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  1. Hello, I'm having trouble deleting bridges in the 2.9.9 version. No matter which tile of the bridge I click on the destroy bridge on start tile is not clickable, it's greyed out. This is on a deed I imported from Wurm Unlimited starting on this version. I remember it working on old versions. Edit: Even a new map does not allow bridge deleting:
  2. @joedobo The problem was mine I think. I was using an older version instead of the newest release, my bad.
  3. How does this work? I have a 50ql smelting pot and 39 skill in metallurgy. I activate the smelting pot and right click a glowing hot lump of steel or iron of various sizes (29-64 weight) and qualities (29-82ql) and I click smelt and the message I receive is "It makes no sense to smelt a lump. There would be no change." I assume i'm doing smething wrong. edit: using default settings
  4. Unless this is intended the mod is forcing the max deed size and not allowing deeds to be sized under the max. For example 50 max tile will force 24x24 and not allow say 10x10.
  5. I like the Vodka idea, would it be possible to add in the other alcohols too?
  6. I'm getting an error with WU 1.5, here is the server log:
  7. I'm having a problem. I got a treasure map, arrived at the spot and got the message "You are practically standing on the marked spot!". It's on dirt so I dig with my shovel and I get no message and only dirt, am I missing something? I use better digging by Bdew, maybe that is messing it up? edit: with better digging disabled the result is the same edit2: here is my config:
  8. Yeah seems so, this mod has not worked for awhile: edit: Fighting at 2.0 does not work while fighting at 1.0 does, maybe 1.0 is the same as disabled or removing fighting from the .properties file?
  9. Hi, thanks for this mod. I have a request for all the anniversary items:
  10. My deed from first finding and choosing a spot up until now: Server: Kingdom of Mogley (private) Skill: 2x, recently changed to 8x; 1x action timer Leveling and building the house: More leveling for the animal pens: Animal pens, cobblestone and farm plots mostly complete: Obligatory rainbow and charcoal pile screenshot: Leveling for more pens: And finally, problems:
  11. I'm having trouble getting this mod to work. I am using Ago's WurmServerModLauncher 0.20. I have a lot of other mods and have had no problems with them. Here is the server.log if there is another log file you need let me know. I would love to have huge open pens rather than my 2x1 penned in animals so thanks for this mod.
  12. It looks good, having a waterway through the island is always nice.