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  1. I would say most where pleased for the invite, the slaying it's self, and the fun during the actual slaying. Then in the end some where just simply upset on how you treated a fellow member of the Wurm community when it came time for you to give thanks! Some food for thought for your future slayings is all
  2. Yes I would also like to know why Icarus was not on the list? Icarus is a real gamming freind of mine and deserves respect just like any one else at this event Icarus has been playing this game long before most of the people in this thread even heared of this game. His account dates back to the original JK and MR Home servers. He has seen such events on this game as the creation of MR on wild, the fall of capsolot, and even most current the exspansion of all the new exsisting islands such as celebration. @ Seajay; It really hurts me to see that you and your freinds Invite all these people to this event then when it comes time show appreacaition for the people who showed up at the event you removed players with out confirming if they are alts or not. I know I do not know you as a person but all I can say is I am disapointed in you for not actually checking with Icarus or his freinds to see if he was a real player. I know it would be pretty much my loss but next time you and your freinds host an event such as this I am not for sure if I would want to attend. After seeing this I am almost attempted to advise alot of the community memebers that I know to not attend your events in the future too. In the end if even not including him was a geniune mistake all I can say is next time you should be more respectful of your guest. Well with that rant placed Happy Wurming to you and I am sorry if that sounded harsh but it is the truth!
  3. +1 would be a interesting feature to see...
  4. If I am following what you saying correctly... I would agree to the fact if any of these got introduced I would not like to see them as only eye candy or background textures. I would like to see them implemented with actual uses usable features which would add content to the game. Thus the reason why I put extra details into explaining each vs just listing some different creature types. I am surprise you thought the idea of the poison frog interesting as I thought it would be the least wanted out of the list.
  5. This is suggestion list of creatures that would bring a new experience to the game. As you can see these creatures can lead to more crafting, farming, and provide even pvp fun. In addition I also suggested these creatures traits, spawning area's, and ect. for us to be able to indulge in our imaginations a little. Military Macaw or some type of a Macaw (Spawns in Forest)(Strength approx of large rat?) (Produces Small weight of meat and colored feathers) (Can be Tamed) (Non Aggressive) (Reasons + could lead to: a bird cage, pet retrieving small items, messenger birds, decorative feathers, first actual flying birds besides spirits) Emu or Ostrich (Spawns in Steppe or grass area's)(Approx strength of a wolf) (Can be tamed) (Can mate) (Aggressive Creature) (Produces eggs while living, butchering = large weight of meat, fat, leather, claws for alchemy) (Reasons: Egg for different meal type, Another type of farm animal, another avian type of animal) Polar bear (Spawns in tundra and grass lands?) (Slightly stronger then crocodile) (Produces large weight of fur and meat, also claws and teeth for alchemy) (Can be tamed but hard to tame) (Mountable) (Aggressive Creature) (Reasons: Allows for a different fur type, adds to variety of bears, useful as a pvp pet due to strength) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Cave Lion (Spawns in forest, steppe, marsh lands and mines)(Approx same strength as Hyena) (Produces meat, teeth of alchemy, fat, and fur) (Can not be tamed to aggressive) (Not Mountable) (Aggressive creature) (Reasons: More cats , dedicated to spawning in mines and marsh lands, produces different fur type) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Poison dart frog (Spawns in forest and marsh)(smaller in size but strength of a chicken) (Can not be tame) (Produces Poison, and frog legs for alchemy) (Can not mount) (Not aggressive) (Reasons: New type of creature, can come in variety of colors, good for pvp due to poison) (Could Lead to: blow dart weapon, poison tip spears, poison tip arrows, pet container for small animals) More Animal Barding types: Type: Leather and cloth Animal types: Bears, Bulls, and Bison (Reasons: Another item for crafting, provides protection of animals that could be used in pvp events) (Could also lead to: Different type of bridles and saddles for Bears, Bulls, and Bison) Please support if you like any of these creature ideas, I love to see one or two of them make the game! Kind Regards, Kernel Leonessar The Ubuntu Guy! P.S. Excuse my grammar and spelling please! XD
  6. I get nothing the game locks up then whiten seconds my machine locks up then the next thing I know it is auto rebooting... I never seen anything do that to Linux (Ubuntu) before lol... And yeah I ran several searches on the entire drive and their is no log file under that name or with the .log or any file similar to that... I really do not think it has time to write the log file before the os crashes... Please advise? PS I have no other issues with any other Java programs, web pages, or Java coded games... Only happens with Wurm since MAC update... I have tired booth (actual) sun java and java Iced tea and get the same results with booth... Thanks
