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  1. We had an unbalanced concept before with cropsaccing as it was. Material costs were higher per favor, in return for lower action costs. People love to cry about how cropsaccing was overpowered, but nobody is talking about 'how' they were overpowered. By adopting a "eh, things are just better off unbalanced" approach now, just indicates laziness in design. They could've just as easily left well enough alone before. Now, they've opened pandora's box with these Nahjo changes. It's time to get all favor buffed in return.
  2. I'm only including items with affinity bonuses for their gods. This was meant to give chopped vegetables an honest comparison to their counterparts. This is essentially my way of reminding the Devs, even with their recent boost - they still overnerfed. I'm not going to count Butchering or Alchemy items at all. They are not reliable for mass production. They will never be used beyond the occasional bonus for a priest who is grinding. My suggestion to correct this issue isn't to increase the favor amount of chopped vegetables - but to instead, allow us to "chop" 1 crop, 2 times, for 2 chopped vegetables per 1 crop. This meaning the number of actions remains the same - but the materials used is effectively halved, putting it on par with Cloth Squares. (It'd also make them marginally more useful than Door Locks for Nahjo/Libila) -- The only other way would be to marginally increase the favor gain of chopped vegetables even more. (Which should also be considered in small increments to make door locks less appealing than Chopped Vegetables.) Yoyos are another, more complicated story that also needs serious addressing. (I'd start by lowering their difficulty to 1... Might want to add another cheap "toymaking" item at 15 - 20 difficulty, for priests to grind on with creation to avoid the Coordage Rope lowered difficulty backlash.) I'm firmly rooted in my belief that there needs to be an option for 'all' forms of common favor items to have a method of storage that makes them convenient for priests. The advantage Cloth Squares and Chopped Vegetables have in this regard is unfair to Door Locks and Yoyo users. I'll add Coordage Rope to the list, without affinities tomorrow. I really don't want to add butchering/alchemy items, because it'd be a misnomer. They simply can not be reliably mass produced.
  3. You know what? I'm done caring.
  4. 100ql chopped garlic (2 potency), sacrificed by Nahjo = 6.25 favor 100ql chopped garlic (2 Potency), sacrificed by Vynora = 5 favor 100ql chopped corn (1 Potency), sacrificed by Nahjo = 6.25 favor 100ql chopped corn (1 Potency), sacrificed by Vynora = 5 favor. I guess potency is lost when it's chopped. Using a 90ql knife, with 44 cooking, I appear to be averaging 98ql. For ease of use in future comparisons, I'm going to assume that at 90 cooking skill, the average is a perfect 100ql or 5 favor/6.25 favor per.
  5. I won't actually know for sure until after the patch is made. I've been getting conflicting reports from people on my Steam that there are even greater bonuses for Nahjo and Libila priests. At this point, my numbers are dead in the water until we see the final product first hand. I'll have a more accurate review up after I get my hands on it.
  6. I made the same mistake. The WSA was actually edited without warning. Here are the numbers to explain my reasoning. They've increased the sacrifice value from 5 favor, to 6.25 for Libila and Nahjo. It's still a nerf, but you'll see the numbers as to why it's still better than Yoyos. Given the vague, somewhat unclear and seemingly rushed nature of the information put in the WSA, I'm not entirely certain they fully know what to do to keep Nahjo and Libila competitive with Fo (Who is likely to be the new favorite after this nerf.) However, they're definitely getting closer. My suggestion would be to allow us to perform 2 chopping actions per 1 crop, to create 2 chopped vegetables as a result. Doing that alone would put Nahjo and Libila on par with Fo.
