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  1. Assuming these are from old 5sp horses? Sadly, this is what a few of the people l have been discussing breeding with feared, that once you pulled your traits from the dominant pool, the rest would just be random. As a plate wearer, and also usually traveling carrying a full set of tools, the riding horses are now noticably (3-4kph) slower than prior to the patch, so it's not just been a cart nerf patch. Given one of the things a lot of players already found irksome was travel times, they really seem to be rubbing it in. Unless you manage to fluke the always on trait that Demona used in her example, apparently not linking that to giving the huge boost that keen senses would otherwise apply only in water, we are in a situation that it now takes more AH to get worse riding animals, and strongly suspecting the same will hold true for vehicle speeds even with max draught trait horses. Bison may work out okay once we get some draught lines going there.. but finding wild bison, or bison that weren't bred for the previous 3 working traits that will all promote yet more speed traits, is extremely rare. Simply cannot understand the thinking behind this.
  2. This has been around for quite some time for me and is very annoying, reported it months ago, but somebody moved the post and attached it to the animals vanishing off hitching post thread. Despite me making repeated further comments in that post that it was still happening and giving more information several times, it was never commented on, or acknowledged. After stating in that thread that the hitching post fix had not fixed this issue, I eventually just gave up. ( Horses becoming invisible and teleporting. - Server Bugs - Wurm Online Forum ) Does not happen in all mines, but in the ones that it does occur, happens every time. Unluckily for me, one such mine is the one on my deed that houses my main work area. Walking back out of the mine, and not moving off the first tile outside the mine, the animals pop into view on the exit tile, then move to stand on the mine entrance tile, but sitting in the air above it. If you then re-enter the mine while they are still there, they will then show up inside, have had to use this workaround for months. First started to occur after one of their patches that was supposed to fix animals vanishing from view after crossing mine doors, and I suspect something in that is pushing the animals to not go into the mine as part of the fix, but has bled over into doing so in some situations where they actually should be.
  3. Bump Invisible animals when leading still happening months later, never been addressed.
  4. It's almost certainly not this with hitching posts where the same thing is happening as well. Horses on hitching post are up to 2 tiles away, cant groom them on the tile where they show visually, can groom them by wandering around attempting to groom when they should be out of range till you find the right spot. If you unhitch they repop onto the spot exactly where they were shown, and if you then hitch them again, you can now interact with them on the correct tile. I suspect with the hitching posts that they visually go to the post when you hitch them, but their position is actually where they were at the time you clicked hitch while leading. It may be the same with wagons if they haven't been moved after hitching. I would think that moving the wagon would update their position in that case, or if the wagon hasn't been moved, unhitching them so they pop to the spot they are shown standing, and then rehitching would do the same as it does with the posts in aligning them with where they are visually shown.
  5. With being able to play with Keen sense now, I see a major assumption wrong here, and that is that the always on trait doesn't affect the outcome of speed. Quote: "That DOES include the rare speed trait, and even without that it reaches the same speed because the rare trait just makes it so all speed traits are always active" If the always on trait activates Keen senses, it is a huge boost, in the vicinity of 5-6kph over what the horse would do otherwise, permanently instead of only while in water. To me it appears Demona may not have worked this out, or has not tested it. Add gear increasing that boost, and we see why there is a 7kph difference between her test and live, without the rare trait, the speeds would be the same? You will want to be breeding for Keen senses just in case you manage the rare all trait on boost, otherwise it is mostly just a novelty trait yet again.
  6. Clipanna has not been re-hitched to fix the issue, Malazan's Rest deed, Harmony, if anyone wants to take a look at her to investigate.
  7. Graceful eater = slow metabolism one maybe?
  8. Breeding mood

    Was the horse in question hitched to a hitching post, and was there food in the post? I've found the oddity that many of my horses hitched to a post, with food in the trough were giving the not in mood message, but mine did all eat when hand fed (despite showing not hungry, another issue) and would then breed. The ones on hitching post with NO food however, all seemed to be grazing the tile as there was no food, and were okay. Your occasion seems not to fit either exactly though.
  9. Agree, elsewhere ( ) it's been shown that the trait listed as: It is naturally fast: always on speed bonus similar to hell horses (Speed, Rare) in the patch notes is the one that is showing in game as : It is unbelievably fast, and suspect the same for the other one.
