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  1. What's your favourite Wurm skill?

    Probably fighting and fighting related skills because I love hunting and exploring the map. Spending several hours purposefully getting myself lost to see where I end up or heading to interesting looking areas on the map while hunting along the way. Out of the crafting skills it's probably all the smithing skills. Love just being at a forge imping stuff while listening to music and chatting or watching a movie or something.
  2. Don't have a screenshot but I remember one funny story. Back when Kyara had a white dragon hatchling penned up I used to fight it a little bit now and then for fun. One time I was in combat with it and all of a sudden I see in combat tab 'You cut Rolf deadly hard in the xyz etc etc.' After I left the pen to stop the combat I was like what the hell. Turned out Rolf was right next to me watching me fight it while in invisible mode and made a bad move or something which made me hit him. I think after he just said something along the lines of "Oops". He turned off his invisible mode and said he was just studying the dragons ai or something. He watched me mess around with it for a little while longer then went afk then vanished. I remember at first I got a bit worried he might suspect I actually attacked him purposefully or something and ban me but he just thought it was funny. Really wish I had the screenshot I took of combat tab.
  3. I like #2 but think it'd be a little bit better if the red cross in the centre stood out a bit more against the black cross behind it. Theyre all good though, #3 comes in at 2nd best imo
  4. Archaed PVP Guide

    It seriously triggers me that only the creature name is capitalised and not the age or type.
  5. Bit of an arrogant thing to say that we're all wrong because we've played Wurm too long. I'd say the opposite is true. The idea just doesn't make sense.
  6. Any Interest?

    From what I can see the problem is too many freedom minded people have come to live on chaos. They have the mindset that because they spent so much time on their deeds that they are entitled to be protected. The reality is chaos was never intended to be this way. Anything you build, create or conquer can be destroyed or captured at any time. It's your job to defend it. If you can't defend it, you deserve to lose it. That's how it works. There's no comfort zones on this server. I loved the thrill of logging in to find out my or an ally's deed is being raided, I really did. That's what it's always been about, that adrenaline rush. I can't stand to see a bunch of newer generation players try to change that because they want to live in peace on their capitol and not be bothered. It's like a bunch of people moving to a new country and telling them how to live.
  7. The letter K

    +1 always wondered wky it was lihe tkat.
  8. Epic, Complete 180°

    God damn this is an awesome idea. +1 Im not sure what everyone else will think about this, but what about removing surface mining for this too if it were to go ahead? Reason being to make deed design back the way it was before. A simpler design to go with the more simple gameplay. No token pits or mined down dirtwall perimeters.
  9. When you...

    Just log in and don't move, you'll be invulnerable. Or just reprem.
  10. The State of Raiding

    Are we supposed to just take your word for it or can you prove that?
  11. The State of Raiding

    It would have that effect, but for the sake of improving the quality of the game I'd say that's a fair consequence to have to endure. Wurm isn't supposed to be a RL money making machine. It's a perk, but not a vital part of it.
  12. The State of Raiding

    @FranktheTankYou're right, dying and losing high end gear is too expensive of a loss. I think thats another issue that needs to be dealt with, lower end weapons and armour need to be cheaper to produce and made more effective. The example I made was just an attempt to try and show how it frustrates those who want more pvp.
  13. The State of Raiding

    Tbh, can you blame the frustration? Why would you want to have people on the same pvp server as you if they refuse to pvp? You'd kick a player from a tf2 or some other FPS match if all they did was sit in spawn and not actually play and fight. What does account sharing have to do with anything?
  14. The State of Raiding

    I've been following this thread and the long discussion in discord. I was gonna write out a big long post on my opinion but I'm on my phone writing this and I hate typing big posts on my phone. Basically a few things seem clear to me: * The mentality of some groups living on chaos has changed over time. People now expect to be extremely safe on their deeds and don't really want to be raided or do any raiding of their own. This is not how things should be, it's not how chaos is supposed to be. Killing, pillaging and looting are supposed to be a frequent occurance. If you think otherwise, you don't belong on a pvp server. It's like you're trying to grow flowers on a football field and expecting everyone to not run through your pretty flowers. Take your flowers elsewhere. * People have forgotten what raiding is. The people afraid of being raided have either forgotten or never knew what a regular raid actually is. I blame this on EMR mostly. Their mindset when they started raiding was to turbo nerd and completely destroy almost every deed they raided. They wouldn't just raid, loot and leave. They would raid for several days straight and literally destroy the deed so the defenders just said 'F this, why bother...' and left. That is not how a regular raid works out unless it's for territory control. Nobody will do that to a Capitol deed because then as many people have said, there will be nobody left to play against. This is is what a regular raid looks like. This video sealed the deal for me on wanting to join the pvp part of Wurm way back in 2007. ^ That's a normal raid. Granted it's very outdated in terms of deed design and method of entry, but it still holds the same principles and values. Attackers break in, defenders repair and fend off best they can. Once in the attackers gain entry they kill guards and bust a hole in each house and see what loot they can get. They leave, defenders repair the damage and resupply what was looted. The loss is worth it on a good raid because both sides have fun. Sometimes the kingdom that got attacked would do a retaliation raid the next weekend. My point is, being raided doesn't mean your deed is going to be absolutely destroyed and flattened. I see a lot of people keep saying that. Any smart kingdom knows that demoralising your enemy to the point they up and leave the server is a stupid idea. It leaves nobody for them to fight. As I said before, EMR never really cared about that when they raided and I think they actually wanted to wipe their enemies off the map so they could push for a map reset. Atleast that's what I remember them mentioning a lot. TC is smarter than that. We all want to see a thriving server full of big groups, small groups. Roaming pvp, weekly raids, active HoTA fights. Because that is what's fun for us, we like pvp. What would be the point in destroying any chance of that ever happening again? Ive made a long post when I intended not to and now I'm sick of typing with just my thumbs. Hopefully that gets the point across. Instead of just putting up a block and rejecting any reasoning or progressive discussion, think about it. Chaos is a pvp server where raiding and pvp should be happening very regularly. If it continues like it is now, eventually the server will die.