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  1. Close Plz

    #2 - 55s
  2. 22 rares for auction (Auction ended)

    #12 8s
  3. Troll King (partly public) Slaying

    Participating as a fighter on Melody
  4. for a roll at the drake kill - Gwendolyn in game too
  5. WTB Red Dragon Scale

    bump! Always open to picking up more scale pieces PM me!
  6. WTB Red Dragon Scale

  7. (SOLD) Cleanup in chests (MULTI RARE)

    scissors & pick to melody please oops, beat me to it
  8. Bought, Close Please!

    Bump! 2 out of 3 acquired
  9. Bought, Close Please!

    Bump! Still looking for that rare shovel and rare carver
  10. Bought, Close Please!

    Woohoo, rare shovel achieved! close please
  11. WTB Red Dragon Scale

    .02 Acquired, but still looking