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  1. Could be wrong but have a feeling you are referring to me. Whilst it's all rather irrelevant as it's all been changed now just some info from my point of view: You absolutely cannot say because you got X amount of silver from one trader all of the others would get the same, I'm not sure on the exact mechanics but having more people in the local area of a trader absolutely increased the payout, my assumption is when distribution was triggered ie "an envoy to the king" event message the payout would be greater if someone was nearby at the time. I had about 30 traders - my most profitable ones were close to Kyara and literally printed silver all day long, some of them spat out 50s/month on a regular basis - ones close to highways were decent if you were lucky you got 5 silver. Ones in the woods were absolutely worthless, they were fine before trader mechanics were tweaked but afterwards you could get 20 copper after a whole month sometimes and I guarantee you no one else touched them for that time. I no doubt lost money on the traders I put down in remote locations 90% of these traders were paid for out of pocket. You can't simply take over abandoned traders and manage more than 10 of them without it becoming a full time job, the way to do it was to line them all up so they were exactly 50 tiles apart in strategic locations so you could hit them all in an afternoon, you can't spend half a day running around the map - that's madness especially considering the required repairs to off deed structures. Also if a village disbanded and a trader was a citizen of the village (which they were automatically) they would disappear when the deed disbanded, the only traders which stuck around were ones that had been kicked out of the village and if the village was left to rot chances are they didn't have that foresight. Over 2 years my average was approximately 5 silver per trader but that was boosted massively due to the ones near Kyara.
  2. The problem with it was when you pushed someone they basically teleported half a tile back. When you teleport you reload and re render the world as if you just logged in, if you have ever used the karma teleport or a farwalker twig it’s the same thing All it resulted in was a whole bunch of people pushing the one dude around and he would be completely lagged out and unable to defend, in many cases they would outright crash or their client would lock up, also people who were known to have poor internet connections and/or computer hardware were targeted and anyone who used dialup, mobile or satellite internet were basically excluded from PvP (remember it was quite a while ago, but even today we have quite a few players on 3G internet which is only marginally better) From memory there was all kinds of rubber banding issues too where you would get stuck and be unable to move The feature didn’t last more than a week or two iirc
  3. I won’t go into it too much and I am not about to read 20 pages - somehow I missed all of this happening. I think it shows poor faith to change RMT after so many were told Wurm believed in it, but it hardly affects me as I don’t plan on selling my accounts anyways and I have gone from selling silver to buying it But not allowing account sharing has serious implications for PvP serves, notably writ/deed holder accounts but most importantly priests I own one of the best priests in the game, it basically has maxed out stats - even then it’s borderline useless, there is no way a single person could keep up with enchants for a large village EVEN IF THEY MADE WURM A FULL TIME JOB. I hope account sharing is reconsidered because I just can’t see how priests will functionally work If you ever wonder why PvP servers are dead it’s stuff like this
  4. They don't require it but you will easily increase the amount of silver they receive by a factor of 10 if not more if you put them in populated areas. A while back I had almost 30 traders and the ones in local of major towns and highways would spit out 20-30 silver per month, it wasn't even worth checking the ones in the forest (which is where I placed them before the change was implemented) as you'd be having a great month if there was more than 1 silver on them, usually 50 copper. I averaged about 7.5 silver per month per trader but it varied wildly as mentioned above, some were printing money others were a total waste of time
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    Putting a client on Steam that lets you connect to the official servers would be great for the game and in my opinion is what Wurm Unlimited should have been in the first place. I'm against any sort of further segregation or new servers however. In my opinion something that would combine the best of all ideas and current game modes: - Release Wurm Online to Steam as a free to download game, game will let you connect to current servers just like the client, nothing changes - Wurm Unlimited is completely deleted and is now instead a DLC option of Wurm Online at the same purchase price of Wurm Unlimited, - Anyone who has purchased Wurm Unlimited should get a code to unlock the DLC for free - Anyone who is playing Wurm Unlimited should be able to convert over their saves and servers with zero effort to be use with the new client Suddenly everything is completely integrated into the one game and client. I think creating another "cluster" would be an extremely bad idea and I question if we need more maps too.
  6. I have another 50 silver for sale 45 euro, payment via paypal Usual seller and trusted. PM me if interested. Thanks
  7. Want to get rid of 50 silver for 45 euro, send me a PM or reply if interested! Regular seller and I'm sure someone will vouch for me if you ask around.
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  9. Hi everyone. I am getting progressively busier and busier IRL and as a result don't have much time to play Wurm, every now and then I login and see a message saying someone tried to order something 3 weeks ago and feel bad, I can't devote the time to my shop any more so I figure the best course of action is to close it down and flog everything off cheap! The prices are as shown below on my merchants (Waterside Supermarket, south coast Deli) you can place the order via this thread but there is no promises someone won't go to the merchant and grab it first, not a lot of spare time at the moment. Will see how we go with the below discounts but anything that does not move quickly is likely to get further discounted. Will check the thread again when I get a moment, very cheap prices below! Tools Fine carp Horse shoes Gems (note some fancy gems for 1s) -edit- black opal sold plate \ Shields and random stuff Bows
  10. See title. Trusted seller, PM me if interested
  11. Hi all, I have 75 silver for sale - price is 70 euro. If interested PM me, usual seller and trusted.
  12. It's on the way! Man it hurts sending that away at half price but enjoy
  13. 50% off is still active! Restock: large wooden shield 90.47QL C79 1s49c RARE large wooden shield 90.49QL C78 6s large wooden shield 90.53QL C82 1s51c large wooden shield 90.60QL C74 1s45c large wooden shield 90.62QL C76 1s47c large wooden shield 90.40QL C71 1s43c small wooden shield 90.50QL C70 1s42c small wooden shield 90.40QL C86 1s54c medium wooden shield 90.62QL C79 1s49c medium wooden shield 90.40QL C76 1s47c short bow 85.34QL NB77 C75 1s99c I went through and updated the OP removing sold items, adding a couple that were missing from the list.