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  1. As the title says, add fletching (improving arrows) to 75ql on Defiance
  2. I would also like to see every other weekend skill/affinity bonus increase!!!!
  3. That wasn't the issue, it was the range that was the biggest issue. It should be you should have to be in combat to use a spell like that. As in, yesterday, I had someone cast phantasms on me and said person was like 10-15 tiles away without me being able to break the spell
  4. Bump for all the kingdoms. PvP is always happening. Don't need to know much. Just get with a good group in said kingdom and they'll show you the ropes!
  5. I like all the proposed changes so far, I didn't really read past the first page. But I would only like to see if be 50/50 roll between Sleep Powder/Bonus and Random Affinity. I say that because then it would make more sense for affinity exchanges on Defiance especially.
  6. True, but I feel like it would eventually start changing with PMK's being re-added at some point. Therefore a whole dynamic change.
  7. Another possibly unpopular opinion, but make it two kingdoms like it was yearrrrrrrrrrs ago. But simply rename the kingdoms White Light and Black Light. Populations won't be as split up. Give both new tower models. New kingdom titles. It's technically never to late to do it on Defiance. Or just have a server vote (those are still a thing I believe).
  8. Start doing 25-50% increased skillgain weekends on PvP servers
  9. I'll trade 15 silver from southern for northern
  10. Breakfastbergur's Support Beams is now open! Taking orders now! All items are currently to be made on order, will be done and ready for pickup within 24-48 hours! Currently available are the following: 7c per Support Beam | 7s per 100 Support Beams in Small Crates (provided for free) [Pick-up Only] Pick-up ONLY at O-15 at Eden. Map Location Below:
  11. I don't see why favor really needed a change it was fine. If it was more of a QoL thing, then just simply set it to regain favor every second or two seconds as opposed to every 5 seconds and double the favor regain..?
  12. Make it so each priest has a "set" of crafting skills they can perform. Sort of like a "class" of skills. Make it like 2 Carpentry related for like vyn and fo with 1 smithing type. and have it so Mag has like 2 smithing type skills and 1 carpentry. Lib can have like 3-4 since it's only 1 faith for that kingdom. I really don't like having wurm go into like class types, but it would help with the gear remaking as well. You can also add a profession change for priests only to a trader for like 5-15 silver incase the meta changes or w/e.
  13. Make staff's useful with like a vessel type of spells like max 5-10 spells to be casted(could be also based of QL of staff 10ql per slot or something), used by non priests only and have something in your inventory to use or like a pool that can be obtained by. Like 10 veggies per cast or something simple. So it's not a difficult thing to do. But have certain spells take up more slots for stuff like LoF and Scorn since it's a group healing spell. Same goes to all AoE. Or just simply do a favor used vs difficulty vs soul depth/strength. Put a decent cooldown of like 1-2 minutes since obviously you're not a priest. And also make staff's easier to make. Other changes are nice to have. A BIG change would be to the ranking system, make it reset monthly with NO DECAY. Have a leaderboard up. Top three would win simple things from expanding your SB pool by up to like 5 hours or something only on Defiance. Silvers or anything along that nature.