  10. Immediately after the servers restarted I did a grooming run along my line of hitched horses and everything was in place and could be groomed from the expected distance. By a few hours later, several had again been displaced from where they appear to be in game, for example trying to groom Clipanna here Tells me I am too far away. I had to walk to the south side of the tile she was on, the opposite from where she is shown hitched, before i could groom. Given that the grooming distance is usually enough that I can groom at this distance: That would mean Clipanna was somewhere in the vicinity of 2 tiles South of where she was being shown hitched. The displacement direction does not seem to be consistent, yesterday they were mostly North of where they were shown, today it seems to be South. Have had a couple of horses around the hitching posts become diseased, most likely as the result of one of these displaced horses pushing the count on their tile to the three needed.
  11. Except it has now been confirmed that our current 10 and 15 point draught traits are actually 15 and 20, and the inspect window is showing the wrong figures, and that is where the missing points in the totals is coming from. If the next draught trait that's commonly available also costs 20 points, as shown in the example, it means that it will require higher AH to get 4 draught trait horses than it does to get 4 speed horses (and that's assuming that draught will get 4 commonly available traits, same as speed). It's possible that there are only 3 draught traits, and that would then be 55 points required for both maxed speed and draught horses.
  12. Except testing has shown that wagons at below 30ql are faster than wagons higher, up until they pass 90ql. From the looks of it, wagons below 30ql managed to slip through the adjustments that were made: So your effective ql on your shown example was pushing the wagon back to being in the bracket that was missed, thus making it faster
  13. Many horses on my hitching posts are moving to be somewhere other than where the game is showing them alongside the post. When attempting to groom while standing on the tile where the hitching post is positioned, I am getting out of range event messages until I unhitch the animals from the post, and then re-hitch them. Grass tiles one tile away from where the horses are positioned are getting grazed, and single animals on a tile beside the hitched ones have become diseased. The number of horses that are out of position seems to have risen with each server reset, so I unhitched them all, and reset them just before the server came down, will see if they are moved again when the server comes up.
  14. If there is food in hitching post with normal horse hitched, I am finding that they are getting hungry despite having food in the trough, and the hitching post on an enchanted grass tile. With every horse I have hitched and food in the trough, I had to feed to breed them. If the troughs have no food, they then eat from the tile and are not hungry. I am suspecting there may be a mechanic in place where there is a delay between them getting hungry and then actually eating from the trough, in order to lower consumption rates on hitched creatures, and may also explain why Hellhorses are going agro on hitching posts even when they are not empty. At all situations, including when on a packed tile for over a RL day, animals appear to be showing as not hungry, when they are to the state of refusing to breed.
  15. Just had a horse I was currently leading wander two tiles away to graze from a grass tile, visually stayed there, but I could examine as if it was within the one tile limit, and it was still on lead.
  16. More bugs... Saddled horses wandering. Animals showing not hungry when they are hungry. Horses hitched to hitching post with food in trough showing not hungry, but they are (even on enchanted grass tiles) - Horses with empty troughs not hungry. New foals being born showing no parents on examine, and some not even able to use the new inspect animal mechanic despite being bred. The foal that could not use the inspect animal mechanic had no traits despite being bred from five traited parents (from using examine).
  17. Freshly born foal, no inspect animal when right clicking. On examine, no traits, no parents. Still in pen with its mother. Father potentially dead? Unsure, but has been some culling in wake of AH patch. Parents bred before the AH patch went live, bred by a non premium character, 20AH. Foals name is Strongecker, mother is starkfantasy. Both in a pen together on Malazan's Rest, Harmony. Six tiles West, and two tiles South of the guard tower on deed if examination is wanted in game. Edit: Another one, but in a part way state: Can inspect animal, window shows correctly with traits. On examine shows traits, does not show any parents. Still in pen with its mother. Foals name is Starkwest, mother is Pickhunting Both in a pen together on Malazan's Rest, Harmony. Six tiles West, and seven tiles North of the guard tower on deed (corner pen) if examination is wanted in game. Edit 2: Another one, again in a part way state: Can inspect animal, window shows correctly with traits. On examine shows traits, does not show any parents. Still in pen with its mother. Foals name is Kickerblood, mother is Pinkiedog Both in a pen together on Malazan's Rest, Harmony. Two tiles West, and nine tiles South of the guard tower on deed (corner pen) if examination is wanted in game.
