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  1. Epic Fail

    Still cant log in. You'd have thought they'd anticipate this, no?
  2. Freedom would be good, but with the clusters being named northern and southern freedom I think it wouldnt suit.
  3. Honestly not a bad idea. Wild server for pvp Home server for pve
  4. Jesus christ its like a school talent show competition. The chosen names didnt please the overwhelming majority of the player base. Don't take it to heart, you still get your prize and the names will still be used for the starter towns. I know i must suck but hey ho, there were plenty of players out there who didnt win and arent complaining about not winning.
  5. I think my suggestions were Perseverance for pve and Dissention or Dissidence for pvp i forget which of the two it was. I think they're inkeeping with the other server names.
  6. Think thats cause Youtube was only founded in 2005 and didnt get popular until 2006.
  7. Good call on putting the vote up. Those names are really unfitting.
  8. Lmao, where you been? And yeah aslong as he's the reciever, it was for 1 million dollars werent it?
  9. Been looking for these videos for years, saw them back when they were kinda new on youtube. Definitely something alot of wurm players might find interesting to watch, thanks for posting them here.
  10. Had to post this video cause its just fit the song so well and made me chuckle. The internet produces some whacky yet glorious creations sometimes.
  11. Perfect for lockdown quarantine.
  12. Oh yeah so it was, those were fun times
  13. That'll stick with me forever. I forget who called me that first, think it was Tehheretic
  14. Once upon a time I could not use my real name, Tom. So me and my friend tried Tman, Tomboy, CrazyT, then we settled on Madt.
  15. Eir

    Very sad news, I don't really browse the forums at the moment but when I saw this thread by sheer chance through my Twitter notifications email, my heart sank. Eir was always a good friend, I'd regularly talk to her ingame when she was on her Qualia account chasing up GM calls. She even once brought me a dead BL tower guard corpse for my birthday lol. Very sad I never got to play directly alongside her, but even so she was far more of a friend than anything else. She had a good heart and soul and was kind. Rest in peace old friend, you'll be missed. My thoughts are with your friends and family. <3
  16. Probably fighting and fighting related skills because I love hunting and exploring the map. Spending several hours purposefully getting myself lost to see where I end up or heading to interesting looking areas on the map while hunting along the way. Out of the crafting skills it's probably all the smithing skills. Love just being at a forge imping stuff while listening to music and chatting or watching a movie or something.
  17. Don't have a screenshot but I remember one funny story. Back when Kyara had a white dragon hatchling penned up I used to fight it a little bit now and then for fun. One time I was in combat with it and all of a sudden I see in combat tab 'You cut Rolf deadly hard in the xyz etc etc.' After I left the pen to stop the combat I was like what the hell. Turned out Rolf was right next to me watching me fight it while in invisible mode and made a bad move or something which made me hit him. I think after he just said something along the lines of "Oops". He turned off his invisible mode and said he was just studying the dragons ai or something. He watched me mess around with it for a little while longer then went afk then vanished. I remember at first I got a bit worried he might suspect I actually attacked him purposefully or something and ban me but he just thought it was funny. Really wish I had the screenshot I took of combat tab.
  18. I like #2 but think it'd be a little bit better if the red cross in the centre stood out a bit more against the black cross behind it. Theyre all good though, #3 comes in at 2nd best imo
  19. It seriously triggers me that only the creature name is capitalised and not the age or type.
  20. Bit of an arrogant thing to say that we're all wrong because we've played Wurm too long. I'd say the opposite is true. The idea just doesn't make sense.