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  1. Many thanks to you both! I'll have another crack at it. How do I use Lore on the frying pan? Edit: Never mind, I found the option. You were both correct; too little cooking oil. Thanks again!
  2. After finally harvesting some lemons I eagerly gathered my ingredients in the oven to make some long-awaited fish 'n' chips. Both attempts failed, with the well-fuelled oven finally fizzing out having never cooked a thing. On both attempts I used: Raw fries Lemon Fillet of fish ...and in the first attempt I used fennel oil, the second I used corn oil - both of which are apparently cooking oils according to the Wurmpedia. The ingredients were placed in a frying pan as per the recipe. So what went wrong? I've made plenty of meals in this oven before by the way, I definitely wasn't doing anything wrong. It must have been something to do with the ingredients but as far as I can tell, I satisfied all the criteria.
  3. I logged in this morning (noting a graphics update downloaded first) and now my sheep look like this: I assumed it would clear up after restarting but it hasn't. I use Oracle Java 8 on Linux Mint 64-bit. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  4. I will also happily vouch for North Indy Academy following the incredibly warm welcome I received yesterday! These guys have worked hard on their village; it has to be seen to be believed!
  5. Hi I'm a new player (I did dabble with WO for a couple of weeks last year but real life got in the way). I've just gone through the tutorial and I'm looking to join a newbie-friendly village. Obviously I cannot offer much to begin with, but I'm willing to put in the effort toward whatever the village goals are, while I train my skills. Thanks in advance for any replies!