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  1. The circumstances of my life and the global, environmental, and political climate of the world pushed my subconscious to desire to (again) seek out the safety of Wurm's mantle. I live in a dank metropolis and can't currently move due to financial and health issues. I yearn to run through open, unrestricted, unpolluted fields (good luck being able to do that in our world), to encounter mystery and surprises, to travel. I want to live in a rural area and have a cozy tiny house, off grid, with a lush backyard and a chicken coop. Yes, that is one of my main dreams. Wurm offers this to me. It may be just "Java", but you, Wurm, give me serenity and beauty, my own crops, animals to care for, seas to cross. All of us here are seeking something, and there is no shame in any of it. Some of us are quite addicted, and addiction comes from some deep place, and I honor it. I honor it in you. How many of us here seek respite in an isolated deed and do not care to interact? No shame. I honor all of it. How many just want someone to chat with about stupid things while entertaining their DNA's yearning for "hunting and gathering"? It's all honorable. Some of us may be in a good place behind the screen. Others may not be. We're all here in this moment in time, and I like to pause and marvel at it. In my heart, I don't feel that we'll always have the internet (where the world is going and etc). But that we got together in this alternate universe and created and communicated with one another using something akin to telepathy - is nothing short of a wonder. Poignant post? I have that touch, I guess. May our Wurm remain green, its seas alive, its bounty available to everyone regardless of income, its kings and queens loyal to their subordinates, and its Impalongs plentiful. <3 Thank you Wurm Online <3
  2. Hi there. Did you built some guard towers on Cele? 

  3. I wanted to like this posting, but the grammar herein is atrocious. I respect the word too much.
  4. Hello, I'm back after a while. Wanting to relocate from Xanadu to one of the smaller islands with a much smaller population. May be able to sail there myself. My farming is at 20 and animal husbandry is in that range, I believe. Would also love to practice and help with cooking. Open to getting Premium. Glad to occasionally help out in any other projects, provided that I can stop when it gets too grindy. Building is super grindy for me and burns me out quicker than anything, banishing me out of Wurm for months or years. Which means that residing in a place that provides tools and shelter is non negotiable! Just want to be a nice, friendly, helpful worker for ideally a huge farm that sells and delivers produce, for a merchant business, or just a little village that needs help. Thanks for looking!
  5. This sounds right up my alley. To be honest, I saw a few of your posts around the forum and thought you had a great vibe, positive and friendly. Celebration was #1 on my list, as well. I'll pm you!
  6. Hi! I'm very interested, and you sound like a sweet person! Currently on the market for a boat so I could migrate over to Release. Hope to meet you soon!
  7. This holds true for all MMO's, not just for Wurm. Self-absorption (not sure which other word to use - I hope it doesn't offend anyone) is more commonplace than the spirit of kindness; the spirit of actively seeking out opportunities to help others. What do you guys think about this? Can you share any moments when you witnessed, or were on the receiving end of genuine kindness on the part of another in Wurm, etc? I will never forget, to the day that I die, the person I met in one MMO. We were in the same guild (faction). He had something rare about him. Whenever I turned around, he was helping one person after another, never discriminating between older players and newbies. Volunteering to give away this, or teach how to do that, or show something, or write lengthy guides with no self-interest. In my years of exploring virtual worlds, he is the only player who has left me in awe. How much he cared for other players! How genuinely nice, concerned, authentic he was. I'll never find him again. This was years ago and he left the game to concentrate on other things. I tend to be spiritual... I felt he was more developed in some spiritual sense than the others. Everyone is on a different leg of their journey - some are here to be helped, and others are here to help. But I would give up all the grinding and the race to be #1, if I could experience that again, or witness something like that again. That's my story. Anyone want to share theirs? Thoughts?
  8. *Reserved for when I'm not falling asleep*
  9. Can a moderator please delete this thread? Thanks
  10. This game surely has a few oddballs like me who make exploring Wurm their top priority. I've only seen two inns so far by the coastline. If coastal real estate is valuable for trade, why are there not more inns (ultimately - beds)? It's considerate, it makes your deed more formidable (imo), and the aesthetic and relationship-building values may also pay off. Or maybe I had too much Wurm today. have a good evening.
  11. This may seem like a nutty poll, but I'm curious! (I know gender can be a sensitive topic for transgendered persons, if there are any. Choose whichever option feels comfortable.) Thank you for participating in getting to know each other better. Poll is anonymous.
  12. Please allow for some diversity on this forum. Maybe I have quirky ways of doing things. And where is your sense of humor Cool it!
  13. I've checked profile settings. By default, I had PvP zones blocked. I was approaching the edge of Deliverance, and decided to clear my destination (Xanadu), (because of a cute stray horse I wanted to take a look at). There was no warning or message of "You will soon end up on Chaos." However, that is where I ended up. In Plot Course settings, the red-hued Chaos option was not even available for me to choose from. "Clear destination" was selected. With luck on my side, I went back the same way I arrived and was safely back on Deli, eventually jumping to Xanadu after I had chosen to plot the course to it.
  14. I have heard of that, but did not know that it's done primarily in 3rd person view. Makes sense, however.
  15. I love this idea.
  16. Wurm is a waste of time, unless it's played only when sleep bonus is available and active, and only with high QL tools, enchanted with CoC.
  17. Thanks for making fun of my attempting to think outside of the box.
  18. Can you list them please? I need ideas. Ok. This is what I'm after. Can you please reveal what these other things are? I recently met a fella on Xan, who told me that most Wurm players don't know how to play. For them wurmian life is nothing but numbers, and they miss out on unique ways to look at the game. To simply slow down and enjoy the game world. When he tried to share this with other players, they'd laugh at him. Exploring just for the sake of exploring, admiring the beauty of the moons in the sky, writing a "message in the bottle"-type of letter on papyrus, dropping it in a random place, and seeing whether the player who finds it writes him back; camping out in wilderness with something cooking on the fire and just admiring the view... I really want to hear from people who approach Wurm in a totally unique way. Show me another MMO with as much grind as Wurm? Cutting down the grind is not a stupid wish.
  19. Many are wary of the unstable server situation; the thought of losing everything over a server shutdown - an unwelcome thought, and thus stay away. Thoughts?
  20. Help a poor girl out! I'm very nice and won't cause any trouble. I just want to see the shores of Xanadu, but have no means to do so. It doesn't even have to be Xan in entirety, but a quarter of it maybe. Could I even bring a village friend? Would I be able to bring my four-footed friends on board, too? I'm located at NW Xanadu at Glasshollow.
  21. Yes, I am! I'll pm you. (How do I add you in-game?)
  22. Hi. I saw you come by my profile. We were in a village together, right?

  23. I would like to connect with them in-game, and just chat about things. I'm semi-disabled myself at the moment, and feel that we would both be speaking the same language. Send me a pm
  24. Priests are sold and bought. I understand. I also understand that becoming a follower carries with it some negative restrictions. Either way, though - are there no priests out there that are not alts?
  25. You're one of maybe three nicest people I've met in Wurm. I have 50c, thank you so much for the offer! Wouldn't I need Mind Logic to be at least 19.5? Theonis, it's okay to say that I'm being naive! Lol. I had no idea it was that large. On the game map it's difficult to tell.