  7. Yoyo's really are the bastard child of the double-favor family. (Even after the Nahjo/Libila nerf given the new favor numbers offered on the WSA.) Door locks only require one 10 difficulty action. The downside is the high material usage of Iron, which isn't abundant in 90ql+ form on the market. -- 0.6kg iron per door lock. Cloth Squares only require 2 actions. The one determining the QL is only 5 difficulty. Including the upside of it using Cotton, which is abundant in 90ql+ form on the market. -- 0.3kg cloth per cloth square. Yoyos require 3 actions. The one determining the QL is 15 difficulty resulting in the lowest random QL of the three. Yoyos require two components in Cotton and Logs. - 0.2kg log (Shafts take 0.2kg log to make!) and 0.2kg cloth per yoyo. The material costs for Yoyos are significantly higher as a result, with a slightly lower average QL for your effort. The only reason I've ever suggested that people ever bother to use Yoyo's is if the following conditions are met: You have multiple alts capable of producing high QL shafts and cloth strings You have access to, or are able to cut your own 90ql+ logs
  8. Satchels are a neat way to maximize your favor per lock (provided you don't accidentally waste any by saccing more favor than your max favor) However, the option to make things easier to transfer should exist. The outrage surrounding Nahjo should hopefully open their eyes that there is more to balance than nerfing. Boost other forms of favor!
  9. Thankfully they've listened to reason and increased the sacrificing value for both. Given the change, I'd say Nahjo and Libila are now slightly better than Vynora and Paweelr. Sadly, the cost of materials is still double that of Fo, making Fo look far more attractive in comparison. I would hope they listen to my suggestion of having 1 crop be "chopped" twice, to create 2 chopped vegetables for 2 actions, putting it reasonably on par with Fo. Of course, this means Yoyos is still the worst double favor item, and hopefully this means they'll address this imbalance. Hopefully they'll see reason and realize there is more to balancing than NERFING. It's time Yoyos and Door Locks got reasonable no-decay storage.
  10. I didn't notice. I just got home. Let me crunch the numbers real quick, and I'll get back to you. 5.625 favor per 90ql. 1280 chopped vegetables per hour. (Valued at 2.56s includin gactions. 1.280s including only materials.) I'd say they're definitely getting closer. However, the 1:1 material cost per chopped vegetable (Nearly double the cost of using Cotton for Cloth Squares), still keeps the cost of using Nahjo far higher than his contemporary alternative, Fo. I'd say they'd get it almost perfectly equal if they made it so 1 crop can be chopped twice to create 2 chopped vegetables per crop for 2 actions. Doing so would mean the material cost for Nahjo would be 1.28s including actions compared to Fo's 1.36094s including actions. The offset for the lower cost would be the fact that you'd need more actions for to get the same favor as a Nahjo. Of course, this only assumes they give Chopped Vegetables a proper form of storage. The fact they still haven't given Door Locks and Yoyos proper storage boggles my mind. I only let it slide because there were more viable alternatives out there. I removed the angry comments from my previous post, since I was functioning under old information and a little bit of pent up anger. I'm still a little pissed off they only gave us 2 days to make these cases on a major change like this.
  11. If I don't miss a single cast timer, I can cast Dirt (Spell), 360 times costing 7200 favor in total. Assuming 90ql corn (9 favor per), this meant I required 800 crops per hour. (Valued at 0.80s per hour) In the best case scenario, being 90ql glands (13.5 favor per), this would mean I'd require 533.33 glands per hour to maintain capacity. (Valued anywhere between 5.3s and 10.6s... Good luck with that.) In the worst case scenario, being chopped vegetables (Average QL of 90, at 30 cooking/90ql corn 5.625 favor per), this would mean I'd require 1280 chopped vegetables per hour to maintain capacity. (Valued at 2.56s including actions at 10i each, 1.280s including only materials.) Butchered items are not a feasible way to mass produce. The price of them alone is exhorbitant enough to be prohibitive as an alternative to simply purchase them. Given the lack of a proper double favor item, this means I'd be forced to use either Cloth Squares (Average QL of 78 at 90ql skill/90ql Mats or 6.084 favor per) requiring only 1183.43 cloth squares per hour (Valued at 2.71686s including actions, 0.35s including only materials.)), or Yoyos (Average QL of 74.1 at 90ql skill/90ql Mats or 5.04931 favor per) requiring about 1425.937 (Valued at about 5.751279 including actions at 10i each, 1.4734s if you only include materials. Much lower if you have your own woodcutter.) . More than likely, it'd be far more efficient to simply abandon Nahjo completely after he gets nuked, and switching to the new Meta of Fo, Pa. Both of which has a double favor, and access to Dirt (Spell) and Life Transfer. This might seem fair, but you need to remember that Nahjo doesn't get double favor on anything besides Butchering. Look at the numbers for double favor, such as Fo's Cloth Squares. (Average QL of 78 at 90ql skill/90ql Mats or 12.168 favor per) requiring only 591.7159!!! (Valued at 1.36094s including actions. 