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  1. SOLD

    WTS White Drake set I'm looking for 95s for the set. The set has a rare chest,pants and a rare boot. PM if interested.
  2. For anyone that is familiar with Humble Bundle you can now get Wurm Unlimited for just 1$, it lasts the next two weeks.
  3. WTB Drake Hide scraps. I need about 1kg. PM on forums or in game with offers. Thank You.
  4. Wanting to sell these items. 24QL Rare Small Barrel, 1s 42QL Rare Small Barre,l 1s 48QL Rare Kingdom Tabard, 3s 79QL Rare Frying Pan, 2s 84QL Rare Frying Pan, 2s 80QL Rare Frying Pan, 2s 86QL Rare Pickaxe, 5s Black Dragon Hatchling Skull, 8s 84QL, Potion of Woodcutting, 3s 90QL, Potion of Woodcutting, 3s 91QL, Potion of Woodcutting, 3s 80QL Potion of Mining, 3s 76QL Potion of Mining, 3s 90QL Ointment of Stonecutting, 2s 79QL Ointment of Stonecutting, 2s 85QL Ointment of Stonecutting, 2s Post here if interested, Thank You.
  5. Well maybe, but I'd be more likely to go make a few priests. What about the people who don't like farming or ropemaking? It's now like ropemaking a bit random, but can yield better results than the cap on wemp plants quality. If you consider the steps its not much different than the other methods of making double favor items. Now rope making might be used as intended.
  6. Hoozah after three rifts I might actually get something besides Seryll at the end.
  7. Was another fun Wurm Idea that looks like it was thought about for 5 minutes before being implemented. A community event where servers were working together that turned into every man for himself, and is now for the hardcores. Could it be added that if you've already found the chest that it doesn't disappear, but you still get nothing?
  8. Knapsack

    that's very weird
  9. Knapsack

    [09:23:17] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 2 of the starfall of the Saw, 1031. That's 1152 days, 2 hours and 29 minutes ago. I got a supreme knapsack, Iron 84 Ql.
  10. Good Man, none of that plane nonsense lol. My secondary game currently is a game called Vagante, I'm also playing a PS1 Emulator with Castlevania Symphony of the Night.
  11. Not sure about that,this was the second rift where I, and a bunch of others got absolutely nothing but the seryll at the end, and I was in first on the /rift board. The loot distribution still needs tweaking. Even though I did get nothing the scaling was excellent, there were a few times as a group we had to make for the border and regroup, it was a lot of fun. I like that we have something now that will put you on your arse if you're not careful.
  12. Rolf didn't have to give anybody anything stop acting entitled.
  13. Auction ended

    2s #2, 2s #6, 3s #7, 1s #9
  14. Thank You for the write up, was very informative. I'd also like to add with those models the orc/ogre looking head on the GM model now makes sense.
  15. Does this mean anyone attacking the monster, or whoever gets the last hit?
  16. I really hope the rifts are implemented in a way to allow everyone a chance, newbies, and veterans, and not just 10% of the player base to control them like everything else.
  17. They can just log in and have stuff happen to them, and then have veteran players act like asses so they're not playing anyways.
  18. cod the sprouts to Pride please.
  19. Can Be closed

    Will log in now wasn't at a PC sorry about that. EDIT: Item received, Thank You.