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  1. I like this idea now the people that want to own the entire server by dropping 20 pointless deeds can "own" their own server. This is a great step forward, market the game to more than the 1000 people that play actively. Most people are just worried about their own self interests instead of seeing the game grow.
  2. [media]
  3. If at all possible could I order a sickle with 80 LT an CoC? Thank You.
  4. Its got to be the AA as everything else is maximum still working on it I have a whole page of items that need worked on
  5. Glad I could inspire you to post up some guide lines I'll retake them all. Something like? small axe
  6. Upated original post instead of making a new topic
  7. Congratulations! You have inspired me to document my path through 99 LW.
  8. New shortsword Model New Longsword Model New 2H Sword Model New Small Axe Model I was looking through the Wiki noticed they needed some loving. Not the best screenshots, but they're not the old models ADDED: Huge Shod Club I feel the yellow box at the bottom of the WIki for weapons should link the Huge Shod Club itself, and not the Huge Club skill, though I guess you'd need to link it back to the skill it uses. Also if possible add the weapon stats to the Huge Shod Club page? Thank You for your consideration.
  9. The Wiki uses the old Large Axe model so I thought I'd post a pic for the new one.
  10. Today is my B-day Thank You for adding trade chat because you knew
  11. I'll probably be there. Also adding Machaira as he has no forum access.
  12. Sloping sands

    Looking better glad to see the marsh dissapear.
  13. [04:56:18] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  14. I'm wanting to sell two rare needles 80,90ql 4s each or 7s for both. Please respond here or PM if interested, Thank You.
  15. Which road on release brought this rant on?
  16. As title says looking for a 100+ CoC Exquisite Meditation Rug. Please PM, or Post here if you have one for sale with the price. Thank You.
  17. Glad to see the money go where it is needed
  18. Goodluck with the sale Buddy!
  19. sending now Thank You [15:10:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.