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  1. Glancing through all the other instances of ENCH_USESPEED, it's pretty consistently multiplying the timer by 0.9090909 with a glimmersteel Libila rune. Is it really fair that a glimmersteel rune is being made redundant at high levels of skill with only mining? If 2.5 is meant to be the minimum, then I think the expected behavior of a rune that is timer*0.91 for everything else would be to take that 2.6, drop it to 2.366, but then get raised back to the minimum of 2.5.
  2. +10% to skillgain for learner god is overpowered. No other follower ability comes close, and as long as Wurm is Wurm, no other follower ability CAN come close. As long as a bonus as potent as that is restricted to a scant few gods, only Vynora and Nathan are ever going to be worth following for nonpriests. Axe the various 20-faith follower bonuses (learner, healer, staminabonus, etc) and combine them all into one generic 20-faith bonus that gives a boost to skillgain, stamina regen, healing, etc so that every religion's followers can benefit. I'd love to follow a god (in good conscience) just because I like it, and not just because it's the best. Also: shattering needs to go away forever, but I've been vocal about that for years.
  3. Because I am a giant idiot and this bug irritates me, I popped the glimmersteel speed rune off of my pick just to see. Before: supreme QL95 BOTD103 +10%Speed rune: 2.6 timer After: supreme QL95 BOTD103 -10%DamageTaken rune: 2.6 timer No difference. I wonder what the smaller speed bonus does? After After: supreme QL95 BOTD103 +5%Speed rune: 2.6 timer A whole lot of nothing, that's what. If 2.5 is supposed to be the fastest you can mine, then even a 5% speed rune would do the trick here, with numbers like 2.6*0.95=2.47. With math like 2.6*0.9=2.34, a glimmersteel speed rune would max out the timer and then some. Something is wrong.
  4. My picks have also exhibited weird speed since the update. 99.999 skill in mining and pickaxe, I get supreme QL95 BOTD103 +10%Speed rune: 2.6 timer supreme QL97 WOA100 +10%QL rune: 2.5 timer The first of the two used to be my "speed" pick for everyday mining, but now it's inferior to the second in every way. Is 3 points of SpeedBonus and a +10% speed rune really supposed to be less effective than +2 QL? That doesn't sound right at all. Something is wrong.
  5. Shots from archery can wound chickens without the weird instakill thing that happens with melee.
  6. I'm unearthing this thread because I feel the shield changes in 1.3 made grinding worse. I had to confer with some code wizards to have any hope of figuring out the right shield QL to grind with at my level, and it was thanks only to their calculations that I was able to get to 99 shield skill--previous attempts had only led to frustration and putting off the grind again. I did this by using a shield at what you could charitably describe as "trashcan lid" quality and fighting trolls to the exclusion of anything else--at the end, I even had my horse's ass in their face to give them more CR to nerf my own block rate just a little more. This is because the difficulty of the shield skillcheck relies on the mob you're fighting & its relation to your own fighting prowess, and the size of the gain is based on the strength of the hit you've blocked--in normal circumstances, this means you have to fine-tune your shield QL for trolls and trolls alone, since they are the only mob that hits hard enough for a good gain size, and getting the right QL for trolls means your gain rate with other mobs will be poor. If a design goal of Wurm is to encourage participation in PVP, then PVP-related skills should all be straightforward to grind, and by and large they are: kill lots of tougher mobs for fighting, kill lots of mobs with a good weapon for weapon skill, and shoot lots of things with harder shots for archery. Shield grinding sticks out like a sore thumb, forcing players to fiddle with lower shield QLs and seek out a single mob type. One characteristic that makes a grind good is reliability, and encouraging players to hunt only one kind of creature is yet another way that shield skill is frustrating to raise. As earlier in the thread, I say to look to the weapon skillcheck as an example of what a shield skillcheck should look like: the weapon skillcheck's difficulty scales with your level and doesn't factor in the opponent at all, encouraging you to use a good weapon whether your skill is 1 or 99, while allowing you to get skill at a good rate from any creature. Basing the gain size on the power behind the hit you blocked is a good idea, but the difficulty of the check just has too many variables to make the grind anything but miserable. Make the gain rate reliable, perhaps factor your opponent's CR into the gain size alongside the hit's damage, and shields would finally be straightforward to level up without requiring insane number crunching and knowledge of esoteric game mechanics. post-script: One of the things that made the shield grind bearable was that my character is ridiculous to begin with, and I could fight trolls all day without being in danger. How is a more normal character supposed to grind the skill without hating life?
