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  1. Died earlier today and all my inventory groups are now gone, either hidden or just out right removed. They were there when I was alive and gone after I respawned.
  3. Hello, I would like to report a bug that Path of Hate level 11 doesn't block Dispel. Tangleweave cancels spells and puts you in combat and is considered "offensive" but stealing buffs from players with dispel is somehow not considered "offensive".
  4. +1 Would love to see the lion caps
  5. -1 Sounds like a reason for people to never leave the the Home servers like has been done for years just to say they play on a PVP server.
  6. Maybe we go back and look at some of your posts from 3-4 years ago?
  7. I'm just glad that I grinded to 80 before the update. I am not a fan of the new fishing system it's very convoluted.
  8. I am suggesting the possibility of snuffing fireplaces that are on deed at night time. Seemingly the only way currently is to A. wait until day time or B. push the fireplace off deed (which is 20+ tiles for me) Seems kind of silly that at this point in time there isn't an option to keep the fire off.