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  1. Nice one but shouldnt you post this in suggestions thread instead other then that. +1
  2. That axe .... i just fell in love all over again! Viking times here i come! *Commands his Knarr*
  3. I dont know why but i just spend 4 hours reading every post of all the threads about the incidident and in my opninion youve been punished more then enough in the chat i hope youll be able to rebuild a trustworthy reputation and i truly hope it will never happen again because trust is very important in wurm. I wish you and your girlffriend happy wurming may the Wurm gods help you on your path to gaining to trust of the community! ~lpleroylp
  4. Im living on Exodus and looking for some bowyery experts and also priests I got a rare 70QL Longbow Now im looking for an improvement to 90QL And also the folowing Enchants (Preferably at least 90+ % succes change because as you can expect i dont want to lose it xD) 90+ COC 90+ NIMB Preferably on Exodus because im not interested in sailing after my recent travels.
  5. Final map

    exactly haha hes one of the few developers out there who does this i think at least hes the first one i met who does this.
  6. Final map

    Nice solution Rolf! The map looks alot better i bet there are no complaints now
  7. Auctioning off my rare small shield 90QL [17:27:45] A small metal shield with a leather strap. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. The small metal shield has some dents that must be flattened by a hammer. Starting bid: 3s Buyout: 10s Sniper: 1h Min Incr: 50c Have fun bidding!
  8. All items sold thanks everyone for the buys!
  9. Bump: Edited the sold items
  10. Mallet and axe are allready sold (look beloe the post)
  11. Deal will cod when i get home from work
  12. deal thanks for buying will cod it to you tommorow Sorry sold it for 18s through pm