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  1. WTS 50s 45 euro

  2. WTS 50s 45 euro

    I have another 50 silver for sale 45 euro, payment via paypal Usual seller and trusted. PM me if interested. Thanks
  3. WTS 50s for 45 euro

  4. WTS 50s for 45 euro

    Want to get rid of 50 silver for 45 euro, send me a PM or reply if interested! Regular seller and I'm sure someone will vouch for me if you ask around.
  5. WTS 1G 90 euro

  6. WTS 1G 90 euro

    I have 1G for sale, 90 euro via PayPal. PM me if interested. Regular seller and trusted.
  7. Waterside Supermarket CLOSING DOWN SALE

    Everything sent and OP updated
  8. Hi everyone. I am getting progressively busier and busier IRL and as a result don't have much time to play Wurm, every now and then I login and see a message saying someone tried to order something 3 weeks ago and feel bad, I can't devote the time to my shop any more so I figure the best course of action is to close it down and flog everything off cheap! The prices are as shown below on my merchants (Waterside Supermarket, south coast Deli) you can place the order via this thread but there is no promises someone won't go to the merchant and grab it first, not a lot of spare time at the moment. Will see how we go with the below discounts but anything that does not move quickly is likely to get further discounted. Will check the thread again when I get a moment, very cheap prices below! Tools Fine carp Horse shoes Gems (note some fancy gems for 1s) -edit- black opal sold plate \ Shields and random stuff Bows
  9. WTS 50 silver 45 euro

    Still available
  10. WTS 50 silver 45 euro

    See title. Trusted seller, PM me if interested
  11. WTS 75 silver 70 euro