0.17751s including only materials) How about Vynora or Paaweelr's Yoyos. (Average QL of 74.1 at 90ql skill/90ql Mats or 10.98162 favor per) requiring only 655.640971!!!! (Valued at 2.706922913s including actions. 0.74 including materials.) All of these numbers means the following: Nahjo requires 1280 actions to Fo's 1183.4318 actions to get the same favor. Nahjo pays 2.56s including actions, to Fo's 1.36094s including actions. Nahjo requires 1280 actions to Paweelr's 1966.922913 actions to get the same favor. Nahjo pays 2.56s including actions to Paweelr's 2.706922913s including actions. Nobody is arguing that cropsac needed to be nerfed, but you guys need to recognize what needs to be nerfed, before you blanket nerf Nahjo and Libila into oblivion. The lack of actions and it's relative ease of collecting/cheapness in set QL's was what made it powerful. Not the amount of favor it gave. Use this outrage as an opportunity to improve quality of life for all casters. Give us reliable zero-decay storage means for Yoyos and Door Locks. Start tweaking the average QL of Yoyos to bring it in line with the others (It's only valuable if you run a ridiculous treadmill of skills to 90, requiring the most actions, and giving the lowest average QL of the non-universal favor items) Make being a caster more accessible for everyone, by making favor creation and storage less tedious for everyone.
  12. I defended that change given it's compromising tone. I even lauded Rolf for his efforts in such an unwinnable situation. I abhor this change because of the simple "deal with it" nature of it's inception. It's going to happen, because we weren't given enough time to discuss it properly. Any compromise will only occur after the change has already been implemented. CodeClub AB is definitely not improving, and I'm unimpressed. Enjoy the next two to four weeks.
  13. So you're saying, 2 days is better than none? I'm saying, 2 days isn't much better than none.
  14. Animal parts aren't realistic as a mass producing method for favor. There is absolutely no way priest demand could be met by hunter production. Instead, in all likelihood, Nahjo priests will bite their tongue and use chopped vegetables at a drastically reduced return, or they will convert to another priest to enjoy their double bonus. I'm already planning out contingencies where I convert to Fo to make use of cloth squares. This way I only take a minor hit in capacity, rather than the gargantuan one currently and thoughtlessly proposed to Nahjo priests.
  15. You mean like a major change being announced only 2 days before it's added?
  16. I'm not going to lie. These changes don't seem very well thought out. They add tedium; when they should've instead increased the casting capacity of other priests to bring them in line with Nahjo.
  17. A change in focus and priorities. Adapting to a meta that has existed for years, that I enjoyed more than the game prior to it's existence. My fear isn't that Nahjo is made slightly worse, but that the effective cost of my current casting capacity is doubled through the removal of crops (Without a viable alternative given in it's place) as the bonus for Nahjo. I already spend around 1g a month on crops. I'm not certain I can afford 2g a month based on the current pricing of my shop. I would either have to raise prices on my shop to offset the decrease in the favor:cost ratio, or I would have to find sellers willing to part with their crops at half the cost. Either don't seem feasible given the current market. This means my casting capacity is halved (Likely to be quartered, given that I now have to perform actions on top of the reduction), and my projects will have to take a major hit. I'm adaptable, I could easily find other venues to correct the hit to capacity such as: Converting to Fo to cast Dirt with cloth squares, while premming up a Vynora battery to perform Mind Stealer casts. (20% increase in monthly premium costs, loss of Strongwall utility.) Converting to Fo, and removing Mind Stealer as an offered service. (An assumed 20% decrease in sales.) Creating a network of farming sellers who would give their 90ql+ crops to me at 50c per 1000. (Unlikely to happen.) Increasing the costs of my enchantments to offset the increased costs, while retaining client base. (Unlikely to happen.) Abandoning and/or slowing one or multiple projects that relied on my current dirt creation capacity. (Likely to make me very unhappy.) However, a question now comes to mind... Do I want to adapt?
