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  1. Deedplanner 2.9.8 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Damn already 4 years! Time really does fly by And yeah i've been slamming the F5 key into destruction all day today xD Can't wait to fiddle around with the new walls and fences
  2. Valrei International 013

    Caption: " Damn.... I lost my gauntlet during the butchering... Couldn't see a damn with this helmet on! "
  3. Rift - Reported 26th August (rift closed)

    I'm afraid i'll have to skip this one. Looking at the map the travel time to get there will take me a few hours at least. Seeing as i live near O 9 i'd either have to sail all across Xanadu to get anywhere near there. Bummer... Really liked attending the last one. Hope you guys have fun over there and get some shmexy lewt!
  4. This place looks far too sexy for its own good xD I might come and take a visit one of these days! Absolute fantastic job you guys did there Anice! Greetings, Aeszhara
  5. Rift Reported 16/8/16

    And here's a few screenshots. Sadly ntergrating the links into wurm forum doesn't seem to work for me at the moment. So the links will have to do for now - - - - - - - - -
  6. Rift Reported 16/8/16

    we had planned it.. Only to realise it wasn't possible a few minutes later. I have initiated the process of consuming a few cans of beer to drown the stupidity
  7. Rift Reported 16/8/16

    Very much appreciated Anice! We've got the healing area all set up and ready to go. Forge and loom etc are avaible as well although we might need someone to imp both of those to a decent ql. Fountain has been constructed inside the Rift area to supply everyone with water. We're currently finishing up things and clearing the area of trees + paving most of the fighting area to provide some more movement speed. Screenshots will follow a bit later!
  8. Rift Reported 16/8/16

    If you can bring some meals that be great Clay would be handy as well so we could make a few forges / ovens up here
  9. Rift Reported 16/8/16

    Thanks for the info! I'll certainly be there. If needed i can bring a load of 90+ ql cotton and other assorted veggies etc for saccing / healing.
  10. Smelting Furnace

    Bumpity Bump! Kaih just pointed me to this topic and i ... i just love it! I need diz in my life! D:
  11. Do not deal with Ant

    He won't Neoruger, Apparently this guy has been conducting a nice little buisness gaining money with these " exploits (?) ". Just because he was caught this time he'll attone for this single theft. He's got no reason to repent for his past crimes. What i'm more curious off is that WHO this player is exactly. Is or is he not an alt of Bruhamoff? Back when Bruhamoff first started raising suspicion when he was in our alliance a similair thing happend. This was around... 10 - 17 January 2015 if i remember correctly. All the horses on one of our wagons had vanished. On a deed that had all permissions locked down as tight as could be. Now that this has been cleared up it actually gives me a good idea of how it could have been possible. I can't link what happend back then to Bruhamoff and i won't. I'm merely saying that it happend back then as well. I doubt anyone will blame me for being suspicious / highly curious on this part.
  12. Do not deal with Ant

    * Is completly baffled.......* H-how?! ... How is THIS not..... *facepalms* Right... Can anyone tell me why i still play ? <.<
  13. Do not deal with Ant

    If this character named Ant proves to be an alt of Bruhamoff in the end.... Then it'd be strike number 3 for him. I highly doubt anything will be done then either. I think we've already debated the fact that alts would be used in the future. But let's just wait out the GM's investigation. If there is any m'kay?
  14. My Apology to the Community

    He also created a " I'm leaving Wurm " topic 2-3 days ago. With a few reasons as to why. Can't remember exactly what was in it But that topic vanished as well. Along with quite a bit of his posts that he made previously <.< Shomething shmells fishy...
  15. My Apology to the Community

