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  1. I still think PMK anything should’ve 100% remained on the PvP servers and stayed exclusive to it. Just my two cent on that. People don’t realize how much work goes into creating a PMK and building a kingdom from literally the ground up. But hey what do I know!
  2. If it happens on Sunday count me in. Burgervyn 85 faith and 67 channeling
  3. I would’ve just added restlessness and kept caffeine the way it is. Currently working…. Instead of keeping it simple it’s made more complicated.
  4. 5kgs of Violet and 5kgs of Rose each cod to Breakfastbergur please.
  5. Defiance is like the most basic and vanilla PvP you can get. It's that simple. Don't try and disregard years of someone's work and then they pvp and poop on you because you wanna jump just right into it with a month old account lol. Plus, people "can" pvp with day old accounts, you'll still probably die in two hits, but pvp is all about who has the bigger group, who casts the spells at the right time/priests(champs on chaos), partially your gear/skills(body stats), and lastly the biggest is game knowledge obviously. you can't just go out all whilly nilly and think you can pvp, thats just how you get 3 hit. basically, just know what your working with account-wise so you know what you can/can't do so you have a general idea of your thresholds. Not even kidding, but you can have all the things you listed, and still get 3 shot if you don't play your cards right....
  6. As the title says, I think it's about time it happens....
  7. Bump, come try out pvp if you want! Gear is easy to make and replace, get your blood pumping full of adrenaline today!
  8. It's been a while, but JK is recruiting for some new fresh blood! Everyone is welcome to come join Jenn-Kellon! Send me a message if you're interested to learn the ropes of PvP.
  9. I haven't even bothered to try the test server, it feels like it's a huge let down from what everyone else thought it'd be. I would've thought the rolls and whatnot would've changed, make it more skill based, changed the meta up. Help zerg prevention or something. But instead it's just visuals, which yeah it isn't bad, but that's 1000000000000000% not a combat overhaul.
  10. Bump for MR and BL mainly, JK is also selectively looking for another couple of fresh bloods.
  11. No, they can only form fighting alliances realistically to kill another kingdom.
  12. can we have 100% meditations ticks as well as easier weaponsmithing too?
  13. I really highly doubt the combat update will be good, from what the sneak peak showed was only UI updates, which is cool I guess. But doesn't change the actual combat in the game. Doesn't change peoples life pools/combat related skills effectiveness. Other than 100% Health and 100% Stamina bars, you can't tell how much damage reduction you're getting or how much total health you have in your personal pool it's always been a guessing game and number crunching. Little minor stuff like that would be nice. Like an update to the paper doll to show peoples stats like that would be neat. I would personally scrap the whole combat system and start fresh with something and thoroughly test it. Give access to the community and not just keep it hush hush until you release it and it's total and utter garbage. Like I'm fairly positive it's not hard at all to code it for a test server specifically. Adding more weapons/armors/shields with specific stats would be a nice add to the game which you can get from rifts or something. Then make rifts more common for a PvE side of things. Item's actually having a hover over of what the % of reduction/effectiveness rather than spreadsheets would be nice and simple for just QoL within the game. These are just some of the minor and major things I'd like to personally see eventually make it into the game. But at this rate with how updates have been going, the game went back to it's core group of players plus a very small amount of people that stuck around from the steam push.