  18. I'm not entirely sure how to process the sudden development. I'm actually a little bit in shock. I've been clamoring for a while about the overpowered nature of cropsaccing. I would've been more than happy to endure one, two or even three actions and a need to grind new skill lines to get the same amount of favor I receive now from crops. To offset this new proposed change, I would effectively have to purchase crops at half the price I do now to continue functioning in the same capacity I do now. I find myself caught in the middle of some very large projects that require an obscene amount of dirt, predominantly reliant on the capacity my Nahjo priest performed on. Even with the changes, I could continue my shop's current business model to make money at the rate I have been with my enchantment services, but, that's not what I play Wurm for. Most of the favor didn't even go towards major enchantments, instead the majority of the favor went towards the creation of Dirt for the sake of my projects. I suppose I could probably convert to Fo to make use of Cloth Squares, but it would require drastic changes that I'm not entirely certain I'm interested in making, including the necessity of rearing up yet another alt to serve as a Vynora battery. I'm going to do my best to remain patient to see the outcome of this proposed change, but I'm not going to lie when I say, this scares me deeply and might very well be a deal breaker for me. This potential overnerfing effects me so deeply, that for the first time ever, since I've started playing Wurm, I'm actually starting to question whether or not I want to continue these projects... or this game. These are not thoughts, or decisions I take lightly.
  19. I'm very highly educated. I know demographics, I have the best demographics.
  20. Agreed. Focus on mid-30's. People with awful unfulfilling jobs, who need an outlet for creativity with a fantasy feel to it.
  21. Rehashing the tutorial again seems bonkers to me. The first three tutorials didn't work out. Do you guys think number four will be the charm? The best tutorials are ones that actually are a part of the game, rather than a precursor that has absolutely no value beyond text boxes, and going through the motions for the sake of learning, "Please click here to open this." It might be best to instead focus your efforts on improving Wurm's in-game Wurmpedia and it's usability on the fly. Maybe fix it so the in-game Wurmpedia can actually read the templates, macros, see the images, use the categories and tables, etc... Barring that; an actual in-game browser that opens Wurmpedia instead of that hideously ugly brown window that shows Tandy-esque text. Hell, you could even throw in some silly, addictive Wurm themed mini-games on that browser for people who're grinding on full-screen mode. (Not everybody has two monitors, or plays in windowed mode.) Follow that up with a purge of old and outdated information, and a flood of new information and guides... you'd get a lot more bang for your buck than another tutorial that'll just be replaced a year from now. Most of Wurm's main userbase consists of individuals with at least a Grade School Education, so leverage the literacy of your playerbase. Continue to make it easier for them to find the guides they need, when they need it, rather than dumping it all at the very beginning with help text boxes or busy work that'll just be quickly ignored and turned off so players can get to the main game faster. Unless you're creating a Tutorial where players actually get to play, build, grind, and craft things in a safe, temporary, Golden Valley like instance for a pre-set amount of time (Not Permanent like GV...), similar to how Horizons: Empire of Istaria's tutorial worked. Maybe even automatically throwing every new player into a "Newbie" alliance when they join a new server, where established players who want to create a tutorial village can add their villages to give new players different places to spawn beyond the presets. If you manage to pull that off... Then yeah, have at it.
  22. No worries. As a result of the forums being down, I was unable to complete any orders (Or even really know what anybody wanted on anything.) I'll return your horseshoes as soon as I get home from work tonight.
  23. Calling Venezuela Socialist, is like calling China Communist. Neither are either. What you're doing is accepting intentionally failed implementations as the definition, which in itself is one of the most dangerous things a person can do ideologically. It's dehumanizing and denigrating opposing viewpoints. This is pretty much my point. The countries you named are Dictatorships and Oligarchies. They are Communists and Socialists by name only, not in government.
  24. Had Bernie Sanders gotten into office, America's education system would've improved to the point when Americans would actually understand what Socialism is.
  25. Four years of comedy gold. South Park, Simpsons, Daily Show, Saturday Night Live. I haven't been this happy since W got a second term. Any bets on when Trump steps down when he realizes that his popularity is going to DECLINE HARD now that hes president? Anyhow, congratulations United States of America. You're the laughing stock of the world again. Enjoy your Brexit.