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  1. We already have about 6 people there helping. Currently we just need LOTS of grass so come Join the FUN!
  2. WTB Referral

    Referral found please close
  3. WTB Referral

    I'm Looking to buy a referral for 6s. I am willing to trade in person if on Release/Pristine or I will pay the COD of an item at the value of 6s elsewhere. Wanting the referral first if COD so please contact me on forums if you are selling. -Thank You
  4. *EDIT* I now have 97 Leatherworking and I could also feed-in as a low level Blacksmith. Also BEAR HATS for everybody!
  5. who won because Tarator and frogger got theirs in at the same second but Tarator got theirs in first?
  7. Please Close

    Imp to 70 please and COD to Pride -Thank You
  8. WTB Referal

    As titles say I'm looking for a referal preferably for 6s. Please PM if you have one for sale. -Thank You
  9. NativeChaos is no longer playing hes in our Alliance.
  10. 12 is reasonable and you prob won't like it very much when someone in my village will be selling them for 10s constant.