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  1. 1 sailboat in stock, current ship order should be done tomorrow,ask you want to be next, ask now!
  2. i didnt say that to mean this shouldnt be fixed, i said that because obviously if turning it into dirt solved it, that means it really was the sand that was the problem and not that it was really always picked clean.
  3. i seen the problem, and tried those tiles everyday for weeks, always picked clean on sand until i changed them to dirt, then i started getting fragments.
  4. cog order finished and and paid for, 1 sailboat and corbita ready for pickup and some new enchants.
  5. you are making me rethink my opinion about this issue
  6. over an hour after the last bid and the auction ends, il contact the winner. sent and paid for.
  7. i tried adding ropetools and had to choose from a list of metals for materials. tried adding a ship but list of woods is not complete so i couldnt.
  8. we sold our first knarr, now working on a cog for someone.
  9. talking ingame, this is now closed. it was delivered and paid for with no problems. all done.
  10. this is a pvp thing? i go afk for hours sometimes and never seen this.
  11. bump for 1 day left
  12. Starting bid: 31s buyout: 50s Increments: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hour
  13. Never Night

    thats more like what i see.
  14. Never Night

    wierd thing is for me those screenshots arent dark at all, but night ingame is just as dark as a cave.
  15. come on , this has to be a parody, you cant really mean this nonsense.
  16. call me crazy, but maybe you can talk to people. this would solve your problems.
  17. what the hell are you saying? how to do know this are free accounts? and even if they are, what diferent does that make? if i have 0 blacksmithing skill and sell 90ql tools for someone else, who cares? people sell for others on their deeds all the time. what is the problem?
  18. Starting bid: 20s Increments: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hour no reserve, no buyout, no private bids
  19. Never Night

    could we get dye back before focusing on this?
  20. isnt mapple wine a real thing too?
  21. Map from 2012

    exodus trading post for the win!!. this map by leslie is what i based my first templates on. the topic from leslie is still here with the working link. the map updated by eject was much funnier.
  22. i dont know why this would be, but i have turned it on and off a few times and i dont have this problem, using non steam client, english language OS.