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  1. Id say we deserve it by now we have been good enough right?
  2. What seems to be missing here is a simple thing Let boat ql increase lowest possible speed aka ql 90+ boat=22km/h min while max speed remains the same while a ql 10 boat has a min speed of 15 this way there is 7km/h difference(which honestly is more then enough) for ql gain and a bigger speed gain then currently After all the average speed of a knarr was 7 knots or 13km/h in rl but sailing at sub 15 is just slow for and in the end we are playing a game that makes us do a LOT of things while we all have limited time so why should sailing(something that is unavoidable if you wanna visit other servers) have moments of "oh joy i can go visit deli in 5 min from my deed" go to "oh itl take 50 minutes to visit deli with this wind i guess i better put on a movie or use an alt to sail while i log off and go play another game" or any other scenario(use alt that cant cross a server due to not having ownership who is a priest to summon soul you when it hits the border and cant cross?) 22-30 is a nice speed for us as plenty of us are happy with 22km/h speeds in boats so why not make that be the min for ql 90? Add a weight restriction that slowly ticks down the boats speed down from 22 to 15 based on how full a boat is in terms of weight?(Yes im looking at who ever was going to complain about that)
  3. While i agree that these topics should happen I want to bring my twist to them and expand on them more 1. " forests that regrow to have a range of trees" Yes but only if nearby there are enough trees to warrant this, plenty of games out there with forest area's where every tree type is present in a big giant barf of "we used a brush to plant all possible trees and dont care about consistency" this is something that has always bugged me and why i love wurm's forests they do have a mix already but really dense area's be it natural or man made remain mostly 1 tree type like they should be but i do agree that tree spawning mechanics should be made a bit more adaptable to account for nearby trees instead of "oh this area is has every tile as maple lets keep spawning maple" it should instead look around it for other trees. Sure currently the mechanic basically goes "can tree create another tree? if so check tile range, check empty tile, place tree" thus a dense maple stays a dense maple hence the issue so maybe some sort of high % cap on how dense a tree's forest will be naturally like say 80% of the trees in an area can be maple if natural spawned if above that dont spawn new maple until it drops below it this way other trees can swirl their way through forests and grow and expand 2. "quicker steppe/desert/tundra regrowth to repair damage and repair damage from rifts" expand this to rifts destroying bushes as well please as in particular my forest that i live at is being turned into a bush forest instead of a tree forest due to rifts not hitting them and replanting only helps so much 3. "slow erosion of heavily modified terrain not near deeds or highways. It makes no sense that huge player-made slopes last forever, that makes the land ugly and unnatural. It should erode over time." This was teased at one point in time and well it needed a LOT of work and i would like to extend those criteria to other things as well to include players being there in a long time reason being there quite some places that are sorts of ruined monuments around that would not be valid due to no deed or highway and would thus disappear forever and some of these places are from beloved wurmians that have passed away 4. " faster removal of paving in areas that aren't a road. Big square paved areas should erode faster unless it's on a deed or very often visited. (why not also add erosion steps to make it less serious, too? Like making paving erode into gravel first.)" Rolf messed around with the time it took for cobblestone road to decay back into grass and even at a time into gravel first(I guess we can now go from cobble to loose stone to gravel) but the issue is that the roads less traveled became maintenance heavy roadworks projects because a lot of cobblestone tiles would disappear from 2 wide roads into 1 wides because people would mostly hug 1 side of the road or the random marker roads known to locals would disappear. Then there is the issue of places like Chaos and Indy that have a ancient history with many roads that rarely ever get used maybe once or twice a year yet when they are they are crucial Then also new players exploring on foot might be wanting to find a road to run away from that troll and are following a road that randomly turns to grass just long enough for a troll to die(my first death) when they are 2-3 tiles away from the road again. As much as i like this idea if this gets added it has to be a multi year timer before rows of paved tiles change as else too much is lost(then again this does happen already last i checked) I rather this be a player things though to clean up old roads in favor of a more natural look(something i am planning on doing in my area once im done terraforming) 5. "We also have the archeology system now, too, meaning that all traces of past deeds will never be lost forever." you would be surprised how much of an impact it has when you spend the last hour walking along a narrow road dodging trolls and spiders and bears and wolves and everything else as god its scary and you have no clue where you are only to suddenly come across a flat bit of land(the ruins of a old town) that suddenly stops at a steep cliff looking down and you realize you walked halfway up a mountain and the view is amazing and now your in love with the game even more then you were before As much as i love the aspect of terrain deformation back to more evenly sloped there is a WU mod that floated around that enabled this and even on mild settings where terrain would only try to even out slowly over time if players had altered it(comparing the map when it was brand new vs now) and would try to even out slopes above x height(in my testing i had it set to 80) the performance impact was quite substantial where as at one point on my server when we had this mod a big village had fallen and 4 months later there were days of lag spikes(Kinda forgotten we had the mod at the time) whenever the code would run to check what terrain needed to be changed and what to change it to and so on and sure it wasnt unplayable but the last thing we want on xanadu for example is more lag then it already has The other issue is that over time in low pop servers everything would turn into rolling hills with the only things that are left sharp and high are 1 player deeds of active players 2 rock mountains with nothing ontop unless natural terrain does not move at all unless above the slope that dirt would be swapped out to rock in the generation of the map was set at(for example 80 steep) but then if i make a mountain top peak the entire mountain will end up covered in slowly sliding down dirt slide till it evens out to say 80 steep slopes of dirt with no rock to show for it There are a lot of issues to think about when it comes to erosion and just straight up deleting terrain to lower steepness isnt a good fix nor is making it slide down if left unpaved
  4. So lets start off with this 1. Can we please get the ability to resize the name,ql,dmg,weight and improve sections of the ui? By default i have been playing at 110% ui scaling and for as long as we have had the new ui weight of the 4th number(aka 1000kg or more) has always been weirdly cut off Even if i paly at 100 ui scaling it still happens I have to set ui text scale to 105 for it to not do this So in the spirit of 2023 being the year of QOL changes can the UI please get some love and allow us to resize those 4 sections 2. Next to that can we also please get the crafting window to be able to be resized? There are certain resolutions that the game can run at by default where the crafting window is so giant that its as big as the screen, the crafting window and character window are the only 2 that i can think of that have a static size that are actually nice to have open most of the time but we cant either collapse or resize like other windows.
