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  1. Mask of the shadow 75c (Cod to Vonsanden if accepted) Pale Mask 75c (Cod to Vonsanden if accepted)
  2. Nice one but shouldnt you post this in suggestions thread instead other then that. +1
  3. That axe .... i just fell in love all over again! Viking times here i come! *Commands his Knarr*
  4. I dont know why but i just spend 4 hours reading every post of all the threads about the incidident and in my opninion youve been punished more then enough in the chat i hope youll be able to rebuild a trustworthy reputation and i truly hope it will never happen again because trust is very important in wurm. I wish you and your girlffriend happy wurming may the Wurm gods help you on your path to gaining to trust of the community! ~lpleroylp
  5. Im living on Exodus and looking for some bowyery experts and also priests I got a rare 70QL Longbow Now im looking for an improvement to 90QL And also the folowing Enchants (Preferably at least 90+ % succes change because as you can expect i dont want to lose it xD) 90+ COC 90+ NIMB Preferably on Exodus because im not interested in sailing after my recent travels.
  6. Final map

    exactly haha hes one of the few developers out there who does this i think at least hes the first one i met who does this.
  7. Final map

    Nice solution Rolf! The map looks alot better i bet there are no complaints now
  8. Auctioning off my rare small shield 90QL [17:27:45] A small metal shield with a leather strap. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. The small metal shield has some dents that must be flattened by a hammer. Starting bid: 3s Buyout: 10s Sniper: 1h Min Incr: 50c Have fun bidding!
  9. All items sold thanks everyone for the buys!
  10. Mallet and axe are allready sold (look beloe the post)
  11. Deal will cod when i get home from work
  12. deal thanks for buying will cod it to you tommorow Sorry sold it for 18s through pm
  13. rare yarn and string of cloth to "Vonsanden"
  14. Make and cod me a 90ql large maul please to Vonsanden
  15. Selling my beloved rare oakenwood mallet Its 94QL and has a blessings of the dark cast of 97 on it Starting bid: 6s buyout: 11s min incr. 50c sniper p. 1 hour Happy Bidding! ~Vonsanden
  16. Auction my beloved Rare Carving Knife Its 88QL and has Wind of ages 95 and circle of cunning 91 Starting bid: 7s buyout: 12s min incr. 50c sniper p. 1 hour Happy bidding! ~Vonsanden