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  1. The scale of player knowledge Ragequit Inducingly Cryptic <-------X----------------------------------------------------> Immersion Destroyingly Informative This pretty much gives you a scale of where things are; currently wurm sits where the X is. However, the idea of publishing full game mechanics would basically mirror image us to the opposite end of the scale (see "players who actively choose a disadvantage" and you'll realise that if it's there, folks will use it). Here's a hint, you don't want to be near either end of the scale. A very simple shift to a middle ground would be the publishing of mechanics in a non specific way. For example: Botanise is currently thought to be influenced by a few things (tile type, nearby trees etc). But no-one can find out more without code diving because there is no way for a player to find out a good approximation of the mechanics via ingame testing. What if the devs specifically listed what factors influenced botanising and indicated some rough effects : eg "Oak trees increase the chance of finding acorns at the cost of reducing the chance of finding x,y,z". It's enough information so that anyone with enough time can find the "true" numerical mechanics (or a close approximation), but also enough to satisfy the folks who like the discovery element of the game.
  2. Currently we see a lot of items with runes in them coming up from Archaeology; usually on terrible items! Given their rarity already, it seems logical that being able to remove runes would be a plus. Thus I propose two methods: Method 1: Stone Chisel used on the runed item This method uses soul depth to attempt to remove the rune, if successful the item takes heavy (50-90) damage and the rune is removed at 50% of item QL. If unsuccessful, the item takes heavy damage (at least 60-99) and the rune is destroyed. Method 2: Casting sunder on the runed item When an item is destroyed by sunder it always grants the rune at 25% of item QL. The idea here is to give both magic and non-magic options their advantages. The non-magic route allows you to keep both item and rune; the magic route gives you a reliable method of obtaining lower QL runes.
  3. -1 They're the top tier horses, working with them should require more than simple AH skills.
  4. Not sure if this a bug or intended. Non-paved tiles recover their archaeology flag, but paved tiles do not. So you end up with large paved areas not yielding anything.
  5. Got plenty thanks (how on earth would my home have been built?); but it would sure be nice if crafters also *needed* friends too
  6. +1 Mag needs some serious PvE love
  7. That's a terrible lie! +1, we ACTUAL priests need to be able to build a nice little shack
  8. Honestly? I've found a couple of useful things (and of course I can now get ores by myself!); but largely I just have a stack of shards that I will glue together for skill at some point. I'm ok with this. The idea is that this will force you to do this magical thing called "trade" with other people for the shards you want.
  9. 3 new spells; one for each of the gods. These are not permanent enchantments, they are buff spells. These spells are aimed to be a useful buff for mid-late game priests to cast in return for simple goods/services. These spells all have difficulty 60, with a favor cost of 50. Strength of cast increases duration (max 2 hours?) Fair Winds (Vyn): Allows the ship to sail at gale speeds regardless of wind direction/strength. Unstoppable Juggernaught (Mag): Cast on a cart or wagon, increases its speed (25%?). Wild Vitality (Fo): Cast on a ridable mob, increases its speed (25%?) and removes it's weight slowdown as long as it remains unhitched. When on a PvP server, the buffs have no effect (the spell effect appears, the favor is spent, but it does absolutely nothing); this is for balance purposes.
  10. I am a Xanadian, and damn proud of it. The trouble is, when travelling, I can't fully share my Xanadian pride with those horse farming Release bumpkins! Why? Because I have to live under the same flag as them! This suggestion is pretty short and sweet: Give each PvE server its own unique flag/wagon/banner/tents/etc design. All players can still create existing freedom goods. Players may have, both, a PvE kingdom affiliation and a PvP one (the same restrictions apply to PvP goods etc so as not to upset folks) Hold a competition for the designs; voted for by the community and ratified by the devs, maybe give the winners a nice prize for using their assets. Players have their citizenship set to the server they choose when they first enter freedom (a nice preview of the flag when entering the game perhaps?). New 5s trader item that changes citizenship to the sever it is used on, non-tradable/droppable, "This is not a freedom kingdom" crops up if it is used on chaos. All existing players receive one of these for free in their freedom inventory and simply have no home server till they use it.
  11. games

    Well now, I may sail down. Is there a nice area for dedicated Fo priests?