  5. Guess that is what they are saying which is honestly silly as thats above a price of a fantastic
  6. 1. Not my house 2. The Deed that this house belongs to has this house is really close to it 3. Rift's are meant to have a min distance from deeds as a limit that also applies to a few other things so far as I recall as to not impact deeds(This gets ignored from time to time due to rift generation failing to find a great spot and thus forcing it or so I have been told) 4. Rift's on celebration have a habit of spawning near this place(1 in 3 rifts spawns around the area the other spawn point is like a 3 min walk away south east) sometimes so close that the terrain deformation hits that deed even(The owner and I have had plenty of chats about this in the past of her coming on and seeing her farmland made uneven) 5. Rifts in that particular area have spawned in places that as per what was originally said they would not spawn at have spawned at. So there is something that is failing and thus it ends up forcing a rift to spawn too close to a deed I made a topic about it in 2019 asking for some more clarification on how the rift spawning mechanic chooses its location as it seems to favor certain criteria and not much was shared on that but since then I have had some info shared by devs on the topic and things such as this are not meant to happen and to report it the next time such a thing happens. This isn't the first time this house has taken a hit from something like this the last time the deed facing door got hit prompting me and her to start digging into trying to find out what the criteria for rift spawning actually is.
  7. As the title states a recent rift spawned ontop of a off deed house resulting in the terrain inside the house to become wonky the whole area went from mostly flat to insanely spikey including the nearby road
  8. This requires him to actually play the game in the first place
  9. There used to be a few actual writers who would create one of shorts of events from the ageless here and there and either release them on the old forums(pre 2008) or on the wiki and they were basically seen as cannon by those who loved them it contained a lot of amazing stuff but almost all of it is now gone. So much has been lost to the sands of time when it comes to wurm's story pre kingdoms sending their adventurers through the portals to the new lands and founding said new lands only for them to be destroyed in catastrophic events with contact to the original kingdoms cut off(death of jk and mr home server and birth of freedom) I do wish someone would sit down some day and take everything that exists from fan lore to what others felt should be cannon and then take ingame events and create proper stories about it all the way up to the expedition into the new lands(northern freedom isles) and leave the story there for now for new players to write it would be amazing to see i think if a full fledged story was designed around that. From the merger of jenn and kellon to the corruption taken place in the name of Libila after thiefs and vagebonds and rogues started to walk through portals seeking freedom to the arrival of mol-rehan and even before the exploits of the ageless and their library and the subsequent burning of it and the loss of knowledge and dark age that followed all the way up to notable battles of the newer kingdoms, seeing all of it explored and written out in short stories or something would be amazing. Or as my dream is something like league of legend's world map and its rich lore behind that but one can only dream. Either way there is so so so much lore already there so many stories so many events just waiting to be explored again that honestly there is a big overarching story line just isn't easily accessible for players nowadays with the old posts gone and all.
  10. 2023 Roadmap

    I hope that the info related to faith bonuses and channeling are displayed in someway or else we can troll people by lowering our faith bonuses to impact spell power negatively and then sell those and then if people complain go "well i can sell you another one if you want to try again" or any other number of scenario's where things could be less favorable for the buyer.
  11. Last bridge i destroyed was a fun DAY of catapulting it then giving up and bringing over 12 toons to bash away for another 6+ hours for the remaining pieces total time spend for that bridge was around 16 hours which was fun(not) Honestly we should just have a simple system of "Is bridge used in last 30 days?" AND "Is bridge connected to building/deed" AND "is bridge part or near a highway" with near being 20 tiles, if these are not true then damage for bashing should be increased to a reasonable amount where bashing a bridge tile is a few minutes and not a few hours with 1 toon and where say a 10 tile long bridge is like 2-3 hours of bashing. Add to that creator bonus so that the creator can bash it really quickly if the above conditions are met and bridge removal for old unnecessary bridges will become a lot better suited for wurm
  12. unzip graphics.jar> open mappings.txt sift through there filter out non craftable items and ui elements and particle effects and the likes and you will be left with a list of items that you can count up and figure out how many items there are in the game atleast when it comes to items with a model anyway
  13. Rare pickaxe head+shaft = rare pickaxe every time same goes for other 2 piece item that i have tried so far(activate rare item apply to other part, do not use crafting window)
  14. Did the dev's forget about christmas this year? Typically speaking santa and the juleboard would be here already so where are they?