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  1. Wurm Online has no future Ultimate has a few more years left in it at least, but Wurm Online died the moment Ultimate was announced.
  2. Even Freedom is in the death knells. The population of Xanadu halved, all of the other servers are haemorraging players and deeds are decaying everywhere. At this point, why even bother there? Everywhere you go in wurm no matter the server, everything is regressing back into the primeval state
  3. I think the biggest thing is just that Wurms time has passed. It's been years upon years and this game has been running on fumes for at least half that time, maintained ad hoc and always unreliable. Gamebreaking bugs can take literal years to fix while other improvements and additions to the game can take just as long or never even come at all. The basic core of Wurm hasn't really changed much and in many ways is basically still the same buggy, grindy, frustrating game that it always has been. This time, people are just finally deciding to give up for good because they've had enough. Now its 2016. A whole multitude of new games with new genres have come out - many of them borrowing many of the concepts from Wurm and often improving on or casualizing them in the process. Wurms fundamental flaw is that it hasn't really kept up and now its been left in the dust. Of course a lot of people deny this, but when basically you have to invest weeks and months of time into the game to get anything worthwhile out of it you shouldn't be surprised that when a game that's less frustrating to play comes along people are going to jump ship. A lot of Wurm is very non-intuitive and difficult to learn which is why its always remained such a small and core specialist thing. But it's been years now - people are fed up and I think Wurm Ultimate coming out was the straw that broke the camels back. About 1/3 of all characters have depremed in the past few months and some servers have collapsed entirely. Not only is population down, but so is trade, deed numbers, construction, purchases, structure maintenance and erection, pvp, item creation... the list goes on. Activity in every single area on every server is in a nosedive. Some servers are completely desolate now.
  4. you do realise that with the amount of minedoors around you'd still need to pick through like a dozen of them (in addition to fences, gatehouses, etc) if you wanted to get anywhere i mean if i really wanted i could find a spot and make a deed which is difficult to raid due to a mixture of bugs, exploits, and ingenuity, and leave it out there and even if somebody raided with a 20 man group it'd take literal days to get in (even if nobody is defending) at that point, why should anybody bother raiding anymore?
  5. most of the changes to wurm over the past few years has just made it easier and easier to defend if you want to be an it's possible to make a deed consisting solely of minedoors and fences that takes like three days to break into regardless of whenever its 20 people with catapults or a lone guy with a maul
  6. [media]
  7. I think they should add hydrogen cyanide to the game to enhance pvp. And because I want to reform the British Empire, I think we should be allowed to have muskets and camps to concentrate the natives in.
  8. I think shop prices should be modified as a temporary fix to generally overworking how the Wurm economy works. The biggest problem for the wurm economy is a constant creeping deflation for generally everything. It isn't just a problem with the monetary system, but with the active playerbase contributing to general economic activity growing and collapsing at the drop of the hat it means that a lot of people types find it difficult to sell their wares when demand collapses and the market is oversaturated. Since silvers are also constantly taken out of the economy through deeds and traders, the system relies on having enough players to buy silvers to make up the shortfall. I'd suggest that Rolf take a look at this: and use it as the basis for silver prices. I have a distinct feeling that the current price is too far to the right, but we don't have the data available to study it. If it does turn out to be the case, it would be beneficial for him to lower prices as a means of increasing total revenue.
  9. the difference between pvp servers and pve servers is that the epic community is really much like a much bigger community even with people in different kingdoms they keep in contact with one another, play games with each other a lot, switch kingdoms, and generally all know each other. they play largely because there are other people to play with in pve, there's a lot less of that i think, and much of the population consists of people who would much rather play in single player for the crafting or terraforming or deedbuilding i think that when wurm ultimate comes out, the freedom servers are going to have a noticeable population decline, while the pvp servers will mostly stay the same.
  10. People will still play WO because there's a challenge. If people wanted instant gratification they'd just play creative mode in minecraft, but oddly multiplayer servers with a number of restrictions are still very popular.
  11. i support this strongly, it's been months and there's still buttloads of it in areas with both altars and kingdom towers
  12. this is one of the most pathetic suggestions i have ever read
  13. [media]