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  1. If we give all priests equal skills such as: Lib - botd, mine collapse, true hit, rebirth Fo - woa, coc, mine collapse and genesis and charm animal Mag - woa, coc, min collapse and truehit and dominate Vyn - woa, coc mine collapse, opulance and charm animal Fix it so priests can no longer fight and are mainly played as alts. the above fixes will equal out pvp and stop the whining. cheers,
  2. I'm sure with some preparation work like using tools the Wurm Staff can see - such as the deeds, active populations, player count, Wurm Staff could co-ordinate teleporting to said locations with Gms to show off the surrounding areas, what progress looks like and available space for new players. Could even do like a comparison of a bigger deed currently setting up, an explanation on what streamer sees and what they think is going on, some hints and tips on how to do similar and for the money shot, logging into a finished deed on and old server for a comparison. If Wurm staff actually thought about it, did some prep work, there is many creative ways to show current servers, the story, the change in landscapes and try and entice people to be creative. Or you can simply log into a server with minimal active ppl, show deeds long since disbanded because its easier. Be creative ffs.
  3. Whilst Wurm Official stream might not set out to be advertisement, the fact that Wurm Online staff are streaming is in itself advertisement whether intended or not. Watching a retrograde stream vs watching a Wurmonline Official stream, I would've thought the company behind Wurm online would see the benefits of streaming highly populated, currently in creation servers vs old ghost towns and the remnants of deeds past. As far as just a Retro stream, perhaps this is the time to showcase w/e u want as you would not be representing Wurm in this case. Anyways just my thoughts on the whole advertisement of the game whether intended or by accident.
  4. I would like to suggest that Wurm Online stream the new servers and display the current thriving communities, some of the development that is going on, the different stages of the deeds. Promote some of the active deeds that are currently helping new players and inviting the new players to join in. I think this would be an awesome bit of advertisement, with a currently active player base that is willing to help new players enjoy and learn the aspects of wurm.
  5. I still have 3 characters that were bought when RMT was avaialble and still have an active deed on the old servers paid up for another 200 days, i still prefer new servers.
  6. I agree, and to this point 2 weeks is alot easier to play catch up then 10 years. even in a years time new servers are going to be easier to catch up on then old servers, time is always gonna be the same.
  7. why would anyone who is new want to start on a old server cluster that has 10 years worth of windows of opportunity, constant 5 hr sleep hour bonus restarts. I have played on these servers for years, witnessed the shenanigans that go on, the scale and dragon hide farming that went on because RMT (real money trade) was legal. Have played on some top tier accounts that are 70 across the board in charactaristics and skills and have purchased accounts like this when RMT was available. I still went with the new servers. I personally abandoned all of this because what actions I take on the new servers are legit, are earnt, cannot be bought through RMT and is quit simply fresh. Please keep old servers seperate, if u love the wurm experience im sure ull try the new servers moving forwards.
  8. Cheers:D

    good to see you pulling out of development, I foresee much improvements from here on in. Grats to the current wurm devs and associates. Cheers,
  9. Maul 80 *50ql* cod to Wrekt
  10. 1186 - 456 Ludicrus Lake