ideas that came from it that they didnt stop to take the time to polish and treasure what they had and focus on pleasing the customers. With wurm well maybe im not sure sometimes it feels like there is a moment a period where they try and then they give up and go back to their old habits and its sad to see really. Anyway the game's rating dropped way down over time due to low player counts(peak players of 10 in march last year for example) combined with older graphics meant that steam isnt really showing it and thus the game isnt really growing now reviews have since then been improving its starting to show again sometimes and well the game started to grow sure its in the dozens of players and not hundreds as the damage was done and the game is small and tiny and will remain so but the fact that there are people still playing such a bare bone game is saying something that there is something there worth trying out. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Now lets look at wurm steam stats when it came out 1103 peak players on steam yesterday's peak 519 and this is steadily dropping down and why? 52% rating means steam isnt showing it much to anyone there is no hype no nothing Now lets look at the bad reviews we can pretty much sum these up into the following. 1. troll reviews there are many 2. people who have no attention span/refuse to read giving a bad review 3. "game is buggy no one fixing bugs" 4. "staff is horrible"/"staff have a conflict of interest"/"staff are banning people left and right for speaking up" 5. "the game is not f2p why is it listed as such" 6. "the game is dying and they needed a cash grab to stay afloat they recently sold the company so they must be in hot water" 7. And finally "hey im a ex wurm player here is my bad review because im pissed that im banned for x reason" Those seem to be some of the most common reasons and most of these come down to either people miss understanding or wurm staff going over the top or the game just genuinely isnt for them, now there are some things that could be done to fix a part of these 1. do what others have done stop trying to shove weird new features and content down into the game for the sake of "we like this idea lets put it in because we like it" and focus on bug fixing for a long time 2. Try to be more passive and dont instantly fall for people trying to cause trouble as there are quite a few staff posts on the steam reviews where you guys fell for the bait and came across as exactly what they tried to get you to look like 3. make things more clear as to what the game is and how it is without grandeurs words and statements clear up what you get as a f2p player explain the restrictions dont just list them somewhere hidden away write some proper documentation that isnt a wiki page that is mostly outdated 4. Listen to the reviews listen to the players stop being so focused on your own goals and focus on making the game more successful if it means a long period of bug fixes with active communication then do so stop writing patch notes that require emoo's magic 8 ball to figure out how a feature works be upfront about it ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Going back to atomic society is it a game that makes me say go out and get it? no, why? what they have now is what most city builders had at 0.1 this game is going to take years to get there and frankly i doubt it will get there based on what is going on but if they do manage to get there and get to 1.0 in a few years then yes go get it it has promise for a fun game to play One thing i hope that that dev will keep doing is learn from his mistakes and grow and not disappear like so many other game devs and looking at their road map for this year it has got some nice things in the works