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  1. This post is an auction not a how to on making a post please do not derail it with off topic comments. If you have a specific question about the deed or want to bid on it please leave a comment.
  2. Hello guys! I am selling Whitefall at i8 on the Xanadu server. Starting the auction at 50 Silver. 25 Silver bid increments. No reserve No Snipe Protection Auction ended SOLD! Deed info at the time of this post. SIze 65x73 Perimeter is 5 0 Guards 21 silver, 12 copper and 35 iron in it's coffers Monthly cost is 9 silver an 49 copper Upkeep approximately 62 days Check it out in this video of the place (many thanks to Milosanx) A few things have changed but not much. Come by and see for yourself. https://youtu.be/-NjMBzAp37U?list=PLcVh2Fo4i0ZG_DM9yHKdM7hmm6RpD-gMq
  3. Thanks for Wurm Rolf... now get us some more kids to play with!
  4. I am looking for a Nahjo Priest with at least 50 faith. No other skills matter but will pay for them they are worth it. I will pay up to 80 silvers depending on the skills. PM me with a Niarja link on your Priest. Thanks, Q
  5. You have approval from each and every player on Inde. Please continue with your work and thank you for caring about your local area and making it nice. Well done! Q
  6. All Wurmians, I have what I need. Thanks, Q
  7. Hi guys, I am looking for a Nahjo battery with 70+ faith. Skills do not matter to me other than faith. Please PM me with any Nahjo you have with over 70 faith and lets make a deal! Thanks! Q
  8. Got it and thanks a lot, thank you! Q
  9. Mail the rare hammer to Quiglen please. Thank you!, Q
  10. Payment received and toon delivered! Thanks Novaflash, Q
  11. Payment received and toon delivered! Thanks Novaflash, Q
  12. Payment received and toon delivered! Thanks Kazthegreat, Q
  13. Payment received and the toon delivered. Thanks Gofs! Q
  14. Gofs PM me and we can arrange the transfer, thanks! Q