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  1. Being an Australian, I find this topic extremely interesting. I have to say that I agree that leaving the servers in the US would be best for the whole community. However, I assume that Rolf's main incentive is monetary. There is no doubt that wurm still is (& if we are honest, probably always will be) a fairly small operation. Therefore, if the servers get moved to Europe, then that's ok with me. I want to point out though are that Wurm's population is a lot more diverse than some people are suggesting. Here's a quick example. There are so many Japanese players that they have their own wiki here: http://wurm.mmorpgplayer.com/ (it's in japanese so run it through google translate or something) I first found out about this wiki a couple of years ago & it already had a fair amount of info. Here are some stats (in broken translator english): That's last updated 2 days ago & the site has had 34k page hits. Gavin is right, these players tend to keep to themselves, probably because many of them don't speak english. The other thing to keep in mind is that almost everyone tends to play at primetime. Therefore, they will most commonly encounter people who are from the same country. Talk to some of the players we have who, for various reasons like physical pain &/or injury, play around the clock. They will most likely have friends from all over the world. Unfortunately, I've never seen the analytics that contain the data on where players hail from, but I do seem to recall Rolf or Notch once expressing surprise at how diverse our community really is.
  2. G'day

    Holy crap! I had no idea. I've been playing for about a month again but kept a low profile. I haven't even played much this last week & I guess Tich forgot to point me to it when I last saw her. Rolf, I'm honoured & humbled by your generous gift.
  3. G'day

    I guess it's true. There really is no escaping this game. after an absence of almost a year, I've returned to the game that we all love. I played a few others since then. none of the other MMOs could catch my interest, but I had fun catching up on some of the other games that I'd missed out on while being too busy playing wurm. My favs were Fallout 3, GTA4, dragon age, mass effect & oblivion. BTW, if you've not tried out store.steampowered.com, you really should. Best way to buy games imo. So anyway, Uzetaab is back, currently helping Tich build yet another road : He'll probably get his merchants back up & running in a few weeks. Wolfram is back abusing his GM powers...erm I mean helping people out, but go easy on me, I'm a bit rusty. I can't even remember how to make myself visible :-[ I'm very happy to be back, I missed all you guys. Merry xmas, happy seasons & all that! Oh, & you can blame Tich. She's the one who badgered me into playing again
  4. Having encountered one or two dragons before, turning around & finding that really would scare me
  5. Irony aside, at least when it fails you know there is a new version to go get from java.com. Maybe they should rename it autoremind. Although monthly checks (the default) are probably not frequent enough considering how common java is on the net. I suggest everyone go to their settings and change to daily or weekly. The settings are in windows control panel for XP or older users, for vista or newer, just search java in the start menu search box.
  6. so, can I make a golden longsword then? or is the creation tree the same for the original matal too?
  7. Not true though i do not endorse it anyway except for the sounding line at sea >.> you're right, the language i used is a bit harsh. dirt depth measurement can be useful on wild, but given that people are complaining about the dirt layer on freedom being an obstacle to obtaining ore resources it just sounds like a freedom-biased suggestion. Perhaps I am missing something, but I don't want a dirt depth tool to use as you suggest. For me the tool would be used for construction planning. here's why: mind you, I don't think it would be a good choice for this year's gift, it's just on my personal wishlist. Hmm, here's a thought, what about a GPS/sextant that's only accurate to 20-50 tiles or something?
  8. This sounds good to me. a standardised and simple way to update the map, in sections. perferably using something like Paint.NET so that we can work with layers I personally don't need anything more accurate than we have now, just more detailed. There's gotta be more to that great big green section east of the fang & more roads/villages marked.
  9. I got 2, thanks very much Now I just have to remember to change to the other one in mid december
  10. if anyone wants to try to try to do something with mine, go ahead. I'm not artistic, someone cooler than me made my avatar for me In case anyone is wondering, I requested bold & simple to make it easy for me to scan for my posts.
  11. That pretty much covers my feelings on the topic. In the past the only people who have really objected are those who made maps themselves or those who want to hide. It seems that the ppl who made the current map don't count if they have stopped updating it & does anybody really feel the need to hide on freedom? Plus, there will always be great swaths of unmapped areas in player made maps because it's just too big, also, elevation is usually missing from them which is something sorely needed on this map.
  12. for those interested in knowing, there are 35 merchants now
  13. Lump/forge heat indicator I'd love both of those! Or I'd just be happy with the old forge burn times. back during beta they'd burn for 8hrs at 50ql with only 1 fueling. sigh.
  14. It's called a camp fire Time to get your firemaking up, Vean and wood cutting to make good kindling