  7. Libila already has a lot of attributes, like KillEnemy and EnemyBonus and MonsterBonus and DestroyWallBonus and ButcheringBonus. Sounds cool and fitting, right? Too bad those don't do anything. Every deity has unused attributes, but Libila's only functional ones are for saccing alchemy items, double favor from saccing coins (lmao), human butchering, and all the negative alignment/mycelium stuff. The stock deities could do with more hardcoded bonuses that player gods can't get, like alignment from mining or killing mobs when worshipping Magranon. I hope the religion update addresses that without ruining player gods too much.
  8. I agree with this post. This should also be retroactive, so that all accounts that have ever been bought or sold are permanently banned as well.
  9. I would gladly fire Asheram out of a cannon if it meant I never had to suffer with enchanting again. Maintaining enchants by managing stamina and timers and QLs was the light at the end of the tunnel with all things channeling. Reenchanting tools is a thing to be avoided because the fundamentals of enchanting are terrible and have always been terrible: items with incredible value (be they real or sentimental) can be lost with no recourse, and enchanting is the only mechanic in Wurm that can do this. This is a problem you can't even outskill, since all miscasts have a 1 in 100 chance of shattering the item, regardless of its QL and your skill. Even at an impossible 110 channeling, any given cast of an enchant has a 1/10000 chance of destroying the item you're working on. Antishatter liquid is small comfort, and at best is a bandaid to a mechanic that is far too harsh in the context of all other crafting in Wurm. If shattering exists, enchant decay should not exist. If enchant decay exists, shattering should not exist. Having both is too harsh a penalty, especially for such an important aspect of the game.
  10. Then this is a bad change.
  11. Does this mean there's no more 5 second grace period on enchant decay and any action, no matter how short, will roll for enchant decay? If so, this change is a major bad point in the update. I know I'm not the only one who's always meticulously superenchanted and maintained their tools, then bent over backwards to manage timer duration, all in the name of maintaining the enchants I've struggled to put on my items. Pickaxe and hatchet imbues will be even worse off for this.
  12. 2017-09-01 [20:52:50] <Noizhead> damn you still can't change GUI skin without reloading 2017-09-01 [20:52:56] <Noizhead> that's like the worst part of unstable 2017-09-01 [20:53:03] <Noizhead> or uh newstable 2017-09-01 [20:53:12] <%Keenan> That's likely not going to happen until the new GUI is done, but post it 2017-09-01 [20:53:27] <Noizhead> arium posted it a while back 2017-09-01 [20:53:27] <Mrgary> last time i told him that he linked someone else posting it 2017-09-01 [20:53:40] <%Keenan> New thread 2017-09-01 [20:53:44] <%Keenan> New posts. O:) effort
  13. Still getting in unstable. console log: Moving within half a dozen tiles of a thick forest is the difference between looking at the boughs with 60 FPS and tanking to 20-25 FPS. I'm getting this in an area that's almost entirely undeveloped, with almost no light sources or constructions in local.
  14. Lagging the server with crops was done by dropping thousands and thousands into a BSB at once, and is why "you can only move 100 items at a time" exists. I know this because I used to terrorize Exodus for a few minutes every harvest day. You've never been able to move more than an inventory's worth of items out of a BSB at a time, partly because the act of just "moving" the items instantly generates them, puts them in your inventory, and drops them into the other BSB. Removing the limitation of "one inventory at a time" would generate and destroy up to thousands of items at once, seizing up the server like the old wemp bombs. A timer-based suggestion (like the one in this thread) where the items are transferred in batches throughout the course of the action would minimize the potential for abuse and save folks a lot of RSI.
  15. I just mailed my grinding shovel to myself, and sure enough its rune displays in the mailbox as 44 power instead of 50. Silly me, thinking runes didn't decay at all. If this is intended, there should be a less obtuse way of checking a rune's power. If not intended, please god fix it before any of my glimmersteel/adamant/seryll runes fall off and make me cry.