To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. It’s okay guys, we’ll get 5-10 hours of sleep bonus though.
  2. So it's the stats the each god has that is the biggest issue, each god having different stats doesn't really benefit them in any way. To fight, Mag comes out on top from the beginning because of simply having like 5-10 body strength over the others. They will almost always beat any other god they are fighting. I would make all of their stats equal, that way each kingdom/god has an equal opportunity to win a fight vs another god. Of course basing a battle of missions for a very very very slight advantage would be nice. But nothing too overpowering.
  3. You got so many ads to you can simply pay for by the company to get the game out there more... Facebook.... YouTube.... those just being the biggest two Because advertising the game how it is now, is just not getting anywhere as well.... just saying
  4. Before they even do anything to better Valrei, they need to make all gods EQUAL. That way Mag doesn't win 90% of the scenarios
  5. I would encourage a change to missions being slay creature missions. brings more people out and about from what i've seen the past couple of weeks
  6. Steam is on in the background as well as an fyi
  7. Tried logging in, a bunch of people have been getting these issues within the last hour or so.
  8. That is sad indeed, he will be greatly missed! Great all around guy! Condolences
  9. This post will probably get removed, but it needs to be said and at least brought up at some point and seen by at least some eyes even if they don’t fully agree. The game also needs to be advertised more, and in different places. You have so many easy and cheap ways to advertise the game to bring in even more players. I see very little being done about advertisements. Like the dev team should be trying to reach out through mainstream social media of course firstly. Doing YouTube updates for patch notes even. To at least show “when” they start to do updates more often and consistently. The game hasn’t gotten an update/bug fix in WEEKS. I can tell you from seeing it myself. Since there hasn’t been any updates in a while, people have been dropping off like flies because most will think that the game is just a money grab because there hasn’t been an update or patch in close to or more than a month. Or they may also see it as the devs just don’t update the game enough, you have to consider a lot of the people that play the games don’t go onto the forums to see what’s going on. I also feel like money is being put into the wrong places within the dev team. There isn’t any real paid devs that actually update the content but instead we have a paid PR person (sorry Retro)? Like a lot of things are ass backwards. I mean seriously, other than steam, how many players have joined? Also there’s a lot of bias within the moderation team, and it’s obvious. There should be a standard of some sort. Literally a questionnaire if you will for specific situations. That way everyone will be treated equally and fairly. Not for someone to go off muting someone because you can, or banning/trying to ban someone because they’re disliked. Also the whole “being toxic to the community” thing that I see people getting banned for is ridiculous, like sorry to break it to you, but the game is on steam now. You should expect it because of how it is already on the internet. There are methods to fix that within the game personally like /ignore. Or report them for harassment of whatever it is being sexual or whatever. Then you have the valid means to ban someone. But there are absolutely no standards for the devs/gms to go by. Also challenging moderation is the absolute dumbest thing to ever be in this community, it’s literally what a GM/dev says goes, like listen Linda... you sometimes needs to either appeal or challenge something if it’s obviously seen as wrong or unfair. Or sometimes the moderator/gm/dev is doing something that only benefits them... and you can’t really say anything because if you do it’s challenging the team. It’s off the rip type of moderation mostly that I’ve seen over the years of playing. And I’ve been playing for over 10 years now. A lot of things need to change if you REALLY want to see this game get more attention/get anywhere. I’ll keep playing regardless, but more people won’t come to a game like this and stay if they don’t see actual effort being put in. Like someone said, majority of these game changes only take up to 5 minutes to fix if you know what you’re doing. I won’t even start with bugs and exploits... tldr from my rant: -update the game more consistently -fix the inner works of devs/moderations aka pay an actual dev to help with the updates vs a pr guy (simply streaming for “PR purposes”, then Promoting your own personal content isn’t cool in my eyes) -set a standard for the moderation to go off of. -a lot of this can be fixed
  10. You can remove tracking, toy making, among many more useless skills that nobody grinds for any real benefit for their accounts
  11. yeah, but respawning and regearing 2 minutes away from a fight with full gear/barded horses is also winning? after you lost the initial fight? leaving the people that won it being full dehorsed 90% of the time and move really slow and have to walk back to any sort of safety or their own lands...?
  12. yeah so people actually have some sort of advantage vs people who stay on deed and respawn when they die. because you're at every disadvantage possible when you go to enemy lands on defiance
  13. I like this a lot. Seryll should be upped like it is in here, but not too much because you don't want too much, and too little. I would probably up the Sleep Powders too to almost double or more from what it is vs the amount of time it takes. But balance it out so like say you get a wand of seas/huge egg you only get 5 hours of SB. For the huge egg, I'd make it random from any dragon/drake.