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  1. I am at Crusaders Retreat now.

  2. Because if you read the OP, it comes with all my stuff on it. Which isn't cheap. But I guess you can't read just like you can't PvP
  3. Thank you, and still taking offers on Chasone. Just a reminder it comes with ALL my items to include drake set/glimmer/addy/scale and a summerhat that i've collected TOGETHER
  4. Looking to sell my characters since I don't have much time anymore to play. Chasone comes with a drake set and a no drop rare 99ql summerhat with 17.2 damage on (mend to repair at 20 dmg. Chasone is SOTG with True Strike, Continuum. Kniva is a vynora priest and will come with just a statuette. Kniva is Path of love and can enchant grass. If you want more info on the characters just message me. Everything has a reserve. Chasone: Kniva: SOLD
  5. how much are you looking to sell it for?
  6. just make meditation not have any part into PvP. tomes shouldn't be able to be used on players.
  7. imo (just an opinion), all offensive spells should deal the same amount of dmg as a base dmg. The only variables should be the +/- dmg jewelry. same thing with every single spell like frost brand,rt, venom, fa, etc. only way to counter it would be through +/- Jewelry. i only say that as an opinion because then it just creates certain advantages towards other priests vs other priests, like right now inferno is probably the best offensive spell out there right now and its a mag based spell.
  8. remove sotg/change hate bonus and allow path transfers
  9. New Deed: A Crusaders Retreat coords 7858,-5843
  10. It's not snowballing if everyone has a chance of getting it
  11. if you can Summonseparatebobster please let me know when you can