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  1. Is there an official statement on this yet? Is it a global WU issue or is it a server issue?
  2. Why am I on the list. I don't have it.
  3. Bridge screenshots

    Wonder how the Scar of Magranon folks feel knowing that all their surface mining up that mountain is easily replaced by a bridge.
  4. There's no reason to be upset. There are no conspiracies. People are idiots if they think artifacts would be stored there. No towers make sense, but the rest is just excuses to ###### as always.
  5. While the curve is beneficial starting out. It actually makes very high skills harder to achieve than the Freedom cluster.
  6. Spot on breh. Keep in mind that Elevation is a far different experience from Chaos and the home servers. I've almost solely played on Elevation and I look at home server dwellers as about equal to Freedomers. Probably half of home server players have never seen pvp, and there are countless deeds that look as if they were pulled from Freedom (no defenses). Don't be afraid to PM other kingdom players and get to know them. While we all have a bit of bark in us on the forums, in-game a lot of us are different people.
  7. That second one was actually very critical. The kingdom was some couple gold in debt (iirc) because of a bug on Elevation.
  8. Rod of eruption is awesome.
  9. Can we please get a 3rd or 4th topic for this discussion. Thanks.
  10. One time I had a bear targeted at the white light and then got pulled into an emergency meeting at work. Because I had the bear targeted some no-name scrub from JK who was there to priest killed me and I didn't autodefend. There was then a panic'd race of MR trying to track him to get my gear back and JK trying to get to him to protect/fight us. Luckily he was such a noob that he somehow managed to run to the doorstep of my deed where we killed him. RIP me They still don't let me live it down