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  1. I believe homesteads were a set size initially, yes.
  2. Just came back after 7+ years and the game sure looks and runs a damn sight better than it used to. UI is slicker, too.
  3. Been gone for a long time, thinking about coming back. You know what we used to say, you never quit Wurm, you just take long breaks. Somebody give me the cliff notes on the state of the game in 2023, please. Can you still feasibly make enough silver in game to pay for premium? What's the current server layout/population dispersion look like? I hear there's been a crackdown on RMT, does that mean I won't be able to buy an account to start playing again? Tell me everything I need to know. Convince me it's worth coming back.
  4. No Johan = No Regularity
  5. Aye, not meaning to slander, just commenting so people are aware. It's a free market and if someone wants to pay 10s they're only too welcome!
  6. 10s for a tower seems high. 500 bricks would be 1s 500 clay would be 50c 100 planks would be 10-15c 1.1k attach actions would be 1.1s So raw base price of 2.75ish silver and he charges 10s?
  7. Always thought it was the name of the planet we're on.
  8. I'd wager this is well above the abilities of the devs to program. With how long it takes them to implement comparitively rudimentary things like bridges when we already have multistory code, a whole new system for something nowhere near as major seems unlikely
  9. What ql is "good"? What server? How much is "low coins"?
  10. 2/10 piss poor excuse for a troll
  11. New toon is remaining under wraps until it's ready to enter the market, will be interesting to see if anyone can pick me out of a lineup by behaviour alone, or if I get to befriend everyone all over again