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  1. WMADD LatLng(499.265285, 475)=Malazan's Rest ; Mayor Impetuous
  2. The bare dirt tile shown in the image below is being grazed by a horse that is hitched to the hitching post one tile to the South. This has happened repeatedly after the tile has been resown a number of times. Hitching post is on Malazan's Rest deed on Harmony, and I have left it as is if investigation is wanted. Edit: Has now been moved
  3. Any chance of what the problem was being divulged? I know quite a few would be curious to see what it was that could affect one server so differently?
  4. It's a new record! Now less than 3k agro mobs on the whole server. This is despite the fact that many have actually left the server for hunting on other servers while the Halloween event is running, so they have a chance to participate. Seriously people of Harmony deserve compensation for this state of affairs.
  5. Celebratiion has nearly 4 times the aggresive mobs as Harmony currently, on a map 1/4 the size, and it's mob count is holding rock steady looking at the graphs. Compare the two below, and you will see why people on Harmony are very unhappy.
  6. So what is so different about Harmony that it is only here that is suffering? The only thing that immediately comes to mind to me, is that Harmony is probably the only server that has literally thousands of player accounts created in such a short time span - It's not something weird like the fact that we have thousands of accounts that were created and they all logged out while on Harmony and are all counting against the server creature cap surely? I've been told other servers now have a higher deed density than Harmony does, so if it was some interaction between deeds and valid spawning areas, it should be occurring elsewhere as well. What other ideas can people come up with that makes Harmony different from other servers?
  7. I would say you are in a pocket that hasn't been hunted recently. Anywhere that gets hunted out, stays pretty much empty except for creatures that move in from other areas, this is not imagined or laziness, it is an acknowledged bug as per and if you visit the harmony creature graph page at you will see that in the last month the aggressive creature count has dropped from around 11k creatures to be currently under 4k creatures and is falling by several hundred a day, with small spurts of respawn seeming to be triggered by server resets. After the latest attempted "fix" there was no bump in numbers on the server restart, so we don't seem to be heading in the right direction. Defiance and Cadence by comparison have 19k and 11k creatures on a similar sized map. If you take into account that there are at least several hundred wild caught/bred hellhorses penned on deeds, that number of aggressive mobs left on the server for hunting becomes even lower. The introduction of missions had me go out hunting on the ocean while searching for a traitor octopus. First day I encountered quite a few aggressives, but returning to the same area over the next two days it remained pretty much entirely empty, it seems that there is little to no actual respawn, or respawn at such a low rate that it doesn't come close to keeping up with even the little hunting that is being done atm due to lack of things to kill.
  8. So what will happen with Harmony currently having no aggressive spawns? Is there some kind of manual injection of aggressive creatures possible, or do those on Harmony just miss out on the whole hunting for drops part of Halloween?
  9. From the Halloween post: Or, you can brave the dark and head out to hunt creatures twisted by the dying light, and find special Halloween themed items, some from stories past, and one entirely new. Let us hope for a fix before then, or we will have nothing to hunt for Halloween drops.
  10. Not only does the latest "fix" appear not to be working, but for the first time after a server restart in recent weeks, we didn't see an increase in creature count after the restart like we have been. Seems like things have been made worse not better. Might have to set a GM to running around manually spawning creatures the way it's going. Either that or start to get ready for refund requests on deeds and premium purchases as we are pretty much wasting our time on this server in it's current state. No wonder Cadence numbers continue to increase while Harmony falls, and with each person that moves over, more money has to be invested to re-deed there. This is not only unfair, it's unethical. We are getting gimped on spawn, tutorial directs all new players away from Harmony (though I guess that's unsurprising in it's current state, and not in reference to there being no room to deed) so there is no market for goods to new players either. This server is your second largest PvE customer base, and it's being treated like it is irrelevant. The issue here is critical to play and in my opinion should have priority over almost anything else you are doing. It was your largest customer base, but you seem to be doing (or failing to do) everything in your power to destroy that.
  11. An issue that is rendering an entire servers state of play as sub par does not have a need for communication. That would have to be the least professional statement I have ever read here, and there have been a few that have had me shake my head. Staggered. Meanwhile, no rifts for the new servers, you don't have the skills yet. - Harmony cannot even hope to get them when there is nothing to fight, guess we get to wait longer than the other servers. New players finding the game lacks content and reflected in Steam reviews as the entire PvE part of the game is pretty much non existent on Harmony currently. "A potential fix is in todays update, but we are continuing to look into it. " <- Right there is a potential piece of communication, but it was not even mentioned until prompted, just like the Fo rite fix was not mentioned till prompted. *Throws hands in the air in disgust, wanders off to bang head on a wall*
  12. Harmony aggressive creature count has dropped by over 8000 in the last month, to the point where there are only 3500 agro creatures on the server, of which probably a few hundred are hellhorses in pens on deeds. Cadence for comparison has 11000, and Defiance 19000. This is not players complaining that they cant find mobs, it is a steady decline day after day in the total number of creatures on the servers as shown here: For some reason we actually had a 1500 jump in spawn yesterday, which has only happened with server restarts lately, but already the numbers are falling again.
  13. Fix for Harmony spawn? The time taken to address this issue begins to warrant monetary compensation or playtime extension for being on a server which is not on par with other servers. We are not getting what we pay for. New players cannot obtain animals, pelts, furs etc, established players cannot go hunting without having to trek for hours to find pockets where mobs still exist. If you cannot find the cause and fix, perhaps some form of manual mob increase needs to be done in the interim while it is being sorted out. Communication on the issue is, as usual, pretty much non-existant - one we're looking into it, then nothing.
  14. Missed it by a minute, can't win em all I guess
  15. Congratulations to Davih , please let me know which character to send the knife to.