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  1. Epic Fail

    Still cant log in. You'd have thought they'd anticipate this, no?
  2. Freedom would be good, but with the clusters being named northern and southern freedom I think it wouldnt suit.
  3. Honestly not a bad idea. Wild server for pvp Home server for pve
  4. Jesus christ its like a school talent show competition. The chosen names didnt please the overwhelming majority of the player base. Don't take it to heart, you still get your prize and the names will still be used for the starter towns. I know i must suck but hey ho, there were plenty of players out there who didnt win and arent complaining about not winning.
  5. I think my suggestions were Perseverance for pve and Dissention or Dissidence for pvp i forget which of the two it was. I think they're inkeeping with the other server names.
  6. Think thats cause Youtube was only founded in 2005 and didnt get popular until 2006.
  7. Good call on putting the vote up. Those names are really unfitting.
  8. Lmao, where you been? And yeah aslong as he's the reciever, it was for 1 million dollars werent it?
  9. Been looking for these videos for years, saw them back when they were kinda new on youtube. Definitely something alot of wurm players might find interesting to watch, thanks for posting them here.
  10. Had to post this video cause its just fit the song so well and made me chuckle. The internet produces some whacky yet glorious creations sometimes.