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  1. I am one of those who is too tired of all the trader-arguments to say much, but I will say that I do find it funny, that people feel that it is unfair that those who have invested in a trader get free silvers from the pool that everyone with a deed pays into. But the same people find it totally fair that everyone without any investment can drain money from the same pool by doing things like terraforming, foraging, fighting or selling to token. So it is not ok to drain the pool with (mostly) crafted items sold to traders, but it is ok to make the money crafting as long as you get it from other players (who got it from traders, bought at store, or got it from the new ways of draining the pools). I am just confused.... Personally I don't feel bad at all when I drain traders that I have invested in, but I actually feel sort of guilty when my inventory fills up with silvers when I am doing the things I would be doing anyway. Rolf gave me a big pay raise with the new features, but I am not supposed to feel bad about that, instead I should feel bad about spending Euros to get silvers to buy a trader?
  2. The vocal minority? Is that what you call the 179 out of of 201 voters in this poll so far? Statements like that makes it a bit hard to trust your interpretation of numbers, such as implying that just a minority on your site is from typical gold farming locations? And if I had to read anything into your numbers, it doesn't take more than 10% of "gold farming" users to supply the 90% gamers who "simply make a purchase here or there to be able to keep up in game with their friends". It wouldn't take more than 10% of non gold farming sellers either, so I am not saying that the sellers are gold farmers. I am just saying your numbers can be interpreted in many ways
  3. That is true, and we intentionally didn't claim the reward on some of our toons, knowing that we started playing 1 month too late for anything good, so potions, easter egg, and possible seryll lump was better left unclaimed as the lumps would be hit by monthly decay if BSBed, and carrying that extra weight around until one day deciding what to do with it, didn't seem necessary. Characters who start playing after Dec 13 don't have anything to claim, but if you don't do it, the play time timers don't start. And there is no info anywhere telling you to go check that token if you weren't playing when the first rewards were given out. Luckily for me, I have misclicked on reimburse on most of my characters, but my husband didn't do it until the news of the spyglass, and he has 0 and 1 months consecutive and total months played on characters that have been premium for the last 12 months. No titles and no potions ever received. Buying 12 months premium at a time doesn't let you lapse, but it doesn't reward your "loyalty" either.
  4. Heh - I have had the same problem as Sergal2 for several days (since the last client update) on one of my pc's. I tried everything from clearing caches, uninstalling and reinstalling java (32 and 64 individually and combined), AV/Firewall off, updating drivers, manually downloding packs (obviously wasn't going to help, since the problem is not with downloading packs, but with getting to the startup page in the first place), removing certificate, backtracking and doing restores to previously working points, I had given up if it wasn't that this post (read many times) finally made me go 2 versions of java back (had tried going back to 7.25) and finally there were no issues with downloading, and everything is working again.
  5. Thank you for your detailed explanation Rolf. I don't have to agree with you on all things, but it eliminates all the "WTF is he thinking!" And I will admit, that I never considered how inadequate the forums would be for selling/buying if the player base was much larger, and I am sure everyone wants it to grow Now, that is as much as I can handle admitting today (and I still don't like PA)
  6. I am not going to say anything, but let your double standards speak for itself. The following quotes are from your User Agreement (the last one gets an a instead of an i in front when copy/pasting. And the a I see when editing this, shows as a 1 when posting. That is not an edit by me. In case there are other weird inconsistencies, I recommend people actually read PAs user agreement themselves): 4.4 Prohibition on transferability of Account, User Name, and Password. A Registered User may not sell, attempt to sell, offer to sell, give, assign or otherwise transfer an Account, User Name or Password to a third party without the prior written consent of PlayerAuctions. PlayerAuctions may suspend or terminate the Account of a Registered User or the transferee of a Registered User in the event of a sale, offer to sell, gift, assignment or transfer in violation of this Section. Prohibited behavior. Each User hereby represents, warrants and agrees that information submitted to PlayerAuctions for display on the Site shall not: Solicit business from any Users in connection with a commercial activity that competes with PlayerAuctions. Furthermore, in the event that PlayerAuctions determines that User has violated this Section 5.4(i), User authorizes PlayerAuctions to levy afine of up to $150.00 against the User’s registered payment method on file with PlayerAuctions, and/or require a deposit of up to $300.00 to reactive the User’s Account;
