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  1. Should be 4 factions and new gods/spells and make the map bigger by 1k. The terrain on this map is really nice. Just wish there was a little more water than the outer edge and lakes. Make land control worth it and more rewarding. I think having to defend something after you capture it for 5-10 minutes is great. Prevents people from swiping stuff up and running. Prevent zerging. Make it harder to have let’s say 3 people on you at a time. Do a timer on death tabs. Rework affinity drops. They’re kind of low key annoying. Make rank more rewarding other than titles. Remove rank decay. Or at least severely lower the amount that it decays by on whatever counter it’s on. Raiding deeds should benefit players a lot more. If a deed is big enough or has “x” amount of prem players you get a massive reward to your character for draining and minor to everyone that is on the deed that is enemy. Make buffs s little more noticeable other than like true hit/oak shell/frantic charge. The other ones are almost never used. They should naturally last longer, and be something like whatever your channeling is should be the lowest cast you can get for that specific buff. So it gets away from the RNG in the game. I would honestly get away with RNG period. I should be able to fight someone and win/lose based on the QL/enchants of my gear. And actual skills in said gear/body stats/general skills in regards to combat.
  2. I think it's funny how much people are complaining over us using a safe space. The whole reason that deed was placed there was to prevent MR (which in reality, they still wouldn't be able to do with Gaul'Kor being put down prior to all of that just east of USNP) from taking our mountain that they've been draining. We knew from the get-go that they were intending to do that. So we countered and bashed. Both MR and BL were simply out done through our tunnel systems when they all came. We knew we'd lose some people so we had to cut our losses and get out ASAP so we wouldn't wipe. In the end it was like 46+ MR/BL vs only like 17-19 JK. We were also at LEAST 3-4 locals away from our "impenetrable war deed." Not a single attempt from what I've seen was even made to wall off our mine/mine in. Let alone an attempt to even push to get our 1x1 walled off token broken into. War deeds always have been a part of the game. They're a part of the whole concept of land control, hence the /kingdoms. That's why there are raid windows, that's why there is only 5 consistent drains to remove deeds, and none of which was used by any kingdom on this server other than maybe MR atm when they did it to Victus Cong which we didn't have access to to even defend (literally unopposed). Raiding isn't supposed to be easy, it never is or should be. Also, Village is not a war deed. It is our Capitol, majority of our kingdom lives there. We moved there because we wanted to build a more defendable deed than Nuln, and it was a great location for Defending and the overall PvP aspect. If ANYTHING should be changed about it just simply remove raid windows. Or make it so you can use off deed mine doors without enemies being able to get in without bashing, but make it bash twice as fast as you can now. So you have some sort of safe space when you raid... it would make raiding actually fun/promote more PvP. I remember way before epic it was actually a thing with off deed mine doors, and you'd get good and fun PvP on a daily basis. There weren't any Zergs either. I would also recommend delaying death tabs to at least 10-15 minutes. So back dooring isn't a thing as much. Because people getting outnumbered is what is really killing the game if anything. Because what sense would it make if you want me to fight 3 people by myself? I would have absolutely no chance of even getting a hit off before I'd be dead most likely because of gank bonus. I would sit there fighting 3 on a mine door with some chance of actually giving a fight back or potentially getting even 1 kill from a mine door. You've got to look it all of this from all sides and angles before you say it's killing PvP. But everyone will sit there and complain, but BL also has a War deed named City. Was placed to prevent us from placing a tower down on our Capitol deed. But you don't see us complaining about it. We sucked it up and got some content out of it.
  3. well thats the downside of raiding the deed, we would do it on any deed just like you would too if it was reversed
  4. Hey, that deed isn't past 72 hours. Barely reached 48 hours of the initial raid window
  5. No, it's just key spells that are obviously not okay. And to getting your horses shot down. Either A. Put a barding on or B. Grind Archery. Simple. I don't have the option to quick cast your horses to a hurting status and engage and dehorse you. So yes I'm going to complain with my above stated reasons. Because I don't think it's good that you don't have to even consider grinding archery because you can simply just drain health my horse and ride up to me instead. While I have to grind my archery to sit at a 4-5 second timer and GLANCE/MISS shots. While drain health is a guaranteed hit and instaslow.
