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  1. Please give directions how to access Wurmonline steam page. I have searched for it but it's not there. Help!!
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    I honestly dont know where to begin. You keep using the phrase "if thousands of players" I dont think thousands of players are gonna join a game that has an over priced subscription fee even if the game is addictive. I mean why join this when there are multiple other "cheaper games" out there. You talk about fracturing the player base yet all ur "expansions" evolve around this - releasing new maps. Your not paying staff and you 'hope' if steam goes well other older staff might see this. To me, this is another cash grab since WU dwindled. What ever happened to the Rolf that said on JK home - Don't worry I'll be back soon. Since then all we got is meditation, Home server raiding, multiple server releases, Epic which was later a merge to existing cluster. I mean what even happened to the Rolf that sat in Eve online and spoke with Notch about - hey lets create a game were passionate about, Does this guy even exist anymore or is this a purely economic move? Please please bring back the Rolf that loved wurm cause it seems like this guy posting aint him. I'm still waiting for Mojang presents: Wurmonline....that game.
  3. 100ql pelt, wild cat - 81botd // 60c 71,81ql stone chisel, iron - 82botd // 60c 61,39ql trowel, iron - 87woa 84coc // 75c 100ql whetstone - 82woa 87coc // 75c 75,60ql hammer, iron - 88botd // 80c CoD to Iamnoob
  4. Ill grab the shovel with C on it and the pickaxe, mail to Iamnoob
  5. Just to check for a loophole. I purchased a deed however the free owner that come with the deed has owned it for longer than 60days. Since in wurm I purchased the owner who has owned the deed for longer than 60days, am I entiltled to a transfer. If not please explain in detail, because thus far I have adhered to said rules. If Owner means somthing different to wat was explained please clarify. And if the term 'owner' means something different how does this affect any ruling past or present due to 'banning, suspension, over-ruled or any GM call' how does it affect any past or future rulings?
  6. am there now, definately want it Also want some silvers so when your on gimme a shout
  7. Im interested in little red riding wood
  8. Eir

    Helped me out a few sticky situations back in the day. Rest in Peace Eir.
  9. thank you for your comment this would have been much appreciated a couple of posts ago. Have a good night
  10. as per our pm's I'll offer 230euro - Sorry but 320e is a little too much for this account in my honest opinion. cheers,
  11. Wouldn't this be more of an auction, as auctions go people keep bidding until they hit the "right price" Sounds more of a silent auction imo, a sale usually has a price attached