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  1. Closed

    Name is Copper forest. Located in deliverance, 20.5x,16.5y. The size of Copper Forest is 21 by 21. The monthly cost is 1 silver. Has about month of upkeep left. There is 3 bigger building. -storage 11tile, 11bsb, 2forge, loom, catapult -kitchen 4tile, bsb, 2forge with pans, coffin, fsb, barrels -priest house 9tile, silver vyn altar, 2fsb, 3bsb Big areas for farming or animals. Mine entrance ondeed with copper vein. Guard tower 50ql. Mailbox without enchant. Stone vynora altar next to token. Lots of free space in every direction for expanding. Some pics whats in the bsbs/fsb: Taking offers/price check. Euros or silver. For questions and offers PM me on the forums.
  2. Wts Gems

    6s (or a referal) till 6th day! This is over...
  3. Planning to go to the new server? Don't have armor? Don't worry get your lightweight studded set today.
  4. Wts Gems

    Wow the market is so dead
  5. Wts Gems

    Bump! 7s for whole lot now
  6. Wts Gems

    WTS Gems Total ql 379ql. 7s for whole lot. Free delivery anywhere in deli for whole lot buyer. . Or pick up at/near Delimarket. PM Palikka ingame if interested.
  7. [Closed]

    Noone? Might consider 70+coc too, other qls possible too.
  8. Im there with Vyn priest. Great faith gains indeed! Nice food too ;D
  9. Heya. Finally I can offer some fine leather items and armor. More items coming in future. Status: No custom orders at the moment, only items in stock. Leatherworking: Studded leather set* - 40ql 60copper - 50ql 100copper (5x instock) - 60ql 200copper Toolbelt - 40ql 30copper - 50ql 45copper (5x instock) - 60ql 55copper Saddle - 40ql 50copper - 50ql 80copper Backpacks at 10ql 5c each. Quiver at 10ql 2c each Water skin at 10ql 2c each. Plate Smithing: Great Helm: Great for protecting your face. - 40ql 30copper (2x instock) - 50ql 40copper (1x instock) Plate armor set: - 40ql Coming soon! (1x instock, price can be negotiated) - 50ql Coming soon! Delivery: By mail, 10c per piece in deliverance.(20c for other servers.) Pick up at Copper Forest, 21.5x, 18.5y in deliverance. I deliver to your location, 25c per trip in deliverance. Payment: Coins. Gems below 10ql at rate of 3c per ql. Referals at rate of 6s. * Includes: Cap,jacket,pants,2x sleeve,2x boot,2x glove. For individual pieces PM me. ** Currently not available. Coming soon.
  10. Is there still place for one priest? If so i might bring my alt there.