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  1. Bracelet of inspiration 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 1,3s to necroedarkslayer please
  2. Fix Fatigue

    The system needs to go it doesnt need fixing the only purpose it serves is to prevent a bot from running 24/7 which to be honest any smart person who bots in any game knows to cycle your bots and never ever pull multiple 24 hour periods on any 1 account(look at diablo 3 for a good example with most who moan and whine about being banned letting bots run 24/7 and those who get away entire seasons only letting bots run during usual play times) the fatigue system does not work for those who are grinding their skills to 95+ with 8 hours a day of mining with sleep bonus netting 0.50-0.60 if lucky it reaches a point where you have to put in long days if you want to reach those last few points now even a grind from 85 to 95 will make you run out of fatigue around 92 if you do it 8 hours a day of focused mining(not that hard to do with wurm assistant and a few movies or a good tv show) all that ends up happening is that we are left with an account that cant do anything because our play style isnt wanted and people trying to ###### and moan trying to protect a system that promotes casual playing as casual players dont like those who have more time then them to get ahead >.> which to be honest is a stupid ###### arguement you want more time? quit your job or maybe be unlucky and get let go of your job and while you are looking for a new one spend all your free time in wurm(like i do) id gladly have your life of having a job and a busy rl to the point where i cant hit the fatigue cap as i cant spend that much time on wurm but alas i have all the free time in the world after my morning routine of getting up checking my mail for any new job listings on all the sites i signed up for and applying for anything that showed up and having breakfast and doing my chores after that from 10am till 1pm its wurm followed by lunch then more wurm till 6-7pm for dinner and then more wurm till midnight-2am and then sleep why should those who have the free time to play wurm a lot(and often have multiple toons as well) get punished because casual players feel like its unfair? i hit the cap or get close to it quite often due to the simple fact that my life lets me what else should i do when i hit the cap? sit on my priest alt and stare at cows or play a other game? last time i hit it it meant playing a other game and i didnt bother coming back for a week almost as i know once hit its a pain to get it back to where you can pull a full day of wurm so in short all the fatigue cap does is push the grindy people with free time away from wurm as they cant fill their time with wurm which means there is a higher chance they will leave if they find a game that catches their interest more and thus lower income for codeclub and with how many people quit wurm every year id say getting rid of the fatigue cap might help stem the flow of people who leave as yes it might not be a lot of us but the few who do it hit often have multiple toons some of us 5-6 toons(different priests/brought toons) there goes a potential 40 to 46 euro's per person who does go down that road and quits because of frustration with this add in all the other things that are going on thats making people quit and wurm is loosing money left and right so why keep a system that promotes quitting? and thus +1 get rid of it as it serves no purpose to any legit person who has a lot of free time
  3. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    well sucks that you dont wanna come just because a great community member who happens to be a gm hosts his impalong could always host your own like people always do
  4. Mini Games

    +1 id love to take my own set of chess pieces to a mini chess tournament to pass the time while at a rift or a other event or just at random and yes make them be tied to toymaking so that that skill becomes more useful again
  5. Team Map (in-game)

    +1 it is also nice from a pve perspective as well although not as often used but still makes group hunting for specific animals easier when not all in the same alliance/village
  6. Like the title suggest could we have something that could be loaded into a big boat that acts similar to the rack for empty bsb's so that we can take more empty bsb's with us to places(eg delivering them to people or to a mine or something) but only empty bsb's And while it is in there do not let any other big items in the boat(eg forges smelters crates bsb's and such) as a trade off I know we can just have a lot of 1 plank missing unfinished ones in a boat right now but there is always that time where maybe you would want to take a bsb or 10 with you over crates for any number of reasons
  7. Question about mines and collapses

    i have seen tiles collapse in the center of my mine multiple times(my mine is around 20 wide in some places more) so it does happen
  8. So recently i have been hearing more and more stories of people loosing boats or items due to a collapse of what seems to be either a rather new mine or a reinforced old mine and that has left me wondering. I know that reinforcements don't fully stop collapses but make the chance really really really low(seen them collapse myself before) and i know that depending on the gm and their mood and who you are either you are told you get nothing back or just the items or everything(eg boat+items or everything that was on a tile) so i want to ask the question. What is the actual stance on collapses that happen in mines when it comes to a new mine/fully reinforced with a person being in it/having been in it and them having lost a vehicle or items due to a collapse? As the whole 3 different stances thing seems rather weird to me especially with the most recent story being one of someone loosing their rare boat they loved and was their most precious item in the game and only getting the items inside back yet an other one a while back that person getting everything back. And if gm's do stick to different stances on who gets what back and when can we get some clarification on what and when? As i personally and i am sure many others too would rather avoid loosing a lot of silver worth of items(and emotional value too for some) due to what we assume to be a safe mine eating our items. A curious wurmian.
  9. can add groups but not get rid of them anymore also manage shows up for some reason
  10. Well if a good way comes around thats fantastic but the 2nd option would still allow for a natural way for them to disappear think old forgotten mine that isnt used in years it would be nice for that to still be cleaned up thus such a feature would still be useful to have around
  11. And what way is that then? expand the deed at the cost of 10-20 or more silver just to get rid of some reinforced walls/ plant a new deed if far enough away from one? Why should something like a reinforcement have to cost silver/real life money to get rid of when if on deed it can be mined out? If there is a other way to for sure get rid of them do share
  12. So there are 2 ideas that popped up in gl-chat on getting rid of reinforced tiles that are off deed 1. Let the major mine out reinforced tiles in perimeter at 500 actions per tile or 1k actions in a small radius around the perimeter if there is no other deed/perimeter nearby/touching that perimeter(good example neighbours not being able to grief each other's just off deed mines) 2. Make reinforcements go away if all surrounding tiles are caved in(all 8 surrounding a reinforced tile/wall) as it would be a clear sign of an abandoned mine(this would include looking at both ends of say a reinforced walkway and collapse the edges every time) Mine pollution on the old servers is slowly starting to get worse and worse and nothing is worse then running into a row of reinforced tiles/walls that would require 10s extra to be spend on expansion of a deed and then shrinking it back just to get rid of them as an example Again to state this would be pve only just to stop either of the 2 idea's from being able to be abused in pvp situations period So what do you guys think of either idea and which one do you like more and what would you want to add to either of them? Also sorry if it sounds a bit off this was written up rather quickly if there is a better way of wording this do share it
  13. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    grass and other things in the new renderer look waaay more noisy which causes atleast my eyes to have a hard time looking at it have a look here is an comparison left is new right is old i know shitty 2nd vid quickly done but anyway i guess i will have to play with grass turned down for now at evenings(especially with flux active its bad)
  14. Bugged mission on celebration

    as per a mission that was missed by the update it seems Name: Everyone: Tears to help Magranon Creator: System Started: 7/17/18 1:51 PM Progress: 1.0% Expires: 7/24/18 1:51 PM Difficulty: 7 / 7 Description: Magranon commands you to create 8 mine doors. Rewards: 20m sleep bonus for each participant upon completion of this mission as well as 437 karma per item with 210m extra sleep bonus split between participants upon completion (30m max each)