  7. I would also like to add I have tried several different driver types from Ubuntu supported to proprietary driver types for all the graphics cards I have tested so far and still get the same results... I have also tried many different graphics and games setting combinations and still get the same results... Then finally last but not least I have tried 32 and 64 bit versions of Java and still get the same results... I hope this helps I just like to do my part to see the game works for every one no matter what os they maybe running the client on. ))
  8. I would post a log of some sort if one was generated or available for me to post, but I never get a log.. Either A: the client is storing it some where weired in my OS (that I nor the search option can find) Or B: It is failing to generate a log or crash report due to after the game freezes my operating system crashes and machine does a reboot so.... Any additional information on this could be helpful, if you have any recommendations available. All I can tell you is all of this started to happen when the MAC updates where released. I can post over my system information: Ubuntu 13.04 X64 AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor Kingston HyperX 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 1600 CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 600W ATX12V Power supply Current runing graphics card: (but tested it with others with same crashing results) ASUS Radeon HD 6670 2GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 os
  9. Game started to crash after Mac updates... I am not for sure what these updates are but as soon as I log in now game freezes when I go to move and then computer crashes... I am running Ubuntu 13.04 never had a problem with game under Ubuntu before and have and currently used it with several different ATI and Nvida graphics cards... Since Mac Updates I have been having this problem. I hope we did not Sacrifice are Linux user base for a Mac user Base.... Can any one tell me what these MAC graphics updates are and if their is way to disable or change back certain settings so I can get my client running again? To add I have turned down most general graphics setting as recommended from allot of people from the spider talk and still have this issue...
  10. I have one additional question if i may, Has any one tested the client in Ubuntu 11? Particularly version 11.4 alpha 3 "Natty Narwhal"?
  11. Now see the option for the "Ubuntu Partners" thanks for the help Wollschaf!
  12. Now I feel like a moron, It seems every time I go to a forum about support right after posting my comments or questions I resolve the issue. I am not for sure if I was finally able to get the sun Java installed however. I still can not find the stated package as posted above by Tornus. How ever I was able to finally resolve my issue with the sun instructions on the Java install to some extent. It turns out I was having issue's with a the install directory in Ubuntu. I was able to unpack the RPM Java package from sun, It still does not list it as as option to open the client with. I also do not see the sun Java listed as a installed program in Ubuntu, but I do know the package is unpacked and the terminal show's the process as finished. I can even verify it as you see here kernel@Raptor:~/java$ ls jre1.6.0_24 jre-6u24-linux-i586.bin (So I am still a little confused on if it is actually installed correctly. Even with the package verification.) With that said, if that makes any since, I did make one or two more changes. I installed some more of the open Java packages that I notice I had skipped before, listed in the Ubuntu software center. (How ever I doubt those packages had any impact on the game, since most of them deal with open Java for servers). The only other change I made was; switching the options to using lwjgl as my game render instead of the other selection. (Though again, I can not say that helped, because I done this only after the updates had actually completed successfully this time around.) So to be-honest I am not for sure exactly what I did resolve the issue. Considering my original issue was the updates not taking hold to even allow me to get this far. I am going to to see if I can back track my steps in the next few days, So I can see if I can figure out what I done to make the update work. If any one can reads this and understands what I am saying (cause I am not for sure even if I do lol) and may have a Idea to how I resolve this issue please post a reply here or send me a message. I am really trying to learn Linux and it maybe help me out or future Linux users who may have the same issues running the game. Well in the end the game seems to work great now in Ubuntu. I even find it to run semi smoother then I do when running it in Windows XP. Along with more color depth and now it appears I am able to run it at a higher screen resolution then what I can use in Windows XP, with out a jittery effect I would normally get in Windows when trying to do so. So now I am off to try to kill this Troll that has me stuck in my shanty at the moment, happy gaming peeps.
  13. Wow I am glad every one seems to have this repository available to them, cause I don't . Even when I was ruining "Lucid Lynx" I could not find the "sun-java6-jre". To add, I have recently upgraded to "10.10 - the Maverick Meerkat" and still have not seen that package offered. I also find suns instructions on installing Java very broad and not helpful. Some of the commands it tells me to run in my terminal seem not to work or be recognized by the terminal. I am able to install Wurm, But when I go to run the game it states that updates need to be ran before ruining the game. I run the game updates. The progress bars get to the very end of update install and then sends a message saying it fails to update. If any one has any advice on how to run this install on Ubuntu 10.10 I would love to hear it. Or even how to get my hands on that sun Java package I would also like to know. Right now I am stuck using the Open JDK package.