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  1. Still getting in unstable. console log: Moving within half a dozen tiles of a thick forest is the difference between looking at the boughs with 60 FPS and tanking to 20-25 FPS. I'm getting this in an area that's almost entirely undeveloped, with almost no light sources or constructions in local.
  2. Lagging the server with crops was done by dropping thousands and thousands into a BSB at once, and is why "you can only move 100 items at a time" exists. I know this because I used to terrorize Exodus for a few minutes every harvest day. You've never been able to move more than an inventory's worth of items out of a BSB at a time, partly because the act of just "moving" the items instantly generates them, puts them in your inventory, and drops them into the other BSB. Removing the limitation of "one inventory at a time" would generate and destroy up to thousands of items at once, seizing up the server like the old wemp bombs. A timer-based suggestion (like the one in this thread) where the items are transferred in batches throughout the course of the action would minimize the potential for abuse and save folks a lot of RSI.
  3. I just mailed my grinding shovel to myself, and sure enough its rune displays in the mailbox as 44 power instead of 50. Silly me, thinking runes didn't decay at all. If this is intended, there should be a less obtuse way of checking a rune's power. If not intended, please god fix it before any of my glimmersteel/adamant/seryll runes fall off and make me cry.
  4. This will make ritual missions into a mess. Maybe they should be changed to "go perform a ritual at any foundation pillar", "go perform a ritual at any pylon", etc, so that a set of mission constructions would be available to any deed or alliance that cares to prepare them. edit: this would also require making ritual missions work like normal missions, where all participants get SB instead of only people in range of the monument when the mission is completed
  5. I'll just climb up there and solo it, it's fine.
  6. drink coffee every day
  7. It's been a while since I looked so the exact number is hazy, but items that yield more than ~10 fillets do not give butchering skill. This is likely to stop people from power-grinding the skill. It is very much intentional.
  8. A thousand days? Logging started 2016-04-26 [16:44:35] You have played 1000 days, 14 hours and 2 minutes. Good start.
  9. Until they bring back binnable pelts, your best bet will remain large barrels held on mules like so: each large barrel can hold exactly 100 pelts and the container is just 5kg of extra weight. Making pelts binnable would be a far better solution than forcing players to bend over backwards to mule them.
  10. Aren't GMs able to get a list of folks who are under 6 hours of fatigue, or was that hearsay? If so, the fix is to change fatigue so that it no longer blocks you from doing actions when you run out, but GMs can still pull up a list of players with low fatigue. Cheaters still get noticed and banned, crazy grinder nerds don't get roadblocked. You could also tweak Wisdom of Vynora to amplify both the SB given and fatigue drained, to make the extra SB more of a perk geared towards people who aren't punishing their fatigue on the regular--but I'm spitballing with that one.
  11. I liked this post just so I could un-like it.
  12. It's hard to quantify how efficient repairing vs mending is, since the QL lost from repairing is dependent on both your repairing skill, the item's difficulty, and the item's rarity. As far as tools go, picks are fairly difficult to repair. Many tools are in single-digit difficulties, but picks are 20. The results below would be even better for something like a hammer, which only has 10 difficulty. Most weapons and armor are in the 30+ range, though, with dragon scale chestplates topping out at 65 difficulty. At 1.0 repairing, a QL95 pickaxe with 20 damage loses ~8.786971161 QL when repaired. You could think of this as 1.0 efficiency. At 50.0 repairing, a QL95 pickaxe with 20 damage loses ~5.93279926 QL when repaired. This would be equivalent to 1.481 efficiency. At 70.0 repairing, a QL95 pickaxe with 20 damage loses ~3.607901047 QL when repaired. This would be equivalent to 2.435 efficiency. At 90.0 repairing, a QL95 pickaxe with 20 damage loses ~2.127374251 QL when repaired. This would be equivalent to 4.13 efficiency. At 99.0 repairing, a QL95 pickaxe with 20 damage loses ~1.77123772 QL when repaired. This would be equivalent to 4.960921428 efficiency. At 99.99999615 ("100") repairing, a QL95 pickaxe with 20 damage loses ~1.723018725 QL when repaired. This would be equivalent to 5.099753725 efficiency. Since rare items lose half as much QL when repaired, somewhere around 70 repairing skill is the threshold where it is more efficient to repair a rare pick than to mend it, and that skill requirement would be even lower for a supreme pick. The only rare items that Mend is always best are high-quality, difficult items like plate & the dragon armors. I don't think repairing needs a buff, it is already an all-purpose efficiency improvement. With high repairing skill, your equipment stays in good condition longer, and when you do have a maintenance session, you can restore the item's QL that much easier.
  13. There's two checks when you try to load or insert an object into another object: "will this fit at all?" compares the two items' XYZ dimensions, and "is there enough room left for this item?" compares the target item's free volume to the item you're trying to insert. By default, wagons have enough internal volume to hold 1.3 bulk storage bins, but their Z dimension is not big enough for a bulk storage bin to fit. Since the "size" and "volume" runes do different things and none of this relies on real-world physics, the practical difference between the two is that the +volume rune lets a wagon hold more things that it could already hold, but the +size rune lets a wagon hold things it couldn't hold before.
  14. The zinc rune of Magranon (+5% size & vehicle speed) already allows you to load a BSB or FSB into a wagon. The quality of life enhancement from this one rune alone made 1.3 a great patch. Dragging item stacks from one bin to another without inventory/carry limitations would be great, but as it's coded right now, the server creates and destroys up to 100x items per BSB-BSB drag action, and would cause a lot of lag if the numbers were uncapped.
  15. The only Nahjo attribute that applies to followers is "food bonus", which gives 25% more food per 'bite' when eating. Nahjo priests get lava immunity and the rez stone-like effect on death, though. With the universal +10% boost to skillgain at 20 faith, Vynora and Nathan remain the only deities worth worshipping if you aren't a priest.