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  1. LOF spam is hilarious, but the rewards top out at 500 points or so. Going into quadruple digits is fun for dickwaving, but that's all it amounts to. The real problem is that you can't get to the max awards unless you are an AOE-healing priest, so the ceiling should probably be lowered to something attainable for non-healers.
  2. Improve-failure odds

    I suffered at something like this while doing a grind to 99.999 PAS last year. Somewhere past QL99.995, you no longer improve enough to keep up with the loss of QL from repairing, the QL gains come to a standstill, and sweetspot grinding breaks down. You might be able to do better if your tools are also QL99 (I think mine were at ~98), but I don't think you'll ever hit a true QL100. This was the final screenshot I took before mending back down to QL80 and swapping to the old method of just imping stuff from QL80-90. "RIP sadjacket.png"
  3. Before the recent priest overhaul, Rite of Spring always required more favor than the baseline due to needing to accomodate the server's active follower count. It was entirely possible for the situation to be that the minimum favor for ROS was met, but the bloated follower count meant even 4x favor was required. ROS now only requires the minimum favor to cast, so Vynora probably has a lot of excess favor to channel ROS with. On top of this, a lot of sermon parties have been going in anticipation of the priest patch. It'll probably even out and function more normally once Vynora's squeezed dry. There's been three ROS casts today from a group of dorks who are doing exactly that. I picked a bad time to switch to Nahjo.
  4. Priest overhaul testing

    extreme ultimate sadness
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    please fix dispel thanks
  6. Valrei International. 068

    If you want to devalue LT, then improve natural regeneration and mundane wound treatment. Ten minutes to recover from scratches, or for a grievous wound to only get marginally worse, hasn't made sense for years. The healing interval has remained unchanged since the days of finding maybe a dozen mobs in an hour of hunting and grinding FS by fighting livestock with shafts. The game has changed substantially, and glacial regeneration just feels wrong now. If you increased player regen intervals to something like one minute so long as the player isn't actively fighting, then mortal wounds would kill a person much faster but little nicks and bruises wouldn't build up in such a boring and frustrating way. You could use the opportunity to make wounds more interesting, such as cotton instead being used to close open wounds and to set breaks so that they don't get worse, salves to stop infections and burns and frostbite from getting worse, healing covers instead for instant healing, etc, but that is tangential to how hunting and fighting without magical healing is such a drag that it stops being fun.
  7. Fatigue lol

    ugh fatigue
  8. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I want my fountainpans back
  9. Combat skills

    The skillgain from "warrior" is overridden by "learner". You would have +10% to all standard skillgain (not fighting, not faith) at 20 faith. The damage bonus from warrior is only accessible at 40 faith and 20 favor, which would require you to become a priest. "Warrior" and "learner" skillgain stack with Knowledge 11, but as noted "learner" bonus skillgain overrides "warrior" bonus skillgain.
  10. Combat skills

    The "warrior" deity attribute does the following: warrior: 1.25x damage when over 40 faith and 20 favor warrior: +25% skillgain bonus to fighting subskills, shields & subskills, and archery subskills at 20 faith and 10 favor Two important things of note: #1: That's archery subskills (so just bow skills), not archery itself. #2: Nahjo isn't a warrior god. Nahjo does not get these bonuses. Who's trolling wiki editors with bad info like this?
  11. Valrei International. 066

    The religious stuff is cute, but please don't forget the little things. Everything about dispel is a nightmare, and sacrifice still interrupts casting so that enchanting sucks even more than it already did.
  12. When you...

    I never realized Path of Knowledge was full of cowards
  13. When you...

    I never thought about it until reading this thread, but the -0.25 hit to skill is ridiculous at high levels. Going from legendary to 99.75 is a loss of more than 2/3 of your total skill, in terms of the time and effort to get there. With with the 3x bonus, grinding 99.75 back to legendary is the equivalent of grinding 1 to 99.07 all over again. Even -0.01 at legendary takes away almost half of your total time spent on the skill. The skill loss penalty really needs to scale down with level, because losing that much time is really dumb.
  14. This one is simple enough, I think: right now, unique bloods are just called "blood" and it's up to players to keep them sorted. The only way to know what's what is to label them yourself or have a character with higher than 30 natural substances on hand to activate a source salt and lore them for you. I think it'd be better if the bloods had the unique of origin in their name, e.g. forest giant blood would be called "blood of the forest giant" instead of just "blood".