  6. This issue with drain health, always has been, and currently is not the damage, but the range vs hurting status on a horse. It doesn't just enough to slow down a full speed horse more than enough to get caught up to and basically hard kill a horse. It's far better for me to literally sit there for 3 seconds to cast drain health like 10+ tiles vs me using a bow. What'll happen? I'll maybe just fail casting it... but the reality of it is. It's a spell that basically pierces through armor and puts either that character/horse in hurting status immediately. While other people who use bows will glance or just flat out miss with even 90 archery deeming it pointless. Oh, and you also have absolutely no time to react to the spell being casted or can't even get out of range unless you're already standing behind a hill... tldr; it's the complete best engage spell in the game right now. severely broken range for what the original intent of the spell was being a defensive spell like drain stam, and the range being very short for the timer.
  7. I would also remove the dmg that scorn does
  8. This, lower the heals. So people from 40 health don't get full healed everytime.
  9. The whole point of this thread to get people talking. Realistically to keep up with healing, you NEED 2 Fo's for 1 Libila priest. That's just for healing. It's not necessarily a blame post either. 10/10 times someone will use drain health on a horse to engage over bows. It's a 3 second timer with a almost 15 tile distance vs short bow slightly timer that beats it out every time. You tell me if you can react within that 3 seconds or not.
  10. We've tested it, with 20 minutes of healing resistance. Scorn will heal 3 30 damage wounds almost entirely.
  11. Drain Health: it needs to get toned down. The range is too long for how stupid short the timer is. It almost make having a shortbow or a bow in general pointless to use as HoTS/Libila Priest. Phantasm: I've seen it casted 15 tiles away. Similar Issue as it can potentially take a horse out of a fight with little to no risk from the caster. Fix: Decrease the Max Range to like 3 tiles for Drain Health. If said target walks away from the radius, you stop casting. Fix: Decrease the Max Range to like 5 tiles for Phantasm. If said target walks away from the radius, you stop casting. Scorn of Libila & Light of Fo: need to be severely toned down or reworked. If you can get a full heal on an entire group with that spell because wounds are stacking, there's obviously something wrong there. 1. Scorn heals 30 up to 60 damage PER WOUND. PLUS AoE damage. This spell scales as well. 2. Light of Fo heals up to 5 to 30 damage PER WOUND. NO AoE damage. Does not scale. So a healing spell that heals for more AND does more damage? How is that balanced? It worked well with Shield of the Gone on other servers, but it doesn't work on Defiance. Reason being, all the damage reductions helped separate wounds. I've literally seen people go from bleeding to full health from both Scorn and LoF on Defiance. Of course the response to it is gunna be "Well just tangleweave it" at this point it's not even about that. It's just about the crazy amount it heals for such a large group of people in the event it does go off.... and tangleweave's cooldown can't lock a priest down. As well as getting in range of a priest most of the time as well. A good possible fix would be to remove the damage that Scorn does, and totally tone down the possible max heal to 15 DMG for 2 wounds (30 damage maximum) and up to 3 people MAX at random in a 15x15 within the cast radius of said spell which is roughly a 3x3. Essentially LoF with another name (aka the same exact spell) If you wanna sit there and get a full heal use the "Heal" spell or just use LT/ED weapons to survive not a spell that basically casts "Heal" to 100%. That's just my 2 cents on priests atm. So idk if the dev's wanna take this into consideration or not, but I would. No Scorn of Libila or LoF should practically full heal someone period. Another thing to Consider. To prevent Scorn and LoF spam. Within that 30x30 area of that tile that either spell is casted a 5-10 minute cooldown is set for said spell that is Light of Fo or Scorn of Libila. All in all, these spells should be critical to cast, not a numbers game on who has the most Fo/Libila priests to spam LoF/Scorn.