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  1. Waaaaaa!!!! then don't pmk. Simple. if you want starter islands. See how easy that was? You have to give up something if you want it like pmks. Not empower the sole group that's pushing it. Literally everyone else but the core JK group is pushing for this change because it'll benefit them only really. -1
  2. I love how this turns into another than pvp for it on the pvp server... all tower capping does is realistically benefit the more dominant kingdom. This mechanic can basically wipe out a kingdom within a few days or a week if they can't expand in any direction. Then the next thing someone will say is then drop a deed so prevent them from capping in the area. I'm pretty sure that's the reason why everyone on chaos and epic got it removed in the first place. This mechanic always will and forever favor the more dominant side in every scenario. Make pmks put in the work. Keep it the way it is. I would definitely at least allow you to build a tower wherever of course with certain restrictions, because otherwise how is a pmk gonna start anywhere. I would double the effects of unchained towers. And include decay into it. That starts 1 week after the tower is unchained for the rest of the towers to start decaying at a rapid speed. Also make guards gradually stronger the "deeper" they are or closer they are to the capital. Also make it so you can't switch capital for like 30-60 days and it cannot be near the border of your influence. Tldr; building and bashing is still the best method that's the most balanced atm and favor the stronger side.
  3. And keep it to bashing towers only, it saves a world of headaches, and it was removed on chaos and epic for a reason. Was it not?
  4. Honestly I would strongly reconsider allowing newly founded pmks from being able to convert their current deeds outside of whatever their capital is gunna be. If you want a pmk you gotta give up some stuff. There has to be downsides to it. Not making it easier to recontrol land as a new kingdom.
  5. Whats to stop a kingdom from mass capping out a smaller kingdom with lots of land though?
  6. What about preventing people from instantly deeding the capped area? What's to stop a kingdom from taking all the land of a smaller kingdom and put a deed on it withing 24-72 hours?
  7. -1 as most other pets can be mounts too. no thanks
  8. +1, it really is about time the servers merged for players at least. just make a freedom portal (like pvp) to freedom and players can go from there.
  9. With that youd need to put a cooldown on putting a deed down after capping it I would also put a limit as to how many deeds you can convert with a PMK. I'd say Max 3.... after that you gotta recap your stuff back if you want it under a new PMK.
  10. -1 go ti defiance if you dont want to deal with that stuff
  11. But i would still keep the option to bash too, but make it so you cant cap towers in the middle of kingdoms influence only the furthest from the chain in
  12. I would separate the caps per spawn of guards if you're able to split it up into 3, last cap being the shortest obviously since the guards spawning are done. 1/3 caps in order to regain the tower fully the kingdom can recap
  13. Bump! Always looking for players to come and join! Give MR a try!
  14. The devs can figure it out, it's their job. As always the pvp side of this game is lacking. Always has been, always will be.
  15. There no issue with starter islands, just nobody wants to fight JK