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  1. On one side its a attempt to try and focus pvp around certain time windows where there are more people around but in the other it would make it impossible for some people to raid deeds at all Say we take 3 time zones utc+2(rome) utc -4(new york) utc+12(auckland) say your enemy sets their window for 8am utc+2 that means its 2am for new york or 6pm for auckland now say the raid window is 6 hours so by the time it finishes utc+2 2pm utc-4 8am utc+12 midnight your enemy is europe based its their morning(sure not the best time for their raid window but just an example) now you in new york and other east coast timezones of usa leading into central will either have to stay up way late on a workday or have a busy evening meanwhile those in say eastern australia or nz or korea/japan and so on will start around dinner time going into the evening now wurms population in those last few countries isnt enough to form their own kingdom so they would be stuck playing with mostly usa based kingdoms due to "hey i get of work at 5 im home at 6 oh look usa its 10-11 west coast time" so most of their interactions are with usa peeps until way later on now id say go for it add raid windows watch how the different kingdoms that are also divided currently by timezones end up setting windows in favor of them and against the enemy to the point where no one will care to do it at all any pvp in any game makes a group that is setup all in a similar time zone have to struggle being attacked by those in others and frankly raid windows never worked well in other games and it obviously didnt here either i for one would say go for it add it watch how pvp will die out even more right when its finally coming back and you are getting annoyed at the fact that "oh they hit us when we where asleep" well ya thats their play time because they are so far ahead of you timezone wise that raid window you want? will be setup to be during your sleeping time as well so good luck on that now again if it gets added i myself being from new zealand would be either at work or asleep depending on usa/europe based raid windows or only seeing the end or start of one and thus never being able to pvp with anyone if i choose to do so again this was 1 of the reasons why i never saw much pvp during wu unless i stayed up till 8am because "we cant go out and pvp with so few numbers" or "the enemy has too many players we have to wait till the europe crew come online" thats a thing even now and its why sure i see myself part of a kingdom on chaos but im not there i just play on a toon there because my usual playtime(if we account for work) is the time where europe is asleep or at work and usa is either going to sleep or relaxing for the evening and doesnt want to go out to do anything now imagine raid windows set in those times where either of those want to do something and otherwise they are never around/grinding skills then to me chaos would be just another freedom server long wall of text short +1 add it watch chaos become a pve server for players who dont play in the enemy kingdom's preferred time zone and everyone quit chaos again
  2. can we all just agree that waffles are better then pancakes and move on from a suggestion that wont see a change?
  3. What would 50k wemp cost in total?
  4. I was gone for about a month or 2 and i came back to this and now today not even 24 hours later(i was online for 10 minutes then logged off again yesterday) It has become a barren wasteland again as if all the mobs got scared away by the fact that there is a player around when there first wasnt anyone here on my mountain its a weird bit of creature ai to say the least and does highlight some issues with their code.
  5. Soooo um its been almost a year and its still here it seems the sickness of cele has yet to be cured by doctor developer i guess celebration is still stuck in the waiting room of the doctors office.
  6. ya last listing Oct 10, 2020 so like pretty dead at this point but i saw when that first came up it would have been nice to use but not enough people are using it or even know of using it and well undercutting tends to balance itself out in time anyway its more over that people just didn't really want to bother with an out of game object a reason why poe.trade got a official replacement https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search and still that isnt enough poe also has multiple trade chats but they just get spammed none stop and its near impossible to find what you want in it
  7. When this was brought up before i think on my 4th attempt at a AH type system one that still involved player travel but made the search and purchase of goods easier people still ripped into it because "herp derp i dont want an AH of any kind" Path of exile doesnt have a AH(except on the china server) and the economy is so so broken having to use 3rd party(now days there is a official one too but still why) player stash search sites(poe.trade just go have a look and go wtf) and then you copy the message that is generated there for that item and you pm the person and like 10 others for the item and get 0 replies and then sometimes you find the perfect item you want and oh look the person is offline(but the listing is there) or its already sold In poe the push against the current trade there(which is currently the same as wurms trade really) has gotten so bad that most of the most popular streamers are actually playing solo self found hardcore because they hate the trade league and people who are genuinely good at the game dont need trade to get what they want as they can find it themselves(same as in wurm really you got time you can get everything yourself) and there is even a push now that is growing with the day of implementing something similar to china's AH as if you compare international economy vs china's economy in poe you see 1 plagued with scammers and thieves and weird prices and scalpers meanwhile the chinese one there is none of that you dont get first week exalt scammers you dont get people using similar but fake items or weirdly linked or what ever items their economy is one that works and items are priced properly and accordingly Say what you want about hating on an AH it has been proven many times to work especially when implemented properly or even simple ones still work well hence why 1 of my ideas was a single AH npc per spawn town with no way for the player to make their own so you still have to travel(as some people whined about not traveling anymore if ah was put in -.-) and still that wasnt good The people who dont want an AH come up with insanely weird reasons like "oh i want to travel" but then complain about lack of time or "oh i want to communicate" but then complain about not being able to figure out proper pricing or getting ignored and so on and these same people who are against an AH will turn around and complain the economy is dead A mmo with a player driven economy would benefit from an AH that way your career blacksmiths cant overprice newbies and your occasional seller can check average item price of an item to figure out what to sell their item for You want the benefits that an AH offers without the instant purchase and delivery that an AH provides this has been suggested in many topics(2 of mine) and the usual anti AH crowd shuts even that idea down
  8. You wanna know the biggest disaster of it all? a hour+ of graphical updating besides that i really dont see anything wrong with some fun