    Funny how Yamiluss does his best to avoid having to pubicly answer my questions. Here's the PM he sent where he sort of doesn't answer my questions at all Warning: Wall of text I'll be responding in bold and italian lines. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RE: You know Aeszhara you love to point out facts and point out errors of peoples ways and continue drama as far as you can take it. You like making personal attacks against those that disagree with you on this forum topic and others. So me seeing and pointing out errors in your statements and version of the truth is now considered a personal attack? If you so much disagree with me on every aspect of this issue and any other issue then state your disagreement but don't make it a form of A kind of personal attack against me or others for having a different opinion then you. I did not trade with Gnome, I did not have anything to do with this trade agreement between Bruhamoff and Gnome.Your personal attacks against people for disagreeing with you or having a totally different opinion of facts then you is not a crime. Further more last i checked no one declared you king of the forum. Your way off topic the topic not me its accepting his apology or not accepting his apology simple as that! If you mind scrolling back to ... the first page or something... You can see a nice little post from me where i did accept his apology. Soooo.... what's the problem then? If you would like to argue with me, personally berate and attack me, PM me some time ingame on Angar we can go back and fourth all day arguing and belittling each other,doing that here on the forum is not the place. One fact ive never ignored and have been right about all the way through from get go and is why so many of you are upset, is the single fact that the trade was not done in the proper way! I doubt anyone agrees with you on this tiny little fact. I'm personally more concerned with the fact you keep posting / sharing wrong information. Aaaaannndd... tell me again how i'm attacking you? Since when is the forum not the place to discuss posts / replies MADE on the forum itself? Dance around it all you want and others but the trade was not done in the normal fashion end of story! No GM on this forum or in game would dispute me on that fact not even Enki not even Rolf not even the GM who handled the issue would dispute that, it wasn't handled the right way. The trade was not a normal type of trade! Not a safe trade not the way trades would normally be conducted in this game, do you you want to argue that point because your gonna lose that point! Never argued against that with you. I argued against you in the sense that you kept sharing wrong information. Example: Gnomegates waited 15 / 7 / 1-5 ish days to pick up the coins again. Among other things you've blurted out there. If this actually is true.. Then mind pointing to the posts made by both parties where your " evidence " is ? I'd happily agree with you then if i can see it with my own eyes My errors in what i have said in dates and other subject matter is taken from whats out there, times and so fourth im going based on what both have stated has happened and what the one complete copy of the logs that i have said in the logs and chats ect ect. This line is a bit vague to me..... Anyways would you mind getting Gnome and Bruhamoff to still confirm they both have shared the full chatlogs with you? Because to me it still seems like you are just making up facts for whatever reason. In a recent email from Gnome as in just hours ago i got his side and whats been posted as well on the fourm. Based on both what he said and Bruhamoff and the logs and its all sum together. There is Bruhamoff story, There is Gnome story, There is the GM story there is also the untold story of the truth thats not been told and somewhere in the middle of it all is the truth, Im sure somewhere the truth exists. Oh wait... Ehrm....So you are saying you have the truth... But then again don't ? Also.... Mind getting Gnomegates / Bruhamoff to confirm? I honestly have ALOT of trouble in believing you. In this line you claim to get your truth from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Your sorta missing the point of this topic. He apologized so accept it or don't accept it but move on from it! Again... scroll back to the first page will you? On a side note why bad mouth me, Why run your mouth against me and attack me on the forum? Have i done that? Please point me to where i've bad mouthed you / attacked you on the forums. I'd happily apologize for anything that shows me attacking / bad mouthing you. On the other hand. I've done nothing else but try and point you on your twisted stories. Which you've happily ignored up until now. Did i screw you on a trade? Did i pop somewhere on a forum post and become irate towards you? I stayed on topic. You don't care for me don't like em good for you. Don;t trade with me, Don't put your villagers up to selling to me. Don't log into an alt to do business with me.If you feel so personally inclined to come after me then do bother doing business with me. That's goes for you Aeris and a few others that have acted like you!I like you am entitled to speak my mind freely on the forum and put my own two cents, if some you don't like it, too bad! No-one has a problem with you speaking your mind freely on the forums. I personally have a problem that you keep cramming a different story down people's throats. You are fully allowed to speak your mind. In that sense i do also hope you allow other people to point you on inconsistencies and lies in your posts. Which you've happily either ignored... Or attacked the poster via PM's. As evident to what i'm posting now.Reply