  7. As I understood, from reading their FAQs and reviews, those extra requirements are demanded of sellers, not buyers.
  8. To be fair, I don't think that Rolf would ban people to force them to use PA either. I have a ridiculous sense of humour, I know. Just like I find it ridiculously hilarious that someone who promotes RMT recommends PA, who.... doesn't allow you to sell/give away your PA account (according to the User Agreement section 4.4). I don't know why the people got banned, at least some of them don't know either. Some got posts hidden and no ban, someone got posts hidden and 3 day ban, and someone got no posts hidden but 30 day ban. And Dipse, I didn't make any accusations against the company you are associated with. I asked a ridiculous question, which you took personally. For that I am sorry, but your response confuses me. If you consider my ridiculous question as "making up utter rubbish for you own personal agenda and posting them as fact", then should I ignore your questionmark at the end when you call me a past costumer who makes false accusations, and consider that rubbish made up for your own personal agenda and posted as a fact? Then again, maybe I was just naive in thinking that buying 12 months of premium for several characters made me a current customer, and not a past customer. Thanks for clearing that up for me That is a very valid point, and explains a lot. But sure - keep insulting the "past" customers - that is a really nice way to make sure that is actually what they become. If I try to be positive and try to understand why Rolf really wants us to try PA, the one thing that sounds good, is that it is supposed to be a safe way to sell/buy our items, accounts, currency etc. The problem is that PA has gone from a D rating to the lowest possible F rating with the Better Business Bureau in the month since Rolf first recommended the site. And the low rating seems to mainly be due to them simply not answering complaints... If I google Player Auctions Reviews I end up with pages of results of various sites where they generally are poorly reviewed. I did look for the positive ones though, and one of the highest was on sitejabber where they get 4 out of 5 stars in total. But if I look more closely, for every six 5-star review they get, there is also a 1-star. And the Wurm forums give me a way better ratio of good to bad transactions than that, so I just don't see the need to give up my privacy, and cut of the profit if I in return get less reassurance than that. Then there is the issue of only being able to be registered as a buyer (which is needed to even become a seller) if I provide them with landline or mobile phone (pay as you go and VOIP aren't accepted), only 21 countries can register, and transactions can only be done in US or Chinese currency. There are way more (scary) requirements of the sellers. So whether I am buying or selling, it is to a much more limited audience than on the forums and you can't choose silver and/or Euros as currencies, which limits it more, so I would have to buy/sell in multiple locations instead of one, if I want to target the same customers as now. And I would quickly become a less trusted seller on both sites if I try to sell the same items on both sites, so I actually have to pick and choose which target audience I want to sell to for each and every item. And I would have to check both sites when looking for the best deals to buy. As far as I can tell, I can't use auctions on PA either. So all in all, to use PA I would have to sell out on my morals and get a lot of hassle for it instead.
  9. Replace bull with donkey: "envis som en åsna"
  10. Since Rolf only wants feedback from those who actually are willing to risk trying Player Auctions in his thread (fair point), I will just post my opinion here: I find it admirable that Rolf supports RMT, I understand that he finds other games TOS "restrictive", but here is my issue. In any game where you don't agree with the ToS, you always have the option to just not play. I find it morally bankrupt to encourage us to join sites that disregards other games ToS. Rolf, you are actively encouraging us to disregard a games ToS if we find it too restrictive. Yet you find it fair to ban people who find YOUR ToS too restrictive. Those games have their ToS for their reasons, just like you have yours for your reasons. This moral bankruptcy and double standards is enough to make me seriously distrust that you will respect my privacy, so buying from the Wurm store is not something I am interested in any more.
  11. Uhmm, when replacing the models for the existing items, they didn't match them with the new items anyway... And Wurm's track record for the length of a "temporary" period is scary... But the BSB and the FSB DO match, so I am done complaining... for now
  12. My experience is also that flowers are most abundant in the least travelled areas and spread/spawn most on wild grass. The biggest issue with creating flower meadows, is that trees and bushes always end up spreading in and gradually take over. I wish that tree and bush-spreading was limited to grass and dirt tiles, but wasn't possible for flower tiles, so it would be easier to have a mix of the two, and not having to clearcut trees for miles on end in order to give flowers a chance to survive.
  13. Also the bsb looks a shade lighter then the fsb but that could just be lighting i guess in the ss at least they do match. I expect the barrels to be next and i recon the same texture would be the best with them too if there is only going to be one. It is just a shame we have to lose them at all but lets hope the new shader system comes in quick. I see what you mean. They apparently look better in poor lightning. Luckily for me, I am so far behind on imp'ing lamps on my deeds, that I don't think I will ever catch up
  14. Yay for matching wood types! The lids could use some realignment, and although I generally hate loosing colours, I like the new colours of the sacks. It looks like natural hessian sacks.
  15. Quote from the Baron : "Let me just first underline that most things added to challenge would also be added to the epic cluster." (