  12. Saccing with fo is a bit of a tour-de-force unless you use chopped vegges. In general, the initial QL of the veggies is the main decider of final QL, so a high farming skill certainly can't hurt. Word from the wise though; life as a Fo is not easy. You're going to spend a lot of your time relying on either an alt (a free one works for most things), or some REALLY friendly neighbours.
  13. We should also remove botting restrictions while we're at it. No-one is forcing anyone to bot after all.
  14. +1 Something akin to the Alchemist's Cupboard (maybe "Archaeologist Cupboard") in terms of looks (with its own unique theme of course!), with the ability to store 1 shelf per 20QL of fragments (so 100-500) without decay.
  15. *Cheap unworthy snipe removed* Heal This used to remove disease, a functionality that was quite useful at large events such as impalongs and rifts. Could we get this back please? Wild Growth The unpredictable radius makes casting it quite destructive to groves unless said grove is fully pruned and containg withered. Some way of choosing if you want to remove withered trees or cycle them to young would be really helpful Lurker in the Woods There has been widespread agreemeent that this spell has little to no real use at the moment; buffing it to be able to track specific (non-unique) creatures over a longer distance might make it much more popular Morning Fog This spell doesn't really add anything to the game as it stands; allowing it to be cast on a container to create a small amount (0.25kg) of water might be a nice way to go. Bear Paws To my knowledge this just increases your unarmed damage output; I assume it was aimed at being paired with oakshell to allow folks to wander around with no weapons/armour. The trouble is that the buff it gives it just too insignificant to be of any use, this might be better as a "cast on pet" kind of spell (removes the cr nerf of said pet as well as providing a damage boost?) Ward This spell has 0 use in PvE (has no effect anywhere). Allowing it to be cast as a buff that mimics the fo animal immunity would make it much more useful for community priests. Holy Crop The effects of this spell are really pointless at the moment; buffing it in some way to also give a bonus to followers (maybe full food/water/fccp?) and domain (flower growth?) would at least ensure it gets cast occasionally. Venom No-one ever uses venom; there is just no point in doing so since LT or Flame/Frostbrand are far superior. Buffing poison (in a PvE setting) would definitely be a good place to start when fixing this spell (also dropping favour cost to 60!).
  16. You do realise that that is pretty much the definition of a whale right? Your argument has one key flaw, free alts. A free alt adds nothing to the game (at all), acts as a drain on server resources and contributes nothing to CC's wallet. Anyone maining a priest currently just uses a free alt to get unavoidable chores. Allthis does is make playing a priest less palatable (thus reducing the number of subscriptions). Basic buisiness sense (and game design) dictates that this situation is a very poor one. So your most fiscally viable option is to ease up the restrictions on priests somewhat [removing them would make no sense, but allowing them to do exactly the same thing as a free alt (with an effective skillcap on construction/continuing/imping/non-canon harvest actions) would be reasonable]; thus netting you more people willing to play them (I can't see this forcing people not to keep alts).
  17. Might be nice if they seeded archaeology spots too
  18. Oh good, I have all the tools for the new skill and access to some good ruin sites
  19. I suspect the best option (at the moment) would be to remove player gods entirely and allow existing player god priests a free convert. Once that has been done, focus on balancing the existing gods (both for PvP and PvE). Once you have that balance established, then it might be possible to balance player gods (in some way). If you want to keep player gods, consider rendering them as some kind of saint (as suggested here).
  20. @Shazaam You're confusing using a meta currency to obtain an advantage within a system (purchase of extra toon on wurm) vs using an in system currency to obtain an advantage within a system (purchase of a nicer car). That would be why your notion does not make sense, because it it exploring two quite different ideas from which there is little (to no) parallel ground. Also I disagree that wurm has "0 emphasis on others", otherwise we'd ALL have moved over to WU You generally seem to be a person in favour of microtransactions (or cash shop buffs), which is fair enough. I personally disagree with such ideas and feel that they are detremental to any game they are implemented in, however I am also aware that in some instances it does work in a game's favour (in terms of keeping the game operating!).
  21. Pretty much Edit for clarity: You are obtaining an advantage over other players who pay less and doing so to avoid mechanics put in place to encourage player interactions. Though I may just be prejudiced about the whole "alt zerging on wurm is good" thing.
  22. +1 as long as it is repair only (so priests can do it!)
  23. I'm rather thinking more that you still have priests and non-priests, simply that priests need work on other skills save channeling to effectively cast.