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  1. Waarokku passed away some months ago. I'm not close enough to his family to ask them how much information they're willing to share about it, but I can confirm that he is gone.
  2. With 99.999 mining and a supreme pick with max imbue and a gathering rune, QL99 tiles are yielding QL99.58 shards. QL98 tiles were maxing out at QL98.91 or so. The practical effects of this change are that QL100 ore no longer exists, and we've gone from the majority of tiles being worthless to almost every single tile being worthless. With imbues and runes like they were, QL75 and higher tiles still had value at the high end because they would yield QL100 ore. With today's update, only the exceedingly rare QL99 ore tiles can yield QL99 ore, resigning everything at QL20-98 to grinding characteristics, grinding the mining skill itself, or mass-produced fodder like iron for ribbons and pans. This also puts all metalworking improving skills in a place where you can't properly grind them to legendary skill. Normal sweetspotting falls off at ~99.99, since you hit a point where QL loss from repair outpaces the miniscule QL gains from improves, but that at least gets you halfway there. With metal going no higher than 99.58, you'll have to swap to slower grinding methods at 99.45 skill. Smithing skills without wooden items to bonk on are going to suck that much more, now. This also means that items like whetstones can't pop out at QL100 anymore. Smiths really got it bad in this update.
  3. While it has always worked this way, it's obvious something is bugged. Either the temporary affinity icons should drop off when you cross servers and lose them, or food affinities should transfer servers.
  4. I don't see why this couldn't be tied to Fungus casts. If someone wants to drag Libila priests around and gross up their area with purple nonsense that can be undone with a shovel much faster than it can be created, I don't see why not.
  5. resolution scale 100%, UI scale 90%. seems to show the full "100.00" around UI scale 110%
  6. wurm/config/yourconfig/gamesettings.txt impColumn=false
  7. At 100 power, LT is a 33% heal based on damage dealt, and the classic damage enchants like Frost Brand are 33% extra damage. By comparison, ED at 100 power is only a 10% heal with 10% bonus damage. As posted by kochinac, high-end accounts don't need that extra healing most of the time, so you can trade away some healing for some damage. That said, I used ED for a while and switched back to LT, because ED never provided enough extra damage to make fights shorter and it usually just felt like my weapon had a lousy LT enchant on it.
  8. Alloys have two major problems: they are difficult to make and their bonuses don't make up for that. Fixing one problem makes the other problem acceptable--steel with its meager bonuses would be fine if steel wasn't awful to make, and steel that's difficult to make would be fine if the material's bonuses were incredible. Personally, I'd gut simple item creation (or make alloy creation its own action so it can have its own mechanics) so that the resultant lumps had more reliably high quality, similar to farming's QLs. I don't know if there's a good solution for moon metals. It feels like they should've stayed on Epic. Is it too late to just delete all of it and disable the forums for a few weeks?
  9. This bug has been in the game since the metal update and it is what has made steel and moonmetal items retain their QL more or less indefinitely for the past two years. Now Vynora followers get it applied to every single repairable item. So long as the bug exists, Vynora faith is an even more overpowered religion than it was before. Please fix this. Free me from the squid lady.
  10. Interesting/benevolent auras just mean it's blessed. Items blessed by priests of hate gods (Libila, Nathan, etc) get malevolent auras. If you're a priest with enough faith you can see what religion it's blessed by.
  11. P.S. Champion rift mobs of all types do AOE taunts now. These taunts will pull even not-tamed ridden creatures into combat, which presumably can get them taunted off the champion by nearby rift beasts. It's not caused any major problems for me, but given how unbarded horses burst like blood sausages it seems like this can cause lots of grief in short order. It also doesn't seem like intended behavior.
  12. Single-target damage from mobs is pitiful. I've seen a champion rift beast struggle to bring down a troll, and saw a rift jackal fighting a spider up on some cliffs for a wave and a half. The constant cleaving and other AOEs going on seems to stack up and bring the damage closer to what it was before the overhaul, but it still feels strange: on Noizhead I'm in even less danger than before, while my priest seems to regularly fall below 50% HP from catching random hits. If we're wanting rift mobs to act "smarter" then maybe they should consider the number of nearby foes when choosing to AOE or use single-target attacks. Mobs do not pull at range now. I've tried with both shafts and bona fide war arrows, and in both cases the rift mobs just stand there and take it. This is bad because it forces small rift groups to potentially pull tons of mobs at once, and opens the door to weird tricks--could I solo a rift in safety with a giant pile of war arrows and a murderbow? The warmaster's post-invulnerability shield leaves him with so much damage reduction that it can approach impossible for small groups to kill him, which has led to a number of recent rifts ending with the warmaster still alive but ignored while everyone burns hearts. I'd suggest making the invulnerability drop down to the Oakshell lookalike once the turrets are all defeated, and scaling the warband/turret spawns to the number of players at the rift so that he's not a pushover for big groups or impossible for small groups. Waves 1 and 2 can be merged. They are boring speedbumps and the heart-burning downtime between them just makes the new rifts drag on that much longer.