  9. You are expecting too much from them just do what i do take a break enjoy life avoid forums avoid global chat turn it all off and just play and every time the devs once again ruin your plans add another strike once at 5 strikes of things you dont like just go on a hiatus it works well That aside i come back to see yet another nerf in a long line of unneeded nerfs brought to you by a team who honestly at this point in my eyes does not know what they want or are doing to the game and are to greedy in their desire to keep new players around that they will destroy the game to please them Just revert the imbue changes and while your at it get rid of the priest crap and so many other things that keep being added in for the sake of nerfing or "oh a staff member has this idea lets do this" when such idea's when a player has them fall on deaf ears I am watching the game i grew up with from my teenage years into adult years and i can say for sure the last few years have been by far the worst overall sure some good things but the amount of bad that keeps coming out just overshadows it A marketing push was said to happen "soon" after steam release to keep momentum up and going well we are waiting Steam is bleeding people left and right and stand alone client is doing just as bad numbers where really high then the fall came as expected but it never stopped it never evened out and why? promised things where not delivered work isnt put in things are left to just dry up and frankly its sad to see from a game i spend more time on then some of 2nd generation members have been alive for And that is the saddest part there are legit couples who met in wurm's early days got together and their kids started playing wurm or had babies before and got into wurm and their kids are playing there areny many but there are its such a great game yet it is just being dragged over a gravel road with no help to stay upright Just wait the "big" q4 update will come some time "later" and it will be a let down like other things are and the same people who love the game to bits will complain again and it will again fall on deaf ears as we all know it doesnt matter what we say and that is 1 of the reasons i went quiet myself Wurm staff are like that ex that keeps trying to stay in your life and you know you click with but cant be in a relationship with so you shuffle around on the edge you do stuff with them now and then then back off then get closer but every time you get closer you get hurt time and time again but you keep going back as you just love that person too much(not speaking of experience here just experience of others) The game is great would be a lot greater if some of the shenans and "nerfs for the sake of nerfs" are taken care of and things are actually improved again but alas
  10. Too those in favor of getting people to try it let me ask you a question How many mortgages did you take out on your house in order to pay for your own virtual space ship that you cant even use yet? I myself am waiting for the 2590 release of sc 1.0 or the 2780 release of all content for free with mtx Jokes aside i am happy i avoided sc when it first popped up still glad im not going to pay for it I want to be able to pay for a product and get what i pay for if its an early access game that im interested in atleast have the game there or partly there instead of nothing for ages and even now days no thanks one ea's been through enough of them to not bother with them anymore i rather wait til 1.0 releases and go in with fun and joy then being bored of it
  11. The existing tutorial series cover most of the stuff mentioned here already if you want to reinvent the wheel do it by combining topics Take a video on terraforming as a whole explain it from digging to flatten to level to surface mining to the "a shovel just wont do" messages because of tile interactions based on which corner is diggable and which one isnt do a deep dive into terraforming as a whole not just the basics Add ontop timestamps in the video and in the description and segment it into chapters of basic and advanced and label them as such Another topic would be how to survive your first few days and get food and protect yourself and dive into avoiding mobs and how water blocks them and how towers work and what animals to avoid early on and such Explaining the client how to properly activate and use tools how to interact with the world and such is also a good one "Getting the most out of your first week in wurm and the hurdles and traps of starting out" is another one you can do A lot of the existing tutorials out there do a good job at it its just that they are either old or not tagged properly so yt wont display them early on and a lot of them do their video's randomly without order if you really want to make a good tutorial series plan your video's ahead of time create a proper flow from basics to more advanced and upload them as such too One great way to do it would be a quick simple heavily cut and edited tutorial series that is straight to the point in explaining things without long dragged on sentences keep things short and compact dont add too many things into 1 video unless the topic needs it What i notice is a lot of lets play yt's doing drawn out tutorials for games and they do a few and quit as they dont get the views as well their video's feel drawn out and too much info into them too quickly(poe's streamer zizaram has this with his poe university video's) the topics are not clear there is no clear flow from point a to b it kinda just goes all over the place turning a 20 min video into 1-2 hours and a lot of lets players do this too So something you can do is have quick short video's that explain the topic in enough detail and then a "deep dive" video released along it that is longer that goes into the topic a lot more so that people can quickly go "im stuck on terraforming lets go to yt" and they get there and they go "wurm online terraforming tutorial" and they see a quick 12 min video of how to explain terraforming from basic digging to leveling complex things in an easy quick format with a longer video next to it and most will go for the quick one as they want to jump back into the game again
  12. The only issue with that is that it starts to move towards theme park and away from sandbox the "end of personal goals" was a great example of the type of wurmian who plays the moment this was announced so many players went nuts over it and rushed to be part of it and quite a few burned out and some never came back The same happened during the 30% time people felt pressured to do wurm as much as possible and if it had gone on for long it would have lead to burn out of the game as well for that Wurmians love wurm for the openness the lack of pressure beyond what they themselves make(unless pvp) adding in events will drive people to focus on only doing those things at the start and will loose track of other things that make them enjoy it Sure there are plenty of people who it wont matter too but also plenty who do No wurm is a sandbox what makes wurm work when life is feudal failed was the lack of artificial caps on gear and skills like lif added(and 99% of all servers ran without caps because it is hated) Increasing damage because your skill is low is also silly imagine a ql 31 grinding pickaxe on a 99 miner taking nearly no damage anymore at all or a ql 10 for that matter after all (10-99)*0.2 (0.2 is the damage done to a ql 1 tool for example per action start) would lead to -17.8 either you would have to disable it if skill is higher then item ql or it just starts doing wonky stuff And even besides that wurm does not need this it does not need caps it is a sandbox game it needs freedom to build and design and create what the game provides without artificial caps to "guide" a player around if you want that life is feudal is right up your alley for that