  18. Did some testing by leaving horses on packed tiles in pen After 24 RL hours, still showing not hungry. Could not breed them, could feed them multiple items. Fed a pumpkin to fill, would then breed. Edit: Horses hitched to hitching posts, food in the trough, standing on enchanted grass, showing not hungry: [12:48:27] The aged fat Southwarrior '4s F -CM(Sthpick)' eats a pumpkin. [12:48:27] The aged fat Southwarrior '4s F -CM(Sthpick)' does not seem hungry any longer. [12:49:56] The mature fat Wingblood '5sp F (Osioraid)' eats a pumpkin. [12:49:56] The mature fat Wingblood '5sp F (Osioraid)' does not seem hungry any longer. [12:55:27] The aged fat Haltraid '5s F (Ebonyrain)' eats a pumpkin. [12:55:27] The aged fat Haltraid '5s F (Ebonyrain)' does not seem hungry any longer. Horses hitched to hitching posts, NO FOOD in the trough, standing on enchanted grass, showing not hungry: [12:55:13] The aged fat Swiftcopper '5s (Dec)' does not seem interested in food right now. [12:55:19] The aged fat Happyhoney '5sp F(Ebonyrain)' does not seem interested in food right now. Eating from tile when the hitching post is empty, but not when full?
  19. +1 normal horse, saddled, riding, dismount and it takes off. Harmony.
  20. Emergency Maintenance - Postmortem 2021-05-28 - City Hall - Wurm Online Forum Wonder when we will get the postmortem for the second one? /sigh
  21. In game message was: Reason: Emergency shutdown, information will be forthcoming on the forums. All we get is the bar at top of window saying: All servers currently down for emergency maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience! Reminds me of God's final message to his creation in Hithchiker's Guide to the Galaxy: God's Final Message to His Creation is written in thirty-foot high letters of fire on top of the Quentulus Quazgar Mountains in the land of Sevorbeupstry on planet Preliumtarn, third out from the sun Zarss in Galactic Sector QQ7 ActiveJ Gamma and guarded by the Lajestic Vantrashell of Lob. You can look at it through a pay telescope although in most species it would severely damage the retina and optic nerve. Several nearby stands sell postcards, food, devotional tracts, and rental scooters. The messsage is, “We apologize for the inconvenience.”
  22. CistaCista and I were trying to nut out the issue with the missing points - what we have deduced is that draught traits are adding 5 more points per trait to the totals that they are showing in the inspect window, if others could check their animals and see if this holds true for more than our sample, it would be good to know. The next question then becomes: Which is the correct point amount? The one shown in the inspect window individually, or are the draught traits costing 5 more points than they actually now show? If the total is the wrong amount, does this mean breeding for draught animals is currently suffering an unintended penalty, making it harder to produce higher counts of draught traits in this generation?
  23. Another potential flaw of the new system I have been thinking on: We recently saw priests and linking nerfed as a result of it not being considered that people would throw dozens of alts, or make mass efforts to use the system in ways that hadn't been envisaged. The way I am thinking on points and AH levels, has it been considered that anyone who chooses to make a number of alts with differing AH values, or exists in a large village where there are such AH levels, will be able to use lower AH characters to breed horse lines to strip off unwanted traits that crop up to produce "clean" lines for breeding? If offspring are going to favour breeding to existing pools, and we have horses that arrive with say 4 speed and one undesired trait, by using a character that only has enough AH for the 4 speed traits to breed them, will this mean they produce clean 4 speed offspring? Will 30 AH characters be able to breed our current 5 speed horses and en masse produce clean 3 speed foals for a higher AH character to breed with? The current system doesn't work this way, you can breed traited horses using a 0AH character, and even crossing a traitless horse with a 4 trait one, you tend to get foals that are the exact same as the traited parent, I've always felt that the system was probably set up this way exactly to prevent the scenario above, and that in one swoop this countermeasure is going to be removed.
  24. I had the thought that it would be nice if we could get one of the new speed traits, and one of the new draught traits added to the game before the rest of them came in as a whole, so that we could begin to breed towards new lines of speed and draught animals, and that when the update goes live, there would be a less dramatic impact on both riding and hitched speeds when it does. Bison seem to be in an even worse position than horses when it comes to their main role, as the three traits that they were previously bred for, now all become ineffective and the two that had no effect, even if present, will tend to be pushed aside by the fact that they most likely have 3 speed, and at most 2 draught traits, so the domimant trait pool being preferred will be speed, meaning the next generation is likely to be even worse?