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  1. Dragging the skill tab across to the chat tab side appears to work, but no skills update in the tab created there, and when you get a skill tick, it just recreates the skill tab on the event window side. It does work when dragged to its own separate window.
  2. Pretty much everything I came here to say Amata just said quite eloquently. +1 on it all.
  3. Going to get hit by lightning for sure now.... (Composite image to show Colossus naming)
  4. Hard to describe this in just words so will use the following image Under normal circumstances, mining out the tile from the far side should have just connected to the flat tile that was present on the far side, with top and bottoms tile borders being flat. Instead, for some reason, the Southwest corner of the previously flat tile dropped down to match the height of the tile one corner further south. I have used Mag priest to collapse the tile that was mined out and had moved deed to cover the flat tile that has dropped so that I could hopefully mine out reinforcing and collapse it and redo, but get the mining message: [23:55:04] The end of the bridge nearby prevents mining.
  5. Bump. This is killing people regularly. Seriously needs attention.
  6. My take on this seems to be a combination of lag and crossing terrain that you wouldn't be able to pass and would catch on under normal circumstance. For example, whilst mounted on a horse or embarked on a vehicle if I clip the corner of a tile that has a slope that wouldn't allow me to cross that tile and I am lagging, I will get dismounted at the location I appear to be on the client, whilst the horse / vehicle will be found back at the tile that it was unable to cross. As commented on above, this requires a relog to be able to find the horse or vehicle, as the client doesn't seem to be able to locate where the method of transport was left visually.
  7. Was referred to this post from in game support after noticing the same thing just last night, but seeing dates of 2014 on the other posts, so apparently its resurfaced? Just finished building over 20 high iron fences on Xanaadu, noticed when I went to repair trowel after completing a few it had zero damage. Tried with an iron hammer and damage was occurring with every action. Switching back to trowel to actively keep an eye on it I could complete multiple fences with no damage ticks at all.
  8. Middle mouse button to move camera, which is also scroll wheel for me, works fine to look around, and held down and used in combinations with wasd to move while looking around.
  9. Another possibility would be to have /ignore include the players deaths in the death tab, so that people could easily continue to see relevant deaths while filtering out abuse of the tab by somebody being an idiot.
  10. Can I please have my deeds added: Deed = Rangers Haven Coords 550, -3805 and Deed = West Coast Equine Sales and Agistment Coords 480, -3840
  11. Excellent work, great tool, and even better service, small PayPal donation made in appreciation of your efforts. If Wurm goes well on steam, I can see this being very popular, good luck with it, and keep up the great work
  12. I have no output_log.txt in that location, just a player.log that's created at the time the map is loaded. Is this what you are after, or is it not getting as far as doing the file you are wanting. Also, to where do I send the files?
  13. Would think if it was render distance related it would be loading map only in a shorter distance around me? Seems almost like the exported file stops loading, you can see detail loading from left to right, then it just stops 10 tiles in. Should the load file dialogue leave screen once the load is done? It just remains on screen until I click it away. Looks like this when it loads:
  14. Just trying this out for the first time today. think I spent more time in planner than in Wurm, trying to recreate my deed. THEN I found out about the deed export function at the settlement token, but I can't seem to get it to work correctly. I get all the topography of the deed, and 10 most western tiles of the deed show exactly what is their, but the rest is just the correct height terrain with grass tiles. Is their some limit on Wurm's export function, or a limit on Deedplanner's import? Deed is 26x26.